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First Day With Taylor.

by chives

First Day With Taylor.

Was there anytime in your late childhood you ever look back on and say, "Man, I wish I could have had sex with her," or wish that that one cousin couldn't have been your cousin so you could have a good relationship with her? Well, this is a completely fictional story about one of those times for me. Hope you enjoy!

"We'll have LOTS of fun," says my cousin. She's 21 years of age, has nice, full breasts, is about 6ft. tall, and is smoking hot. Her name is Taylor. I'm 16, but my parents don't want me home alone for the two weeks they'll be spending at Los Vegas so I'm stuck at Taylor's house until they come home. However, there could be some upsides to spending the weeks at Taylor's. She lives in a nice house on a lake, so I'll probably get a lot of chances to see her in swimsuits, which is an upside, but I don't know her disposition on sexual actions, if you know what I mean.

My parents are driving off when Taylor ushers me inside and closes the door. She leads me into the kitchen, asks me if I'm hungry, which I respond to with a no, and leads me downstairs. She takes a left and then another left and leads me down a short hallway, passing a bathroom, and walks me into a large bedroom with a king bed and a large closet. She tells me this is where I'll be sleeping, and goes down the hallway the other way into a room and beckons to follow.

When I walk into the room, she closes the door and says this is where she'll be sleeping. It looks like another bedroom, with very soft carpets, beanbags and pillows of various sizes strewn all over, and a large bed built into the wall, wide enough for four people to sleep in. It also has a retractable curtain for mild privacy to the side, too.

When I ask her why she is showing me inside her room with the door closed, she replies, "This is where all the magic happens," and before I have time to ask her what that means, she puts a finger over my mouth and says, "Hush." She then says to take my clothes off with what I reply to with a bewildered expression on my face, although I reluctantly comply when she threatens to tell my parents that I've been staring at her boobs. After I'm completely nude and quite hard, she tells me to get onto her bed which I do with hesitation.

She then takes out four things with a leather noose at one end and a metal chain attaching it to a metal clamp at the other end. She attaches a metal clamp to each bedpost and tells me to spread my limbs out, then slips the nooses to my wrists and ankles. I'm pretty hard by now, but I discover that I can get harder.

She starts to strip now, taking off her shirt and pants, making me more aroused. She has black-colored silk undergarments, but I'm really focusing on her breasts. She has a seductive smile on when she asks, "Want to see more?" I nod quickly, and she unclips the clasp on her bra and it fall earthward, however I can't see her breasts because she turned around before doing so, which makes me desperate to see them.

She then starts slowly working her panties down, revealing her nice but slim bosum, which I like.
Taylor slowly turns around until her nude body is completely visible. One thing I notice is that every place, even her pussy, is the same, dark, oily tan, which leads me to believe she sits outside naked to get that tan.

Her breasts are long but don't sag an inch, making every jiggle of them much more arousing. She has small nipples in comparison, but her pussy more than makes up for that. It is quite long, able to fit large objects in it. Her body is completely devoid of hair except for her scalp, making her legs, arms and torso look smooth and sexy.

She climbs onto the bed and puts her knees on either side of me, but centers her pussy near my head. She then asks me to lick it, to which I question its purposes, as I have perfectly good cock a few feet down. She tells me its to get both of us aroused, and I have no further replies as she pushes her cunt onto my mouth.

I take a tenative lick to start, as I have no idea what to expect. My tongue encouters a wetness, slick like my tongue, but the texture arouses me so much that I go full out licking. I believe I've been doing it for a few minutes when she says that's enough, and I stop licking as she gingerly lifts her body to position it a little way away from my cock.

The visual change in her body amazes me. Her pussy, which had just been simple cleavage in her crutch, is now slick with body fluid and saliva, with multiple dark pink folds slightly protruding out of her body. Her breasts, although I thought it was impossible, have lifted a few inches, and her nipples are as rigid as my cock.

"Now for the REAL fun to begin!" Taylor says as she lifts her body and positions it above my cock. I don't know if I'm ready for this when she sets it down on top of me and I find a way to get through those folds.

Despite the length of her pussy, I find it quite tight in there, and she just sits there for moment, allowing us to get used to the feel, though I'm pretty sure I'll never get used to it, it feels so good.
She begins pushing her body up and down, and her vagina moves with it, as do her boobs, and it feels even better!

Taylor continues to do this, although the movements get harder and faster as she starts to moan louder, making me close to the edge, though it seemed so far away. She seems close, too, and we both are wishing for the miraculous release, when she starts to orgasm. That does me in, and I follow her into orgasm. It lasted about 15 seconds, and when that was over I started to pay attention to her.

She had moved to be near my mouth again, and I wonder why. 30 seconds later and she's still going strong, moaning incomprehendible phrases and moaning, when a whitish fluid starts running down her pussy and landing on my mouth. I decide to open my mouth and a rush of the liquid comes pouring in.

It tasted like nothing had ever tasted before, and I loved it. After a few minutes of overwhelming pleasure for her and swallowing cum for me, she slowly subsides into after-orgasm. After 5 minutes, she lifts herself off of me, and I try to follow when I realize I'm still bonded. Taylor undoes the nooses and I sit up.

She walks out of the room for a little while, and returns with an odd amulet of some kind. She mutters, "Minus well get this over with," and then places the amulet on the palm of one hand and the other hand on my arm and says, "Transform."

I feel a sensation in my feet, so I look down and see that my feet look like Taylor's, except different, and a shimmering glow is slowly moving its' way up my body, and then I understand. I'm somehow transforming into a woman!

It continues to move upwards, transforming my legs into that of a woman, and my crutch disappears and is replaced by a crevice where my balls were. My buttocks slim and so does my torso, and my chests shoots out to form breasts akin to Taylor's.

It slowly makes its' way up to the top of my head, and Taylor gesture to a mirror in the corner of the room. I walk over to it and start to investigate my body. I look great, as hot as Taylor is, and beautiful with dark brown hair like her's.

Then Taylor says, "Just wait till you see all the things lesbians can do!" and I just shudder thinking about it.


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