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The Fetish Factory

by trainer100

Chapter 1

The Fetish Factory

Chapter 1 - The Wonka Story

    Everyone on the face of the planet has heard of Willy and Wendy Wonka. They are known around the entire world for their famous Wonka chocolate bars. Just about every store you walk into these days, you will see a Wonka bar, or some other sort of Wonka candy. The Wonka couple started out in a small factory in 1981. Within two years, they were an instant hit and upgraded to a 2,500 acre factory, solely for mass producing chocolate bars and other candies worldwide. Every country on the planet had Wonka chocolate in their stores. 

    For years to follow, tourists would come in and out of town from all over the world to see the process of the mass production of their chocolate. The tourism was a hit, and funneled in millions more dollars for the company. However, because the factory was so large, one tour could only cover so much. On the upside, tourists got the chance to meet Mr. and Mrs. Wonka. Children and adults wanted a tour of their favorite candies factory so badly, but not all could afford it. On the occasion, free tickets would randomly be sent around the world within the package of a candy bar. 

    Although the tours were an absolute hit for the company, one day in the year 2000 Mr. Wonka had announced that a tour would never be held in the factory ever again. “There was an incident last month in the factory, and for the safety of the public, I will not allow another tour to take place in this factory.” were Wonka’s words himself. 

    No one knew why he would do this. Customers were heartbroken, knowing they would never get a chance to see inside the factory ever again. Of course, rumors began to spread. Some would say a tourist died. Some said Wonka killed someone himself. Others say they were losing risk of their formulas being stolen. The most popular rumor of them all, however, was that one girl taking a tour went against the rules, got in ‘some trouble’, and never got to leave. She was with her mother, who never got to leave either. Who knows, but Wonka wanted the truth covered up either way.


Chapter 2 - The Incident


The day was October 7th, 1999. A tour was going on as normal in the Wonka Factory. 12 guests were guided through part of the factory by a tour guide by the normal route. After the group met Mr. Wonka decided to take the group on “a special route.” 


    “The Inventing Room!” Mr. Wonka shouts, guiding the guests through a long hallway to a large door. “Now, before we go inside, I must state some rules. Everything in here is an experiment. Do not touch anything! We don’t want anyone getting hurt now, do we? Carry on now!”

    The crowd all walked through the door. Inside, was a massive room that seemed endless. It was full of machines, but empty of people (it was a Sunday). Wonka walked over to one machine he wanted to show everyone, called the “Infinite Gobstoppaler.” It produced huge gobstoppers on its own, continuously, non stop.

 The crowd was impressed by his demonstration, but one young girl by the name of Violet Beauregarde was not particularly interested at all. Violet was a young, blonde, 18 year old girl who was wearing an all white tracksuit. She came to the factory with her mother, who was wearing an identical track suit to match. Violet was in the back of the crowd, and her attention was grabbed by a machine with a sign that said “Gumball machine - still in the works!” She walked over to the machine to check it out, and her mother followed.

“Look mom, gumballs!” She pointed out. Violet was a three time world champion bubble gum chewer. No one really knew what that meant, but supposedly she had that title. 

“That's neat honey, but remember what Wonka said, don’t touch anything!” Her mother said. The group started to leave in the opposite direction. “Let's go, the group is leaving.”

“Cmon mom, it's just gum. One piece won't hurt. The two went back and forth for a little bit, and by the time Violets mother budged to let her have a piece, Wonka and the group had already left the room. Violet pushed a button on the machine, before it made cranking and whirring sounds. The process took about 30 seconds before a blue gumball dropped from the dispenser on the machine. Without hesitation, Violet popped the gum in her mouth, and the two made their way back to the group. 

Wonka seemed to notice nothing, as they continued walking in the inventing room to another machine across the way. While Wonka didn’t notice the two left, he noticed something different about Violet. Extremely concerned, he asked Violet, “Hey, where did you get that gum?”

“What gum?” Violet replied.

“The gum you’re chewing, duh. You didn’t have gum in your mouth earlier, now you do. Where did you get the gum from?”

Before Violet could respond, she was interrupted by her mother, “Violet, your nose is turning violet!”

“What?” she said to her mother, before turning to Wonka and saying “I got the gum from my pocket.” and turning to her mother again and saying “What do you mean?”

“Your pocket, huh? So you didn’t touch anything in this room whatsoever, yeah?” Wonka questioned her.

“Nope, did not touch anything.” Violet replied, as the blue hue on her nose began to spread across her face.

“So if you touched nothing, not even a piece of gum from a machine that could potentially have life threatening complications associated with it, I have nothing to worry about, yes?” Wonka replied. The blueness began to spread down her neck.

“What the hell is happening to my daughter?” Mrs. Beauregarde shouted, as the rest of the crowd began to step back and watch.

“Uh, um,” Violet said in an extremely nervous tone, the blue spreading down her arms. No Mr. Wonka, you have nothing to worry about. I didn’t touch anything.”

“Interesting,” Wonka replied. “Why are you blue? Are you sure you didn’t have a piece of blue gum back there?” The blue ran down Violet's torso, and down her legs. Violet was now completely Violet. She began to panic, and didn’t know what to do or say.

“She took a piece of gum okay! Just help her!” Violets mother screamed into Wonka's face.

    “Okay, good to know.” Wonka replied, as he pulled out a phone and made a call. “Help is on the way.”

    “I feel so full, my body feels achy, ugh!” Violet complained. “My tits, they feel like they’re… they’re… Oh my god!” Before everyone's eyes, what was once Violets flat chest, appeared to be poking out more than before. Slowly but surely, everyone could see her chest start to bulge out. “What the fuck is happening to me? Oooh!” She let out a sound that sounded more like a moan than she intended, as her now visible tits filled up her own hands.

    “You’re filling up with juice, blueberry juice.” Wonka explained. “It’s the gum… I haven’t quite got it right yet. I could have got you help sooner, but it took you a while to tell me what you did. Sorry”

    Before Wonka even finished his sentence, her breasts were already falling out of her own hands. You could see her nipples hard beneath her tracksuit, and you could see their shape because of their blue color. Clear as day, her blue nipples through her white tracksuit. They were now the size of grapefruits. Not only did the white tracksuit compliment the new color of Violets tits, but the shape and size as well. The zipper at the top began to zip down and reveal her blue cleavage. No one would admit it, but it was quite the view.

    Meanwhile, all that Violet can think but not admit is why it feels so good. It felt so good for juice to be filling up her tits. For god's sake, now she has tits! And they were large, plump, and soft. Blue, but beautiful. No one could tell, but the feeling simply turned Violet on. 

    “Oh my god, my ass! My ass is swelling too!” Violet yelled out loud. Her small but round bum began to push outward in her already tight tracksuit bottoms. Just like her tits, you could see a slight blue hue on her skin underneath the white pants. It continued to swell, filling out her pants further, getting bigger and bigger. She grabbed her own ass, and just felt her asscheeks pushing out into her hands. No one could help but admire the view. 

    “Why does this feel so fucking good.” Violet thought to herself. “ I don’t want to moan in front of everyone, but god I almost can’t help it!” Because of the new tightness in Violet's pants due to her swelling ass, it pushed the bottoms of her tracksuit deeply into her pussy. Violet hadn’t noticed yet, but everyone could see a sexy blue cameltoe through her white pants. 

    Violet now had an amazing hourglass figure. Her tits and ass continued to swell full of juice, growing ever so slightly by the second. As her ass grew, her tits were now the size of small cantaloupes. “My tits are so tight they feel like they’re gonna pop, the pressure is so intense but it feels so… good… my nipples are so sensitive, uhh!” Violet let out another moan, and before she knew it, wet blue spots stained her white tracksuit right at her nipples. Her tits were literally leaking blueberry juice! But that didn’t stop them from swelling up even further. 

    “Her pussy is swelling up too! You can see it getting fatter!” A random man in the crowd pointed out. Violet could no longer see past her watermelon sized breasts, but could feel the pressure building down below. Her ass and thighs continued to fatten even further, but when she felt her pussy with her hand, she was in awe.

    “My pussy is so fat, its so fucking sensitive!” Violet moaned as her hand brushed over her pussy. Just like her nipples, blue juice stained through her white pants right in between her legs. Her pussy lips continued to swell full of juice, forcing her to spread her lakes to make room.

    Suddenly, the zipper for the top of Violets tracksuit bursted, revealing her massive breasts to everyone. They continued to leak juice from her nipples, only now they were dripping instead of soaking into the tracksuit. They were a deep purple-blue color, and her nipples were slightly darker. They were full, plump, and heavy. Her ass and thighs jiggled with every slight movement she made, and the constant pressure in her pussy was so arousing to her she could barely think. 



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