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Mommas New Toy

by gatormcgee

Chapter 1

Paul couldn’t believe he was actually doing this. The otter was finally meeting up with an ABDL hypnotist. He couldn’t help but feel nervous as he approached the apartment. It looked normal from the outside. It even had some flower baskets and a welcome mat. Although, he wasn’t sure why he would expect anything different. It’s not as if there was going to be a big sign saying “Kinky Hypnosis”. 


Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, Paul took a deep breath and knocked on the door. A few moments passed and finally the door opened. In front of Paul stood a large female polar bear. Paul’s nerves sky rocketed. He was nervous enough already without the hypnotist being a giant compared to him.  He had made up his mind to leave when the bear started speaking to him. Her name was Jessica and her voice was so soft and warm. It almost reminded him of his mother. Thoughts of leaving vanished from his mind as he followed Jessica inside. 


Once inside, Paul was instructed to lay down on Jessica’s couch. Upon laying down, they began to discuss what he really wanted from a hypnosis session. They talked for what felt like an eternity. Paul had never talked to anyone about his kinks before. It was liberating. After an hour, his nerves had disappeared. He was ready for the hypnosis.  Paul was instructed to lay down and close his eyes. Jessica’s voice began seeping into his ears, all the way to his brain. It was so relaxing. He hung on her every word. 


Some time later, Paul’s eyes flickered open. He wondered what happened. Wasn’t he just getting ready to be hypnotized? The questions continued to flood his mind until he noticed the clock. Two hours had passed! Even more strange, was that all of his clothes were gone. All of his clothes except for a diaper he hadn’t been wearing! Now he had even more questions. 


Paul was hurrying to find his clothes when Jessica walked back into the room. She instructed Paul to sit back down, oddly enough, compelling him to obey. Upon being seated, she explained what all happened during the hypnosis.  She told Paul that he was one of the easiest subjects to put under she had ever worked with. So easy, in fact, that she wanted to demonstrate the trigger she installed first hand. 


Grabbing the front of Paul’s diaper, Jessica began to gently massage. She could feel the otter’s cock begin to harden as she continued to rub, changing speeds as she did, gently caressing his dick through the padding. Paul could only moan with pleasure, no concern over the female he had just met today fondling him. He began humping her hand, feeling a need for climax, until it finally happened. Hot cum shot out into his diaper. All he could think about was great it felt, until….his thoughts…started fading away….until there was….nothing. 


Paul had forgotten to ask Jessica why she had put him in a diaper. He hadn’t even been concerned about what the trigger she installed was. A shame really. Had he questioned either of those things, he might not be in the position he was in. That position being a vacant minded adult baby sitting on the floor babbling as he played with blocks. 


You see, Jessica had always wanted two things. A sex toy and a baby. Thanks to her hypnosis, she now had both. Paul no longer would be able to refuse anything Jessica said, especially anything sexual, and along with that, anytime he climaxed, his mind would instantly regress to that of a baby. Until, of course, Jessica allowed him to grow up again. 


Paul didn’t seem to mind, however. He didn’t seem to care about anything as he chewed on a plastic rattle, giggling at the jingling noise it made. The rattle almost made enough noise to drown out the noise of his pee flooding his diaper.  All he knew, however, was his seat had just gotten a lot warmer, and he like it. Noticing a pacifier on the counter across the room, Paul began to crawl towards it, not remembering how to walk. Jessica simply giggled as the adult otter clumsily pulled himself to his feet and reached out for the pacifier. Right before Paul grabbed the pacifier, however, he stopped. There was an odd feeling in his stomach. Paul grunted and pushed. Soon enough, he felt a lot better. The break in his concentration, though, caused his legs to fail him. With a loud squish, Paul landed on his but, spreading the mess. Tears welled in his eyes and Paul began to wail. 


Jessica quickly scooped her little otter toy up and caressed his back as she carried him to a changing table. Removing the tapes from the diaper, she lowered the front of the diaper, careful to not spread the mess anymore. She quickly cleaned him up, trying to avoid the smell as much as she could and decided it was time for her to have some grown up fun. Leaning over towards Paul’s ears she whispered the command for him to grow up again.


Paul blinked a few times before looking up at Jessica. He couldn’t remember what all had happened but he felt very attracted to her. Scooping him into her arms, Jessica carried Paul into her bedroom, grabbing another diaper along the way. Once in the bedroom, she sat Paul on the bed and began to strip. Taking off her top, her large tits bounced up and down, finally free. Next came her pants. She turned around so Paul could see her ass as she lowered her panties, letting him get a good look. Paul’s cock began to throb again as he looked on. 


Jessica laid down on the bed next to Paul, and raised her legs in the air. Paul wasted little time as he took his tongue and began servicing his mistress. Gently caressing every inch of her clitoris, making her wet and lubricated as he did. Once she was sufficiently wet, he inserted his cock, thrusting as deep as he could into the polar bear. Jessica moaned in ecstasy, as Paul’s cock tickled her clit. Closer and closer he got to cumming until, finally with one last thrust, he coated Jessica’s vagina with his cum. 


Basking in the afterglow, Paul laid down next to Jessica, his mind slipping away again. Knowing what was happening, Jessica quickly wrapped his lower regions in a diaper, just as he drifted off to sleep. Jessica nestled in beside him and decided to sleep as well. She knew she would awaken tomorrow morning to a stinky, gurgling otter, but she didn’t care. She had what she wanted and deep down, so did Paul. 


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