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by chirico_94


Chapter 1 Bob Stanton and his three sons, Rob, Jake and Dave, have always lived in this quiet college town. His wife passed away many years ago and Bob has since then raised his kids on his own. Being an ex-marine, life in the house was fairly routine, but Bob tried not to be too strict with his boys other than a few basic rules. Rob, Bob’s eldest son, is 22 years old, with a solid body standing 6ft2, 180lbs. He’s studying business/finance in the local university and plays for their baseball team. Jake is a year younger than Rob. He is studying Computer Science in the same school as his brother. He’s 6ft, with a lean body from being a track runner. Jake gets up at dawn every morning and runs a few miles before heading to school. Finally, Dave, the youngest of the three, is 18 years old, 5ft10, and 160lbs, with a lean and ripped body. He’s just the typical skater dude with his baggy clothes and cap. At 45, Rob himself is still in excellent shape, standing 6ft, 180lbs, and sporting a 32in waist, a result of regular exercise ingrained in him when he was in the Marines. He now works as a contractor for a construction firm. Most of the time he's seated behind the desk in his office, but gets to go out to the sites at times also. Over the summer time, the Stantons’ house underwent major renovations and clean-up. Throwing away a whole bunch of old stuff, they were able to free up a small room which Bob decided to rent to new students. After a few weeks' posting, a guy called Neil rented the room. Neil is a new research graduate in pharmacy at the local med school. He’s 27, 5’10, 150lbs, the quintessential “intellectual” or preppy type. In the beginning, life in the house was pretty much as usual. The Stantons tried to get to know their tenant a bit better through occasional chats around the house, but Neil never elaborated on the details of what he did before shutting himself in his room. Bob and his sons didn’t have much of a talk with him as Neil was mostly either at school or in his room, and after a while, they just sort of left him alone. However, unknown to the Stantons, Neil is gay and had developed a secret lust over them, and every night for the past two weeks, he quietly jacked-off in his room while he played out his dark fantasies that involved him controlling Bob and his three sons. Neil couldn't tell them that he was in the final stage developing some new neurological drug that would relax a person, remove all inhibitions from the mind and put the subject into a highly suggestible state. He hoped that he'd be able to sell his research to military who could use his discovery to interrogate terrorists. At first Neil was set against using his drug on the Stantons as he didn't believe he should use it in such a self-serving fashion, but as the weeks wore on, Neil's lust overcame all those moral issues, and he couldn't help himself anymore. He decided to use his new drug on the Stantons to finally satisfy his perverse pleasures. Saturday night came, and there was a big football game on TV for which all three boys were home early not to miss it. After dinner, the Stanton men all gathered in the living room to watch the game. The usual yelling, cheering and all followed as the game started. Neil was getting into the living room to join them when the boys realized they just finished their beers. Neil quickly volunteered to get more beers. He hurried into the kitchen and fetched four beers and quickly slipped a couple drops of his drug into each bottle. He grabbed himself another bottle and carried the drugged beers out to the boys and their father. He paused as he saw three more men in the living room. He hadn't seen them when he first glanced into the room because of the big bookcase next to the doorway. Apparently, the boys had invited some friends over. "Just a mo', I'll grab a few more beers," he said distributing the drugged beers to the three guests and Bob. Jake reached for the undrugged beer, but Neil said, "Sorry, already drank from that one." Neil dashed nervously back into the kitchen to get three more beers and drug them. This time he used 3 drops in each bottle. He races back to the living room to give Jake, Rob and Dave their beers before any of the others should pass out. He is quickly introduced to Jake's buddy Hank, and Dave's team mates Mitch and Karl. Rob apparently hadn't invited anyone. The conversation was brief, as the all the men in the room except Neil had their full attentions focused the game on the plasma screen. Back in the living room, Bob and the boys quickly took another big gulp of the drugged beer as they cheered over another point on the game. Their bottles are half empty. The camera zooms in on the quarterback jumping up and down in the end-zone. Neil remarks, "That guy sure has a big bulge doesn't he?" He watches as all their eyes shift to focus on the bulge in the white shiny football pants on the small screen. They're getting receptive. A couple of them nod, and Rob mumbles, "Yeah, it's a big'un." Neil grins. "Drink up. Anyone ready for another round?" Neil asks. There's a brief conversation but it is cut short by the ball being snapped. All eyes are on the TV and all the beer bottles are steadily getting emptier. Neil watches each of them excitingly as they started to yawn, eyelids flickering heavily and finally all four men slump into a deep sleep on the couch. Neil steps up to them with an evil grin and starts implanting suggestions into each of them… Hank, Mitch and Karl are given suggestions to follow up on their own. Since Neil hadn't planned on these three, he decides he'll reinforce his suggestions by giving them his vial of drops as a breath freshener - "in case the cops pull you over." Each fellow puts a drop on his tongue. Karl accidentally spills 3 drops in his mouth. Neil whispers instructions in each guy's ear, and then sends them staggering on their way home. They'll all be back in a week for the next game, and Neil cannot wait to see the changes. He turns his attention back to his four Stantons. A few more instructions, and he'll tuck them each in bed. Sunday morning came and Bob woke up feeling refreshed, but still a little lightheaded, probably too much beer from last night he thought. He steps out of his room and find his sons are already awake and lounging in the living room. Neil was there too; but he felt different about this guy now: he feels like they are much closer than before. He didn’t know why, but he just feels that way. Even his sons are closer with him now, chatting and joking with him like some good buddies. Bob shrugs at the thought and went to the kitchen to prepare some food. After eating, Bob and his sons decide to go to the local department store to get some new underwears and socks. Soon they were all dressed and out the door leaving Neil alone in the house. Neil felt relieved and excited at the sight of the Stantons this morning. In fact, he didn’t sleep very well the night before, after he had implemented his suggestions to his housemates, worrying if everything will turn out as he wished Just to test out the effects, he ordered them to wear nothing but their underwears and socks whenever they are in the house and will not notice it. Neil couldn’t be more than happy to see all four guys hanging out around the house this morning dressed only in their underwear. He also has them buy only briefs and jockstraps, and they should never wear boxers anymore. He also has a fetish for thin nylon dress socks, so he ordered Bob to buy some of those thin nylon socks and sheer socks. Bob will wear them when he goes to work, at the office or even when he’ll be out on the field, he’ll have to wear those socks in his workboots. Neil could just imagine the smell Bob’s feet will have at the end of the day. Seeing all of his commands being carried out successfully, Neil is eager to prepare the father and sons for another round of “training”. Soon Bob and his sons were back from their shopping. After supper, Neil offered them another round of drugged beer, which they all gladly accepted (another of Neil’s suggestions). Soon all four guys were drowsy and Neil moved on with his commands… Monday morning came and Bob is up early to make breakfast. Dressed only in his briefs (unaware to himself), he was up earlier than usual to make sure that he would have everything ready when Jake comes back from his morning jog and his 2 other boys wake up. Bob doesn’t want to miss out having breakfast with his sons, especially Jake; he simply feels like that Jake has to be there in order for him to eat breakfast. Just as Bob sets down the food on the table, Jake steps in from his run. He immediately strips off his shoes, t-shirt and shorts, leaving only a jockstrap and white ankle socks. It was a warm morning and Jake’s body was glistening with sweat and his socked feet were leaving sweaty imprints on the floor as he walked into the kitchen table. Jake exchanged good mornings with his dad at the table, and then he stood face to face with Bob. As if on automatic, they pulled out each other’s cock and started stroking it. Just then, Rob and Dave come into the kitchen, both only dressed in briefs as well. They simply walk up to the table, totally ignoring the father-son masturbation scene in front of them. Then, the two brothers also began to pull out and masturbate each other’s cock. Any outside person would find this father-son-brothers group j/o scene rather weird, but to the Stanton guys, it was like the perfect normal routine thing to do, or at least they thought it was. In no time, all four of them are ready to shoot, they each grab a piece of toast from the table and position it below their partner’s penis just in time to catch all of the cum shooting from it. Once they have finished, they set the toast full of the other’s cum on their own plate and take seats at the table. Rob and Dave sit in front of each other and Jake sits face to his father. All three brothers start by smearing the cum all over their toast as if it was butter and enjoyed their sperm toast along with the egg and sausage. Jake brought his plate on his lap and propped both his sweaty socked feet on the small kitchen table, so that they extended right in front of his dad. But Bob didn’t yell at Jake, instead he pushed his plate aside to allow his son’s feet to rest. In fact, the reason for which Bob needs to have breakfast with Jake is because of this “special entrée” that Neil has planned for Bob. For being the good father that Bob is, Neil wants Bob to “savour” his son’s daily efforts as a runner by having him worshipping Jake’s feet every morning before eating his breakfast. Bob starts by deeply inhaling from Jake’s socked sole, taking deep breaths through his nose trying to vacuum out all the stink and sweat from the foot. Then he would take off the sock and give each toe a thorough sucking. He’d lick between each toe, cleaning out all dirt and toejam, followed by giving big long slurps from heel to toe, both top and bottom of the foot, licking all the salty sweat and dirt from his son’s foot. Then the whole process is repeated on the other foot, after which Bob would go back to his “normal” breakfast. All the while their father is busy with Jake’s feet, the Stanton brothers would not notice anything odd. They would only think their father is having breakfast just like them. Jake would sit back, eat or read the newspaper, completely ignoring all the licking and sucking sensations at his feet. The brothers would keep chatting normally, even Bob would respond to the conversation: asking Rob questions with his nose buried in Jake’s toes, or laughing along with a toe in his mouth. To Bob, there was nothing sexual or strange feeling about it; it’s just part of his everyday breakfast. The day went by and soon it was over. Neil got back from and steps in the house to find everyone else was home already and Bob was already preparing dinner. He slept in late this morning and missed the new breakfast “rituals” he has set up. But he was sure it happened as he has planned because just then he heard Bob call out from the kitchen: “Jake, when you come back from your run in the morning, can you dump those dirty socks of yours anywhere but on the kitchen table?” “I didn’t leave them there, said Jake, how did they got there?” “Well, I don’t know either. Anyways, just make sure you put them away next time, because I wouldn't want to have dirty socks right beside my food.” Neil was listening to the conversation walking to his room and had to try and conceal his laugh. He couldn’t help laughing when thinking about Bob was actually having Jake’s feet as breakfast this morning, yet neither of them remember and Bob is still disgusted about those socks. Neil is already excited thinking about that and what he has in store for the night is keeping his cock really hard. Dinner time has come and everyone gathered at the table. Being the only one to be fully dressed, Neil was somehow grateful that his clothes somehow conceal the huge hardon he was sporting at the sight of four nearly naked men. Jake is still wearing the jock from this morning and everyone else wore briefs. Neil also noticed that Bob is wearing black nylon OTC sheer socks, as he was commanded to. After dinner, Neil knew from before that each night the three brothers would pick one to the dishes. But now, under the spells of Neil, the dishwasher boy will be in for more when he joins the rest of his family after doing the dishes. Moreover, they decided that they don’t have to do the dishes two nights consecutive, so that everyone will do at least once a week. This will also let Neil see a different boy at his special task every night. After some dice rolling, Rob is chosen as tonight’s dishwasher boy. When he was done, he went to the living room to join his brothers and father. Neil was seating on the far end of the couch, intently watching the show about to be revealed in front of him. In fact, the fun has already begun as Rob walked in. There, on the floor in front of the couch, are Jake and Dave, each holding a sheer-socked foot of their dad and with their faces buried under the sole, deeply inhaling the smell from their father’s foot. Bob is seated in the middle seat of the couch, hands behind his head, watching TV. Then comes in Rob, the dishwasher boy of the night, casually making his way to trio. He made his way past his brothers and kneeled on the floor between Bob’s legs. Rob then pulled his dad’s dick out of his underwear and starts stroking it hard. Once it was nice and erect, Rob lowered himself and swallowed the cock into his mouth. All this time, Bob was ignoring what his sons are doing to him, even when Rob started sucking him, he’d only let out a slight moan while still staring at the TV. Rob is now treating his dad to a long and slow blowjob, swallowing all the way to the base and slowly going up to the head. At this time, Jake and Dave have already removed Bob’s socks and are now giving his feet big slurps and deep sucking on the toes. "I enjoy watching TV with my boys so much..." Bob groans now and then while getting his dick sucked and his feet licked. All this time, stroking his hard cock, Neil was sitting next to Bob and watching the three boys worship their father. Seeing the unsuspecting men going at each other is getting him more and more excited. Just then, he saw Bob tense up and let out a slight moan as he was shooting his load. Rob swallowed his dad’s dick all the way to the base and let all the cum shoot down his throat. After he’s done shooting his load, Bob relaxes and returns to that expressionless face staring at the TV, while Rob finishes licking off the last drops of cum on his cock head and gently places his cock back in his underwear. Neil didn’t only program the guys to play among themselves, he also has something for himself to enjoy. Rob now steps away from his father and over to where Neil is seated. Neil adjust his position a bit in the couch as Rob kneels down between his legs and repeats the same thing he’s just done with Bob, only Neil will be able to fully enjoy the pleasure of Rob’s blowjob. On the other hand, Jake and Dave have finished licking Bob’s feet once Bob has ejaculated and they are now serving as their father’s footrest on all fours, side by side. As he’s getting closer to edge, Neil was thinking all this is too good to be real: his secret fantasies that he has be dreaming for so long is really playing out in front of his eyes. He couldn’t hold any longer; he tenses up and shoots over and over into Rob’s mouth. Family Matters Chapter 2 Neil had been so absorbed with his reconstruction of the Stanton household that he had forgotten about the other three men he had drugged last week. The door bell rang, and there stood Hank and Mitch. They had changed quite a bit in the last week. Hank was clean shaven. Not only was his beard gone, but his head was bald, and if he had followed Neil's suggestion he hadn't just shaven his face and head, but every square inch of his body. Mitch was dressed in pink, another of Neil's suggestions. "So where's Karl?" Neil asked. "Oh, he said he had to pick up something on the way. Say where's Dave and the others?" Mitch asked. "Oh, they're around. How about you two sit down in front of the tv. Watch the pregame. I'll get you some beers, and then I'll tell the Stanton's you're here." When Neil re-enters carrying the beers, he can see that the other two guys are staring at the TV screen depicting a bunch of hot naked guys playing football. One team is totally naked the other team wears only jockstraps. He hands them the beers and pretends not to notice. He had forgotten about the gay porn he'd left in the dvd player. After a couple sips of beer, Mitch and Hank are engrossed in the "game" rooting for the jocks at Neil's suggestion. He chuckles those two will never watch an NFL game the same way again. Neil rounds up the Stantons who he had left down in the basement practicing their bondage techniques. Rob is expertly gagged and hogtied when Neil sends the others upstairs to watch the game. He was going to untie Rob, but the door bell rang again. So he ran upstairs and almost audibly guffawed when he saw Karl on the doorstep. The big jock is dressed completely in skintight spandex and is holding a bouquet and foil wrapped package with a rainbow bow. He stammers in a throaty whisper, "Uh, is Rob around? I brought him a little something." Neil grins, as he recalls exactly what he had whispered last week into Karl's ear. "Rob's a bit tied up right now. He's down in the basement. Why don't you go down and give it to him," Neil says suggestively. He grabs the warming bottle of drugged beer that Neil had prepared for Karl and hands it to Karl, "Take a big swig, big guy, looks like you need it." "Gee, thanks!" exclaimed Karl tilting back the bottle and heading for the basement. Snoring echoed in the living room as Mitch was the first to pass out. Bob complained that they wouldn't get together for two weeks because next week's game was blacked out. Neil made a mental note, and grabbed a three energy drink bottles from the fridge to doctor with his drug. He'd have the three friends of the Stanton boys take a drink precisely at 8 PM next week, and then he'd give each a phone call to assess their programming. They were really more of a hobby to him. His main focus were the Stantons. He looked around the room, where were Karl and Rob anyway? Still in the basement? Neil headed downstairs again. He could hear heavy breathing and moaning as he walked down the stairs. Rob was still trussed up, or rather he had been untied and retied in a different manner and suspended from the ceiling. The bouquet of flowers is a burst of color sticking out of Rob's rear, the long stems are buried deep in Rob's bowels. The package has been unwrapped, and Neil's eyes widen as he sees the gift that Karl has "given" to and is using on Rob. Rob's gag is in place, but the drying cum around the edges of Rob's mouth suggests that Karl had removed it temporarily. Tears are streaming from Rob's eyes, which look pleadingly at Neil and then at Karl. There's no denying the lust in Rob's eyes either. In spite of the pain, part of Rob is enjoying the situation. Neil has mixed feelings about this whole thing, but he is fascinated all the same. He wants to see how far Karl and Rob will go. Family Matters Chapter 3 It has already been a few weeks since the Stanton family has been doing strange acts inside their house, under the hypnotic influence of Neil and his drug. Everything is going just like Neil wanted. The Stantons never raised any suspicions or questioned their strange acts or their nakedness, since they don’t even realize or remember any of it. As for Neil, he tries to stick around the house as much as he could so he could enjoy the show he has set up. Neil was becoming merciless on his landlord and his boys; on several occasions, when Jake came back from his jog on a warm rainy morning or after Bob has been out on a construction site on a particularly hot humid day, Neil would have fun watching their foot worshippers involuntarily gag a bit when they are compelled to inhale the pungent smell from the sweaty/soaked socked feet. Neil has decided pushed the limits even further. Seeing the morning rush and the brothers fighting for the bathroom every morning, Neil has found a “perfect solution” for their needs and his perverse pleasure. Instead of the toilet, a large jar is now placed on the kitchen counter each morning and each of the Stanton would relief their hot morning piss into this container. Once everyone has pissed in the jar or if it’s already filled to the top (sometimes Neil would contribute his load also, if it’s not full), it is brought over to the breakfast table. While Neil is sipping his coffee, each of them would now share this hot, foaming morning man-brew in a large beer pint filled to the top while eating breakfast. Neil convinced them that this would give them more energy and boost than their coffee or juice, and they should make sure that they empty the whole jar down to the last drop – that means refilling their pint if there is leftover in the jar. Also, whenever they watch a game on TV, Neil has “taken care” of their bathroom breaks and make sure that they would not miss any of the game. At the beginning of the game, they would take out one six-pack. Once they’ve downed their first round of beer, any beer they drink for the rest of the game will have to be “recycled”. Whenever one of them needs to piss, he would relieve himself in an empty bottle and then he would set the full bottle down, ready for the next person who wants “another beer”. Therefore, when they thought they had three or four six-packs, in fact they only had one and the rest from “their own”. Dave is your typical rebellious teen and often argued with his father. On many nights he would be out skateboarding with his friends until past midnight. He would come home to find Bob with an angry face and would question him annoyingly. Arguing usually ensues for a bit until Dave shuts himself back into his room he shares with Jake. Also, Bob recently found a cigarette in Dave’s clothes while doing laundry and has since been trying to convince him to stop smoking, but Dave always ignores him. Neil noticed that and another idea came up to his kinky mind. He decided to make their family relationship closer, more intimate. After another dose of Neil’s drug and some suggestions, everything was set. Two nights later, Dave was out late skateboarding again. When he came home, he found his father, as usual, waiting for him on the couch with that stern look on his face. Now stripped to his briefs and white socks (under the hypnotic suggestion), his body still hot and sweaty, Dave walks over to Bob and the usual dispute follows. Bob, laid back on the couch clad in his briefs and a pair of black thin nylon socks, questions his son’s whereabouts for the night and all the disciplinary talks ensue. Dave is in his usual annoyed state, but this time, instead of running back to his room, he started to sit down on the couch by his dad’s feet and stretched his sweaty feet towards his father. Then, both father and son grabbed each other’s socked feet in unison and brought it up to their face and started to take big whiffs of their feet, all the while with Bob still disciplining his boy and Dave responding with annoyance. After about 20 minutes, Bob says: “Now go to bed”, his voice muffled under Dave’s feet. As if on cue, the pair broke off their feet-to-face interaction and Dave went to the bathroom while Bob prepared himself to bed as usual. Once Dave was ready to go to bed, instead of heading to his room, he walked into his father’s room, who was just getting into bed. Bob was positioning himself in an awkward position on the bed. He places his head about one-third down from the headboard and he’s lying on his right-hand side in a fetal position, with his thighs perpendicular to his body at the waist. He has also stripped off his underwear, leaving only his socks on. Without a word, Dave also stripped off his briefs and laid himself onto his father’s bed as if in automatic. He’s also on his side facing Bob, but with his feet towards the headboard. Dave moves his head towards his father’s thighs – which are now open - and rests his head on Bob’s right thigh. Bob was also placing his head in similar fashion on his son’s left thigh. Then, Dave passes his left arm under his father’s leg on which their head rests and places his left hand on Bob’s right butt cheek. Same thing, but on opposite side, was carried out with Bob. Now comes the main step for their position: with their free hand, they held each other’s cock, stroked it a few times and directed the semi-erect penis into their open mouth, which they swallowed it down to the base. Their cocks quickly become fully erect in their mouths and their noses are breathing over each other’s balls. They gag a bit as the penis fills up their mouth, but quickly get use to it. Their other leg now closes down onto each other’s head, trapping it further into their crotch. Finally, Bob pulls the cover over their naked bodies, their free hand rests itself on the remaining ass cheek, and thus locking up themselves into their 69 position, in which they will sleep every night. All this while, Neil has been watching Bob and Dave going through his new commands with great excitement. This is the result of the “relationship adjustments” Neil has implemented into the father and son…well, only from the physical point of view. First, Neil has cured Dave’s smoking habit. He suggested Dave that he’d feel disgusted to put another cigarette in his mouth. However, Neil did not cure the craving to smoke inside Dave: for that, every time Dave craves for a smoke, he would turn this into a craving to smell his father’s feet, only the smell of those feet could fulfill his daily desire to smoke. These little cravings during the day will be accumulated and when he comes home at night, he would have to satisfy all these cravings with a deep feet-smelling session with Bob’s feet. As for Bob, Neil convinced him that he should not brag about Dave’s smoking problem, but discreetly, he’ll constantly check on Dave for traces of cigarette smells. The best way to do this check is to take deep sniffs of Dave’s sweaty feet every time right after he comes home from boarding. He’d have to take his time to take long deep breaths of his son’s feet to make sure there are no traces of tobacco. Next, it’s time to bring Bob and Dave closer, more intimate (literally). Neil decided to give them an oral fixation at night; that is, in order for them to be able to sleep, they would need to have each other’s penis buried deep in their mouth each night. They would only sleep comfortably and warmly in the position Neil suggested. After he’s done with Bob and Dave, Neil decided that Jake and Rob shouldn’t be left out of the “relationship adjustment”. So the following day, another shot of the drug and Neil has the similar suggestions implemented in the brothers. They would now also sleep in Rob’s room in a 69 position, but not exactly the same “69” as their father and younger bro. Neil has always admired those strong athletic feet of the older brothers, which were built up from years of hard workouts and sports play. So he decided that both Jake and Rob, to be able to sleep, they would need to have the taste and smell of each other’s feet every night. For that, they will sleep on their side, facing head to toe. They will take off one sock and then swallow all five toes of the bare foot furthest possible into their mouth. The socked foot will rest under their nose and the sock will allow the foot smell to retain for longer time through the night. Finally, they pull the cover over them and wrap their arms around each other’s legs, hugging themselves tightly and remain in their position until the next morning. Satisfied with his work, Neil look one last time into each room, assuring that each bundle of bodies are sound asleep in their various positions, then retreats back into his room for another nice j/o session. Part 4 In the month that followed this, the family was beginning to hit hard times, and even Neil's rent wasn't doing much to help. To remedy this, Neil made a few more changes around the house. For one, no more dates or eating out at fancy places, and clothing would only be when outsiders were around, to save on water. Despite this, Neil found himself becoming bored with the way things were going, and even when he made more changes with the family's lifestyle he couldn't find the spark he had earlier. Then, one night, Neil saw something when he was surfing the net that he almost missed. It was a link to a chat site where requests could be left if someone was interested. Neil looked down a few and saw one that was unusual, but could be lucrative for the Stanton family. Neil answered the ad. The man wanted to meet a real father and son and hang out with them, but they had to hang out in tight speedos. When they discussed terms and that there were a number of sons, the man actually had a more detailed request. Not only did he want to meet the Stanton men in speedos, but he wanted to watch them take their speedos off and hang out together like it was a normal pool party situation. It didn't take much prompting for the whole truth. The man was willing to pay top dollar if he could order the dad and sons to take off their speedos and they would do it, no questions asked. Neil said this was very possible, and did he want anything else. The man was hesitant, but he went for broke and told Neil that he would love it if he could watch the dad and sons take a piss together, and then later have sex while he watched and or participated. During this entire exchange, Neil managed to double his original asking price, and convinced the other man that it was a bargin. Neil took the order and said that he could arrange the scene. The man could come in, and essentially, tell the Stantons to do whatever he wanted and they would do it. Anything he wanted for a two hour period. The man couldn't believe it, and they fixed on a price. The only condition that was made was that he had to meet the Stantons in their speedos before he turned over the money to Neil. Neil agreed. He was excited about this opportunity to get out of a rut (although a very pleasant rut) where the Stantons were unknowingly performing their carefully scripted routine. While programming the family for the upcoming scenario, the graduate student decided to through caution to the wind and implement something he had been considering for a while: AWARENESS on the part of the Stanton men that they were being controlled by another person. Since that person wouldn't be Neil himself, he felt that this shouldn't impact his relationship with them too much, but even if it did, he would be able to make them forget it ever happened. Of course, so that word didn't get out to anyone else, Neil had a contingency plan in the form of a single beer to give to his customer. When his customer arrived, Neil and the Stantons were ready. The man, about Bob's age, was a bit shy at first but said his name was Craig. Neil led him into the house, where the family was arranged in a row from oldest to youngest. Father and sons wore the tightest speedoes imaginable, digging deeply into their rounded ass cracks and barely containing the bulging erections that had been programmed into them. The Stantons were frozen in place and currently unaware of their surroundings. "They'll stay frozen until you touch their asses," Neil explained. "At that point, they'll come to life, so to speak, and you'll be able to control their every move to create exactly the situation you want. Your ability to control them will last exactly two hours from the time you first activate them. They won't understand what's happening, but they WILL do everything you say." "That's amazing!" Craig gushed. "How did you do this?" "Trade secret," Neil said with a smirk. "Maybe you can tell me what it is later." "Nope, not a chance! And now that you've seen my guys and seem ready to move forward, I think there's a matter of the payment?" Craig glowered a bit at parting with so much money, but this WAS a dream come true. Craig showed his cash and was about to part with it. Neil reached out for it, but then Craig pulled it back. "I want proof. A test that they'll do as they are told." Neil stood there, "You're kidding me." Neil was going to get cranky about it, but he thought it really didn't matter. Whatever Craig wanted would probably be fun. He made it sound like an imposition. "Okay, what do you want but I'm telling you now, I don't do charity." Craig didn't have to think. He knew what he wanted. "Okay, bring them out of it and make them act like they have to take the wickedest pisses in their lives and can't find a bathroom to do it in." Neil took a second to make his sweat, even thought he wished he had thought of it before. "Too much work." Then: "How about this?" Neil turned to the Stanton men. "Bob, you can hear me. You know who I am and you'll do anything I tell you. All previous commands are still in place. You can't move; you can't do anything until you are given the signal... However, you need to take a piss. Since you can't move, you have no choice but to take a piss right in your speedo... and Bob, once you've done it, just forget all about it and wait for further instructions." Neil turned to Craig. Craig just watched in wonder. Within a few seconds, Bob Stanton had a look of discomfort on his face, but still remained frozen as head of the family. That discomfort grew until finally, his speedo started to stain. Bob Stanton was taking a piss in his speedo. The stream went eventually down his leg and not once, did Bob move. When it over, his expression went blank again. Craig was still nervous, but he was convinced. Craig handed over the cash before reaching for Bob's meaty ass. Neil decided to stay in the room and witness this new turn of events, but he stepped back against the wall so he wouldn't be obtrusive. "Hey, what are you doing?" Bob immediately came out of his trance and jumped like he'd just sat on a roaring fire. "Hi" was all Craig could stutter. "Who are you and...?" Bob stopped. He looked at his boys, standing in a row, wearing only the tight, tiny speedos with bulging erections. He looked down at himself. He was in total shock when he saw he was in the same state. Neil had dressed him in a speedo that was hot pink. A sharp contrast to his masculine nature, which made it all the more erotic. "Wha...?" Bob could only ask. "Did I just piss myself?" "Oh, don't worry about that." Bob's face contorted slightly as he processed his first command: not to worry about his and his sons' current manner of dress. Craig and Neil watched expectantly as the hunky ex-marine's forehead smoothed a bit. "Uh, OK. I guess it's all right." He still looked a bit surprised, however, and Neil figured that not worrying about something wasn't the same as not finding it unusual. The oldest Stanton man clearly had an awareness that something had happened to him and his family, and Neil couldn't wait to see how he would continue to react to this. Craig decided to take things further. "Yeah, actually this is great for you and your boys. This is a tremendious opportunity, you can't wait to do more and you want to support me all the way through, no matter what I say or do to you or your boys! You'll do whatever I say and there's nothing you'd want to change about that!" Bob's expression showed signs of shock, but they quickly started turning to excitement. "Oh, well, when you say that, I guess I can't complain. What happens now?" "Laugh, Bob! Laugh at you and your son's big cocks in their speedos. It's so ridiculous to have big boners when all your wearing is such little tight bikinis and everyone can see them." Bob looked confused before he started chuckling, then started laughing as he looked at his three sons, all blank eyed and expressionless, standing without a stitch of clothing except for their tiny speedos. He couldn't stop laughing, even when his sides started hurting. "What's so funny, Bob? Tell me." Craig had to hear the response. "It's just... just... There's no reason for it." Bob had to stifle his giggles to get the words out. "You can see everything. I mean, look at my cockhead, it's huge!" And that was all Bob could say when the guffaws made him in audible and a wet stain showed up at the tip of his dong. Craig delighted in the thought that if Bob had been soft, he probably would be peeing his brains out right now. Bob didn't know how to stop his joy. He started skipping around his sons tweaking their dickheads as they stood motionless, tears streaming from his face for all the laughter. "Okay, that's enough laughing. Now go and set up the barbeque, and get some of your best steaks sizzling. However, you still find this whole situation extremely hilarious and you won't be able to tell anyone or ask for help. In fact, you'll be having the time of your life with you and your sons in speedos and rock hard, and you will do anything to make it last longer." Still chuckling, Bob nodded and left the room, leaving Craig with the frozen, manly forms of Rob, Jake, and Dave. "Hmm, which one do I want next?" Craig wondered, gaining confidence in his control since his encounter with their father. The three young men were each stunning handsome with great bodies that were variations on their father's. Craig decided he might as well start with the oldest. He sidled up to the 22-year-old Rob and caressed his firm ass cheeks through the neon blue, waterproof material. "WHA--" Rob sputtered to life feeling a finger in his crack. He jumped forward, confused, and whirled around to face the stranger in the house. He also saw his two frozen brothers in speedos and Neil hovering at the other end of the room. "What the fuck!!!!" Rob yelled. Craig just smirked. "Rob, you can say whatever you want at all times, but please use a more polite tone. Also, you're finding this whole situation to be extremely arousing, so much that you can't stop to think about why you're like this. In fact, you don't CARE about why you're like this, you only care about how your speedo is making you feel so horny and how to make yourself feel good! However, you are not going to take off your speedo, and will do anything to keep it on as tight as you can! Oh, and grope yourself with any free hands you have while you go about." Rob was still furious as Craig said his words, but eventually his expression became clouded, and his pecs started to harden. "Oh, uh, OH..." Rob could only say, his cock suddenly becoming firmer than before (something which surprised Niel), and his cockhead started to leak pre. His hands also started to roam about his hard body, pinching his hardenning nipples and cupping his buxom ass, as well as slipping through the crack to his clean butt hole. His meaty cock, however, was the place where they met the most, and was squeezed like there was no tommorow. Craig started laughing as he saw this. "Yes, yes that's it! Grope yourself like it isn't your body. In fact, Rob, as long as you grope youself it won't really feel like it's you doing it to yourself, it'll always feel like another man is doing it. It'll always feel like you're being felt up by someone, and that you're allowing it because you want it to happen. And while you're being groped, in any situation even beyond this, you'll always put yourself in a sexy possition that makes it easier to grope you! And you know what Rob? You like this. You really enjoy being groped by other men, even when you know you shouldn't be." "Now, why don't you go out and help your dad set up for the barbeque? If you want to talk about anything, talk about how much you enjoy showing off in your speedos together." It took a minute, but Rob, still squeezing and holding his privates, went out on to the patio to go help his dad, and Craig turned his attention to the last two sons. Out of all three, Craig disliked Jake the most, simply because of his physique; from what he was told by Neil (which wasn't much), Jake was eating as many calories as he wanted simply because he ran every morning. And look at that, not a trace of fat on him! Meanwhile, Craig was keeping himself on a tight leash when it came to his meals and exercise, and he couldn't have so much as a candy bar without gaining two pounds, no matter how much work he put into burning it off. Well, as Craig would have said, no good lifestyle goes unpunished. Craig woke Jake up with a firm, hard slap to the young man's ass, sending him a few inches forward. Jake looked like he was about to say something, but first, he looked down at himself in the bright orange speedo he had on. "Hi, Jake!" "Who are you?", Jake asked, rubbing where he had been slapped. "A guy who really likes to watch you run... especially in your tight speedo." Jake immediately got pissed. "What are you? Some kind of pervert?" "Yeah, but I like what I like. And what's more, Jake, I want you to like it, too. From now on, I want you to go find your track shoes and start running around the backyard. Nothing is more important, or arousing, than running in your tight speedo, with your hard dong being stuffed and jostled in the tight fabric. You won't want to help with the barbeque, and if your family ask for you to help, you will make rude comments about their laziness and how if they worked out all day, like you, they would look better in their speedos. So go on now, all you want to do is run and exercise, and don't think of anything else unless I tell you. Oh, and one last thing; everytime you catch a glimpse of me, it makes you run all the harder because you know how much I like seeing you jog with a huge boner in your tight speedo." Jake got a blank look on his face, then... he looked down at himself again. "I have to go find my track shoes. I have work to do." Jake went to his bedroom in search of his running shoes. That left Craig with one son left, young, skater Dave. Dave's speedo was a neon lime green and his penis was imprinted in front. By now, the knowledge that he had total power over the family going to Craig's head, and he lost all self control when he saw the youngest of the troupe just standing there. Craig walked up to the teenager and, without a hint of remorse, grabbed the teen's handsom face and french kissed it, all the while gripping the hot package that was in the green swimwear. Dave just stood there, accepting the kiss without even realising it. When Craig was done molesting the teen, he grabbed Dave's ass cheeks and, without waiting for Dave's real personality to show, instantly began making orders. "Dave, as long as you can see, touch or even remember me, you will be madly in love with me, and extremely attracted to me. You find me to be the sexiest man alive, and you will do anything to make me happy, even if you have to act like a slut to do so. And trust me, you will. No matter what, I come first. You hate thinking of women, sexually or otherwise, and only I can get you off unless I say otherwise. Even making out with me feels greater than any sex you've ever had with another person, and you'll do anything for me to have sex with you." Before Craig could get another word out, Dave clamped his lips over Craig's own and started to french kiss him with everything he had. Craig was almost at his first orgasm, but he held back. There were things he promised himself he wanted to see the Stanton men do before he shot his first wad. "Come on, young man. It's time to go out and enjoy... I mean, join the others." Craig slipped his arm around a swooning Dave's waist and pulled him close, and the two made their way toward the patio. Before they could get there, Jake came running out from wherever, wearing his track shoes, but still in just a speedo and practically knocked Craig and Dave over to get outside. All he could say, "Have to get my practice in." Craig called out after him. "That's great, Jake. Your dick really looks fantastic in that speedo." Jake stopped a second a looked back. Craig almost popped when Jake's dickhead fluctuated in his trunks. It was pulsing like a long thick orange snake. Then he immediately went to this task to start jogging around the pool, doing orderly paced laps. When Craig got outside, the scene he saw was even better than he could have imagined: there was big Bob, with four of the juciest steaks Craig had ever seen (which Bob had been saving for a special celebration), looking over and trying not to laugh at Rob, who was lying down on a deck chair, firmly massaging both his dick and pecs. Jake was just starting to run, and was already finding it hard to do so as the lawn had recently been waterred. "How are those steaks coming Bob?" Craig called out. Bob looked back at the portly man, and a pleasantly confused expression crossing face. "Fine. What's going on between you two?" He called back to Craig, pointing his finger between the two. Craig tightened to hold around Dave's waist. "Oh, nothing, just treating your son like the slutty fag boy he is. Isn't that right Dave?" Craig replied, before talking directly to Dave, Bob accepting what Craig said without a thought. "Oh, and Dave, what I just said is true about you, you are a slutty fag boy who loves looking at, thinking of, and sucking cocks. Oh, and you especially love looking at your dad's fucker there like there's no tomorow. In fact, you want to go over there and squeeze his dickhead and make it as big as you can. You love the idea because it'll give you something huge and juicy to suck on." Dave had to process what Craig was suggesting. Then he said, "Yeah, I would, but Dad would never let me do it." Craig was in heaven when he said, "Well, you never know unless you ask, so ask him Dave, right now." Dave walked up to his dad and, while blushing, embarressedly asked, "Hey Dad, your dick looks so firm in that Speedo, and I was wondering, can I touch it?" With a smirk, Bob looked at Dave. "That's a rather strange thing to ask me Dave," he replied. "I don't really think it's appropriate, though" Craig walked up to them, and placed his hand on Bob's ass, startling him and making his ass tense up. "Maybe you should touch him anyways, Dave. Bob needs to focus on grilling anyway." Dave stepped up closer to Bob and placed one hand on his shoulder and used the other to cup Bob's dick and used his palm to stroke his shaft. Bob let out a gasp as his son started molesting him, but he didn't voice any complaints. Dave too, purred in his father's ear as he felt-up the speedo covered dick, still moist with his father's piss. Craig let his hand fall off of Bob's ass and he moved toward Rob on the deck chair, fustration and pleasure both rampant on his face. Dave watched him walk away with jealousy, but never stopped caressing his father. He licked his lips as he caught sight of the curve of Craig's ass when he sat down on chair next to Rob. "Rob, it looks like something is frustrating you, why don't you tell me what that is." "Someone keeps feeling me up and won't leave me alone, and I need to set the table," he stated without taking his hands off of his pecs and dick. Craig reached over and placed his hand on his six-pack. He started to caress his chest, moving his hand up to Rob's unattended pec. Rob squirmed under the attention, arching his back towards Craig while letting out a slight groan. "Why don't you ask Jake to set the table for you?" Rob looked over his shoulder towards Jake as he started to round the pool. "Hey Jake, can you set the table for me, I'm a bit busy over here." "Fuck you Rob, can't you see I'm running. Stop playing with your cock and set it yourself, you faggot." "What on earth are you talking about?! It will take you less than a minute." "Then do it yourself you lazy pervert!" Jake caught Craig looking at him, and burst out into a sprint as he rounded the pool as a drop of precum soaked into his strained Speedo. He slipped again as he rounded the imaginary corner, before getting up and fixing his speedo, which had slipped up his hip and crawled further into his ass. "I guess you'll have to do it yourself Rob," Craig teased as he rubbed Rob's nipple, running his other hand up and down Rob's muscular calves. Rob dejectedly started to get off of his chair and sensuously moved to the kitchen. When he returned with plates and silverware in both hands, he absent mindedly rubbed his cock against the back of the metal patio chairs while setting the table. Craig watched him as his ass muscles clenched when he bucked into the backs of the chairs. He diverted his attention back to Bob and Dave as Rob finished setting the table and sat back down to feel himself up. His cock was good and hard, and he made sure that Dave could see it clearly, who was alternating between watching him and Bob's dick. "How much longer until those are ready Bob?" In between pants, he replied "They are just, about done..." Sensing that Bob may be close, Craig commanded to all four men, "Just so you guys know, no matter how turned on you all get, none of you can climax until I tell you to. Now Dave, what is that you want to do?" While Craig had been teasing Rob, Dave had moved closer to his father, and had started to rub his dick into the side of Bob's Speedo. The hand on Bob's shoulder had moved down to the small of his back, which he carressed while gawking at the scene unfolding between the man he loved and his brother. He continued to squeeze his father's dick saying, "I want to rub your cock like this." "I don't know Dave, it looks like it's going to be time to eat soon." Bob, called over to Jake, "Hey, can you grab me a plate, these steaks are done." "Damn it dad, can't you see I'm running here. Ask that cocksucker Dave to get it for you. That lazy ass is standing right there." Craig interjected, "I don't think that's anyway for a son to talk to his father, don't you Bob. What are you going to do about it?" "Jake, get your ass over here! Now!" Bob pulled himself away from Dave's worship and moved towards Jake's laps. "Rob, take those steaks off of the grill, will you." Dave simply stood where his father was as Rob reluctantly complied, pulling his hand out from between his legs where he was rubbing his ass crack and moved to the grill with a plate in hand. Craig simply smiled. "Come here Dave, I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. Just ignore everything except me and what you want." Dave smiled and quickly sat himself down on Rob's seat, moving it closer to Craig. "Stop running and come here, Jake!" Bob commanded. "You need to be taught a lesson." Seeing Craig look at him, Jake started to sprint again as he neared his father. "Fuck you dad!" He yelled out while running past him, barely managing to stay upright. "Why don't you just go piss on yourself again." "It looks like it will take some force for him to slow down, Bob.", Craig called down, "You may need to put yourself right onto him for him to stop." Bob waited for Jake to move towards him again and then grabbed him, throwing them both to the ground. "When I say stop, you will stop, Jake." He said, while sitting on top of him, grounding his dick into his son's speedo in the process. Bob pinned Jakes arms to the ground, and starred into his son's eyes. "Get off of me, I need to keep running." Jake struggled against his father, bucking up into him while thrashing his legs. Catching sight of Craig looking at him, Jake's dick twitched during the fight and he tried even harder to get away. "No, you are done running and will listen to me." Bob was determined to teach his son a lesson and grounded his body into him, waiting for him to comply. He grunted as Dave's sweaty chest rubbed against his, tickling his chest hairs. Meanwhile, Dave had proceeded to rub Craig's leg, working his hands up into his crotch with his mouth watering for a taste, completely ignoring the fight between his father and older brother. Craig interjected, "Jake, it looks like you had better comply or else you won't be able to run anymore." Without looking, Craig reach around and grasped Dave's cock, giving the meat tube a good squeeze while Dave instantly bucked into it. Teasingly, Craig took his hand back. "What do you want me to do? Rob has got the steaks already," Jake moaned as his father clamped down on him even tighter, having his father's entire body ground into him. Their dicks strained against each other. "If I were your dad, I think all three of you need a spanking. Don't you agree, Bob? Wouldn't it feel good and erotic just to spank your sons while exposed to the world?" This was one of Craig's wishes, to see Bob get kinky with his sons. Given the circumstances, he was sure it was going to happen. "Completely!", Bob practically growled, trying to figure out a way to get Jake to roll over without letting him go. While this was all happening, Neil was staying in the shadows of the house and looking on as the family he'd been perverting were treated like nothing more than sex toys. It was just what he'd been looking for the entire time! Now that he thought about it, the very thought of the family being controlled by someone else, by someone with perverse thoughts and twisted morals, was just what made Neil feel like he was going to cum without touching himself! Now that the Stantons, no, his toys, were being used, he might as well make a small buisness of it. Who knew, if there was enough money left over he could help the Stantons through the money shortage...naw! Craig has his fantasy wish. "Boys, I think all three of you need a spanking from your dad. Why don't all three of you line up in a row to take your turn? Jake, that means that you'll have to stop running and do exactly what your dad says. And Bob, the best way for you to give an effective spanking is for you to take your speedo off! Start it up Bob; oh, and remember that I'll talk you through this! All your boys have different asses, and need different treatments during their spankings!" Reluctantly, the father of three rose from Jake's body, and the young man finally stopped thrashing. Without anything to do, Jake started brushing off bits of grass and dirt that had stuck themselves onto his sweaty body. Bob Stanton couldn't believe what he just heard. His sons needed to be spanked, but he was the one who should do it bareassed. Bob didn't know why, but then, he thought the whole thing was extremely funny, and that it would be something worth doing. Bob looked right at Craig, then grabbed hold of his piss covered speedo and slowly pulled it down. The thought crossed his mind that it was odd that he was stripping naked in his backyard, but you shook it off as being yet another amusing feature of the day. His huge cock that was already rock hard and leaking, just flopped about as it had a life of its own. This in itself brought another smile back to his face. Craig brought a deck chair down with him to sit on, Dave trailing right behind him, and he sat himself down right beside him. Dave was carrying the matching footstool, which Craig gave to Bob. "Here, sit on this while you spank your sons. Oh, and make sure that you have their asses pointed at me, it's very important that you do that." Bob plopped himself down on the metal stool, shivering a little at the cold touch on his ass, and reached for Dave, who was busy trying to get his hands into Craig's pants. "No no Bob, Dave isn't the one you want to go first. Rob is. Rob, get down here so your dad can give you a proper spanking! And bring me a steak on a plate! Forks and knives too!" Rob, having spent the few minutes before simply getting the steaks to the table while having to deal with his own molestation, slowly and sensually walked down to Craig, bending over to give his dad a complete view of his ass, the speedo wedged directly to the pucker. When Craig had everything in hand, he let Rob turn around so that his father could do what he "needed" to do. Bob took his son and pulled him over his knee, the young man's ass pointed directly at Craig. "Oh come on guys, let me run some more! I mean, come on, you're just spanking him, so why not let me go until it's my turn?" Jake angrily whined. "No Jake, you'll get your turn.", Bob told him, brought his left hand to Rob's shoulder and raised his right, ready to give Rob a spank. Craig quickly stopped him. "No no Bob, that's not how you spank your son." Bob looked confused. "What do you mean?" "I told you, your sons all has different asses, and need to be treated differently. Now, with Rob, you'll need to hold him in place by holding onto his dick through his speedos, not by holding his shoulder, and every time you spank him, you squeeze his cock nice and hard. Try it, and you'll both find that it's the right way." Bob, still unsure, slowly reached under Rob to the front of his speedos, and took a hold of Rob's throbbing cock, before rearing back and smacking Rob straight on the ass, giving him a firm squeeze as he did. He repeated this a few more times as Rob ground himself into his father's fist as the physical contact made him even more horny. He bucked into his father's thigh, not thinking about how it was covered in piss a few minutes ago. He even spread his legs in hope that a smack might hit him closer on his rosebud. "Okay, that's enough out of you, Jake!" Bob Stanton pointed his angry finger. Bob turned to Craig. "I want him to go next, and I want to spank him totally bareassed." Craig fought the desire to give in. "Of course, Jake deserves it. But, it's not Jake's your turn to get spanked, it's Dave's." Bob looked over at Dave who was still kneeling to the side of Craig with both arms outreached over and through the chair's armrests, trying to get a better feel of his dick and balls despite Criag's not making it easy for him. Dave even let out a few whimpers as he tried unsuccessfully to unbuckle those pants and free Craig's dick. He was frustrated with Criag's frequently brushing his hand away from the buckle. "Dave get off the ground and come over here," Bob barked as Rob slowly and reluctantly rose from his lap. Rob moved over to the ground next to his dad and rubbed his sore ass as he squeezed one of his nipples. Jake just groaned and continued trying to brush off blades of grass that continued to stick to his chest and arms from his wrestling match with his father. "Hurry up Dave," Jake said with annoyance, "I want to get back to running. So stop trying to suck that guy's dick and get over to Dad." Pouting, Dave got of his knees and swayed his hips as he walked over to his father. He remembered the feel of his dad's dick from when they were grilling and with a final look over his shoulder at Craig, he licked his lips as he leaned over Bob's knee exposing his ass to Craig. "Now Bob, Dave here needs it hard. You need to smack him with all you have otherwise he will enjoy it too much. You need to let him know that your not playing with his butt like he wants you to, but because he's being scolded. IN fact, the more you're aware of his erection and his being horny, the harder you will have to smack him." Bob smirked as he saw his son look up at him with pure lust plastered all over his face. He gave him a loud smack across his ass, but instead of hearing pain, he heard Dave sound even hornier and he felt his dick grind into his thigh as he hit him. Amused, yet startled, Bob took a moment to hit his son again as he tried to process how his son could grow hornier with his ass being hit. Dave took the time to look up at his father and give him a coy wink. Bob let an even harder blow land on Dave's ass and Dave whole body lurched at the contact. Bob hit him harder and harder. He picked up the pace and started breathing heavily as he assailed Dave's ass. Finally Craig intervened, letting Bob catch his breath as he stopped working over Dave's butt. Dave slowly and awkwardly lifted himself off his father's lap. Precum coating the front of his speedo as the ordeal had turned him on more than anything else. He absently rubbed his sore ass as he stole a few strokes off Bob's dick before Bob swatted him away, amused at his son's persistence for his manhood. Dave gingerly made eye contact with Craig and proceeded to sexily walk over to him, hoping that soon he could taste the man's dick. He squawked as Craig pushed him to the side, averting his attempt to get between his legs for better access to his dick. Dave finally settled for returning to his spot at Craig's side and resumed his failing attempts to get Craig's pants off. After finally breathing normally again, Bob turned his attention to Jake. "It's you're turn, Jake." Craig looked at him and coldly said, "Take off your speedo, Jake, and bend over your father's lap. Then, when you realize how you've been such a bad boy, you start crying like when you were five years old. Jake, you will beg your dad to stop and what you want more than anything is for things to be good between you and the only way that will happen is if your Dad agrees to let you rub his hard-on and taste his balls." All the Stanton men were aghast. "That's right, Dad! You will spank Jake like the naughty boy that he is. And then when his pleas of foregiveness get to you, you will allow him to try to please your erection and taste your balls.... And you two..." Craig turned his attention to Rob and Dave. "The more you see Jake getting spanked. The more the two of you want your father's attention. It will reach a point that you will be begging him to, first, allow you to take your speedos off... and then to do some play with your dongs with him." NOW GO! Bob Stanton got up and grabbed at his son Jake with one quick movement, catching one of his forearms. Jake pulled off his speedos with his free arm knowing that he was going to incur his father's wrath. The fact that it had ridden so far up his ass and the girth of his erection made it difficult to do with one arm, but eventually he worked it down to his knees and then he kicked it off. Bob sat back down, his naked ass on the cold stool, and he pulled Jake onto his lap. Jake felt his dad's hard erection in his belly button as his own erection was rubbing against his father's thigh. The thought of seeing his Dad's thigh covered in piss not too long ago never left his mind. "I am going to teach you to not give me any of your lip." And Bob WHACKED Jake on his ass. The motion made Jake's erect penis rub into Bob's thigh. He repeatedly swatted at him, amused with the friction of his son's dick on his thigh. "Daddy, please! I'll be a good boy. I promise, I'll be good." Jake pleas for forgiveness couldn't compare to the sensation he was feeling from his cock rubbing hard against his dad's knee. Craig was in his glory as he watched Bob Stanton spank his son with hard, firm slaps. He was also enjoying watching Bob's other two sons as they slowly started to get jealous, willing to do anything to be number one with dad. Their dickheads twitching in their tight speedos. With each slap, it all become so unbearable for the Stantons and there


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