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The Office, again.

by Haxsaw

The Office, again.

The clock hanging above and directly behind her is ticking louder than usual or was it me? Stephanie you need shut up so I can move on to the next patient.
She stood, extending a grateful hand of thanks. Dr. Haxsaw took it up, remembering the blue balls and the sensation she fully realized yet never totally recalled. "And we are so much closer.... because of you! I cannot thank you enough."
The good doctor was seated behind his desk, peering out appearing relaxed yet no where close to that trip. He curtly told her should she ever need assistance to please call, 24/7. Stephanie smiled and was seemingly to have eyes verging on tear. She thanked him again and left the office. As soon as the office door closed he went and sighed. Swearing several times he thought of his daughter.
The handshake worked. It worked too well. Che-Che the house keeper watched as Ellyn the daughter was blanked out, dazed and passive, obedient to every word the good doctor stated.
"Sir the briefcase is ready at the door," she stated. As of such Ellyn repeated the words, over and over. Dr. Haxsaw thanked the house keeper with an indigent tone.
"Very well Che-Che, very well." Looking about the kitchen/dining room area he could see Che-Che was all done with dishes, awaiting Dr. Haxsaw's departure.
I happen to get some hard working Mexican lady I cannot keep up with and now this! the good doctor grumbled. As Che-Che swept over to the rear of the kitchen he, in turn, snapped his fingers, awaking his daughter. Appearing daunted for a moment Ellyn giggled, then asked if daddy would still co-sign for the sports car? The good doctor already felt his stomach become bitter.
Placing a hand on her shoulder he explained, "Some other time, dear."
Ellyn the daughter fumed, storming out of the room for school. A sound of the front door slamming was heard. Che-Che was soon standing behind him.
"So many patients you help each day yet you cannot control one kid. Here's your lunchbox as you wanted, sir." So this brought him to the office and what else could go wrong this pleasant day? Outside it was raining.
Stepping outside the office Dr. Haxsaw looked at a 37 year old man. Just stepping out let him get away from that horrid ticking of the clock! "Next!"
With the door shut he faced a slightly overweight 37 year old man who went by the name of EMG. He sank, not sat, sank, into Dr. Haxsaw's office chair. He rested his hands across his belly and hummed several times. The good doctor had out a pen and paper. "How can I do for you today, friend?"
"Yeah, got pains across my chest when I breathe fast and got this stomach churning so much I think my insides are like a Korean blender. I need something to calm down at night and I need it fast!"
Dr. Haxsaw dropped his pen and paper. This guy seen a freaking medical doctor? he murmured. "I see. How does it make you feel to be at home?" EMG wheezed. In desperation he explained he was divorced and what family he had was out to get him, what with demands, demands, demands! It was then Dr. Haxsaw thumped the desktop.
After releasing a litany of swear words Dr. Haxsaw proclaimed, "There! I know pain as this, EMG! Jeez' I come into this office each and every day. What of it?" Dr. Haxsaw tossed his paper and pen. I handle many clients- solving troubles yet at home, at my home....." It was then Dr. Haxaw released a crazed laughter. He rose from his seat and stared EMG in the eyes. "I know the guillotine will drop any moment!"
EMG became sympathetic. He listened. After so much time it was arranged EMG would go speak with Dr. Haxsaw's daughter and Dr. Haxsaw would go meet EMG's former wife. "Look! Let's hold nothing back!" he proclaimed, pulling out his lunch box and revealing a six pack of Bud. "You any good at hypnosis?" EMG shrugged his shoulders. "Tell you what, EMG, you tell my next patient you are filling in. You succeed in getting her in trance and all then tell you what. Go start a cyber web site, see?" The good doctor was tapping the desktop. "Call it some name or what not. Call it something really, really warped! Lets face it! Our lives are really, really warped. See if a hobby like that will take your troubles off your mind." The good doctor squinted his face. "Should nothing come of it you and I can become drinking buddies."
As in all stories the former wives were suddenly very happy, the doctor's daughter wanted a yearly bus token, Che-Che was suddenly promoted and warpmymind.com was inaugurated to become the number one hypnosis site the world had ever known. Those office visits with Stephanie were so nice.


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