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Sarah’s Feet Convert the Coeds

by jmaster12

Sarah’s Feet Convert the Coeds

Sarah strode through the hallways of the administration offices on campus with a strong wave of confidence behind her. She was executing a half baked plan she thought of last night. Sarah had never been exposed to this life of living with hundreds of girls and didn’t expect to have such an addiction to converting their straight minds into those of obedient, horny, foot worshipping lesbians. So far she had 7 students under her thrall including Gwenny and Rachel, the RA of the floor her dorm room was on. They hung out like normal college girls. For the last three weeks they had all become good friends and retained 100% of their personality, until Sarah exposed her feet to any of them. It was quite handy having Rachel under her spell. Rachel had been given an ongoing command to make sure nobody ever bothered Sarah when she was basking in the joys of being a goddess.

It didn’t occur to Sarah until last night that if she were the RA of the floor, she could take the entire dorm faster than lightning, and the idea turned her on incredibly. She told Rachel she wanted her job and that she’d have to quit the next day at 3pm.

Sarah looked at her watch. It was 3:15. She made her way toward Miss Johnson’s office to ask for the RA position when she got a text from Rachel: “just quit my job as u commanded, mistress :) can’t wait 4 u 2 take over ;)”

Sarah texted back: “well done slave. ur toenails painted?”

Rachel responded: “yes mistress”

“:) what color, my slave?”

“neon pink”

Sarah grinned as she imagined Rachel’s extremely tan size 8’s adorned in hot pink nail polish. She got wet thinking about kissing them and ducked into a bathroom in the administration office to touch herself. She texted Rachel again: “u still in the admin office?”

“yes mistress” Rachel texted in return.

“cum 2 the bathroom on 1st floor, rite now.” Sarah texted with one hand as she sat on the bathroom sink and slid her hand beneath her footless tights, her fingers meeting her clit.

Rachel responded: “be rite ther mistress”

Sarah kicked off her sneakers that she wore with no socks and the hypnotic scent of her feet filled up the bathroom almost instantly. Sarah couldn’t deny the smell of her own feet was so sexy but still didn’t understand the power they wielded over people. She secretly wished she could feel what it’s like to be hypnotized by another girl’s feet. Just then the door opened and in the doorway stood Rachel. Her eyes glazed over as soon as she breathed through her nose.

“Mmmm. Come here, slave,” Sarah giggled

“Yes, mistress,” Rachel droned mindlessly.

Sarah, still sitting on the sink, spread her legs and guided Rachel to bend over and bury her face in her pussy, “You need my pussy, Rachel. You must suck and lick my pussy.”

Rachel’s voice was muffled in Sarah’s crotch but Sarah could tell she was affirming her command. She felt Rachel’s teeth bite through the tights at the seam and she felt Rachel’s fingers pulling and tearing a hole to get to her pussy. Sarah laughed and grabbed Rachel’s thick brown hair and then gasped as she felt Rachel’s tongue push between her pussy lips. Rachel began feverishly licking Sarah’s clit as commanded while Sarah writhed and moaned on the sink, tightening her legs around Rachel’s head as the minutes went by.

Just then the bathroom door opened.

“Shit,” Sarah whispered. There was no way she wasn’t going to be seen in the next few seconds. Rachel didn’t skip a beat and kept right on licking. She wouldn’t have stopped even if she had heard the door. A girl stepped through the door. Sarah recognized her from a class. Her name was Elizabeth and she was here doing work study in the admin offices. In fact, she was practically Miss Johnson’s secretary. Elizabeth saw the two girls locked in intimacy and gasped.

“Oh my God! What are you doing?!” Elizabeth exclaimed, “And what is that... that smell?” Elizabeth cupped her hand over her nose and mouth.

Sarah shuddered as she pushed Rachel out from underneath her and told her to stop. She looked up to see Elizabeth opening the door to leave the bathroom. She couldn’t let this turn into a mess. She darted to the door and pushed it shut before Elizabeth could escape. She stood there with her back flat against the door, blocking Elizabeth’s path. Elizabeth was still holding her nose and trying to push Sarah out of the way.

“Let me out! You dykes are so busted! Move!” Elizabeth cried.

“Rachel, come here and hold her!” Sarah shouted across the bathroom.

“Yes, mistress,” Rachel came up behind Elizabeth and grabbed her arms, then she held them behind her back. Elizabeth’s nasal passages were now free to inhale Sarah’s hypnotic foot scent.

“What.. are you doing?!” Elizabeth struggled.

Sarah grinned at her evilly. She had her now. She felt the lock on the door behind her and twisted it, giving them privacy. Then she kicked her left leg up in the air, holding it right in front of Elizabeth’s face, “Oh Lizzy. Calm down. You’ll be fine.”

Elizabeth’s eyes were fixed on Sarah’s foot. Sarah was pointing her toes at her. She was wearing silver nail polish that shined bright under the bathroom’s fluorescent lights. Though she was captivated, she still struggled, “Calm down?! You lesbians are fucking in here and I’m supposed to calm down?! Let go of me!”

“Everything will be fine, Lizzy. Just look at my toes,” Sarah began rotating her foot in little circles. She watched Elizabeth begin to loosen up, “You love my toes, don’t you Lizzy. You love the smell of my feet in the air. It smells so good doesn’t it.”

Elizabeth’s jaw slacked open as she gazed at Sarah’s mystical foot, “Sooo.. goood..” She managed to reply.

“I knew you’d like it, Lizzy. Smell my foot and become my slave. You know you want to.” Sarah said seductively.

Elizabeth started leaning forward, uncontrollably toward Sarah’s huge size 12 foot. Sarah met her halfway by pressing the ball of her foot against Elizabeth’s lips. She felt Elizabeth smell between her toes deeply.

“You can let her go now, Rachel. You did wonderfully.” Sarah beamed.

“Thank you, mistress.” Rachel droned as she released Elizabeth.

Elizabeth sank down to her knees, her eyes glazing over just like Rachel’s. She reached up and caressed Sarah’s foot, smelling it and kissing it without further instruction.

“You are my slave now, Lizzy. Aren’t you?” Sarah said.

“Yes, mistress. I obey only you,” Elizabeth droned.

After that it only took a few well thought out commands that Sarah implanted into Elizabeth to make her find and shred the rival applications for RA so that Sarah would be the only applicant for the job. Elizabeth sat at her desk and gazed longingly through the partition window at Sarah while she spoke with Miss Johnson. She got wet as she watched the expression on Sarah’s face change from serious to jubilant when she was given the RA work study instantly. She got even wetter when she noticed Sarah was gazing back at her through the same window. Sarah winked at Elizabeth and she felt her entire vagina get warm. Elizabeth began to touch herself subtly while Sarah left Miss Johnson’s office with her new RA clipboard. Elizabeth was sucked into Sarah’s gaze as her new mistress walked toward her. Sarah placed a bottle of bright purple nail polish on Elizabeth’s desk.

Sarah spoke and Elizabeth shuddered under the power of her voice, “Hey Lizzy! Come to my room tonight, and wear this on your toenails.” She smiled at her slave sweetly.

Elizabeth smiled back with droopy eyes and whispered, “I must obey you, mistress.” She watched longingly as Sarah strode away, leaving the office, heading to the dorms.

There were three other RA’s in Sarah’s dorm. Missy took care of the 1st floor, Jen had the 2nd floor, and Adrienne had the 3rd floor. Sarah could control the whole building if she enslaved the other RA’s. She daydreamed about the 3 of them worshipping at her feet simultaneously. It would be easier to take them one by one but she longed to capture all 3 of them at once. This would take careful planning, but Sarah loved a challenge.

Missy gave Sarah a run through of how the 4 RA’s work together on events for everyone in the dorm and a run through of how to handle students breaking the rules. Sarah pretended to listen intently but just continued to daydream. Missy had curly red hair, a face full of freckles, and wore a great looking plaid dress. She tried to imagine her feet which were hidden behind closed toed flats. They walked through the dorms as they were teeming with action. Sarah’s classmates walked up and down hallways to shower, go to class, go to the gym, and other activities. Sarah just looked at each one, wanting to make them like her, a foot loving lesbian. Oh, we set such high goals for ourselves at college, Sarah thought to herself. Then Missy revealed to her that the RA’s have meetings with each other every night through a campus provided video chat from each of their respective rooms. It wasn’t all work. The RA’s were sort of a clique and it was their way of hanging out while they were on duty. Sarah’s eyes lit up as she envisioned the perfect plan.

Later that night, Missy logged on her computer and opened chattime.exe. She meticulously adjusted her cam and inspected herself in the computer screen. The next RA on was Jen. Jen pushed her straight blond hair way from her eyes and waved at Missy. They didn’t use microphones to chat.. they found it became a cacophony of feedback and intelligible conversation. They just watched on cam and typed.

«What’s up?» typed Jen.

«Oh not much. Just thinking about Scott. ;) » Missy responded.

Adrienne and Sarah logged on one after the other. Their faces popped up on the screen. Each girl had a view of their computer screen split into 4 with their cam on the bottom left and the rest of the girls in the other corners.

«Oh yeah? Did you guys go out tonight?» typed Jen.

«He took me to dinner. :) Then he kissed me in his car.» Missy typed as she blushed.

Jen and Adrienne were full of smiles. «Aww. He’s so cute. I wish I had a guy like him.» Adrienne typed.

«So girls, you both know Sarah right? She’s taking over since Rachel quit.» Missy typed.

«Hi Sarah» Jen typed.

«Hi.» Followed Adrienne.

«Heya!» Sarah returned.

«Hey I remember you... That girl Gwen on moving day.. when we were doing ice breakers she said you have the most beautiful feet in the world.» Jen typed.

«Oh yeah! I forgot about that! That girl must’ve been really nervous. I’ve talked to her since then and she seems pretty normal. Was it supposed to be a joke?» typed Adrienne.

«No joke, girls. She’s right. I do have the most beautiful feet in the world.» Sarah grinned widely and watched the expressions on her fellow RA’s faces shift to confusion. Missy even scratched her head and raised an eyebrow.

«I think feet are disgusting. I hate when anyone gets their feet near me. Ewww!» Jen typed matter-of-factly.

«Don’t forget the smell. :-P» Missy typed.

Adrienne laughed, «Haha. Gross.»

«You just haven’t seen my feet yet.» Sarah typed and with that she pulled off her fuzzy slippers, slid away from the computer and thrust her feet out forward pointing her toes at the cam. The bright LED monitor reflected off her silver toenails as Sarah scrunched her toes in a few times. She watched each of the girls get closer to their screens, watching her feet with wonderment. She put her legs down and got back to the keyboard. «See? Was I lying?» She typed.

«I wanna see them again.» Missy typed.

«Me too.» Said Adrienne.

Jen didn’t type anything.. she was still staring at the screen with a slacked jaw, waiting.

«You wanna see them again? Come to my room and see them for real.»

Instantaneously without any textual response, Sarah’s next three victims shot out from their chairs and left their respective bedrooms.

Sarah put her slippers back on, letting her feet sweat in them a little while longer. There was a knock at the door and Sarah let the 3 eager coeds into her room.

“So lets see them! I want to see them again!” Missy said.

“Pleeeeaaaase.” whined Adrienne.

Jen was still silent and standing behind the other two girls. Sarah grinned subtly as she noticed Jen was letting her fingertips dance over her pajama covered mound. She must be more receptive to her power.

Sarah pushed Missy and Adrienne aside and walked toward Jen. “If you all want to see my feet, you do exactly as I say.”

“Sure.” said Adrienne

“Yeah.” said Missy

Sarah turned around and grinned at Missy and Adrienne, “That’s Yes, Mistress.”

“Yes Mistress.” The girls said in unison.

Sarah turned back to Jen. Still too mind blown to respond, she just stared at Sarah as Sarah put her fingers under her chin and lifted her face to make their eyes meet.

Sarah spoke, “Jen. You don’t hate feet. You love feet. You love everything about feet. The smell, the taste, the feel of sweaty soles on your face. You love all of it. You think about girls’ feet all the time, don’t you?”

“All.. the.. time.... mistress.” Jen replied passionately.

“This is... getting weird,” Missy said as she watched Sarah take over Jen’s mind.

“Yeah, something’s telling me to get out of here. Let’s go.” Adrienne agreed.

“Don’t you girls want to see my feet again?” Sarah called.

“No. Calling you mistress was weird enough... Hell, coming over here to see your feet was weird enough. I don’t know what’s gotten into me but I’m out of here.” Missy said as she shook her head. Adrienne stood a bit behind her, looking worried and anxious.

Sarah kicked off her slippers and picked them up. She started walking toward Missy and Adrienne. She held her left slipper under Missy’s nose and her right slipper under Adrienne’s. Both girls smelled them deeply and fell just as deep as Jen was.

“You love my slippers, girls. Smell them. Kiss them. Rub them all over you.” Sarah cooed.

“Yes... Mistress.” They said as they began to worship Sarah’s slippers.

Sarah turned back to Jen who now had her fingers deep beneath her pajama pants and her thong. Jen was staring at Sarah’s perfect feet as she walked barefoot on the carpet toward her. She couldn’t take her eyes off them.

“Now, Jen. Where were we? Ah, yes. You have such a huge foot fetish that you even get off on kissing and smelling your own feet. Look down at your feet.. Don’t you think they’re pretty?”

Jen looked down at her feet and pulled off her cotton white socks. She was a size 10 and had blue nail polish on. She loved the way her feet looked now. From now on she would never hide them in socks again. She would expose her feet as much as possible. She would be perpetually aroused whenever she could see her feet. Jen couldn’t be happier. She looked up at her mistress and smiled.

Sarah grabbed her and kissed her deeply. She felt Jen kiss back after hesitating for only a second. Jen was still feverishly fingering herself. Sarah pulled her hand out of her pajama pants by the wrist and brought it up to her lips. Sarah sucked on Jen’s fingers letting her lips slide all the way down to the base and sucking off all of Jen’s sweet nectar. Sarah then raised an eyebrow and commanded, “On your knees now, Slave.”

“Yes Mistress,” Jen responded with a monotone voice, “I must obey only you.” She sank to her knees and lowered her eyes which now fixated on her goddess’s toes.

Sarah turned to her other two slaves and ordered them to sit beside Jen. They fell to their knees as well and crawled over to Jen. Once Sarah had all three girls facing her she began reprogramming them. She appointed herself to a brand new position: Queen of the dorm. The other three girls would share the responsibilities of being RA of Sarah’s floor as well as their own respective floors. They would report any news to her daily, as well as give her a deep foot massage. When she was done, there was a knock at her door. Sarah checked the peephole only to see a very horny Elizabeth standing barefoot with bright purple nail polish on her toenails. Sarah grinned as she watched Elizabeth’s hands trace over her own nipples as she seemed to daydream, no doubt, about her mistress.

Sarah wasn’t the only one watching this. Elizabeth’s roommate, Zelda, had followed her and was hiding around the hallway corner, spying on her. Zelda thought to herself how strange Elizabeth’s been acting all night. She walked into the room after work, floating around like she was on drugs. Then she spent over an hour slowly painting her toenails, giving her feet undivided attention. Soon after she completed that task, she climbed up to her bunk to watch TV from bed. Zelda couldn’t believe it when she could hear whimpers of pleasure and the sound of fabrics sliding over other fabrics in the bed above her. Elizabeth never masturbates. She’s disgusted by it. She’s the most asexual person Zelda has ever come across. Zelda knew something was wrong and decided to tail her friend when she left unexpectedly five minutes ago. Now she stood in the hallway, watching the door open. She saw three other girls leave with goofy grins on their faces. One of them was her RA! She watched as another girl came out of the room. She was a brunette with really huge feet. Zelda ducked back as she saw the girl scanning the hallway with her eyes. “Who was that?” She asked herself silently. Zelda peeked back around the corner slowly only to catch a glimpse of her roommate following this strange girl into her room and the door locking behind them.

“I’ll get to the bottom of this,” Zelda told herself as she swiftly fled back to her dorm.


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