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by EMG


----- Our chat on Sun, 3/20/11 2:45 PM -----
Aaron (1:39 PM): okay hers one that sort of worked on me, its a new style, so bare with me.
Aaron (1:40 PM): okay, how about a classic style instead
Aaron (1:40 PM): now just sit back and relax
Aaron (1:41 PM): relax your body and mind
Aaron (1:41 PM): forget all of your worries
Aaron (1:41 PM): and just allow yourself to be iin trance
Aaron (1:41 PM): are you relaxed?
recipe113 (1:41 PM): yes
Aaron (1:41 PM): okay, now lets make you even more relaxed
Aaron (1:41 PM): this may take some imaginition
recipe113 (1:42 PM): ok
Aaron (1:42 PM): you feel a sort of liquid injected into you
Aaron (1:42 PM): and the liquid starts at your feet
Aaron (1:42 PM): making them feel heavier and more relaxed
Aaron (1:43 PM): they are so heavy and relaxed, you cant move them
Aaron (1:43 PM): try to
Aaron (1:43 PM): can you?
recipe113 (1:43 PM): having trouble moving them
Aaron (1:43 PM): they are so relaxed, they are imovable, like a statue
Aaron (1:43 PM): can you move them
recipe113 (1:43 PM): No, I can't
Aaron (1:44 PM): now it goes up to your legs, same thing, you cannot move them, like a statue
Aaron (1:44 PM): can you move your legs
recipe113 (1:44 PM): No, they are frozon
recipe113 (1:44 PM): frozen
Aaron (1:44 PM): now yyour thighs and waste, same thing
Aaron (1:45 PM): and to your stomach and chest, and your breathing becomes slower and more relaxed
Aaron (1:45 PM): how do you feel
recipe113 (1:45 PM): calm, relaxed, heavy
Aaron (1:46 PM): now your arms and and hands become frozen, but oonly a little
Aaron (1:46 PM): so you can still type
Aaron (1:46 PM): now your neck and face becomes relaxed
Aaron (1:46 PM): how do you feel
recipe113 (1:46 PM): very relaxed. deeply relaxed
Aaron (1:46 PM): now it goes to your mind
Aaron (1:47 PM): and it starts to wipe your mind of everything
Aaron (1:47 PM): you forget who you are
Aaron (1:47 PM): forget your past everything
Aaron (1:47 PM): it is empty
Aaron (1:47 PM): how do you feel
recipe113 (1:47 PM): relaxed, and deep.
Aaron (1:47 PM): and your free will fades
Aaron (1:48 PM): and now, as i count to five, you will go into a deep and obedient state
Aaron (1:48 PM): 1
Aaron (1:48 PM): 2
Aaron (1:48 PM): 3
Aaron (1:48 PM): 4
Aaron (1:48 PM): 5
Aaron (1:49 PM): how do you feel
recipe113 (1:49 PM): empty. ready to be filled.
Aaron (1:49 PM): now, whenever i say obeymeslave, you will retuen to this trance
Aaron (1:49 PM): do you have any safeties?
recipe113 (1:50 PM): safeties?
Aaron (1:50 PM): things you will not do in trance
recipe113 (1:50 PM): I haven't found anything yet, but experience is not vast
Aaron (1:51 PM): okay, you will do anything for me, there are no safeties
Aaron (1:51 PM): you are my puppet
Aaron (1:51 PM): now wake up and prepare to be controled by me, my slave
Aaron (1:51 PM): how do you feel
recipe113 (1:51 PM): Good, still very relaxed
Aaron (1:52 PM): okay, now, what will you do for me my slave
recipe113 (1:52 PM): Anything you command, sir
Aaron (1:52 PM): okay, now, your sex is now a woman
Aaron (1:52 PM): how do you feel
recipe113 (1:52 PM): Different. strange.
recipe113 (1:53 PM): I'm feeling my breasts
Aaron (1:53 PM): how big
recipe113 (1:53 PM): They're big. At least a C cup.
Aaron (1:54 PM): now your past and name is changed
Aaron (1:54 PM): whats your name
recipe113 (1:54 PM): Veronica
Aaron (1:54 PM): okay, now, your desires are changed, you want to be fat, you think fat is sexy
Aaron (1:54 PM): what is your desire
recipe113 (1:54 PM): To be fat for you, sir. To be a big beautiful woman
Aaron (1:55 PM): you want to be the fattest
Aaron (1:55 PM): so you are now 1 trillion pounds
Aaron (1:55 PM): and you are now very descriptive
Aaron (1:55 PM): you will describe every little feature and hair on you body
Aaron (1:55 PM): figuritively
Aaron (1:56 PM): so, what do you look like
recipe113 (1:56 PM): I... I'm so huge, a massive blob of blubber. I weigh so much I can't even get up. My face is surrounded by rolls of thick fat. My skin is milky and smooth, my lips red and juicy, deep blue eyes and long, straight blonde hair.
recipe113 (1:57 PM): My torso is just rolls and rolls of fat. My breasts are huge and filled with the weight of my fat body, my nipples stretched and elongated
recipe113 (1:58 PM): My neck is so fat it is bigger than my head.
recipe113 (1:58 PM): My ass is just two enormous globes of milky skin over the soft warm fat of my huge body.
Aaron (1:59 PM): arms?
recipe113 (1:59 PM): They are hard to move because they weigh so much. Massive, warm sacks of wobbly fat hand from my triceps, my hands are chubby and milky smooth, no knuckles are visible on the blubbery digits
Aaron (2:00 PM): legs?
recipe113 (2:01 PM): Big, spreading thighs that strain the furniture. My sofa is creeking under their weight. My calves are so huge that you can't even see my ankles, the fat draping over my feet, but they are smooth and white.
Aaron (2:01 PM): okay, and how do you feel about this?
recipe113 (2:01 PM): I feel a little humiliated being so big, but at the same time, I feel good because you commanded it
Aaron (2:01 PM): now, how do you get around town
Aaron (2:02 PM): do you use a scooter?
recipe113 (2:02 PM): I can't. I'm so big I'm house ridden. I'm too wide and fat to fit through the front door. I have to have friends bring me food.
Aaron (2:02 PM): okay, now lets pretend we are on videochat
Aaron (2:02 PM): do you see me
recipe113 (2:03 PM): I see a hazy person, but I don't know any details about you
Aaron (2:03 PM): just make up details
Aaron (2:03 PM): how do i look
recipe113 (2:04 PM): Handsome. Strong, square jaw, a little bit of stubble, heavy brow and large nose. You look very masculine. You have blue eyes and light blonde hair.
Aaron (2:04 PM): okay, and now i want you to do sexual things for me
Aaron (2:04 PM): you can just barely stand up, it takes all of your strength
Aaron (2:04 PM): so, stand up
recipe113 (2:05 PM): It's hard, but I manage, my huge bulk trying to pull me to the ground
recipe113 (2:05 PM): but I must obey
Aaron (2:05 PM): and you type everything you do
Aaron (2:05 PM): okay, now show me that wonderful belly strip
Aaron (2:05 PM): strip your clothes
recipe113 (2:05 PM): Yes, sir.
recipe113 (2:06 PM): I peel off my shirt. I'm not wearing any bra, so much huge, fat breasts are on full display, hanging over the massive roll of my belly.
recipe113 (2:06 PM): I shake it for you, rubbing my hands on it
Aaron (2:06 PM): i love your 100 belly rols
Aaron (2:06 PM): its shaking is so arousing
recipe113 (2:07 PM): I shake it more, wanting to arouse my hypnomaster
Aaron (2:07 PM): now you are felxible, you can reach any part of your body
Aaron (2:07 PM): but it is hard
Aaron (2:07 PM): now, suck on your feet
recipe113 (2:07 PM): Mmm... I bend over, lifting a foot up. It's so heavy and there is so much fat in the way, but I want that foot so bad.
recipe113 (2:08 PM): I finally get the big toe into my mouth, sucking on it greedily
recipe113 (2:08 PM): as I massage the rest of the foot.
Aaron (2:08 PM): its arousing, isnt it
recipe113 (2:08 PM): Yes. I wish it were your cock, but it's nice to have something to suck on
recipe113 (2:10 PM): I keep sucking the toes and massaging the fat foor
recipe113 (2:10 PM): foot*
Aaron (2:10 PM): and you are getting wet, arent you
recipe113 (2:11 PM): So wet, sir. Just seeing your face there while I suck my foot. It is so arousing. Your power is arousing
Aaron (2:11 PM): okay, no, lick you vagina
recipe113 (2:12 PM): I bend forward, the fat spreading to either side so that I may obey your commands. I see my smooth, wet vagina in my face and start to lick it, teasing the clit with my tongue.
Aaron (2:13 PM): now, and you can do this, lick your ass
Aaron (2:13 PM): and asshole
Aaron (2:13 PM): and you can and obey
recipe113 (2:13 PM): Yes sir
recipe113 (2:13 PM): I stretch just a little bit further and start licking my tight little rosebud, my hands massaging the huge mounds of ass flesh on either side.
Aaron (2:14 PM): and its a wonderful view
Aaron (2:14 PM): how does it feel
recipe113 (2:14 PM): It feels wonderful. I actually shudder with pleasure as I go on licking.
Aaron (2:14 PM): your whole face is engulfed, huh
Aaron (2:14 PM): and you can still type
Aaron (2:15 PM): and can see
Aaron (2:15 PM): so, how does it feel
recipe113 (2:15 PM): It feels nice, and somehow safe and secure to be surrounded by all this warm flesh
recipe113 (2:15 PM): Plus the sensations of the self rim job are amazing, just making me wetter
Aaron (2:17 PM): okay, now, stop, and look back at the screen
Aaron (2:17 PM): how did that all feel
recipe113 (2:17 PM): It felt wonderful, sir.
Aaron (2:17 PM): okay, you can put even more parst of your body in other places
Aaron (2:17 PM): put you foot in you vagina
Aaron (2:18 PM): how does it feel
recipe113 (2:18 PM): It feels good. I can feel my vagina stretching to let it in, and it feels so amazing
Aaron (2:18 PM): now put you other foot in your asshole
recipe113 (2:19 PM): Ugh... stretched from both ends, it feels nice, especially when I wiggle my toes.
Aaron (2:19 PM): and now put both of your boobs in your mouth
recipe113 (2:19 PM): I shove as much fat breastflesh in as I can, sucking on the big nipples.
Aaron (2:20 PM): you put them all in
Aaron (2:20 PM): you put all of it in
recipe113 (2:20 PM): Yes sir, I just keep stuffing it in
Aaron (2:20 PM): and now i take a picture
Aaron (2:21 PM): and you pose with just your hands since they are the only things free
Aaron (2:21 PM): and post it on the net
Aaron (2:21 PM): so, how are you feeling
recipe113 (2:21 PM): Completely humiliated. I can't believe everyone can see that picture!
Aaron (2:21 PM): and everybody does
Aaron (2:22 PM): it has 1 billion hits
Aaron (2:22 PM): how do you feel
recipe113 (2:22 PM): Mortified. Everyone has seen it? Everyone? ? ?
Aaron (2:22 PM): not everyone, but most people
Aaron (2:23 PM): but you like the feeling of everybody seeing it
Aaron (2:23 PM): and you wish to pose for more
recipe113 (2:23 PM): It does make me horny, thinking of everyone seeing me like that
Aaron (2:23 PM): then i send you the pictue
Aaron (2:23 PM): how does it loko
recipe113 (2:23 PM): I actually looks really sexy. I get wet looking at it
Aaron (2:24 PM): and you are still in the position
Aaron (2:24 PM): now you take it out, and do it all again while i shoot it on video
Aaron (2:24 PM): so you are back in the position
Aaron (2:24 PM): how do you like the position
recipe113 (2:25 PM): It's very stimulating. Difficult to get into, but it feels really good.
Aaron (2:25 PM): i send you the video
Aaron (2:25 PM): watch all of it
recipe113 (2:25 PM): Yes, sir.
recipe113 (2:25 PM): I watch it all, getting even more aroused seeing it
Aaron (2:26 PM): now do you want to be turned into more things, and get emberrassing but arousing videos and pictures taken>
recipe113 (2:26 PM): I just want to obey.
Aaron (2:26 PM): okay, so you do
Aaron (2:27 PM): what is the most humiliating thing you can think of
Aaron (2:27 PM): huiliating physical form
recipe113 (2:27 PM): A really short, really skinny man with a tiny, tiny penis.
Aaron (2:27 PM): no, a woman form
Aaron (2:27 PM): a humiliating woman
recipe113 (2:28 PM): I don't think there is anything more humiliating than a big fat woman like I was before.
Aaron (2:28 PM): well there is
Aaron (2:28 PM): and it pops into your mind
Aaron (2:29 PM): what is it
recipe113 (2:29 PM): I... I don't know, nothing is popping up. I'm sorry.
Aaron (2:29 PM): okay, you are now a woman with huge fat feet waying 2 trillion pounds
Aaron (2:29 PM): and your ass the same, but all flabby and ugly
Aaron (2:30 PM): your whole bottom half equL 1 BILLION TRILLION POUNDS
Aaron (2:30 PM): how does it feel
recipe113 (2:30 PM): I can't move. I weigh too much. It feels awful
Aaron (2:30 PM): you can move
Aaron (2:30 PM): and you are incontenant, and wet and mess yourself
Aaron (2:31 PM): walk
Aaron (2:31 PM): ow does it feel
recipe113 (2:31 PM): It feels wet and messy. I don't like it.
Aaron (2:31 PM): but you have to, you love to obey me
Aaron (2:31 PM): and you have been this your entire life
Aaron (2:31 PM): and you go out in public too
Aaron (2:32 PM): but have to wear nothing but short shorts and a tiny tshirt
Aaron (2:32 PM): how does it feel
recipe113 (2:32 PM): So humiliating. I smell and everyone stares at me.
recipe113 (2:32 PM): But all the attention just makes me horny
recipe113 (2:32 PM): and my tiny little shorts get soaked with juice
Aaron (2:33 PM): you remember every qoute and insult people say to you
Aaron (2:33 PM): say some insults you hears
Aaron (2:33 PM): you love to qoute them
recipe113 (2:33 PM): "Look at that disgusting lardass."
recipe113 (2:33 PM): "I think jabba the hutt just shit herself"
recipe113 (2:33 PM): "Why does that whale smell so fucking bad"
recipe113 (2:34 PM): "Is that thing even human? "
Aaron (2:34 PM): more
recipe113 (2:34 PM): Sometimes people just vomit looking at me before they can insult.
recipe113 (2:35 PM): "That's the most disgusting thing I've ever seen."
recipe113 (2:35 PM): "Why does she even leave the house? "
recipe113 (2:35 PM): "She looks like the michelin man's retarded sister"
Aaron (2:35 PM): and where do you shop?
Aaron (2:35 PM): for clothes?
recipe113 (2:36 PM): I have to go to a special seamstress
recipe113 (2:36 PM): It took forever to find one who would actually do business with me
Aaron (2:36 PM): and i hear you are also sometimes hit on
Aaron (2:36 PM): what do your lovers say
Aaron (2:37 PM): do you get hit on?
recipe113 (2:37 PM): Yes, they say they want to crawl into my rolls of fat
recipe113 (2:37 PM): Or they want to fuck my big fat vagina
Aaron (2:37 PM): your belly is small
Aaron (2:37 PM): and your boobs
Aaron (2:37 PM): it just you bottom half
recipe113 (2:38 PM): They want to fuck my giant ass, but I don't think many of them could reach it
Aaron (2:38 PM): okay, and you wear short shorts, why
recipe113 (2:39 PM): Because they show off my huge ass and all my fat.
Aaron (2:39 PM): and teh short tshirt
Aaron (2:39 PM): you now have huge, but disgusting boobs
Aaron (2:39 PM): why the small shirt
recipe113 (2:40 PM): I want everyone to see exactly what I am, because I love the stares and attention
Aaron (2:40 PM): and no bra
Aaron (2:40 PM): so people see your nipples?
recipe113 (2:40 PM): Exactly, the big protruding nips.
Aaron (2:41 PM): but you dont get arrested?
recipe113 (2:41 PM): No. I'm wearing clothes, they can't do anything
Aaron (2:41 PM): but they dont even cover any of your boob fat
Aaron (2:42 PM): but you still wear clothes, so i guess its okay
Aaron (2:42 PM): now what do people say to you?
recipe113 (2:42 PM): "She's so gross and saggy."
recipe113 (2:42 PM): "How can someone do that to themselves? "
recipe113 (2:43 PM): "It's a shame, a travesty"
recipe113 (2:43 PM): (my phone just rang and totally brought me out of trance)
Aaron (2:43 PM): obeymenowslave
Aaron (2:43 PM): back to the way you were before your phone rang
Aaron (2:43 PM): so, what else do people say to you?
recipe113 (2:44 PM): Some men want to feel my breasts
Aaron (2:44 PM): and no phone ringning or anything will bring you out of trance
Aaron (2:44 PM): okay, now, your baldder is full
Aaron (2:44 PM): whats happening
Aaron (2:45 PM): are you there?

ecipe113 (2:45 PM): (sorry, computer locked)
recipe113 (2:46 PM): I can't hold it in, and I just piss all over myself, soaking my shorts, the stinky urine hitting the ground
Aaron (2:46 PM): and now you bowels are full
recipe113 (2:46 PM): And I can't hold those either, stinky shit filling my shorts and plopping to the cement
Aaron (2:46 PM): what cement?
Aaron (2:47 PM): are you inside
recipe113 (2:47 PM): I'm outside in public.
Aaron (2:47 PM): how are you on the computer?
Aaron (2:48 PM): okay, you are back at your house
recipe113 (2:48 PM): yes sir
Aaron (2:48 PM): and you wet and crap there
Aaron (2:48 PM): where were you when you were oput of trance
Aaron (2:48 PM): you remember
recipe113 (2:49 PM): In my living room, on the couch
Aaron (2:49 PM): okay you are back there
Aaron (2:49 PM): so you wet and crapped
Aaron (2:49 PM): now you cant stop
Aaron (2:49 PM): how does that feel
recipe113 (2:49 PM): So humiliating, but also it feels like a relief.
Aaron (2:49 PM): here, i give you a diaper
Aaron (2:50 PM): put it on
Aaron (2:50 PM): how does it feel
recipe113 (2:50 PM): It feels secure and safe.
Aaron (2:50 PM): but it is weak
Aaron (2:50 PM): so you piss and shit
Aaron (2:50 PM): what is happening
recipe113 (2:50 PM): I can feel it getting too full. It's going to break, oh no!
Aaron (2:51 PM): whats happening
recipe113 (2:51 PM): It broke. There was too much piss and shit in it and now there is crap all over me and all over the floor
Aaron (2:52 PM): now you need to clean it
Aaron (2:52 PM): look it up
Aaron (2:52 PM): and you obey
Aaron (2:52 PM): whats happening
recipe113 (2:52 PM): look it up?
Aaron (2:52 PM): lick it up
recipe113 (2:52 PM): Oh god, it tastes horrible, but I have to obey. I have no choice
Aaron (2:53 PM): and you finish
Aaron (2:53 PM): how was that
recipe113 (2:53 PM): It was so disgusting.
Aaron (2:54 PM): but you loved it
Aaron (2:54 PM): did you love it
recipe113 (2:54 PM): yes, sir, I loved it
Aaron (2:54 PM): would you do it again
recipe113 (2:55 PM): Only if you demanded it, sirt
recipe113 (2:55 PM): sir*
Aaron (2:55 PM): okay you are now a hot blond woman
Aaron (2:55 PM): your boobs and ass and legs stay the same, but git tighter
Aaron (2:56 PM): boobs becoming natural but rounds
Aaron (2:56 PM): ass is huger but tight
Aaron (2:56 PM): and legs match ass but are smooth and long
Aaron (2:56 PM): feet are tiny
Aaron (2:56 PM): how do you feel
recipe113 (2:56 PM): I feel so sexy.
recipe113 (2:56 PM): I rub my huge breasts, squeezing them together
Aaron (2:57 PM): you still wear the same clothes
Aaron (2:57 PM): but you dont wet anymore
Aaron (2:57 PM): and your iq lowers to about 20
Aaron (2:57 PM): and all of your mind is full of things a bimbo would like
Aaron (2:57 PM): how do you feel
recipe113 (2:58 PM): Good. And Horny. I just want to go out dancing and maybe suck some dicks in the bathrrom!
Aaron (2:58 PM): you make more gmatical spelling errors
Aaron (2:58 PM): and basically speak at a 2nd grade level
Aaron (2:59 PM): like a bimbo
Aaron (2:59 PM): and know no math or science at all
Aaron (2:59 PM): so, what is 2 plus 2
recipe113 (2:59 PM): too plus too? who cares?
Aaron (2:59 PM): you care, try it
Aaron (3:00 PM): do you know?
recipe113 (3:00 PM): um... I feel lik mabee i knew befour but i cant remember
Aaron (3:00 PM): whats your name
recipe113 (3:01 PM): Um... I forgot
recipe113 (3:01 PM): um... jeny
Aaron (3:01 PM): you remember
recipe113 (3:01 PM): or is it jenny? spelling is hard
Aaron (3:01 PM): its a more complicated name
Aaron (3:02 PM): you try to spell
Aaron (3:02 PM): its victoria
Aaron (3:02 PM): but you cant spell it
Aaron (3:02 PM): whats your name?
recipe113 (3:02 PM): vikktorya? I can't spell it
Aaron (3:03 PM): okay, your iq is back, but you still think of only stuff bimbos would think of, but you have a great way of describing things
Aaron (3:03 PM): and still dont know math
recipe113 (3:04 PM): (shit, man, just saw the time, I really have to go)
Aaron (3:04 PM): where are you going?
recipe113 (3:04 PM): I'm meeting some friends for the afternoon and then dinner
recipe113 (3:04 PM): sorry
Aaron (3:04 PM): how much longer do you have
recipe113 (3:05 PM): like, 5 or 10 minutes, I lost track of time
Aaron (3:05 PM): okay, then clean up and go
Aaron (3:05 PM): how does the aftermath look
recipe113 (3:05 PM): wet and sticky
Aaron (3:06 PM): okay then clean up, and bruxh your teeth and mouth, to get the smell and crap out and go
Aaron (3:06 PM): what are you wearing
recipe113 (3:06 PM): some bimbo clothes
recipe113 (3:06 PM): a really short skirt
recipe113 (3:06 PM): and a tube shirt
Aaron (3:06 PM): oh your still a bimbo
Aaron (3:07 PM): and who are the friends your about to meet
recipe113 (3:07 PM): no, no, I was just playing, I really do need to leave
Aaron (3:07 PM): oh
Aaron (3:07 PM): well, did you really crap yourself
recipe113 (3:07 PM): I did not
Aaron (3:08 PM): well, i am glad that i did hypnotize you
recipe113 (3:08 PM): yeah. It wasn't exactly what I was looking for, but it was interesting.
recipe113 (3:08 PM): Hope you got something out of it too
Aaron (3:08 PM): hopefully we can do this tommorrow
recipe113 (3:09 PM): We'll see. I'm usually only online during the weekends.
Aaron (3:09 PM): okay
Aaron (3:09 PM): well then bye
recipe113 (3:09 PM): bye. talk to you later
Aaron (3:09 PM): log off


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