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The jock to hot

by uderiel

The jock to hot

Daniel was a jock that fit in with everyone at the school, he was the football Quarterback and he was friends with all the cheerleaders. He was small for his size but he never knew how much that would change his life when it came to the final game of the season. The cheerleading team won just as many competitions as the football team if not a few more and so they always had a bit of pull. That was until last year where somehow they got super hot instantaneously and were winning everything it seemed like. Daniel was a grade a student about to be valedictorian, that is until he ran on field as a man for the last time.
It was the second quarter and the football team was down the cheerleaders were on the softball field in a multi school cheer competition when one of the girls fell and twisted her ankle. The judges gave them a breif break to find a replacement and so the cheerleaders tore off in the direction of the most physically fit person they knew who could actually fit the cheer outfit. Daniel was on his way back to the break room in the back as usual when suddenly all the girls grabbed him and dragged him into the cheer leaders room, (new to the campus that year). he thought about resisting but was suddenly very turned on by all these woman grabbing him and planning to do who knew what. Suddenly they held him down and strapped his wrists down after all his clothes had been pulled off. one girl sucked his dick making him twitch while another girl forced her tongue down his throut making out with him aggressively. another girl started painting his toe nails which he didnt notice and another began doing the fingernails, the team colors, of course.
Daniel noticed the head cheerleader come up to him and pull the cheerleader off his dick as she sat on him cowgirl style and began to rub her hands all over his pecks till he came inside of her and passed out.
Michelle got off of his now limp dick and said its time
the girls immediately put makeup on his face which forced his face to look almost like michelles. suddenly his hair started growing super long and smooth and soft. his hand became femine and soft and his feet became much smaller. michelle pulled off a pair of her panties and pulled them up over daniels unstrapped legs watching his legs look almost just like hers before pulling snugly against daniels new vagina. his hips popping out perfect size for the cheerleaders outfits. she pulled off her bra and put it over daniel watching his cup size increase to a DD cup a little snug for the top but okay. she caressed his neck as she felt his arms and waist shrink to a sexy hot thinness of perfectly sculpted womanly abs. suddenly daniel woke up and looked at himself and started to scream till daniel kissed him on the lips and sucked out all of his intelligence and past strength into her. She became even smarter after every cheerleader she made and daniel was her crown diamond. he become dumber the longer she held it and only soaked up the leftover personality traits that michelle did not want anymore. after the kiss Daniel woke up, "you betch ur like so lucky if you think that i wouldnt like hit you or something for making me fall, you better hope this doesnt bruise!! is that what its called?" Michelle smiled, "Lets go Danielle, weve got a meet to win" Daniel blanked and froze then got the stupidest grin on his hot womans face and happily bounded out onto the field to do the routine just as planned


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