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Jake--A Short Story

by z119z

Jake--A Short Story



Where do I find my subjects? They come to me. Dozens of them every year. They call and make appointments. They either hear of me from one of my clients or see the ad in the yellow pages.

None of them knows what he wants. What he really wants, that is. They come to me asking me to help them improve their study habits, they need to be able to concentrate and not get so distracted. Or they need to be motivated to work out regularly, they need to learn to focus better. Lose weight. Gain weight. Sleep better. Oh, they have a thousand excuses. But really they want just one thing. They just don’t want to say it. They want me to help them. They want me to give them what they want, but they don’t want to admit it. A few of them don’t know that they want it—yet. But they will learn. Oh, yes, they learn.

Jake was one of those who had to learn. Tonight’s his graduation. I have a special ceremony planned for him—just for him.

Jake came to me about three years ago. His problem was a minor one. I don’t remember what it was exactly—it’s in the file. I could look it up if you’re curious. No? It would be no trouble. Well, suit yourself. But you’re right. It doesn’t matter what it was. In any case, I fixed it in a few sessions. Jake hasn’t been troubled by it since.

What is important about Jake is that he trances so easily and so deeply. It’s lovely to watch him go under. His eyelids close smoothly. A deep breath, and the tension drains from his face. The muscles holding his jaw in place, all those tiny muscles around the eyes and mouth—all of them just relax. Another deep breath, and his hands and fingers uncoil, his body sinks into the couch. Sometimes just walking into my office makes him begin to relax. He undresses, lies on the couch, closes his eyes, and begins his deep breathing exercises. I don’t have to say anything. Jake associates being with me in my office with trancing. He enjoys it so much. He can’t wait to begin.

That’s always where I begin when I find a promising candidate among the young men who come to me for help. “You feel so good when you are in a trance. So warm. So relaxed. So comfortable. So happy.” Countless variations on that idea dripped into his mind over and over. I avoid words like “safe” or “secure.” They suggest notions of danger—that the subject might not be safe or secure when in a trance. At this early stage I want the subject to associate being in a trance with feeling good. Nothing more. Nothing threatening or alarming. Just warmth, comfort, relaxation, happiness.

When the subject has absorbed this lesson, when he strides into my office happily anticipating a session that will leave him feeling euphoric and filled with a sense of well-being and happiness, then I can take him to the next stage. It’s not difficult, especially with the young men I train. In short I add another association to trancing. Warmth, comfort, relaxation, happiness, and arousal. I make it seem like a natural progression to them. Happiness is feeling good. Feeling good arouses you just a bit. I sneak that suggestion in. It’s important that they think nothing embarrassing will happen. Just a tiny amount of arousal, a tingling in the groin, a slight tightening of the ball sack. Most of them are only a nudge away from horniness at any given moment, and I put that to good use. This is, after all, what most of them have been waiting for. A controlled sexual experience.

I am a patient man. I never rush them. Each session brings a slightly larger degree of arousal. Their minds are so relaxed. They know that only good things happen to them during trances. They feel so at ease in my office. For them, it feels so natural to grow more and more aroused. No need to feel embarrassed or self-conscious. There’s no one to see them but their good friend the doctor, and he’s nothing more than a whisper in a dark corner of their mind.

Gradually, with each session, the subject’s cock grows harder. Gradually he learns to associate trancing with being nude and becoming aroused. He feels so much better when he trances in the nude. It feels so good to be aroused while in a trance. Gradually he learns to feel that mouth sucking his cock. Gradually he learns to control his ejaculations. Gradually he learns how much better it feels when I control his ejaculations, when I lead him slowly to orgasms, stronger orgasms than he has ever had in his life, orgasms that leave him moaning and breathless and faint for minutes afterwards.

I don’t neglect the other aspects of their training. You would be shocked at the shape some of these young men are in. They have to be trained to exercise, to look forward to exercising, to experience joy from exercising. Some of them, I have to teach to eat properly. Others need to learn better grooming habits. There’s so much involved.

As I said before, their training requires so much patience. It’s really an art. I’ve spent years perfecting my technique. I hope you don’t mind me going on about it. I’m proud of my accomplishments. I like to talk about my work.

In a nutshell the training regimen is a form of seduction using the pleasure the subject gets from his body to bring him further and further under my control. Of course, I never use the word “control” or other words like “submit” or “obey.” Those might alarm the subject and cause him to resist. No, I always speak of the pleasure he is experiencing. Once I have trained him to associate the pleasure with trancing, I make sure that he wants the pleasure more than anything in the world by convincing him that it is the greatest pleasure he has ever experienced. Then I teach him that the pleasure can only come through trancing. And step by step I gain control over his mind and his body. I never speak of submission, but he learns to submit to me—joyfully. I never speak of obedience, but he obeys and finds great pleasure in obedience.

The subject becomes addicted to trancing. Not only does he want it, but he needs it. He has to have it in order to experience the pleasure he wants. It’s like a drug to him.

The next step is to instill the idea that only I can trance him, that only I can give him these pleasures. He becomes dependent on me and on being tranced by me. It can take months to bring a subject to this stage, but once he has been conditioned to accept all these beliefs, then the rest of his training moves much more swiftly.

Many of the young men I use are subjects are already gay or at least open to gay activities, but if they are straight, it takes very little work at this point to reform them. I reason with them—I am a man, I give them pleasure, they get more pleasure from me than from anyone else. Therefore they get more pleasure from a man than from a woman. I have them look at male nudes while triggering their pleasure responses. I make them experience sex with another of my trainees. Soon they forget about being straight. It’s simple really. I control the pleasure they get from their cock, and their cock leads them as they discover the pleasures of gay sex.

Well, that’s enough of an introduction. You’ll want to see Jake in action. As I said, tonight’s his graduation and we’re going to have a special ceremony just for him. Jake helped me design the ceremony, although he doesn’t know that. I had him look at a sequence of over 500 photographs of men engaged in various activities and to pick out five that excited him the most. He was very consistent in his likes. I must say that I was somewhat surprised by his choice. I had no clue about his interests.

Now, if you’ll just step into my inner office. Yes, that’s Jake in the flesh. He is beautiful, isn’t he? He’s been working out assiduously for the last two years, and it’s really made a difference. Oh, don’t worry. He can’t hear us. I put him into a deep trance before you arrived. His body is paralyzed. He can’t move. You’ll understand why he’s lying on this narrow table in a moment.

Jake, open your eyes. Remain in trance. Your body is frozen in place. I’m very proud of you, Jake, and of your accomplishments. I know it makes you feel good to have pleased me. And now I am going to reward you for pleasing me. For now, I want you to remain still and quiet. Just relax in trance.

Time for the other participants. I prepared them before you arrived too. Let me just bring them in. Yes, these are also among the current batch of trainees. They’re ready for their own graduation ceremonies. Now I want to assure you that they are deeply in trance. None of them is aware that you are here. They have been programmed to focus only on tonight’s events.

Now, if you’ll stand at the foot of the table. That will give you the best view. As you can see, these three young men are of different heights. I’ve prepared these small stools for the two shorter ones to stand on. Let me just get them positioned. Carlos, stand at the head of the table. That’s right. Now Richard, step up. Good. And finally, Chris. That’s it. Good, my calculations were correct. Their cocks are all at the same height and dangling over Jake’s face.

We’re ready to begin. It won’t take long. I’m going to turn on this tape. There are exactly one hundred drum beats on the tape, spaced five seconds apart. Five hundred seconds in all, or about eight and a half minutes. Now, just watch. The first stage doesn’t take long.

It is impressive, isn’t it? Just ten beats of the drum, and Carlos, Richard, and Chris are fully hard. It would look better if their cocks were all the same length and girth and pointed at the same angle, but that would be difficult to arrange. Now notice how Jake’s eyes have focused on them. From his viewpoint, he’s seeing a triangle of cocks over his head.

Yes, the precum appeared on all three cocks at the same time. At twenty beats. With each beat of the drum, they tighten their anal sphincter. That makes their cock throb and forces the cum up through the cock. Internally each is experiencing a sublime bliss. But externally, as you can see, they are completely passive and unmoving—except for the cocks of course. Jake is completely entranced. Look at him watch those golden beads of precum drip from their cocks. His eyes follow them as they hang in the air suspended by those slender golden threads. You can almost see him shiver as they alight on his face. He may be placid on the outside, but I can assure you that he is quivering with pleasure inside.

No, I didn’t program Jake to get hard this evening. I thought I would leave that pleasure to you for later, after you take him away. He is excited, of course. And he will remain excited for you. But for now he experiences that excitement only as a supreme pleasure.

Ah, we must be at fifty beats. At fifty, they have been programmed to begin moaning and gasping. The internal pressure is so strong at this point that I have to allow them some release. Each beat of the drum increases the pressure on them. They are experiencing a crescendo of pleasure. It builds and builds within each of them. Of course, they will not cum without permission. I have programmed them not to move. They are totally frozen. Movement would allow them to dissipate the force of the orgasm, and I want it to be as strong as possible. To make sure that they will perform as programmed, I have been working with each of them every day for a week. I have not allowed them to ejaculate. I want as much cum as possible tonight. I have rewarded them with other forms of pleasure.

Yes, their cocks are almost shimmering. The rapid movement you see is the result of their programming. I’ve trained them to experience full-force orgasms in the build-up to the actual ejaculation. For them, the ejaculation will literally be mind-blowing.

Ok, we’re almost there. Any time now. Wow. I didn’t expect that. Sorry about that. Here let me get you some Kleenex. Jake is almost six feet tall, and you were standing a foot beyond the end of the table. So that first jet must have flown at least seven feet. Well, they’re young men. You would expect the initial burst to explode like that.

Jake’s fantasy? Oh, he chose pictures of men with cum on their faces. I must say that after the initial bursts, the boys did provide him with a copious reward for his graduation. The bathroom is through there if you want to sponge that cum off your shirt and trousers. Give me a moment and I’ll put the boys away. Jake will remain here while we finish our business.

Thank you. I’m glad you liked the demonstration. Let’s go into my office. We can sign the transfer papers there. I’ve prepared a list of Jake’s triggers for you. You should use each of them daily just to keep them current. Jake’s been programmed to accept you as his new trance master. You’ll find him eager to please. He’ll want to do everything you desire. Your happiness and pleasure will become his happiness and pleasure. Of course, I am available to help you should you need it. If you have any questions, do feel free to contact me at any time.

One of the other boys as well? Certainly. Is there one you prefer? Carlos? I could have him ready by next week. Let me check my appointment book. Would Tuesday afternoon at 3:00 work for you?

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Re: Jake--A Short Story - brownbobby

Such a wonderfully written story. Great imagery, excellent word choice, and such a superb perspective for the narrator.

Re: Jake--A Short Story - angel123

Great story, I loved it ... going to read the others in a minute :)

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