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Forced Regression By A Chobit

by Smudly

Forced Regression By A Chobit

Forced Regression By A Chobit

This story is based on the character, “Chi” in the manga series: Chobits. Chi is a persocom – much like a robot. Intelligent, strong, beautiful. She looks and moves just like a human girl. I enjoyed this series and would recommend it. Now to the story …

Hideki: Whaah! Chi! Where are your clothes? I see your panties!
Chi: Chi?
My name is Hideki. I just purchased my first persocom a few weeks ago. I named her Chi. She is the cutest model I found at the store. Persocoms are programmed to make their master (me) happy and make all their dreams and desires come true. After spending $100,000 on her, that’s the minimum I would expect.

Hideki: Let me help you into your clothes
Chi: Thanks Hideki!
Hideki: Why do you keep running around the house half naked?
Chi: To make you happy. You do think I’m beautiful, right?
Hideki: Gah!! Of course. It’s just… well, I’m not used to a naked girl in my apartment.
Chi: I’m not naked! I have panties on. Plus, I’m a persocom!
Hideki: Persocom or not. You look hotter than any girl I have ever known.
Chi: So you like it when I’m naked?
Hideki: There’s no denying it. Yes, I do.
Chi: Good! We should go shopping today. Can you take me to buy some lingerie? I want to look sexy for you Hideki.
Hideki: I’ve never been to a lingerie shop before! That sounds embarrassing.
Chi: I don’t see why. You did say Chi is the hottest girl you’ve ever known.
Hideki: Fine, let me grab my shoes.
Chi: Yay! Hideki is taking me shopping! Maybe we’ll find something there for you, too.
Hideki: There’s no way you’ll get me into women’s lingerie!

So here I am, getting ready to walk into a lingerie shop with my persocom. I didn’t see the day coming.

Chi: Here it is! Victoria’s Secret!
Hideki: You go on ahead. I think I’ll wait out here.
Chi: But you need to choose something sexy for me to wear.
Hideki: There are only girls in there!
Chi: All the more reason to come in. Now let’s go!

The entire store was covered in pink, lacy lingerie and girls galore. I wonder what they’ll think of me bringing my persocom in here. Probably something like, “Pervert!”.

Chi: How about this one?
Chi walked out of the dressing room wearing a pink low-cut push-up bra, a lacy very short black skirt, with pink panties showing underneath. My heart skipped a beat. My hands started to sweat. And… I… am getting an erection in public?! Chi looked down and gave a satisfied grin, then pulled me by my shirt toward the dressing room and closed the door behind us.

Chi: Does this make you happy?

I leapt towards Chi and started to make-out with her. She unded my belt, and slid my pants and boxers off. Next, my shirt. Then Chi pushed me down to the floor and started to lick me fiercely. Then she began sucking me off. I slid my hand up her skirt and began to finger her. She let out some moans of pleasure. And so did i. We went on like this for a good five minutes. And it was over. We got our normal clothes back on and walked out of the dressing room to the cashier.

Chi: We’ll take this.

I laughed to myself. By the time we got home, it was 9:00pm.

Chi: I’m going to shut-down for the night Hideki.
Hideki: Okay, I’ll come to bed in a while.
Chi: Okey! Good night Hideki!
Hideki: Good night Chi.

Wow, she is amazing. That was the best time shopping I have ever had.

Hideki: (I wonder if there’s anything new online).

I walked to my computer and typed in one of my top 10 ABDL sites hoping for a new story to read. Hopefully one with hypnosis or forced regression. Those are my favorite. I scrolled through and there wasn’t anything new.

Hideki: (Darn, maybe Alice is online).

On the top of the screen, I clicked “Chat”.

Hideki: (Yes! She is on).

Alice is the only girl I have ever talked to about my fetish. Best part was, she liked the same kind of thing.

Hideki: Hi Alice! How are you doing?
Alice: Hideki! Great thanks. What’s new?
Hideki: I bought a persocom a few weeks ago. Her name is Chi. Here’s a picture of her.
Alice: How cuuuuttee!! She is adorable.
Hideki: I know! She’s so sweet. Have you read any new stories lately? There aren’t any new ones on this site.
Alice: Yeah. I just finished “Forced Regression” on “ABDL Stories”. A man’s wife forces him into diapers and he eventually becomes dependant on her. It was great.
Hideki: It sounds awesome. I wish that would happen to me. Some hott girl force me to use diapers, discipline me, and take care of me. It would make it more realistic if she kept the forced regression going even if I cried and begged her to stop. Nothing would make me more happy.
Alice: Ya, I would love that was well. Why don’t you have Chi force regress you?
Hideki: Can you imagine that conversation. That would be awkward to ask her something like that.
Alice: Hm. I guess. Well, I’m going to bed. Good night!
Hideki: Good night.

Hideki: (I’m getting pretty tired myself. I’ll just rest my eyes for a minute. I don’t want to go to sleep just yet).

It wasn’t 2 minutes before I had fallen asleep in my computer chair. I guess Chi really exhausted me today shopping.

---3 Hours Later---

A loud bang was heard outside the bedroom window. It startled Chi and woke her up.

Chi: (What was that?)

She looked out the window and saw the trash can tipped over. The wind was blowing hard.

Chi: (Just the wind. Where is Hideki?)

Chi walked into the office where she found Hideki drooling on his shirt, asleep. The monitor screen was still on.

Chi: (Hmm… Let’s see what kept him up this late.)

Chi edged near the screen. There was a chat box open. Chi read the entire chat log thoroughly from the beginning. Then she clicked on the other window that was open. It was an ABDL fetish site. She exit both of the windows and whispered into Hideki’s ear.

Chi: You don’t have to feel awkward Hideki. Anything to make you happy.

Then she went back to their room and went to sleep.


Hideki: (Huh? Oh, I guess I fell asleep in here.)

Hideki hadn’t even realized that he never exit the chat room and ABDL site.
Hideki: (What’s that amazing smell?)

He walked into the kitchen to find Chi cooking breakfast.

Chi: Good morning Hideki!

She ran to him and gave him a big hug. Chi was wearing the panties they bought at the store yesterday, along with one of her small white shirts.

Hideki: Good morning Chi. You didn’t have to cook breakfast. But it does smell delicious.
Chi: Good. Have a seat. It’s almost done. Eggs, hash browns, ham and toast.
Hideki: I have some errands to run today. Want to come?
Chi: No, thank you. I think I’ll just stay home if you don’t mind.
Hideki: Okay, that’s fine.

---After Breakfast---

Hideki: Bye Chi. I’ll be back later this afternoon.
Chi: Okay. Bye!

Chi watched out the window to see Hideki leave. Once he was gone she dashed out the door and headed to the supermarket just down the street. She arrived at the store five minutes later and headed straight to the baby aisle with her cart.

Chi: Baby powder, check. Bottles, check. Pacifier, check. Wipes, check. Now to find some diapers big enough for Hideki.

She walked toward the personal care area. Once there, she remembered that Hideki’s underwear size was 30.

Chi: Small fitted Depends will be perfect.

And she threw 5 packages into the cart.

Chi: (Now… Something to “force” him to use diapers. These will do).

She threw a container of suppositories into the card along with KY Jelly.

Chi: (Babies don’t have hair. This nair should do the trick.

She grabbed her cart of supplies and checked out. When arriving home, Chi threw all of Hideki’s underwear on the bed. Then, opened each pack of Depends and placed all of the diapers in his top drawer. Next, she hid all the other supplies in the closet.

Chi: Now to get rid of this grown-up underwear.

Chi grabbed scissors and cut all of Hideki’s boxers to shreds and threw them in the trash.

Hideki: I’m home.
Chi: (Just in time).

Chi walked in to greet Hideki.

Chi: Hideki! How did your errands go?
Hideki: Great. How’s your day been?
Chi: Oh, uneventful! Take a shower. I’ll be waiting for you on our bed.
Hideki: Ooooh. Can’t wait! I’ll make it quick.
Chi: (Now to get things ready. I’ll put all of the supplies in the night stand drawer next to the bed. Okay… diaper, powder, jelly, suppository. Now to get into something sexy).

Just as Chi finished, Hideki came out of the shower. She laid on her side on the bed staring at him.

Chi: Don’t bother getting dressed.

Hideki jumped toward her onto the bed. They began making-out and feeling up each other.

Chi: (I supposed now is as good a time as any).

Chi stopped kissing him and stood up.

Chi: Lay on your stomach with your legs toward me and close your eyes.
Hideki: You got it, babe.

Chi opened the drawer and pulled out the KY Jelly and 2 suppositories. She dipped them both all the way into the jelly and pulled them out.

Chi: (Anything to make you happy).

She got up onto the bed and straddled Hideki. She sat on his back facing his legs.

Hideki: The suspense is killing me.

She held both suppositories in her right hand. One in her palm. The other was held with 2 fingers. She put her weight on the small of his back with her left arm. And then quickly inserted the first suppository. Hideki jumped.

Hideki: What was that?!
Chi: Nothing, now hold still!

Then she slid the other in.

Chi: (That should do it. Now for that diaper).

Chi got off Hideki and stood next to the night stand. As she began unfolding the diaper, Hideki turned around to see what she was doing.

Hideki: What are you doing Chi?
Chi: Getting your diaper ready, silly.
Hideki: What do you mean?
Chi: Just hold still so I can get this on you.

She grabbed the powder and started pouring it on his genitals. Hideki panicked and jumped off the bed.

Chi: Lay down young man!
Hideki: No, why are you doing this?

She then grabbed Hideki and pushed him onto the bed. He resisted and stood up again.

Chi: You have to the count of three to lay down or you’re getting a spanking.

Hideki didn’t expect anything like this to ever happen to him in real life. He was in shock, confused and in a panic. He started backing up toward the door.

Chi: One… Two…

He was still heading to the door out of confusion.

Chi: Three!

Chi ran towards Hideki. He opened the door, but not soon enough. Chi pushed the door shut, grabbed Hideki by his ear and led him to the bed. She pushed him face first onto the bed and had his knees on the floor, which made his butt vulnerable. He tried to get up again but Chi put her hand on his head and held it firmly against the bed. With her other hand she began to spank him mercilessly.

Chi: You need to wear diapers. I don’t want stains on the carpet.

She continued the spanking. At this point Hideki was in tears. She finally stopped.

Chi: Lay down on the bed please.

He was quick to do as he was told.

Chi: Now we’re going to have to re-powder you.

She grabbed the powder and did just that. Then the diaper came. She put it under him and pulled the front over his genitals, then expertly taped it in place. Hideki sat there whimpering in defeat.

Chi: Now, here are the rules. You will do what I say, or your next punishment will be worse. You better get used to diapers, because the toilet is off limits. Understood?

Hideki: *Sniffle* Yes…
Chi: Good. Are you hungry?
Hideki: Yes.
Chi: Follow me. And no walking allowed. Crawl.

Hideki got off the bed onto his hands and knees and followed Chi crawling the whole way. She prepared a bottle with milk and handed it to Hideki.

Hideki: This is dinner?
Chi: Yes. Drink up.

Because Chi is a persocom, she is very strong. She picked Hideki up in the air and carried him toward the couch where she cradles him as he ate. By this time, he was feeling cramps. He assumed whatever she put in him earlier was going to force him to mess himself. He knew it would be pointless to ask to use the toilet. But he also knew it was inevitable to mess his diaper if he didn’t. He just tried to hold it for as long as possible delaying his humiliation. He finally finished the bottle, but Chi produced another. He sat in her lap fidgeting trying to hold it together. Then a massive fart escaped.

Chi: Oh my! Does my sweety need to poopoo?

Hideki’s face churned red. Another escaped, and another. He was shaking in her arms trying so desperately to hang in there. Then one more escaped, and… he was completely messing his diaper on Chi’s lap.

Chi: Pewee! That’s a stinky one.

A tear rolled down Hideki’s cheek.

Chi: Don’t worry baby. Mommy will clean you up.

She carried him to the bedroom and laid him down on the bed. She grabbed the wipes, then undid the tapes on his diaper. She wiped him thoroughly, powdered him and taped another diaper in place.

Chi: It’s time for your nap. Here’s your pacifier.

She placed it in his mouth. He reluctantly began to suck. He closed his eyes trying to ignore the predicament he was in and forget the humiliation he just went through. He fell asleep within minutes. Meanwhile, Chi got onto Hideki’s computer to order some other supplies. She ordered locking panties, an adult crib, printed diapers and a subliminal CD to help train Hideki to wet and mess his diapers.

Chi: (It won’t be long now my sweet Hideki).

---Three Weeks Later---

Chi: It’s morning hunny.

Hideki laid in his crib wearing a baby printed diaper, a short red t-shirt, locking plastic panties, and sucking on his pacifier. He slowly opened his eyes. He was so happy to see Chi. His diaper was completely soaked and messed. Chi picked him up and took him to the changing table. As she changed him, Hideki began to accept his fate.

Hideki: (This is my life now).

And as Chi worked on taping the diaper, she thought:

Chi: (Anything to make you happy Hideki).



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