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The Forest(Tentacle Sex)

by mikufan4life

The Forest(Tentacle Sex)

It was the last week of July, and once again Amanda found herself deep in the middle of nowhere on yet another annual family camping trip. Despite her natural inclination toward all things "girly", she never completely dismissed the tomboy that lurked deep inside, and it was during these week long family vacations that her rarely seen appreciation for all things dirty would be allowed to surface. Unfortunately, after 10 years of living in the warm glow of the "only child" spotlight, her parents blessed the family with not one, but two baby boys, and Amanda felt like Cinderella (pre glass slipper) when she was thrust into the role of housekeeper, maid, and full-time nanny. So now, the once peaceful family camping trips had become just a lot of extra work, and her complaints were ignored as all modern conveniences were stripped away in the quest of simplicity and "roughing it". With necessity being the mother of invention, Amanda quickly learned that a busy schedule, along with some less than inviting solo activities, meant that she could regain some of the control and privacy that would have otherwise slipped away.

Mandy had turned 22 in April, was awarded her B.A. in Plant Biology in June (an interest that was developed during these very camping trips with her family), and was now near the end of a two month "time out" to decide whether she would start working, or continue with graduate school and on to her PhD. Her parents, of course, supported the latter of the two choices, and offered to keep paying all of her expenses as long as she was in active pursuit of higher education. Although she knew she could, Amanda had no intention of getting by on her stunning looks and charismatic personality, and feeling like she proved it with the achievement of her degree, the thought of six more years of studying was a little hard to swallow. Despite a long list of pro's and con's for either decision, her father's argument was the most convincing when he imparted his painful truth, telling her that her framed diploma and a short, tight skirt might be just enough to help land her a job answering phones at the nearby nursery. But for now, Mandy remained undecided, and her parents put all talk of her future aside as they let the seclusion of nature reboot and refresh both their minds and spirits.

It was an unusually warm Wednesday morning, and was the beginning of her and her family's third full day of camping. The remote location of the campsite gave Amanda a much needed week-long pass from the almost non-stop text and voice messages she received from her friends. However the quiet she enjoyed from the lack of digital proximity was offset by the non-stop intrusion of her closer analog circle, and the constant presence of her parents and brothers made it impossible to find the type of core penetrating rest and relaxation she was really in need of. After 2 nights and 3 days of family togetherness, Amanda was ready for some alone time, and she excused herself after breakfast saying that she was going to go out hiking and put her education to use while doing some practical field study. She offered to her family that if anyone was interested in spending 5 or 6 hours listening to her name all the different plants along the way, they were more than welcome to tag along. Relieved that her companions remained silent, she stood up, grabbed a bottle of water, and quickly disappeared into the woods.

It was common for Amanda to venture out alone during their week long stays in the wilderness, so her parents put up no resistance to her taking a solo day-trip. There was no trail or path to guide her, but the familiar landmarks of trees, boulders, hills, and streams were all she needed to find the secret place that she had first stumbled upon 9 years before, but kept undisclosed ever since. The 50 minute hike required continual climbing, crawling, sliding, and balancing, and it didn't take long before she was completely covered with mud and debris from the forest around her. Staying true to her word, she took some time to identify the many plants along the way, and she felt a new sense of connection with the forest as she applied the knowledge she had gained at college with an activity that felt like anything but work. Mandy was tired and filthy as she pushed her way through the last patch of overgrown brush, but her effort was rewarded when she was greeted by the unspoiled vision of her private, secluded, beautiful little pond. She walked to the water's edge, and felt a slight tinge of guilt as she prepared to disturb the glass-like surface that was perfectly reflecting both the canopy of trees around her, and the clear blue sky above.

Just as in years past, Amanda was once again sitting atop her favorite boulder, and as a feeling of contentment washed over her, she enjoyed a moment of uninterrupted peace before beginning to unlace her hiking boots. She removed and placed her boots next to her, and then stuffed her socks inside them for safe keeping. Barefoot, she jumped off the rock, took two steps in the soft mud that lined the shore, and then dipped her foot in the still pond to test the temperature of her waiting bath. As usual, it wasn't even close to being warm, and the frigid water made her quickly pull her foot back while causing tiny shivers to appear across her skin. Amanda stood alone and conflicted as the tomboy of her youth struggled to take control from the woman she had become, and then finally winning out when she convinced herself not to let her adult femininity keep her from enjoying her yearly dose of childlike freedom. Slowly and methodically, she began to psyche herself up as she prepared for her revitalizing swim.

Once back at the boulder, Mandy pulled apart the snap at the waist of her cargo shorts, and then unzipped the fly before sliding them to the ground. She reached over to place them on top of her boots, and even though she knew she was completely alone, she took a thorough survey of her surroundings before continuing with her shirt. The buttons slipped out easily from their worn holes, and despite it being covered with remnants of the forest, she neatly folded her white cotton top before setting it down beside her other dirty clothes. Now standing at the water's edge in only her bra and underwear, she looked down and took in the sight of her own pristine reflection.

Amanda didn't spend a lot of time in the sun, and although it lacked the tan radiance that was so important to her friends, her pale skin retained the soft, wrinkle-free appearance that it had when she was younger. She always felt more comfortable in loose fitting clothes, so except for a couple of her luckiest dates, nobody had any idea just how shapely her body had become since growing out of her awkward, teenage lankiness. Her firm ass, taught stomach, and proud, 34C breasts gave her no reason for body image issues, and she found it hard to relate with the girls that seemed to be so obsessed with theirs. Her confidence with her body didn't preclude her modesty, however, and even though she was undoubtedly alone, she was still outside, so she kept her plain, white cotton panties and matching bra on as she prepared to swim in her private pool.

Finally accepting how cold it was going to be, Amanda stopped hesitating as she made a short run into the water, quickly followed by a shallow dive that left her fully submerged beneath the now rippled surface. A deep gasp was followed by a high pitched scream when her head reemerged, but with her usual determination, Mandy continued to swim while her body got used to the frigid bath around her. As she splashed around, the grime of the last 3 days washed off, and it wasn't long before the water had not only cleansed her skin, but her mind as well. Overcome by memories of years past, her feeling of rejuvenation was briefly replaced by the sense of discovery and excitement she had felt when she first found this spot almost a decade ago. In a childlike trance, Amanda continued to float, splash, and swim around for almost 2 hours before finally feeling relaxed enough to go back and rejoin her family at their camp.

With her feet slowly sinking into the shallow, muddy bottom of the pond, she stood motionless as the fading ripples across the water's surface lustily lapped at her toned thighs. Amanda began shivering, and was now feeling uncomfortably exposed in just her bra and underwear. Conscious of her appearance, she looked down, and noticed that the small pieces of thin, white cotton she was wearing were now soaked through, and had become almost transparent as they clung to her skin. Feeling foolish and a bit prude, she questioned why she still felt it necessary to keep this last bit of clothing on as she swam and bathed in total seclusion. Whatever the reason, she knew that these under garments would have to dry out before she set out on the long hike back to camp.

Amanda carefully made her way out of the water, and was once again standing on the muddy shore alongside the boulder that continued to display the clothes she had arrived in. With the same caution as before she looked around for prying eyes, and when confident that she was alone, she slid off her underwear, unclasped and removed her bra, and then hung them both on a nearby tree branch that was basking in the warmth of the midday sun. For the 9th time in as many years, Mandy stood alone in the deep forest, dripping and naked, with nothing to do but wait while her impromptu bikini was left hanging out to dry. Her arms were folded across her bare, goose pimpled chest, and she bounced from one foot to the other while trying to control the slight shivering that resulted from her chilling swim. She decided that a little exploration might help warm her up and kill some time, so she began to forge a path toward the far side of the pond. While concentrating on her footing, something on the forest floor caught her attention, and she forgot about everything else as she walked over to investigate.

Lying atop a bed of moss and decaying leaves, she found a curious stretch of vine that seemed oddly out of place. The vine itself was almost completely smooth, with the exception of a few flat leaves that grew scattered along its length, which each had small rounded protrusions that extended out from, and past, the leaves themselves. The bright green color suggested to Amanda that the plant spent a lot of time in the light, but seeing as how it was laying along the ground, she didn't know how the sun could ever reach it. Her curiosity got the best of her, and thinking that she may have found some kind of new plant species, she leaned over, reached her hands around the vine's circumference, and lifted it off the ground to get a closer look. She stood there for a moment carefully studying her discovery before she was suddenly startled out from her deep focus.

Unclear of how or when it happened, she found that the vine was now lying heavily across her feet. Unsteadied by its movements, she fell back as the slick root began to twist around her ankles. Then, while holding Amanda in place, it carefully slithered up along her soft, stubble covered legs. She let go of the section of the plant that she was holding, but instead of dropping to the ground, the thick vine moved across her stomach and tightly wrapped around her narrow waist. As she lay there naked and somewhat immobile, her mind remained focused on determining exactly what type of plant she had stumbled upon, and gave no thought to the possibilities that it might have in store for her.

Gently but forcefully, the vine lifted Amanda, then moved and positioned her against the nearest tree, twisting around her wrists as it held her arms out and against the rough bark of the massive trunk. As the plant continued to secure her against the abrasive post, Amanda was busy taking mental notes so she might later investigate and research her strange captor. Unlike her scientific state of mind, Amanda's ripe body gave in to a more instinctual reaction, and she willfully succumbed to the vine's suggestive manipulations. As it slid gently across her naked chest, the plant enticed her light pink nubs with its own protrusions, and her usually puffy nipples began to stiffen and extend straight out from her pale, firm breasts. She did nothing to try to stop her body's heightened arousal, and Mandy continued with her "anal-ization" while the thick growth easily had its way with her.

Encountering no resistance, the plant eased apart her legs, and she was content to watch while the engorged rounded end of the vine moved up along her thigh, searching for the moist opening that was hidden beneath her own thick, tangled bush. As Amanda felt the smooth end of the vine slide in between her folds, she wished that she could be a more active participant, instead of being held tight against the sturdy tree that supported her. Rhythmically, the vine's thickness began to thrust itself in and out of her tight, slick pussy, and it was joined by two smaller growths that found their way to her chest, which then skillfully circled and tugged on her swollen, extended tits. With no desire to stop her botanical assailant, she allowed the plant to explore every inch of her naked body, and was finally consumed with the pleasure that it had so expertly provided. Though she wasn't a virgin, for the first time in her 22 years Mandy's body was convulsing in an involuntary fit of passion, and she finally understood why her friends devoted so much time to boys, and not nearly enough time to their studies.

As quickly as she was bound, Amanda was released, and although she was still a little numb from being freshly violated, she finally felt the deep sense of well being that she had been searching for. Seeing the soft patch of moss in front of her, she decided to sit down, and in a gesture of reciprocation, she let her eyes and hands roam over the foliage of her unspoiled surroundings. Mandy waited, but was disappointed when the forest didn't offer to claim her again. Discouraged but hopeful, she stood back up and returned to the boulder that held her belongings. Still hanging from the branch, Amanda's bra and underwear were almost completely dry and ready for her to put on. Instead of covering herself back up, however, she decided to gather her clothes and carry them with her as she wandered naked, away from the pond. Just like on her journey in, Mandy carefully negotiated her path back out, only this time she was acutely aware of the explicit view she was offering as she tried to entice another "natural" encounter.

After taking her time, Amanda eventually found herself within earshot of her family's campsite, and she stopped to get dressed before reluctantly rejoining them. Without offering the details of how she made her decision, that night around the campfire, Amanda told her parents that she was going to continue with her education, and she knew with 100 percent certainty that biology was to be her chosen field. Later, while lying naked and alone in her small tent, Mandy began to plan for a most unforgettable thesis paper, and decided her first experiment would involve the effect of bare flesh and moonlight as it pertains to the passionate movements of the uncharted forest.


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