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by Bluespade77


“Tick-Tock,” I repeated multiple times in my head, the only sound that I could detect was the moving of the clock's hands. I had been awake the entire night; even with only another hour before I had to prepare myself for work, I still couldn't keep my eyes shut long enough to drift off to sleep. Sadly enough, this wasn't the first time that I had gone a couple days without sleep. Ever since I was young I always had trouble sleeping, the doctors gave me some pills to take, but after so long, my body had become tolerant to their effects and they were only good enough for a slight nap. With the clock counting down to when my alarm would ring, I sunk my head into my pillow and remained quiet for the remaining time.
Before the sound of the alarm could go off, I clicked the off switch on the clock and immediately sat up in my bed. I threw the blanket off of myself and walked over to my closet, the only thing I had been wearing was a pair of silky, pale-blue pajama pants without a shirt. I stripped my clothes from my body, standing in front of my closet with a blank stare as I let the cool rush of wind blow over my naked body. My mind was slow from the lack of sleep, and it took me a moment before realizing the clothes that I needed to grab. I pulled a pair of dressy, black pants and a suit-coat of the same color and design. I quickly prepared my outfit and sat back down on my bed as I tied my tie and put on my socks and shoes. I grabbed a briefcase of documents from my couch in the den and headed off to work in my less-than-average car.
My work was nothing to be proud of. I spent my time in a cubicle typing endless buttons on my keyboard and listening to the constant rants from my co-workers about how I was such a poor worker. I tried not to let their taunts get to me; however, deep down, I subconsciously bottled up every drop of rage and every tear that I wanted to cry because of what they said. That night, I stayed a little late to finish up some papers that had piled up in my office. Unwillingly, I started to leak tears from my eyes and began to sniffle quite loudly. My boss, on his way out of the office, stopped by my cubicle, asking me if I was okay. When I said that it was nothing, just a few personal problems, my boss reached into his pocket and pulled out a crisp, white card and placed it beside my computer.
“Here, when you get home, call this number and I promise all your problems will disappear.” The boss left, leaving me confused as I picked up the card and wiped away the tears welling up in my eyes. The number was for a hypnotist by the name of Lisa Silver. According to her card, within the blink of an eye I would be reborn and all my problems would vanish into thin air. I didn't really know what to make of it, but I decided that it would be better than continuing my horrible way of life.
The next morning I called Mrs. Silver and set up an appointment for the same day. I thought that I must have finally had a bit of luck, seeing as I didn't need to go into work today. When I went into her office later that day, I was immensely surprised. The building wasn't too big, but at the same time it was incredibly ornate. Even the inside looked as if it had been designed by a master architect. The second I stepped through the doors, I was greeted by Mrs. Silver, herself.
“Welcome! We've been expecting you!” She quickly grabbed my hand and led me into a room in the back. The room was circular and the walls were completely painted white. Other than the two black chairs in the middle of the room, it looked as if I was in limbo. When I sat down, the chair was quite comfortable, I sank right into the material and became instantly comfortable. Mrs. Silver sat down in her other chair holding a clip board and nothing else. She started off asking me a few simple questions such as who my parents were, if I recalled any traumatic experiences from my past, did I have any issues with abandonment? These questions seemed to just come one after the other; I leaned back into the chair, with each answer I could feel myself slowly drifting away, trying to focus on how comfortable the chair was.
When she noticed that I had begun to recede into the chair and my eyes had closed, she walked over to me, not making a single sound as she stepped. She placed a single ear-bud in my ear and returned to her seat. The ear-bud was playing a quiet static sound, low enough to the point where it actually seemed quite soothing.
“Now, I want you to watch me. Don't avert your gaze, focus only on my face.” I obeyed her, looking at her with a blank stare, my eyes unmoving. “You can feel your body growing weak... limp. You cannot move, only obey my command,” she said.
“I will forget. I will obey,” I babbled, a bit of drool leaking from the corner of my mouth as I spoke.
“You are nothing more than a child, an infant. Incapable of doing anything on your own, you must rely on others to do things for you.” Mrs. Silver looked at me with sharp eyes, her face completely serious. “You will wear diapers, and use them as well. All bowel control will be lost, and all of your childhood training will be forgotten. Finally, you will no longer speak as an adult. You are an infant, so you may only babble like one as well.” Mrs. Silver repeated what she had said thrice more, making sure that the words had etched into my mind. “When I snap my fingers, you will sleep like the baby you are. And when you awake, you will obey everything that I have said.”
Mrs. Silver stood up and walked toward me. When she stood in front of me, my gaze had not moved, still locked in the same place, which at this point was at her stomach. She snapped her fingers; suddenly, my body collapsed from the chair onto the floor. She looked down at me and stuck a pacifier inside my mouth. I sucked on it happily as another man came into the room. It was my boss; he had came to assist Mrs. Silver. He lifted my body, throwing my head over his shoulder and holding his hands beneath my butt and on my back, carrying me like a baby into another mysterious room.
When I awoke, I was laying in a crib and I was in a daze. I sat up quickly, trying to rub my head with one hand and remove the pacifier from my mouth with the other. But when I looked at my hands, they were in a pair of tight, pale blue baby mittens. I could not grab anything with these on, and I couldn't even spit the pacifier out. It was attacked to a bonnet on my head, stuck in my mouth as if it were a gag. Looking past my mittens, I was wearing booties as well of the same color. Thoughts raced through my head, wondering what was going on; however, it finally hit me when I looked at my body. I was in a short, pale blue shirt with the word Baby written in blocks across the shirt and an extremely thick night-time diaper between my legs. It was so thick that I was unable to even touch my legs together; what made it worse is that as soon as I noticed it, I could see a bright yellow stain growing on the surface. I had wet my diaper, and I couldn't even yell. My face began to turn a bright red and tears began to cascade down my face. My boss and Mrs. Silver came into the room and looked down on me in the adult-sized crib.
“Awww,” Mrs. Silver moaned, “Look, the wittle baby wet himself!” She put down the side bars on the crib I was in and lifted my by my arms and legs. I tried to struggle, but for some reason, my body would not react. She led me to a changing table in the same room and began to undo the tapes on my diaper. She threw the wet diaper away and began to clean me up with baby wipes. My face was even redder than before as I couldn't help but let her see my naked crotch. She lifted my legs and put a slightly less-thick diaper and then began to cover me in powder. She lifted the front of the diaper between my legs, spreading them almost equally as far away as before and then taping it up around my waist. She lifted me once more and placed me on the ground beside her.
“Okay baby boy, now crawl to daddy!” I tried to resist, but I had no choice in the matter. I crawled over to the man that had used to be my boss and sat down on the floor beside him. He picked me up and cradled me in his arms, rocking me back and forth as he removed the pacifier from my mouth and replaced it with a bottle of warm milk.
“Don't worry about work anymore. Those nasty men won't ever tease you again... Do you know why?” my boss nuzzled against my head. “From now on, all you're ever going to be is a helpless, little baby. Me and your mommy are going to take care of you now, you don't have to worry about anything else.” I sucked on the bottle of milk, drinking it up as he explained my situation to me. I didn't want to be his baby; after all, I was a grown adult. Even when I tried to speak, all that came out was mindless babble. As I continued to drink up, I could feel a mess developing in the back of my fresh diaper. Because she just changed me, she was going to make me sit in my mess for a while. When my boss sat me down in my mess, it occurred to me that I had no choice now. I was going to be their baby forever.


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