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goodgirl [DUPLICATE]

by Lissagar

goodgirl [DUPLICATE]

dreamily caught between worlds the delicate young man stood awaiting his fate he should have been more prudent in his choice of chat rooms, never should have offered so much personal info with that mystery man. he was just so forceful and exacting, the hormones she had to order, the clothing and jewelery, directed to let her hair grow out until there could be no mistaking her true nature, she was now looking at her reflection, her face in the mirror and she knew finally what he had known already. She wanted to leave but she knew better. his orders were clear and so was his intention. She was to be a plaything for his amusement again. She never had a chance he was too strong and she too weak and stupid.

He easily gained the upperhand soon after she acquiesced and met him one evening. She quickly witnessed her own helpless abduction and defiling without even fighting back, how could she gagged and hogtied expertly. His cruelty was just beginning. Soon after twisting her little body he began on her mind. Subjected to days full of hypnosis recordings piped into her pretty head through headphones ductaped tightly around her, he began twisting her psyche with nonstop orgasm denial. Bringing her to the edge never allowing full release, all the time those brainwashing tapes covering her true identity. She begged with her eyes her pretty eyes praying he would stop, to no avail. She felt her mind turning to mush as he gently whispered her new name over and over, keeping her sexually paralized, soon he began to molest her, doing things with her helpless body making her pleasure him with her butt cheeks then her petite breasts and her hands then finally her mouth. She never received any attention for her efforts.

Once he had completed his experiment on her he calmly locked her sissyclit inside a chastity device explaining how it was his gift to her and really for the best. He told her she was to save herself only for her man and she would be in deep trouble if she were to try to escape. He had copies of all her vital documents and knew everything about her, she knew almost nothing about him. She cried herself to sleep every night knowing how trapped she had become. Tonight had finally arrived, he was on his way, what could she do but follow his directions. She was to lose her virginity to him this evening, but he promised he was going to let her cum as well, if she was a good girl.


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