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Im back and i need your help

by arth

Chapter 1

Its been some months since my last post, i have some things to say.

First of all, you may be wondering "how i free myself?", well, my frie- no, my master drop some water in the vr machine the last month, since then i recovered my mind, i dont remember what happened between those days, but i could read the last post, and understand what was happening, well, after i recovered conscience, i was only enable to think, not to talk or move without her permission, since i could think, i make a plan to free myself of his control, my body moved by nature, as i slowly remove trigers and trances as he tought i was watching the vr hypno, when in the reality, i was just looking to a black screen and trying to forgot the trigers, with baby steps, i could start to regain control of my body, even i could make her orders with perfection, now i know i was making it only for not beeing suspicious, as the time pass, i regain complete control, the triggers and inductions have gone, and i now are with the mind and body free, even tough i recived some hormones, i can handle it for now. After those months, i found a day were he needed to go out for some days and order me: "im going to a work job, so plug yourself with that (he pointed a 12 inches vibrator) and prepare like my good pup until im back". She looked at me with eyes that some how can say is going to miss me for those days out, for some seconds i start to tought how he can be such a good layer, but i see he was starting to wonder why i havent move it yet, for lucky i understand it in time and picked up the vibrator, i inserted it, no one could see a single trace of pain, but inside, i was feeling disgusting and angry.

As he leave the house, i ho on all fours and look for some cameras to certified he wont suspicious of nothing, as i pass by the places, the vibrators make me cum every time, but as i clear all the places i could finally remove it i feel amazing, finally being free, but i realised as i go to the door, if i forgot all this, i wont get the lessons of it for the rest of my life, so i go back to the bedroom, open the closet and pick some clothes (it was only sexy costumes, but i some how find a bikini set, perfect for that hot day, after getting my things up i cleanned the house so he wont notice and write a letter, in the letter i write: "hi master, i put the vibrator and turned the maximum level, i stay on all fours all day and start to watch 2 times more the vr while you are out, but i use all the cleaning papers and needed to go out to buy some more, i talked to the neighbor and he aceppted to take me to put the collar and take me to the store, maybe he will let me use the public bathroom to, with love, your belevolent pet slave" for lest but not least, i prepare one last mixture of that drink he allways give to me, now i make sure i would never forget him.

After i pass the leaving door, i start to feel a feeling of liberty, like when someone quit a stressfull job, and with some money i also thake of him i go out to buy some clothes. As i walk in the street with the big boobies and butt with only the cropped bikini, but i dont mind it, i know what to do and were to go, some 30 minutes pass and i finally reach the clothes store and could buy some clothes, i buy some jeans and some t-shirts to look the last percert possible, i also bought a phone, so i can call my friends and tell them what happened.

In one of those calls, carl, my friend since i was a child, offers him house so i could start my new life, as i left the uber, in front of him house, i see him with a big happy face and a cold tea for me, as he aproach, i strongly hug him and start to cry, for the first time in almost a year, i could finally trust in someone.

In the house, he let me take a shower while he do the laundry, i take a good shot of the tea, it was the sign of myself beeing a new one, i am now a new person, i thinked, but soon i realise i have too much to do, i still pee and pooped like a pup, and even start to squirt just by touching it when cleaning the mess, after a hour trying to improve myself in the bathroom, i talked to carl, he tell me he already have hypnosis one day, and knows how it can be stressfull to be used and abused while knowing you can not do anything to stop it, that day we talked about him and what he was doing the last year, he got a real good job and after winning in the lotery, he is now with 30 years and is not in a job anymore, i talked about how master treat me, and how i feel like, even knowing it was wrong, i am still a little shame that i am not with master anymore, in the end, he go to sleep and when the time arrives, my body start to feel the need of touching herself, but ther was a time i could not control myself, so i decided, i decided to tied me up in the bed and sleep until i forgot about that type of things.

Now that im finnaly free, i dont know when im going to call with all of you again, but i will try to contact with you, see you latter :)


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