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From chatter to sissy

by horneyslaafje

From chatter to sissy

This is the start of what is perhaps a new series. Please comment, and don't copy without WMM's permission, or perhaps mine. I worked very hard on it. I hope you all enjoy it.

I lived a normal life; I had some strange sexual urges, but managed to suppress them most of the time, until I met my mistress.
It was a nice day, sun in the sky, perfect weather. I was inside, not really noticing this, jerking away at my computer. That day I had dared to visit the more dirty sites, and eventually I dared to enter the chatroom. Everyone was so nice to me; they all had strange ideas, but stayed nice about mine. I chatted for perhaps an hour when my mistress logged on and I asked her, as the newbie, what porn videos she would recommend. She played along, being very nice to me, not at all like she would act later; she simply told me to try audio files for a change and gave me a link. I clicked it, and I was away.
I woke up, completely naked, the words sissy slut drawn on my belly with a red marker. I was sitting in front of my computer. Then, words appeared on screen, it seemed like I was in private chat with someone.
‘Hello, aroused sissy?’ my mistress had typed and just like that my cock became hard.
‘Yes, very hard.’ I typed before I could help myself.
‘Oh good, this is going to be fun.’ She typed.
‘But what are you going to do to me?’ I asked.
‘I’m going to train you to be a sissy slut, my little whore.’ She replied.
I wanted to click away, but I couldn’t for some reason.
‘And don’t even try to flee, I had you hypnotized good, there is no way you can resist.’ She added.
‘What have you done?’ I typed.
‘You enjoyed a nice hypnosis session, that way I could install some triggers and more. You alike sissy porn I think, don’t you? Women telling you what a slut you are? That gets you off.’ She typed.
‘But how do you know?’ I typed to my mistress, and then I looked at the screen, afraid of what might come because somehow I felt like I already knew.
‘You told me.’ She answered, and I was not surprised. But she was not finished. ‘You also told me something else, something even more interesting.’
‘What is it?’ I typed quickly, but my mistress was not in such a haste, it took a long time before she replied: ‘What did you just say? What did you forget?’
‘I’m sorry,’ I typed, ‘but I don’t know!’
‘Mistress! You didn’t call me mistress; you haven’t for the entire conversation! That calls for punishment: hypnosis-whip now!’
As soon as I read it a painful blow struck my ass, and another, and another. I was on my feet, having my ass whipped over and over again.
‘Stop effect now.’ My mistress finally typed.
‘Oh thank you mistress!’ I replied as fast as I could.
‘Now, as I was saying, you told me some interesting things … like the dildo you bought last year. You paid cash; it was the first holiday without your parents, your nineteenth … late if you ask me. You saw the long black dildo in the window, you told me, and your mouth began to water, your dick became stiff. Off course you made up excuses in your mind, it was an erotic store, so you convinced yourself it was something else, but you knew, you knew it very well. Admit it sissy, now!’ she typed back.
‘Yes mistress, I admit.’ I typed.
‘You admit to what?’ she asked me, sounding like she wanted my to add something.
‘I admit I loved the sight of the dildo.’ I typed.
‘NO, no, no, no. You saw it, and you wanted to suck it, you needed to own it and in your ass. You wanted to fuck yourself, long and hard, you wanted to submit to it! Admit it!’ she replied.
‘Yes mistress, I admit.’ I typed, my cock so stiff. I was so humiliated, and so aroused.
‘Well, you had a problem didn’t you sissy? You needed another one, you wanted to be gang-raped, and you know it. But after you got home you couldn’t get yourself to buy another dildo, you know everyone in town, and they know you. So I have helped you. I haven’t told you, and perhaps I should … when you were under trance I got so much financial information from you, and also your address. So I ordered a nice long dildo for you, pink this time.’ My mistress typed.
When I had finished reading it I was so, so aroused, I had to stroke my cock a little, though I wasn’t entirely sure why. I was afraid, I knew someone would come along with the order any second, and I was sure my mistress wouldn’t let me put on clothes to answer the door.
‘You are probably wondering when my package will arrive. Well, a friend of mine works at the post office, and he told me he would bring you my present, but under one condition. You see, he doesn’t believe in hypnosis, so he asked for a demonstration. You know what you will have to do. And the best thing is: he can be here any second!’
I was so scared, and it became even worse when I saw my mistress was typing something else.
‘First off I want you to make some extra drawings on your face, I want ‘’cum here’’ on your left cheek, with an arrow pointing to your mouth. Also I want you to write ‘’welcome my master’’ on your chest.’
I wanted to object, but within a second I was gone, writing where she told me. Then I sat down at the computer again.
‘I’m back and did as you asked.’ I typed.
‘Good, now it’s five past eight, your package should have been here five minutes ago so you can just wait. Oh and if it isn’t clear my dumb fuck-toy, I want you to do anything he says, suck and fuck good, make me proud.’ My mistress typed.
I waited, my stomach titling and my cock still hard, no matter what I thought off. Then, the bell rang, I informed my mistress, who made me feel the whip again.
‘Where are you waiting for then?’ she typed.
With a sore ass I stepped to the door and opened it, the man at the other end wore a postal uniform, and seemed immediately intrigued by my appearance. I must have looked so stupid, naked with dirty text written all over my body.
‘Wow, it seems she was right, hypnosis is real. But you’ll understand I have to test. GET ON YOUR KNEES!’
And so I got on my knees, he put his package down and instructed me to open up another present first. He pointed towards his pants.
‘Now this package you’ll really enjoy, open it!’ He said.
I opened his pants, then I pulled the underwear down. In front of me hung a large cock, only a tad smaller than the ten inch dildo I had bought when I had been on vacation.
‘Suck it slut! Suck off the mailman!’ its owner shouted.
And without another doubt I took it into my mouth, I sucked on it like my life depended on it. First I gently kissed the tip, the I licked it from the balls to the tip. He moaned so hard, and then I took it all the way in.
‘OH! I LOVE HYPNOSIS!’ he yelled.
I gave a very sloppy blowjob, my saliva dripped onto the ground, I loved it, I loved the hypnotist who made me – no – allowed for me to do this.
‘TURN AROUND AND BEND OVER!’ the man yelled.
I did as asked and then, with a flash of pain and with only his pre-cum as lube, he jammed it in. I screamed so loudly that I was sure my neighbours would hear. I didn’t care, for a moment I even fantasized about sucking them off. My ass was pounded over and over, I yelped and moaned until at last his cock began to throb and he filled my asshole with his hot cum.
He made me suck off his cock, he wanted me to clean it good. Then he closed up his pants, gave me my package with a broad smile. With cum dripping from my ass and my cock still so hard I took it and watched his leave. I licked my lips, the opened the package. Without looking at it for long I began to lick it, then I pushed it in my ass.
I looked at the computer and wondered what was in store for me.


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