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Just one of the girls

by jessielynn

Just one of the girls

My name is Tiffany. I'm a crossdresser. I make no apologies for it.
I love to dress, and I love to show off.

My work as a contract engineer gives me a lot of freedom and privacy.
Most of the time, I work from home. I also earn a lot of money, so I
don't have to work all the time. This gives me plenty of time to indulge
my hobbies. And the one hobby I indulge is dressing.

It helps that I'm young (24), small, and slim (5'7", 125 pounds). At
home, I dress maybe 2 or 3 days a week. I sometimes go out as Tiffany,
too. After all, practice makes perfect. I even let my hair grow long,
so I don't have to wear a wig. When I need to be "masculine", I can just
tie it back in a ponytail.

Eventually, I became completely addicted to dressing. I started to show
off to the world in things that I would never have worn when I started.

Don't get me wrong. I still like girls. I like watching them, and I like
fucking them. But, there's something about dressing up like a wanton slut,
and looking for men. It seems that the more outrageously I dress, the more
I want a man to fill me. Unfortunately, I wasn't secure enough to go
that far too often. I had only had two men as Tiffany.

Then, one day, I read this ad:

"Do you desire non-permanent castration? Are you tired of
letting your dick run your life, getting erect whenever it
wants to? Would you like to experience life as a eunuch,
but only for a while?

Our clinic specializes in making these dreams come true
for attractive, experienced TV's who sincerely have the
desire to expand their lives as women.

We are not a crossdressing studio. We are not a fantasy
house. We perform this very special service for those who
really need it.

For more information on our new technique, write us."

How could I pass up an offer like that.

So, I answered the ad.

About two weeks later, a reply arrived from Mistress Cori.

"Thank you for your interest in our training course. This letter will
describe the course in as much detail as is possible in writing.

If you are interested in enrolling, we have enclosed a set of application
forms. These must be filled out completely and accurately for you to be

Some background on why we run this course, and what it aims to do.
There are three categories of TVs that enroll in our course.

1) Those who wish to take that big step, but cannot for various personal
reasons. This course will give them many of the sensations of living as
a woman, without resorting to irreversible surgery.

2) Those who just wish to save themselves the worry and embarrassment of
becoming erect inside their female clothing. The course will give them the
confidence they need to extend their dressing styles and wardrobe selection.

3) Those who are ordered to by their Masters or Mistresses, or by their own
deep, humiliating desire to relinquish their manhood. For these, the course
represents the ultimate degradation. They do not merely lose their manhood,
they have it forcibly taken from them.

The course lasts 4 weeks, after which you will be unable to achieve erection.
The cost is $1000. The period of impotency varies, but is typically almost
one year. Some clients regain their function after 6 months, for a few, it
takes longer.

Only one client is under training at a time, so that we may concentrate
our efforts on him.

If you are interested, fill out this application. You must sign each page,
and have the last page notarized. Return the completed forms in the envelope
provided, along with two pictures of yourself. We will review your
qualifications and inform you of our decision."

The application was six pages long, plus the sheet to be notarized. It
started out simply enough.

Page one asked for my height, weight, and a host of other standard
physical information. Fairly boring stuff.

Page two was a short history of my transvestism. How long I had been
dressing, how I got started, where I went and what I did when dressed.

Page three asked for a complete inventory of my wardrobe and sex toys.
It asked me to list my favorite outfits, and why they were my favorites.

Page five was a complete sexual history, including some very explicit
and personal questions.

Page six asked me to write in detail why I wanted to take this course,
and what I wanted to do when I graduated. It also asked for my deepest
fantasy, and whether I had ever done anything to act it out.

Oddly, this page was the easiest to fill out.

About three weeks later, a letter arrived, from the "clinic". I ripped
it open, and read that I had been accepted!

My service was to start September 1.

There were several forms to sign. There was a 4-week employment contract,
giving my position as "domestic maid", a photo release for all pictures
including nude ones, and an indemnity against damages to the "clinic".

The letter said to return the forms along with a cashiers check for $1000.

While I waited, I started clearing my calendar for September.

It took only four days for the next letter to arrive:

"All is prepared for your treatment at the clinic. You will be be picked up
at your house at noon on September 1. During your training, you will have no
contact with the outside world. Pack nothing at all besides what you wear.
Whatever you need will be given to you."

Finally, September 1 arrived. The first day of the rest of my life, as
they say. I dressed to the nines in my favorite taffeta party dress.
Sure enough, at noon on the dot, the doorbell rang.

I'm not sure what I expected, but this wasn't it. Two masked men stared
at me. One reached out and grabbed me, while the other plunged a syringe
into my arm. The world spun, and I blacked out.

When I awoke, I was standing in a large, luxuriously decorated parlor.
I was completely naked save for stockings and heels. My arms were bound
over my head, and my feet were secured to a board I was standing on.

In front of me was a stunning woman. She was tall, oriental, about 30.
Her eyes and hair deep black, her lips perfect red. She was impeccably
dressed in a ruby red satin evening gown and matching satin shoes.

There were several other extremely attractive women in the room, most
of them barely dressed, all of them looking at me.

"Welcome to my clinic, Tiffany. I am Mistress Cori, but you will always
refer to me as 'Ma'am'.

"I'm sorry for the rather abrupt pick up method we use, but it is for
everyone's protection. The same apology applies to your current situation.
As soon as a few things are settled, you will be released.

"As you have probably guessed, I run a brothel, and these are my girls.
Evenings, we are open for business, and the girls are busy with their
customers. However, as a sideline, we have developed the training course
you are about to undergo."

Her words just kind of flowed through me. I was still groggy, I guess from
whatever they had used to knock me out.

She was still talking.

"Over the next four weeks, my girls and I will take away your ability to
achieve an erection. Having seen enough hard dicks in our work, we love our
hobby, and are *very* good at it.

"You may think that this is impossible to do, but we have found our methods
to be quite reliable. After we are done with you, no amount of stimulation
will give you an erection.

"We will also be doing a few other modifications on you, based on what we
read in your application.

"Our techniques involve both physical and psychological treatments, behavior
modification, and a certain amount of pain and humiliation. We also use
several interesting mechanical aids to assist us in our work.

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Very good. Your training begins today. While you are here, my girls and
I will have complete control over every second of your life - asleep or awake.

"Michelle, bring the 'Persuader' here."

One of the women got up and brought over a metal contraption that looked
like a padlock. She clamped it on around the base of my shaft behind my
balls, and fastened it.

Ma'am continued: "This is a strain gauge. When it senses you becoming erect,
it will start a series of shocks. The shocks will grow in strength as long
as you stay hard. They will start mildly, but can become quite severe.
As your training progresses, the controls will be set to more sensitive
levels, to give stronger shocks and punish even smaller erections.

"It also has a security device to prevent you from trying to leave the house.
Last but not least, it has a fairly sophisticated remote control, so we can
use to perform other ... funtions.

"Michelle, why don't you demonstrate it's use for Tiffany?"

Michelle reached down and seductively stroked my cock, making it stiffen.
Immediately, pain ripped through me, which deflated it again.

Michelle and Mistress Cori smiled just a little bit.

"Now, let me explain the other rules of my house.

"You will be working as a handmaiden to the rest of the girls. Anything
they need, you will get for them. You will bathe and dress them whenever
they wish, and you will do anything else for or with them that they wish.
Be aware that all of my girls are participating in your training. They will
go out of their way to get you horny and hard any time of the day or night.
The more stimuli you get, the more you get shocked, and the faster you
will be conditioned. Each night, you will be given a sleeping pill when
you go to bed. This will not only insure that you sleep soundly, it will
help stop those morning hard-ons.

"Is this all clear to you?"

My head was still spinning, both from the drugs, and the pain.

"Yes, Ma'am."

"You will be staying with Michelle and Dorothy. They will take you to your
quarters now."

The two girls untied me, took my hand and led me down the hallway.

Dorothy said, "Don't worry about Ma'am. She's always a little brusque
when it comes to giving orders." Winking to Michelle, she added, "I'm
sure you'll have a great time living with us. Just think of yourself
as 'one of the girls', which you soon will be."

"Here we are," she continued, opening a door at the end of the hall.
"Home sweet home."

It was a nice bedroom, plenty big for the three of us.

And so life started as "one of the girls."

It really was wonderful, living out a real fantasy life. I was always
dressed in something sleek and sexy, and I was always surrounded by
beautiful women. I never knew what the girls would dress me in on
any particular day. Sometimes, I was only allowed to wear stockings
and heels. Other times, I would be wearing a formal evening gown
with elegant jewelry. Still other times, they would take great delight
in putting one of their short, sexy slut dresses on me. Sometimes,
they even made me wear leather bondage all day long.

The only thing that dimmed my enthusiasm for this new lifestyle was
that I never seemed to get my head about me. The days rolled by in
a fog, although I must admit I was happy.

Mistress Cori kept her word. Whenever one of her girls passed me,
they almost always stopped to stroke or suck me. As soon as I hardened,
the persuader would "correct" my behaviour, and the girl would grin and
move on.

Once in a while, several of the girls would "ambush" me, tie me down,
and try to gang-rape me. I hated this because it hurt like hell.
But, I just told myself that they were doing it for my own good.
So, although I never really looked forward to it, I accepted it.

The one thing they never let me do, however, was come.

After a week or so, I had pretty much settled into my new life. I was
quite comfortable as a girl, and in fact, could barely remember being
a man at all. It seemed more an more natural for me to be wearing 5"
heels, sexy lingerie, and a dress that barely covered me.

Although I was supposed to be a handmaiden for the girls, it seemed
like they spent more time taking care of me. They picked out clothes
for me every day, always something really sexy. They did my makeup,
nails, and hair for me, and taught me how to be better at doing them
for myself.

They were doing other things for me, too. Cindy was giving me voice
lessons, to help me talk more like a woman. Julia gave me a cream to
rub into my breasts twice a day to help them grow. It seemed to be
working, I guess. After a couple of days, I could see a definite swelling.

OK, two swellings.

The persuader worked very well. It was now quite rare to get erect,
although the girls continued to try their best. I liked it. The pain
notwithstanding, I *wanted* to not get hard. It pleased Ma'am and the
girls. It pleased me, too. It just looked bad when I was hard; it
ruined the lines of whatever beautiful dress the girls had given me
to wear for the day.

It was an accomplishment to hold out longer and longer.

Somewhere, deep down, this puzzled me. I had always been proud of my
cock. Why was I enjoying this treatment? Why did I want my breasts
to grow? It seemed like the right thing, but why? I was a man, after
all. Men don't have breasts.

I didn't really know why; I was still confused about so many things.

On the eighth day of my training, Mistress Cori said she had a surprise
for me.

"Since you have been doing very well in your training, so we are going
to advance you up to the next level."

This pleased me extraordinarily. I wanted to do well, to please Mistress.

She led me downstairs, into a room I had never been in before. The room
was fairly small, but luxurious. There was no furniture at all, save
for a strange table-like contraption in the middle.

She motioned me to go to it.

The table was small, about 2 feet long and 18 inches wide. The top was
padded and curved, and was supported by two large springs, rather than
legs. The entire table was at an angle, about 45 degrees.

In front of the upper end of the table was a large block with a very
realistic looking dildo attached to it, and two handles on the side.
On the floor behind the table were two pairs of straps with complicated
looking buckles.

"Tiffany, meet your next challenge.

Every pretty girl needs to know how to satisfy a man orally. Here, you
will learn how."

I immediately saw was it was for, and smiled.

"This cock is specially designed with sensors inside it. It knows what
makes a good blow job, and rewards you for it. You will be required to
train here at least three times a day, although you can feel free to
come down any time you want to practice even more.

"You *do* want to be good at this, don't you?"

Of course I did. She was right. Every pretty girl needs to be able to
satisfy her man. And that's what I was; a pretty girl.

Mistress Cori motioned again, and I knelt down, laying on the table. My
knees and lower legs were strapped to the floor, and my hands gripped the
handles. As my weight settled on the table, the top pivoted down, bringing
my mouth to the phallus.

"Your legs must be strapped in and your hands must be gripping the handles
for the machine to work. And it will not unlock your legs until you have
satisfied it. But, unlike a real man, it will perform as often as you
want, without sleeping in between."

I felt someone pushing something into my ass. It was small and slipped
right in, then I forgot about it.

From here, there was only one thing to do: suck the dildo.

And suck I did. As soon as I wrapped my lips around it, I felt at ease.
That dildo became the center of my world. I was so absorbed that I didn't
even notice that most of the girls had come down to watch my performance.

I sucked and sucked, making love to the dildo with everything I had, when
suddenly, just like a real cock, the dildo surged and pumped a load of cum
into my mouth. Simultaneously, the probe inside my ass shocked me, and I
came myself.

It was beyond description. I hadn't realized how much I had pent up
inside of me. I had been constantly aroused for more than a week, with
no way to relieve myself. The cum just flowed out of me endlessly.

Sandra stepped up with a tissue, and gently wiped me clean.

With some pride, I noticed that I hadn't gotten even a little bit hard.

I just lay there for a while, savoring the cock inside my mouth. Despite
how incredible it had been, I couldn't help thinking how much nicer it
would be if it were real and not plastic.

Sandra untied my legs, and helped me up, a little reluctantly. I didn't
want to leave this just yet.

"Did you enjoy that, dear? You already seem quite good at it; you're
a natural. I guess I forgot to mention that every time you make the
machine cum, it will make you cum, too.

"Your three required training sessions are immediately after breakfast,
early afternoon, and evening. And don't forget that you can come down
and practice any time you want."

I knew I'd like that.

And so my daily routine changed a little. The girls continued my training.
They still went out of their way to try to arouse me, which did make me
horny, but not hard. I learned to be a good sucker, so that I could get
my sexual relief. I couldn't get enough of it. In addition to my three
required sessions daily, and the few times the girls would rile me up
then strap me into the trainer, I went down myself often.

After some fumbling around the first time, I got pretty good at putting
the anal probe in myself, which meant I could get satisfied quicker.

After another week of this, it became natural for me to suck a cock.
It became my new way to masturbate. Whenever I was horny, I simply
went down to my loving machine and relieved myself.

At the end of the week, Mistress Cori really surprised me again.
She called me from my room, and asked me if I wanted to suck a real cock.

I eagerly nodded. I had been waiting for this for a long time.

Then, she said, tonight I was to work with the rest of the girls.

Wow. Would I be up to this? I was dying to find out.

Dorothy took me back to the room to pretty me up. We bathed together
in a beautifully scented bubble bath. We shaved each other's legs.
She shaved the rest of me to make sure that I was silky smooth.

Next, she dressed me. Since I was working tonight, I needed to wear
some "work" clothes.

"What would you like to wear for your first customer, Tiffany?"

That wasn't hard to decide.

I had always loved one of her outfits in particular. It was a black
patent leather corset, very tight and very heavily boned, with a little
black lace tu-tu attached. But unlike most tightlaced corsets, the top
of the this one was formed and fitted to your breasts.

That was the reason I had never tried it on; I didn't have real breasts
to fill it out.

When I told her this, she said, simply, "don't worry about it dear,
I'm sure it will be fine."

She told me to turn around, and started to lace me into the corset.
This took about 10 minutes; by the time she was done, my waist was
down to about 22".

Next she picked out a pair of sheer black stockings and slid them up my
legs, attaching them to the garters on the bottom of the corset.

She also got out a pair of bright red satin panties, and gave them to
me with a smile. This was the first time I had been allowed to wear
panties since I had arrived. I wondered why.

She told me to pick out some shoes; I had the perfect pair in mind.
They were 6" heeled black patent sandals with a dainty little ankle
strap and a patent leather bow.

Last, she helped me put on my makeup and select some jewelry to match
my outfit. The makeup was moderately heavy, with a special lipstick
that wouldn't rub off easily. Jewelry was simple; a pair of short
rhinestone earrings, and a black velvet choker with a large pearl on
the front.

When we were finished, I looked at myself and realized that I was now
an incredibly sexy woman, on her way to please a man with her mouth.

It's what I had been waiting for for I don't know how long.

She walked me downstairs, and the girls applauded.

I was one of them now, one of the girls. Ready to take on my first
customer. I was so proud!

Mistress Cori explained how her brothel operated. The girls waited
in the "on duty" lounge, which was the parlor that I had first awakened
in when I got here. Customers came in, were greeted by Mistress Cori,
and were allowed to socialize a little with the girls.

No business was discussed with the girls at all; when he was ready,
he talked with Mistress Cori to arrange the details. He could select
a specific girl if he wished, or let Mistress Cori select one for him.

Different girls performed different services. Which ones they did was
indicated by colored beads on a pin, bracelet, or anklet worn by them.
I had seen these before, but never thought to ask what they were for.

The colors were:
white: straight sex
red: oral sex
tan: anal sex
blue: bondage submissive
black: bondage dominant
rainbow: anything goes

Tonight, I would be wearing a red bracelet, to indicate that I was
only for oral sex.

There were other arrangements for money that didn't concern me. I was
not working for money; I was "in training".

It was kind of fun, milling around with the girls, trying to seduce the
men as they came in to socialize.

When *he* arrived, I could see he was taken with me immediately. He saw
my red bracelet and smiled. When he went to see Mistress Cori, she called
me back.

"Tiffany, this is Robert. He has selected you personally tonight.
Robert, this is Tiffany's first night with us. I know she is eager to
serve you, and I hope you will be delighted with her services and come
back to visit her again."

Robert must have been here before, since he took my hand and led me
down the hall to one of the work rooms immediately.

Closing the door, he didn't waste much time. He stripped, and sat down
in the big easy chair in the corner. He was already erect, and was pretty
big, to boot.

"Don't talk, just suck."

Why was I so nervous? This wasn't the first man I'd sucked. But, somehow
this was important. It was a test of my new womanhood.

I delicately knelt down, cupped his balls in my hand, and slowly sucked
his dick into my mouth.

He closed his eyes to concentrate on my work, and I did the same.

It didn't take him long; in 5 minutes, he tensed up, then shot a huge
load of cum into my mouth. To my surprise I ejaculated myself, into
my panties. That must be why Dorothy had me wear them.

And so I satisfied my first customer.

Mistress Cori told me that he was quite impressed by my talent, even
though he was only here a short time. He was a regular customer, who
always came in for blowjobs.

After that, Mistress Cori put me on a regular schedule. I worked every
night, sometimes taking on 8 or ten customers before the night was over.
Every time my customer came, I came myself. I went through a lot of panties.

One night, she had me service a group of 8 guys that came in together and
wanted to be gang-sucked.

Another night, she had me wearing just panties, stockings, and handcuffs.
That night, the beads around my ankle included a blue one.

Robert came back a few times, and always selected me when he did.

I spent almost two weeks working for Mistress Cori, during which I sucked
about 50 cocks. Every time, I came when the customer did. Every time.
It seemed so natural, I didn't even question it.

Once I was working, I found that I didn't need the training machine
downstairs any more. It was much more satisfying to suck the real thing.

At the end of the two weeks, Mistress Cori called me into her office.

"You know that your training period is now up. Your training is complete.
You did remarkably well. In fact, you were one of my best students.
You haven't had an erection at all in two weeks, despite not wearing
the Persuader."

Wait a moment. This was about the time I started "working" with the
girls. Was that device no longer on me? I looked down and found to
my amamzement that it wasn't.

"That's right, darling Tiffany. You've been without it for 13 days,
since the night Dorothy dressed you for your first customer.

"You didn't notice, did you?"

How could that be?

"Now, it is time for you to go home again. Time to use the new skills
you have learned here.

"Before you leave, I'd like to 'debrief' you as it were. You need to know
some things about the new and improved Tiffany. For, just as you didn't
notice that you weren't wearing the Persuader, you haven't noticed a lot
of other things, either. I'll tell you both what and why.

"I'd like you to visit the trainer one more time before you leave. Follow
me, will you dear?"

She led me downstairs to the training room, and strapped me onto the device.

Sitting down, she continued her monologue.

"When you arrived here, I told you that I would be using psychological
treatments and behaviour modification. That is quite true. Perhaps you
noticed that your head has been a little fuzzy during your stay here?
That sleeping pill you took every night included a mild hypnotic similar
to scopolamine. Every night, it altered your psyche a little bit, and
made you very pliable to suggestions. Those suggestions were given to you
in the form of a pair of headphones reciting carefully scripted things
for 8 hours.

"Now, it's time to tell you about those things your subconscious now knows.

"First and foremost, we have not taken away your sexual attraction toward
women. In fact, we have done just the opposite: we have heightened it
significantly. You are still aroused by a sexy woman, and always will be.

"What we have taken away is simply your physical ability to achieve any
sexual gratification from them. We have also implanted a strong desire
to dress erotically and flirt with men."

Her words were mostly registering, but my lust was driving me to suck
the trainer's dildo-cock like never before.

"Your initial visit to this trainer set up a starting pattern; you were
tremendously aroused for a week, with no way of relieving that arousal.
When the anal probe shocked your prostate gland and made you come, you
associated it with the sensation of the dildo cumming into your mouth.

"Every night, we reinforced that psychologically. Every day, repeated
visits to the trainer reinforced it physically, until the two sensations
became inextricably linked in your mind. Since you were cross-dressed
while the training occurred, that is also a part of your new psyche.
You now need to be dressed erotically to get that thrill.

"I know you realized that you came every time one of my customers came in
your mouth. You didn't have the anal probe installed then, did you?

"You didn't realize that you had breasts, either, did you? It wasn't
the work of that so-called breast-cream that Julia gave you. It was
the result of a nightly injection of stabilized collagen. You now have
a pair of 38C breasts that will last for about 3 months before they are
re-absorbed by your body.

"Are you ready to hear the rest, Tiffany?"

I paused from my sucking, nodded yes, then resumed sucking.

"As I said, your training went extremely well. You are so well trained
that I do not know when you will be able to achieve an erection again.
If I were to guess, I'd say 5 years, maybe more. But that doesn't matter,
does it, Tiffany? You're happy with your new method of sex, aren't you?"

Once again, I paused just long enough to nod yes.

"Then, Tiffany, it's time to do you one last favor, to put the icing on
your cake."

She reached over to the trainer and pressed a button I had not seen before.
When she did, the dildo came in my mouth. This time, however, I did not
come in response. I wondered why. A few seconds later, the anal probe
shocked me.

This time, it was different, though.

The shock was much more intense, and caused me to erupt come all over the
room. I must have come more than a fluid ounce. But the shock didn't stop.
It was very painful, but still it didn't stop.

After about 5 seconds that seemed like hours, the shock stopped. I slumped
forward onto the dildo completely spent.

"That shock burned off your prostate gland. It is no longer possible to
take stimulation there to make yourself come. Since your cock has been
well trained not to get erect, you won't be able to come that way, either.
You will have to rely on the new way we've taught you. Just get a man to
come into your mouth, and sexual release is yours."

I was starting to get tired.

"You still have your mental love of women. The sight of them will arouse
and inflame you like never before, but you will be incapable of doing
anything sexual with them. Once you are aroused, it will have to be
a man's hard spurting cock that satisfies you. As you have just seen,
we have removed the programming that allows a dildo like the trainer's
to help, either. From now on, it will have to be a real man."

With that, I blacked out.

When I awoke three months ago, I was back in my own bed, in my house.

For a few minutes, I had wondered whether the whole thing had been
a dream. A wild, erotic dream.

Then I saw the bouquet of flowers on my table, with a card:

"Congratulations on your new life.
I know you'll enjoy it.


It all came back to me, including Mistress Cori's last explanation of
how the new me worked.

That was three months ago.

I spent the next week testing my limits. I could find none. Mistress
Cori had done her job well. I could not get even the slightest bit hard
no matter how much I tried.

The girls had also taught me a lot about dressing, makeup, comportment,
grace, and other things. Walking, talking, and acting like a lady were
now second nature to me.

More than that, I was genuinely uncomfortable as a man. Their clothes
were dull and irritating.

So, I started living as Tiffany. It was easy, actually. Easier than
being Tom.

The course delivered what it promised. Thanks to my penis being small and
soft all the time, I could tuck it "inside" me so that even the tiniest of
panties would cover it and hold it in.

I had plenty of clothes to go about my daily life as Tiffany. My wardrobe
was a lot bigger than even I had realized. But there were only a few things
that were really slutty. I'd need to fix that; dressing in "ordinary"
women's clothes didn't interest me any more.

Shopping was a lot more fun, now. Rather than trying to inconspicuously
browse in the background, I reveled in it. I tried on almost everything,
and asked for opinions from every salesgirl.

With my panties holding me in, I could even have them in the dressing
room with me without them noticing anything out of the ordinary. And I
liked that. I liked having women dressing me and touching me. In fact,
I was driven to be near women more and more.

So I shopped a lot, for more and more exotic things. I got to know
a lot of the salesgirls well, and they got to know me. I also spent
quite a bit of time in ladies' rooms in hotels, clubs, restaurants,
and other places. I would sit in front of the makeup tables primping
for an hour or more, all the while watching the women go by.

God, I was horny.

It was on one of my shopping expeditions nine days after my return home
that my new life was driven home to me.

I had just discovered a new store, Exotica, that specialized in exotic
dancewear and other unusual things. My kind of store.

As an added bonus, the salesgirl in it was absolutely gorgeous. She was
about 22, 5'6", and slim. She was also wearing one of the store's items.

Together, we picked out a couple of items for me to try on. One was a
simple see-thru mesh dress in teal green, with "modesty" panels that
covered my breasts and formed a panty. Next was a shiny, slinky silver
lame microdress with spaghetti straps. The waist was gathered in a faux
wrap tie, and the hem (not even mid-thigh to begin with) was slit up
the "tied" side to pelvis level.

But, the last dress was the one that caught my eye.

It was made out of shiny white spandex that looked like PVC, but stretched
and comformed beautifully. There was a high collar, a bandeau that went
around my breasts, and a tightly fitted miniskirt that went from 6" above
my hips to 6" below them. The whole thing was held together with a complex
array of 1" straps of the same material. Matching long gloves completed the
outfit. It even matched the 6" white patent fuck-me pumps I was wearing.

We must have spent 30 minutes in the dressing room together, fitting
everything just so. During that time, her hands never left my body.
She smoothed and tugged everything, far more than she really needed
to to insure that the dresses fit.

In the end, I bought all three dresses.

After she bagged everything for me and wished me a good evening, I wondered
what I was going to do. I was so horny I was going to explode soon. What
I needed was a drink.

Across the street was a fashionable gentleman's club. I had been there a
few times before as Tom. Never, though, as Tiffany.


I was still wearing my "street" clothes: a short white tailored coatdress
and those fuck-me pumps. The doorman looked at me for a while, but let
me in without a comment. I found a seat at the bar, ordered a scotch, and
hung my new purchases on the back of my chair.

I settled in to watch the show, which was just getting me even hornier.
So I decided to watch the crowd for a while. There was a man at one of
the tables who seemed fascinated by my new white dress, which was showing
through the plastic bag it was wrapped in.

It was time to test my new persona.

Borrowing a pen from the bartender, I wrote a note on a napkin that said:

"If you buy me a drink, I'll model it for you.

When his waitress next went by, I gave it to her to deliver.

His face lit up when he read it, and I saw him giving an order to the
waitress. A minute later, another scotch was delivered to his table.

Keeping my promise, I took the bag and went into the ladies' room.
I changed quickly and applied more makeup to accentuate my new look.
Luckily, there was a condom vending machine in there, so I would be
able to contain myself and not soil my new dress.

Checking myself over one last time, I went outside to meet my new friend.

He came in my mouth not 10 minutes later in the front seat of his car.
And, I came with him.

What a relief.

Now, I have a new life.

I work as a cocktail waitress in that gentleman's club every night.
The job is perfect. I get to wear outrageous clothes all the time,
I get to stare at gorgeous naked women, and I am surrounded by horny
men, most of whom will be glad to take me outside and make me come.

The dancers all know my "secret", and think it's cute. They go out of
their way to flirt with me. They know that, no matter how horny they make
me, there's nothing I can do about it. The hornier they make me, the
more men outside I'll take off their hands for the night.

And, the club is walking distance from "Hooker's Alley", even in a pair
of 6" fuck-me shoes. So, if I can't get enough at the club, I can walk
the streets afterwards. Sometimes I get five or six orgasms a night.

The best part is that I've saved up enough money to get a pair of real
breast implants, since my collagen injections will only last another month
or so. The only problem is that I can't decide whether I want to stay a 38C,
or go larger, like 42DD.

I don't miss my dick at all. In fact, I don't even think about it much
any more.

I'm just "one of the girls" now.


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