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Behavior Modification

by radicalqueerkinkster

Chapter 1

Adam was so fucking frustrated.


He'd been kind enough to let Dylan- a guy he's been best friends with since their tweens, when they'd bonded over being some of the only gay kids in their school- move into his apartment, rent free. He was very well off, after all, and Dylan had fallen on hard times after his jackass of a mother kicked him out so her most recent barely legal boytoy could move in. He'd hoped he might even have a chance with him now that his life wasn't so stressful.


Then Dylan changed. Over time, he'd gone from the warm, helpful, kind young man he had been to absolute prick. He became entitled and cruel, shamelessly stealing from Adam and wrecking his shit, refusing to help around the house or contribute in any way. Adam felt truly pathetic that he was so smitten with the guy, even despite his appalling behavior.


It finally reached a breaking point when he'd gotten tipsy one night and confessed his feelings. Dylan had been cruel and aggressive- he always got like that when he was high on some hard shit- and had quite literally laughed in Adam's face. He insulted everything about him, laughing even harder at how crestfallen he was. The next several nights Dylan brought random med home from the club he frequented, having very loud, enthusiastic sex late into the early morning hours. As he showed the guys out the next day, he'd make pointed eye contact with Adam and smile smugly, taking great pleasure in taunting him.


Adam decided something needed to be done. Kicking him out wouldn't work- he'd tried that before but Dylan always came back, begging for help and acting contrite. Adam was still completely infatuated with him and cared for his well being so he always gave in, and the cycle would start again. This time, he decided on something more… extreme. Some behavior modification, so to speak.


He waited til Dylan came home one night, strung out on god knows what, and snuck into his room with a bowl of warm water. Sticking his fingers in the bowl, he only had to wait a few seconds before it took effect. He watched with dark satisfaction as a sizable wet spot started to form on the bed, before taking the bowl and leaving the room. The next morning- well afternoon, technically- he listened from his office as Dylan woke up with a groan and started cursing quietly before sneaking to wash his sheets. He kept at it, night after night, for several weeks (thankfully Dylan always slept like the dead, even when he wasn't on anything, so he was never caught) watching happily as Dylan became increasingly confused and reserved, and his behavior changed quickly. He stopped doing drugs and drinking, stopped going out, stopped bringing men home, and began adjusting to a normal sleep schedule- presumably so it would be easier to wash his sheets without being discovered.


Adam waited for just the right time to confront him, wanting to make sure the shame fully kicked in for maximum humiliation. He came up behind Dylan as he frantically shoved his soiled sheets in the washer and cleared his throat loudly, making him jump and spin around.

"Dylan, I think we need to have a talk."

"I- about what?" He stuttered weakly.

"I know you've been wetting the bed for the last few weeks. I've heard you come out here to do the wash every day. I didn't think much of it at first- accidents happen sometimes when you're under the influence, and I didn't want to embarrass you over a one time thing, but I'm getting really concerned about your health."

Dylan's cheeks were flushed a deep red as he replied. "I- I already went to my regular doctor and he sent me to a urologist, and neither could find anything wrong with me. They ran all kinds of tests and couldn't find anything, and told me to wait and see if it clears up on its own."

"Then that sounds like the only course of action for right now. But while we wait to see if it gets better, I think we should take some precautions."

"Like what?" He asked, looking wary.

"I'd like you to wear diapers."

"What the fuck?! Absolutely not!"

"Please listen to me Dylan! That mattress is absolutely destroyed, and it's making the room smell like piss, and the smell is just gonna get worse the more you wet the bed. I'm going to need to replace it, but I don't want to do that knowing it'll get wrecked too. I know how terribly humiliating it must be to need diapers at your age, but you know I wouldn't ask you to if I could think of something else."

"I…" Dylan paused, keeping his eyes cast down in shame, face scarlet as he whispered, "Alright… alright, I'll wear the diapers."

"Thank you. I'm gonna head to the medical supply store in town and pick up a pack. Would you like to come with me?"

"No, I'll just… I'll just hang out here."

"Alright, I won't be long. I was gonna grab some Chinese takeout too. Want your usual?"

"Oh, yeah, that'd be great, thank you."

Adam smiled to himself - it seemed the humiliation was already humbling him, because that was the first genuine 'thank you' he'd heard in a long while. He couldn't wait to see where this went.




Adam made sure to get the largest package of adult diapers they had in stock. He'd picked it carefully, speaking with the employee to determine which ones were best for 24/7 use. He'd even managed to feel one of each option under the guise that his charge was sensitive to texture. In the end he picked one that was thick enough it would force Dylan's legs apart, would crinkle loudly as he moved, and seemed like it would be hard to change without assistance. He also bought a waterproof pad for the mattress, booster pads, and some wipes.


He also paid a visit to his long-time friend Jason- the lead pharmacologist with a large drug company, who oversaw many of their clinical trials- on the slim chance that he could give him something to cause daytime incontinence. He'd loved how Dylan's attitude had changed when he began wetting the bed, but he loved the feeling of absolute control it gave over him even more. He knew Jason was very accepting and kink friendly, and would gladly help him out if he could. He managed to convince him that he was in a consensual DD/lb relationship, and that his little wanted to be fully diaper dependent. After some consideration, Jason gave him something; it was a medication that was originally designed to treat bladder dysfunction that would normally require a stent or catheter, but had been quickly scrapped because it was discovered to weaken the pelvic floor to the point of permanent urinary incontinence. Strictly speaking, he wasn't even meant to have it, but it was hardly unusual for him to bring his work home. Before he left, Jason warned him extensively that the incontinence couldn't be undone, and that it set in rather fast, only taking about a month to reach full effect. Adam reassured him this is what they both wanted, thanked him, and headed home.




By the time he got home, Dylan had fallen asleep on the couch. He set the box of diapers and supplies beside the staircase- in full view of the couch- to serve as a subtle, unspoken reminder to Jason that he was going to be diapered tonight. Adam took the opportunity to make him a glass of chocolate milk (his favorite) with the first dose of the bladder medicine, and was relieved to find that it didn't affect the taste at all. When he was done, he dished out their food, and took everything to the living room and setup two TV trays. He woke Dylan with a gentle nudge to his shoulder.

"Hey man, wake up. Dinner is ready."

Dylan's eyes fluttered open, and he rubbed them sleepily as he sat up and stretched. Adam could pinpoint the exact moment Dylan spotted the diapers, because dismay briefly flashed across his face before he looked away, face aflame. Instead he focused his full attention on Adam.

"Thank you for dinner, and for the…" he trailed off, glancing at the diapers again.

Adam smiled warmly and replied, "No problem, Dylan." When he got a timid smile in return, he knew he had to do everything in his power to make this boy his for good.


(End chapter one; more on the way soon!)


I love it! - askena

I love this story! I can\'t wait for chapter 2!

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