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Rap Sessions

by ara134

Rap Sessions

Gary was returning home late from work the other night, thinking how he hadn't got laid in ages, and that he'd have to go to bed without a woman by his side, as was the case during the last five months. It wasn't that he was ugly or something. It was just that he had enough silly girlfriends in the past and he was just afraid to try and find a new one, in case she was silly too.

Gary was 6' 1'' tall, weighted 187 lbs, with a muscular built and hansdome, attractive features. He had short untidy black hair, grey eyes and tanned skin. In spite of that, he was a lawyer, always hearing the same joke in his office that he should have been an athlete or a bodybuilder.
He never had any problem with women; they practically swarmed around him when he went out, but to their disappointment, he had decided to wait for one with an intelligence certificate, so all he did was to buy a drink to one or two of them, flirt a little, and then return home alone.

As he passed an apartment building he heard a voice talking to him.
"Pssst, man, do you have a cigarrette?"
It was a black man, the blackest Gary had ever seen, wearing a pair of gray sweatpants and a white A-shirt.
"Yeah, there you go" said Gary and turned to leave.
"Care to join me for this one?" asked the man.
'What the hell' thought Gary and said "Ok, it's not that I have something better to do anyway."
The man said that his name was Rand, and that he lived in that apartment building and went up to bring some beers, because he said that he wanted to repay Gary for his cigarrette.

After some time talking about their lives, Gary had arleady drank 5 beers and Rand only 2. He suggested that they should go up to his appartment where he had more to drink, since they were having so much fun, and Gary, partially drunk agreed saying that he didn't want to go home anyway that night.
After two more beers and a talk about sports, Gary started to complain to Rand about his problems with women, when Rand said "Yeah man, some of them are silly, but there are some who are worth waiting for."

Gary agreed but went on nagging that he didn't want to wait any longer, when Rand stood up and went to a CD stash that was next to his TV. He searched a little and then pulled out one and gave it to Gary.
"I don't know if you like rap, but this has songs about people who search for the woman of their dreams." he said.
Gary didn't really like that kind of music, but he felt like listening to some songs that talk about him so he took it.
"Can you put it on now?" he said.
"I'd love to, man, but I'm working early tomorrow, so I'll have to get some sleep. You work early too, don't you?"
"Yeah, unfortunately" said Gary, and after a while, he said goodnight and left for home.

He got in his apartment and grabbed a beer from the fridge. He had to listen to at least some of those songs before he went to bed.
His stereo didn't work for some time now, so he put the CD in his disk player and put the headphones over his ears. The songs were not at all bad, even if he wasn't so much into rap, but eventually after five or six, and three more beers, he wondered why he didn't like it in the past, since that kind of music seemed awsome to his ears.
Eventually he undressed and went to bed, there was still time to sleep, and took his CD player with him.

He awoke the next morning with the headphones still on his ears listening to the songs in repeat and to his horror he realised that he was late for work.
The whole room was turning around and around and he was feeling horribly dizzy, so he decided to stay at home and called work to say he was sick.
He passed his whole day with that CD player on. He couldn't explain why, but he just didn't want to turn it off. That music was awsome indeed, and he had alread decided to pass by Rand's to see if he could lent him more CDs.
He realised that at moments, he was just sitting on his couch doing nothing but listening, but it didn't bother him at all.

He waited until it was as late as the previous night and got dressed. He didn't wear his usual clothes, instead he chose more athletic ones, as he thought that it would be better and left home.
As he passed in front of Rand's place, he found him sitting at the stairs as the previous day.
Gary greeted him in a very friendly way and they went up to drink some beers that Rand said he had bought especially if Gary showed up.
"Ok man, tomorrow's a Saturday, we can drink as much as you want" said Gary.

He couldn't even wait for Rand to ask, and started a conversation about how awsome these songs were and that he wanted to listen to more.
"Sure thing," said Rand smiling "I can give you many more!"
"Man, I couldn't think of anything else than coming here to see you" said Gary. "Don't misunderstand me..."
"No, cool man. It's ok" replied Rand, and broadened his smile.
Gary thought that Rand today seemed more handsome than the previous day. 'It must be the dizzyness from yesterday' he thought.
After some chatting about women and sports, and many beers on Gary's side, they noticed that it was really late, and Rand said that he worked the other day as well. He got a new CD from his stash and gave it to Gary.
"These are my favourites" he said and instantly, they were Gary's favourite's too.

The next night Gary passed by Rand's house again. He had been listening to his new favourite songs all day long, and he had even learned the lyrics by heart.
He didn't find it strange that the only thing he awaited was to go over at Rand's again, not only to get new songs, but to see him as well. Rand was, after all, a very good guy, and he wanted to spend time with him.
He didn't find him sitting there, but somehow, he knew his doorbell, and some moments later he was up again sitting with Rand on the couch, with a bottle of beer in front of him.
"Dude, today I'll have you listen to some of my own rap songs" said Rand.
"You sing too?" asked Gary. There couldn't be a greater song than one sung by Rand.
"I did, in the past. I've put it on the stereo" said, and pushed the play button.
That song was the greatest thing that had happened to Gary. He felt so wonderful. He was so happy that he didn't even notice that he was staring at Rand's dick, which was outlined from his sweatpants, lying across his right leg.

"What, you like that?" said Rand and smiled.
"No man, I was just listening to the songs, I didn't realise I was looking there." said Gary shyly. "Still, that's a huge dick dude."
"It's about 11 inches" said Rand.
"11 inches? I've never seen a dick that long!"
Rand laughed and took off his hoodie, saying that it was very hot in there. He didn't wear any T-shirt underneath and Gary could see his toned sixpack and perfectly black body.
"You're good man, how often do you work out?"
"Every day" replied Rand. "Don't you feel hot in here?"
"Take it off, then! We're both men! what, are you ashamed or something?"
Gary couldn't wear shirt any more. Rand was right, they were both men, what was the matter? He took it off and Rand commented how toned he was as well, and that they could work out at a bench he had in his bedroom, an idea that Gary found great.

Rand took the music to his bedroom and told Gary to go first. He would help him in case he needed it.
Gary didn't find it strange that the bench was very high, lied down and listening to the awsome rap music, waited for the weights to be on their place to started pumping. What a great position he had! He hadn't noticed that Rand's sweatpants were so thin; he could almost see Rand's huge dick hagning less than an inch above his face.
At some point Rand leaned forward to take the bar from his hands, and his massive disk fell on Gary's lips.
Gary immediately opened his mouth and the head got in. Rand looked at Gary and got up.
"Sorry man" said Gary, "I don't know why I did that."
"It's all right" smiled Rand, and lowered his sewatpants.

As he didn't wear any underwear, his massive dick popped a little up in the air and he put it on Gary's mouth again.
Precum dripped all over it, and showered Gary's face, who was thinking that this must be the best time of his life without knowing why.
He eagerly put the dick in his mouth, taking almost the whole length, and started sucking it hungrily.

"So, you like my music huh?" said Rand.
Gary didn't speak, because it meant taking that wonderful cock out of his mouth, and losing all that precum, but noded.
"Take these earbuds then, and give it your best."
Gary could hear more awsome music and went on sucking hard that massive dick.
Some time after Rand pulled out, took a condom from a drawer and told Gary to take of his pants and turn over. He had no idea what was going to happen, but he was so happy that he could so anything right now, and after all, he knew that anything that Rand would do to him would be wonderful.
He was indeed so happy that he didn't even care that Rand's dick almost ripped his asshile, and didn't care that Rand hadn't used any lubricant at all. He felt pain, but it was Rand's pain. Anything that was Rand was great.

After some hard riding, Gary thought that he couldn't get any happier, but he was wrong. When Rand pulled his huge dick out of his hole, he turned him around and started slapping it on his face. Precum was now all over Gary and he tried to lick it from everywhere when Rand with a last slap exploded burning hot cum on his lips and in his mouth.
"Drink it all baby!" Rand shouted and shove his whole length down Gary's throat, who couldn't believe how happy could a dick make a man.
"Now, jerk off, and drink it up too" said Rand.
That was the greatest idea he had ever heard. He jerked as frantically as he could and when he felt that he was going to explode too, he turned upside down and rand pushed his back towards his head. He seemed to be extremely flexible, and his dick reached his mouth before shooting a lot of tasty cum down his throat.
Yes, cum was tasty, it was Rand's idea after all.

With Gary still lying on the bed, Rand went inside and brought another CD.
"Listen a lot, and come back tomorrow" he said.


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