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Hypnosis of the Erotic and Menacing Variety

by hypnohog

Hypnosis of the Erotic and Menacing Variety

Violet Starriver was in a deep trance that is nearly unbreakable. Her mind is deeply numb and is open to suggestion. It all started when she was in the press office talking to Jane Maverick. It was 5:13 in the afternoon and Jane was giving Violet her assignment.

“Violet, there is a hypnotist that thinks he can pull a fast one on the public!” Jane started. She was skeptical of just about everything and if she thinks that something is rigged, she would stop at nothing to pull the plug on the act. “Someone by the alias of The Master of Hypnosis, but his real name is Rage Trance! I want a full report on his act at once! Don’t skimp on the behind the scenes part of the act!” Violet is only a 23 year old girl who works at the “Speeding Bullet” press. She is completely skeptical about this. Jane got that look in her eyes, and if she’s going to expose any act, no matter how dangerous it may be. (Could you believe how many reporters are lost in that kind of business?) “But Jane, what if he hypnotizes me and you never hear from me?” Jane then smashed her fist into the table “Don’t get smart with me Violet!” Jane sternly replied. “If you want to stay the payroll, then you got to pull the plug on that man’s act! Don’t even skimp on the details as well!” Violet was getting skeptical about her assignment. How can she do it? And more importantly, what time does it start? “Jane, I have a question I’d like to ask.” Jane turned to Violet and started listening. “What time does it start? Where does it take place? And how do I get there?” Jane was all focused on exposing the man, she handed Violet the Banned for Rage’s act and replied this. “When and where, It’s all on the ad, but how do you get there? That’s for you to figure out!”

With that, Violet bid her boss farewell and started to her Ferrari. The Ferrari is a Green 458 Italia that she uses to get around the city. She looked at the ad For Rage’s performance and started heading there. Sadly she got lost (it doesn’t start until 7:30 PM.). Therefore, she had to ask around. “Excuse me, do you know where Rage’s Performance is taking place?” she asked. Some of them don’t know where The Master of Hypnosis is performing, but others looked as if they were in some kind of trance. After a while of asking around, one of the zoned out zombies showed her where to go.

‘Is it just me, or does that guy looks as if he was a machine?’ Violet thought. She started to her seat and waited for the show to start. It was 10 after 7 when she got there. Still, she is a little suspicious about that man. He even has the nerve to sneak off somewhere when she got in. The Theater is a little crowded and they can’t wait for the show to start.

And that’s where it begins…

“Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the one and only Master of Hypnosis.” A 30 year old man walked on to the stage. He doesn’t have the clichéd mustache and his hair is spiky all over. The hair is colored crimson red and he is all casual like, wearing a tee shirt, some blue jeans, and black dress shoes.

‘That’s the master?!’ Violet thought. She broke out laughing at the man. The man growled at her and remarked “You thought I was one of those stereotyped men?!” he was about to lose his cool with her, be he calmed down and asked for a volunteer. Then he put his magic to work. The minute he said the phrase “Relax” the victim was feeling numb. He then made a hypnotic suggestion that made everyone baffled. “Does your leg feel like rubber? Now every time I say “Rubber Latex” you will turn into a living latex girl. You will feel like you’ve being played around with in a highly sexual manner. You will transform and only I can reverse it.” With that said, he proceeded with the trigger. The Man started to shift into a Woman, with his pants losing the budge and he lost his wife’s friend. His hips became wider, his skin became soft, and he started to grow breasts. His hair grew a bit longer and his beard disappeared. His face became feminine and his gender was fully bent. Now the transformation part, she started to be coated with latex, first in patches, but the patches became thicker and bigger and started to cover her body. Soon, she was fully coated with latex and her body started to merge with the latex. Her body started to get into constant arousal and she became a fully fledged horny latex girl.

Afterwards, he then ended the act after waking her up from the trance. Violet Starriver was astonished! And she’s getting that doubt that Jane Maverick had when his act came up. ‘That defiantly must be a rigged act. He must have a machine to do all the work! I have to wait until the time is right to go behind the scenes and find out his secret!’

When the show was over, Violet snuck backstage to find out if there was really a machine that transformed that guy. But to no avail, she encountered a history of his carrier in a book. It says that he started his carrier when he was about 15 years old. He became a school wide success until his power became maxed out. He hypnotized girls into his harem when he’s 24 with various kinks and fetishes. Some of them so weird that even I can’t tell you about them in this story, and when people started to get suspicious in the town that he was in, he skipped town to the next one, looking for fame, fortune, and more girls to put in his harem.

“You’re from the Speeding Bullet right?” Violet looked back and saw the man standing right there, he grinned an evil grin at her signaling that something bad is about to happen. “So they think they can put me out of business right? Well they have another thing coming to them. In fact, you just found out about everything in my carrier. I don’t know why I keep that lying around. But now you must go into my Harem!” He clicked his fingers and two of the hypnotized girls grabbed her in the arm. He started the private act. “Don’t worry about a thing miss; this isn’t going to hurt one bit. Just relax and let me do my magic.” The minute he said “Relax” is where her mind became numb and became suggestible. “How do you like it if you became a hermaphrodite and given a couple of abdomens that can rival a Queen of a nest or hill? The minute I say “Horny Hornet Time” is where you will become a Hermaphrodite with a Big Penis that is part hornet and part human. Then you will do things to my command!” He said his trigger several times and that’s where violet’s transformation begins.

First off, she grew a Big Ball Sack and a Long, Plump Penis, She Started to get several abdomens and a stinger that can make anyone swell up like a balloon. She grew scales and several more arms and a pair of wings. She grew a pair of antennas and two big black eyeballs at the top of her head. He was pleased with himself and then gave her this command “I want you to fill me up with semen.” And… well, you can leave that to your imaginations.


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