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The Guinea Pig

by jessielynn

The Guinea Pig

1 Chapter

It wasn't that long ago that Gloria Watson had been using drugs
uncontrollably and, out of despair, attempted suicide. Now her
rehabilitation was almost complete. All that remained was a departure
interview with the director of The Institute, the facility which had
saved her life and restored her to sanity. Gloria knew Dr. van Damme
by reputation only and did not know what to expect as she entered her

Dr. van Damme rose to greet Gloria. Gloria tried not to gawk. She
had known that the doctor was a woman, but that she was as strikingly
beautiful as she turned out to be. She was tall, blonde, and dressed
all in white; suit, blouse, hose, and pumps. A small name tag pinned
to her jacket said "von Damme". She wore little make-up and her hair
was gathered up in roll on her head.

"Hello Gloria. It's a pleasure to meet you at last," said Dr. van
Damme extending her hand. "I'm glad your recovery went so well."

Gloria took the proffered hand, shook it, and the two women sat down on
the couch where Dr. van Damme opened the conversation. "Gloria, I
want you to tell me in your own words what happened to you. How you
wound up here, and how your experience here will enable you to function
in the real world again."

"Well, Doctor."

"Please, Gloria, call me Justine."

"My troubles started after I married my ex-husband, Joseph Watson. He
was everything any girl could ask for. Fantastically wealthy,
handsome, and sexually insatiable. He was thirty and I was twenty.
Being young and coming from a lower middle-class family, I was in awe
of him and his wealth. I always felt inadequate around Joe and he did
everything he could to reinforce my perception. What did the marriage,
and me in, was his continual betrayal of me. Joe just could not resist
bedding any blonde with a big chest. I'm sure you've noticed that I
conform to his ideal. I later learned that he has always behaved in
this manner, why he even has a son who is almost my age; he got a girl
pregnant when he was only twelve!"

"After a year of my trying to get him to settle down, he divorced me.
I blamed myself and my shortcomings for this. He provided me an
extravagant settlement and I tried to loose myself in drugs and
alcohol. When that didn't work I tried to kill myself. A friend
shipped me here to your clinic for treatment and to avoid any scandals
in the tabloids."

Dr. van Damme poured out coffee for them. "And what have you learned
from your treatment here?"

"Well, I don't blame myself anymore. None of what happened was my
fault; it all lies with that son of a bitch. I really believe he
wanted to make it with all those women because he's really insecure
about himself. Take his height for example, Joe is only five foot
seven but always wanted to be six feet tall. I don't feel ashamed and
guilty any more. I'm mad as hell and I want to get back at him for
ruining my life and almost causing my death."

"Gloria. Surely you don't mean that."

"I certainly do Justine. I don't know yet what I will do to get even
with him, but I will spend the rest of my life trying, if that's what
it takes."

"You certainly seem determined Gloria. Perhaps we can find a way for
my organization to help."

"But Doctor, I have no more money. I'm broke."

"You needn't worry about that Gloria. Anything's possible."

Dr. van Damme produced a file. "We investigated your husband during
your stay to see if the things you told your therapist were delusions
or reality. It makes very interesting reading. He's certainly
deserving of some severe punishment, and I think it would be even more
fitting if he paid for it himself. I'm sure we can work something

"Oh Justine, could you? Would you? Joe Watson is a powerful and
wealthy man, are you sure you want to get involved?"

Dr. van Damme spoke into her intercom. "Clarice. Bring in a blank
contract form please." Then continued, "Gloria I fear no man like Joe
Watson. My organization operates in many areas, and as a result, has
made numerous friends of real influence and power. Joe Watson can't
hurt me, he can't even find me if I don't want him to. Besides I've
taken down bigger than him before. Now shall we discuss specifics?"

2 Chapter

Joe Watson followed the girl into her hotel suite. Congratulating
him-self silently, he thought, "man, what a fox. She's so hot, and I'm
just the guy to give it to her."

Joe had been captivated by her since he spotted her in his customary
pick up joint. She was all tits and ass and paraded them proudly. His
cock was as hard enough to drive nails and he couldn't wait to ram it
in her.

"Want a drink Joe?" She called from the other room.

"Sure, eh... " He couldn't remember her name. "Make it Scotch and

Joe and his date sat on the couch and sipped their drinks. He wanted
only to rip her dress off and go at it then and there. He played it
cool though, thinking he might be able to enjoy this one for more than
one night.

"Tell you what Joe, why don't I go slip into something more

She left the room and Joe thought, "Hot damn. Here we go," and downed
the rest of his drink in one gulp.

When Joe's date returned she was wearing something more comfortable; a
sweatshirt, jeans, and tennis shoes. Joe didn't seem surprised. In
fact, he didn't even notice. The girl eyed his inert form on the couch
for a moment, then dialed the number she had been given. "He's good to
go. Come and get him."

She retrieved her bag and belongings and after making sure that the
door was unlocked she departed, leaving Joe to his fate.

3 Chapter

"You can open your eyes anytime now Mr. Watson. We know you're

"I was just trying to collect myself and remember what happened," said

Opening his eyes he saw an older man wearing a white coat and carrying
a stethoscope. Glancing about he noticed he was restrained in what
appeared to be hospital bed. Furthermore, he saw wires leading from
his bed to a bank of monitors that were meaningless to him."

"What happened? I have a heart attack or something."

"No. Nothing that simple I'm afraid." Let me get the director to
explain the situation to you.

Several minutes later Joe looked up as a pretty blonde entered the
room. "Mr. Watson, welcome back to the world of the living. My name
is Dr. van Damme and I'm sure you have many questions... "

"You bet I do babe. What happened, where am I, and when can I leave."
Joe interrupted.

"To answer your questions in order. You were drugged; slipped a mickey
I think the vernacular is. You are on my private island, far removed
from the United States, and I don't know when, if ever, you can return
there. Does that satisfy your curiosity?"

"What the fuck is going on here? Who the hell do you think you are?"
Joe exploded.

His answer was a slap from Dr. van Damme that rocked his still woozy

"I'll thank you to keep a civil tongue in your head. The story your
associates will put out is this; as a result of your notorious
womanizing, you have contracted AIDS. You have secreted yourself at a
private clinic outside the United States to undergo experimental
therapy, much as a famous actor did not to long ago. Eventually you
will succumb to your illness and your remains will be cremated. After
that, it won't be long before the world forgets that Joseph Watson ever

"How could this be happening to me?" Joe wondered. "Who put you up to
this?" He demanded to know.

"The answer, Mr. Watson, is that you did. The way you treated your
ex-wife, and the way you've treated women all your life, caught my
attention. That, and the fact that you were vulnerable."

"That goddamned bitch Gloria. Figure her to get mixed up in something
like this." Joe thought for a minute. "What do you mean vulnerable?"
"You were such a disagreeable person that no one cared for you. We
were able to influence every individual who might be concerned over
your absence. They all sold you out. You were a failure as a person
Mr. Watson. That and your miserly penny pinching did you in."

"What are you talking about?"

"You were too cheap to keep a good law firm on retainer. I'm sure if
you had, that they would have advised you to change your will
immediately after your divorce. As it was, you didn't, and have
created all manner of potential difficulties for yourself. Such as the
one you're in right now."

"Let me go. Look, whatever she's paying you I'll double it, no wait...
, I'll triple it."

"Lets understand one thing Mr. Watson. Your wife didn't put us up to
this. We put her up to it."

"So what's going to happen?"

"When you die, your wife will become executrix and administrate of your
estate, at least until your son becomes twenty- one. She's going to
pay us for our 'treatment' of you and a good portion of the fees will
be rebated to her via overseas bank accounts."

"And how much is this treatment of mine going to run." Inquired Joe.

"About five million dollars to start, but that's just the beginning.
The Institute provides many services; psychological, surgical, behavior
modification, anti-aging, and infertility just to name a few. Many of
these treatments are unsanctioned in the industrialized countries, such
as injecting fetal cells to reverse the aging process. Our many
affluent clients come here, where any treatment they desire can be
provided. Whether or not their nation's medical authorities consider
them effective or ethical. Even so, these treatments have to be tested
somehow and that's where you come in. Your wife made you available to
us to perform research on as part of your punishment. In addition to
the base fee of five million, your wife guarantees us a profit of
thirty-five percent on all procedures performed on you."

"But what exactly is it you plan to do to me?

"The bad news, Mr. Watson, is that we are going to create a new you.
We will change both your appearance and your personality. The good
news is that you have shown a definite preference for the design we are
going to use."

At this point Dr. van Damme retired. Leaving Joe to contemplate her
cryptic announcement as he drifted off into unconsciousness.

4 Chapter

Joe lay in his bed. He didn't want to get out of it. Even walking
across his small room to the toilet seemed to wear him out. He'd lost
all track of time and didn't know how long he had been here. Severe
diarhea had afflicted him shortly after his arrival, he'd lost a lot of
weight, and was exceedingly thin. He still didn't feel quite right,
his skin was pasty white, he'd grown a beard, and his sex drive had
vanished. This last worried him most. Joe had always prided himself
on his virility. He couldn't even get a hard on to masturbate, no
matter how erotic his thoughts.

Joe's image was displayed on a video monitor in the conference room.
The doctor in charge of this phase of his treatment addressed the
audience in the room. "Treatment has proceeded along the determined
lines. The administered dosages of the prototype drug A6D have been
effective. Subject's testes are no longer producing sperm or male
hormones and are degenerating. There has been an ensuing loss of
interest in sex as a result. Subject is, in effect, castrated. I
recommend that A6D be commercially developed and made available to
those governments that have expressed an interest in such a treatment
for chronic sex offenders."

"Thank you doctor," said Dr. van Damme. "Your work, as always, is
praiseworthy. Now our genetic engineering department will have the

A bearded young man, looking barely old enough to be a graduate
student, approached the podium. "As you all know we have conducted
extensive research into recombinant DNA theory. One of the easiest DNA
chains to manipulate is that of the bacteria, Escherichia coli, which
lives in the human digestive tract. A bacteriophage was introduced
into subjects diet which exterminated all E. coli resident in his body.
Subject then consumed foodstuffs containing our modified species. It
has thrived and far exceeded our expectations."

"This introduced species produces natural estrogenic compounds as
waste, which are then absorbed into the bloodstream through the lining
of the large intestine. Analysis shows that the subject's hormonal
balance is now that of a mature female. The only difficulty is that it
is slightly on the high side. That's not really of any concern in this
case, and we think we've found the cause. We believe this treatment
can be manipulated to do away with the need for repeated dosages of
almost any drug, not just hormones. Early experiments show a potential
for a bacteria that can produce insulin. Furthermore, I personally
feel this line of research warrants additional inquiry as having the
promise to provide a reversible birth-control 'vaccine'."

Dr. van Damme led the room in a standing ovation for the researcher.
"Thank you very much. If I don't miss my guess, you may have a Nobel
Prize in your future."

Standing up, Dr. van Damme spoke into a small microphone. "You may

Then she addressed the assemblage. "Well, I'm sure we can all agree
that this subject is making an enormous contribution to scientific and
medical knowledge."

Ignoring the snickering that followed her remark, she continued. "Next
is a demonstration of a product that we hope will someday be in every
beauty salon in the world."

While she spoke, attendants had entered Joe's room and restrained him
to the bed. They were busily attaching connections between Joe's body
and a control board.

Dr. van Damme spoke. "As you know women employ many methods of
depilation. Few opt for electrolysis due to the time, pain, and
expense. We hope this device will change all that. A process has been
developed which we call batch depilation. As you know, when a person
comes in contact with voltage, electrical current passes through the
body, more often than not producing death by electrocution. An
exception to this is electricity at high frequencies, not the radio
frequencies used for some electrolysis, but rather four hundred cycles
per second. This electricity passes along the skin. What we do is
pass high voltage four hundred hertz power between electrodes attached
to the skin, after desensitizing it. Then, as the current flows, it
burns out the hair follicles. Let's watch a demonstration."

Speaking into her microphone, Dr. van Damme said "You may proceed with
the presentation now."

Joe didn't know what was going on. He offered no resistance, lacking
both the energy and the inclination for such a move. His skin had been
coated with a slimy gel which tingled for a moment then stopped. Metal
bands had been fitted around his body at various intervals from his
feet, up his legs, around his waist, chest, arms, and even his fingers.
He was fitted with a collar and then a cap, not unlike those used with
the electric chair.

The technicians stepped back and threw a switch. There was a humming
sound and Joe felt the skin on his right calf tingle. After a period
it stopped, only to be repeated at another location on his body. There
was the odor of burned hair in the air. Finally, the bands were
removed and a mask was fitted over Joe's face and the procedure was
repeated there. The technicians removed all their equipment. An aide
came in and helped Joe to the bathtub.

Dr. van Damme changed the video pickup to the bathroom and she and her
staff observed as Joe was bathed. They watched with fascination as the
goo was scrubbed from Joe's body, for along with it came his hair.

All of it!

"As you can see it is quite effective. We can choose the area to be
treated. The process is quick, cheap, and relatively painless. You
will notice that the subject now exhibits no hair anywhere on his body
except in the pubic region."

Joe was put back in bed and administered a sedative. Totally hairless,
and bald as a baby, he drifted off to a gentle sleep.

5 Chapter

Joe lay face down on an operating table in an amphitheater. He was
anesthetized and could neither feel nor move. In his euphoric state,
he could not pay attention as the as the surgeon described what was
happening to him.

"Today I am using micro-miniature appliances, incorporating fiber
optics and lasers, to demonstrate some inspiring developments in

"First, I am performing liposuction to effect body contouring. As I am
sure you are well aware, this is a high profit margin business for us.
However, I am going beyond conventional routine here today. In order
to create on the subject the smallest waistline possible, as called for
in the treatment protocol."

"Accordingly I have made a small incision at the spine where the lowest
set of ribs connect. I then insert a multiple lead fiber optic cable
to carry video, transmit laser energy, and control the miniaturized

The surgeon accomplished this and went on."Now I simply cut through
each rib at the spine, severing them. I inject a radioactive compound,
with a short half-life, into the marrow to kill it. Next I apply a
sealant to the spine to prevent any attempt at reattachment.The rest is
simple. The bones die and gradually become brittle. Subsequently, the
subject is exposed to the ultra-sound shock treatment used to break up
kidney stones. This shatters the now fragile bone, and the body
assimilates the fragments as it would any source of calcium." The
surgeon finished up.

"Another advantage of this procedure is that there is no scarring.
Surgical adhesive is applied to the entry puncture, and we are done."
The surgeon departed with a smattering of applause from the gallery.

Another surgeon appeared in greens. "Good morning. I am going to
continue the physique contouring started by my esteemed colleague. As
you know the subject of weight reduction is complicated by the fact
that once formed by the body, fat cells are never destroyed. When the
body is starved, as when dieting, they just give up their fat and
remain where they are, waiting to be refilled. Liposuction as
performed earlier does remove these, but here I venture a step

The surgeon did something to Joe's hip.

"I separate the fat cells by centrifuging them, then filter them to a
uniform size with a permeable membrane. These cells are collected in a
tank and, using a process I call lipoaugmentation, re- inserted into
the body according to a computer generated matrix. You now need only
place the subject on a high fat diet. When the fat cells refill, the
body assumes the desired profile."

"Notice that I have inserted a probe into the hipbone to function as an
dispenser. It serves as a reference point for the matrix, and the
re-introduced empty fat cells are deposited around it automatically by
the computer."

Nothing more was said as the machines performed their work with
mechanical efficiency. The surgeon readjusted the probe to several
points on Joe's hips and buttocks. Eventually, everything was removed.

At this point two attendants came and rolled Joe over very carefully.
Joe stared up at the ceiling wondering what was going on. He
languished in daydreams, unable to focus on the activity going on
around him. He shut his eyes.

The surgeon, meanwhile, had gone to work on Joe's chest. The needle
was inserted down the center of each nipple to the breastbone. The
surgeon took notice that they were not the typical vestigial nipples of
most males, but rather they exhibited the developmental characteristics
of a pubescent female. The machine completed it's assignment and the
next surgeon entered the operating pit.

6 Chapter

After countless days of suffering, Joe awoke in a sunny room. He was
agonizingly stiff, swollen, and sore. He couldn't find a part of his
body that didn't hurt. Dr. van Damme and several other persons stood
around looking at him. Joe tried to move and discovered that his
entire body was restrained.

"Well it looks like our surprise is ready to be unwrapped," said Dr.
van Damme."

Joe's torso and legs were released. He discovered that his hands were
surrounded by some type of box, his feet were in casts, and he had no
feeling or freedom of movement in his extremities.

"Dr. Morgan would you describe for us please your modifications to the

An elderly doctor came forward. "Thank you Dr. van Damme. This is a
procedure we have been working on at the request of another branch of
our organization. We have been able to alter the subjects

The assembled onlookers showed great interest.

"Do go on Doctor."

"Well using computer controlled lasers at an oblique angle we were able
to eradicate the center of the original print. An electron gun was
used to, I guess burn would be the best term, a pattern onto the
finger. The resultant scarring is regulated, and becomes
indistinguishable from the loops and whorls of a natural print. With a
sufficiently sophisticated program you can not only change someone's
prints, but give him another person's."

Understanding the possibilities inherent in this, the crowd murmured
it's approval. Another doctor was working on releasing Joe's feet from
their confinement. At Dr. van Damme's cue he explained what he had

"What you are looking at gentlemen represents a turning point in
reconstructive bone surgery. I have actually accomplished two feats
here, if you'll pardon the pun. I have taken the subjects feet and
rebuilt them to Dr. van Damme's specifications. What were a man's
size ten wide are now a perfect woman's size eight medium."

There was talking by his audience but no questions,so he continued.
"What is really interesting are the other adjustments I was able to
make. You know how we podiatrists tell the girls to stay off of high
heels. Slaves to fashion that they are, they never listen to us and,
as a result, suffer many foot ailments as a result. It seems that the
human foot was just not designed to walk in high heels."

"Doctors, what I have done, is to devise and create such a foot! I
strengthened the weight bearing bones and made alignment changes to the
metatarsal bones. These feet could run a marathon in spike heels."

The amazement of the group was apparent.

"And now last, but certainly not least, Dr. Brenner will enlighten us
as to his accomplishments."

"Thank you Dr. van Damme. I too work in reconstructive surgery. One
problem faced in severe damage to the hands and feet, is the permanent
loss of nail growth, which serves to protect the fingers and toes. Our
material department has been able to fabricate an acrylic polymer that
is indestructible by any means available to us here. What this means
is that we can formulate a replacement nail that will last forever."

The Doctor busied himself with the box which held Joe's left hand.
"You have to be very precise in your measurements with these because
once they set, that's it. These were modeled to Dr. van Damme's
specifications and have been anchored to the subjects finger bones."

Looking at Joe, he giggled and said, "I would avoid countries which
practice torture if I were you, young man. I can guarantee that your
fingers will pull off before those nails do."

Still groggy, Joe just looked at him blankly. His hand was freed from
the box. Joe tried to move his fingers, but they were too sore. He
held his hand up to his face and gasped. At the end of each finger was
a long oval nail at least an inch long.


The doctor went on, "These nails will take some getting used to and I
must warn you to be careful until you are accustomed to them. They
could be dangerous."

Addressing Dr. van Damme he went on. " I believe you will find that
these nails will not chip and the colors will not fade."

Joe's other hand was freed and it joined it's mate. Joe stared, in
shock, at the long red talons, now permanently attached to his fingers.
The doctor released Joe's feet from their containers.

"I also took the liberty of replacing the subjects toenails while I was
at it."

Joe struggled painfully to move to a position from which he could see
his feet. He was rewarded with the sight of ten cute little red
toenails peeking back at him. He noticed that his feet were indeed
much smaller and somehow more graceful. He moved them and observed
that they flexed in a peculiar manner.

Engrossed with his fingers, Joe failed to notice Dr. van Damme motion
everyone to leave. he looked up to find her alone with him.

"Please doctor. Tell me what's going on here. Why are these things
being done to me?"

"Because, Mr. Watson, you are at hand. We needed a test subject and
you're it. Also, as I once told you, we have contracted with your wife
to erase any trace of Joe Watson from the face of the earth and
dispense appropriate retribution in the process."

Joe wanted to learn more but she spun on her heels and walked out.

7 Chapter

Two large attendants entered Joe's room. The larger of the two men
motioned for Joe to get up. "Come. Bath." He said.

Joe stared at him. "What."

Having been instructed in his native tongue to compel instant
obedience. The man slapped Joe's face so violently that Joe cried.
Having learned his first lesson, Joe painfully maneuvered his body to
where the attendants could help him out of bed and walk him to the
bathroom. He noticed that the bathroom was austere and lacked a

While bathing under the observation of one of the attendants, Joe
noticed the curious lack of hair on his body. "Oh well. It'll grow
back," he thought.

After poking himself with his new fingernails a couple of times, he
learned to move slowly and carefully. He went to wash his hair. "So
they shaved my head too."

While washing his face he found out about his peculiar lack of
eyebrows. After he had dried off Joe was handed what looked like a
standard green hospital gown. It was different from the normal
hospital gown in two respects. It was made of silk instead of the
normal cotton, pulled over the head rather than tying up the back, and
fell to mid thigh.

Joe was able to return to bed unassisted. Walking back, he noticed
unaccustomed pressure on his feet and tension in his calf muscles.

While Joe had been in the bath, the other attendant had been making up
his bed. Joe discovered that the new sheets and pillow cases were
slinky and slippery.

"Well I'll be," he thought. "Satin sheets. At least they go first
class here."

Joe began to relax. Now that feeling had returned to his body, he took
stock of himself. The stiffness and soreness had been reduced by the
hot bath. There was a odd itching sensation at various points on his
body. He probed his hips and buttocks were the feeling was
concentrated. Nothing seemed wrong. He scratched his chest which also
itched. He touched a nipple that was swollen and sensitive. Pulling
out the front of his gown he observed that his nipples were enlarged.
Further investigation disclosed the presence of a hard lump in each

"Probably a reaction to some new drug they're testing on me," thought
Joe. "Just my luck, they're probably looking for a cure for breast

One of the attendants returned with a food tray. After setting a table
in place over Joe's bed, he put the tray on it and left. The smell of
the food reminded Joe that he was ravenous. Opening the plates he
discovered an abundance of food. He found that he had to adjust his
handling of utensils to compensate for his long fingernails. Still, he
dug in with abandon. Pancakes with syrup, eggs, bacon, milk, and
orange juice. He ate it all and sated, Joe relaxed and was soon

Dr. van Damme and Dave Weinstein, her behavior modification
specialist, watched the sleeping man on the monitor in her office.

"So, we are acclimating him to the feel of materials such as silk and
satin on his skin." Asked Dr. van Damme.

"Yes Doctor. The texture can sometimes produce a emotion of resistance
in a male. His subconscious knows that the cloth is typical of female
garb and objects because of the inconsistency with his masculinity. By
establishing the initial contact with such textiles in a
non-threatening environment, the male accepts their presence and
eventually regards them as normal."

"Thank you Dave. Keep me appraised of his progress."

8 Chapter

Joe sat up in bed watching television. He was wearing an athletic
shirt and boxer shorts. So what if they were red and soft. Besides,
it was all they gave him.

Any woman, though, would have recognized what Joe was wearing; a satin
camisole and tap pants set. And they weren't red, they were fuchsia.
A distinction that Joe wasn't aware of, yet.

Joe finished his candy bar and drank the last of his soda,thinking, "I
shouldn't be eating all this junk food. I'll get fat."

Joe was getting fat, but that didn't bother him too deeply. What did
was the way it was being distributed around his body. He couldn't view
himself in a mirror, but he could comprehend that his ass was getting
fat and so were his hips. He couldn't see any increase in his
waistline though. Indeed, it seemed to be getting thinner, so he
didn't let it worry him.

Joe's nipples were another story, they had continued to swell. The
increase in their size was evident under his gown. The red areas
around the nipples had expanded to the size of a half-dollar while the
hard lumps on his chest had softened and were expanding.

Dr. van Damme entered the room on one of her infrequent visits. "And
how are we today Mr. Watson?"

"I, ... am fine."

"Excellent. Please be so good as to get out of bed."

Aware that his attendants were at most a call away, Joe hastened to do
her bidding.

"Get undressed and put these on." She directed.

Not daring to disobey, Joe doffed his clothing and took that which she
offered. "These" were a matching gown and robe. No pretense was
offered to disguise their feminine style. The gown was blue satin and
was edged in lace on the hem, and bodice. The robe matched the gown.
It tied at the waist and fell to his knees.

"We're going for a walk Joe."

"But, Doctor, I have had trouble walking ever since that doctor worked
on my feet."

At this Dr. van Damme produced two items. "Here. These should help
you walk easier."

Joe was speechless. she had given him two tiny high heeled shoes.
There wasn't much to them. Just a satin strap across the instep with
some fluff attached.

"They are called mules Joe. Sit down."

Joe sat and Dr. van Damme placed the mules on his feet. She was not
surprised to find them a perfect fit.

Joe noticed that his feet felt relaxed and natural in them. He stood
up. After an initial shakiness, he managed to walk around fairly
easily. "Wow. My feet feel so much better in these things."

"It seems Joe, that when the doctor modified your feet to accommodate
high heels, that he made it difficult, if not impossible, for you to
walk barefoot for any great distance or stand for any length of time.
Your feet now need the support these type of shoes provide so you'd
better get used to wearing them. Now follow me please."

As he walked Joe appreciated the way the shoes made his feet more
comfortable. In addition, due to his insecurity about his height, he
liked the fact that they made him taller.

"When I get out of here, I'm going to buy some elevator shoes," he

Joe followed the Doctor to an empty room where he was told to strip and
lay down on the bed. She returned and gave him a small glass of a
bitter clear liquid to drink. Joe immediately felt lightheaded.

"What happens now Doc? Gonna let me in on your big plan?"

"Yes, perhaps it is time Joe. You might recall that I said that we
were going to change your appearance and personality."

"Yes, I remember."

"Well we are using you as a test subject for many new drugs and
processes which will reduce suffering in many diverse groups of people.
You are, you might say, a human guinea pig. Unlike many test animals
though, when we are done with you, you will be well taken care of for
the rest of your life. Which, I might add, due to the nature of some
of the experiments may turn out to be abnormally long."

"In addition to those experiments, in order to fulfill our contract
with your wife, we have put many changes into effect on your appearance
and now we start on your personality."

Seeming to float above reality, Joe giggled. "So what exactly is it
you're changing me into?"

"That's the fun part Joe, and also your punishment. In the past you
have displayed an attraction for large breasted blonde women that
borders on compulsion. I believe, therefore, that you will be pleased
to know that you will soon be joining their ranks. My only hope is
that your new form will provide you with as much enjoyment as those of
your playmates did."

Finding this hilarious for some reason. Joe continued to giggle as he
drifted off into unconsciousness.

9 Chapter

Joe's inanimate form lay on a platform surrounded by many pieces of
complex machinery. Countless wires ran from the apparatus to points
all over his body. His head from the throat up was enclosed in a
sealed container from which the top of his bald head projected.
Inside, Joe's unconscious eyes stared blankly into the darkness.

An incision was made around the crown of Joe's scalp, which was then
peeled back to reveal his skull. A precision micro-saw then cut a
circle through the bone. The bone was carefully removed revealing
Joe's brain. A team of surgeons spent some time implanting a mesh of
fine wires in Joe's cerebellum.

The leader explained their actions. "What we are doing here is
connecting the subject's brain for a function plot using resonance
mapping. An external impulse is applied to the body, or suggested to
the subconscious, the brain responds. This point is then plotted on a
three dimensional map, and stored in computer memory. This is not new
technology, it has existed for at least ten years. The notable
accomplishment here, is this; knowing where the function signals the
brain, we now can duplicate that signal directly to the brain using a
technique I call proto-resonance induction. What this means is we can
act directly on brain responses, both conscious and unconscious.
Leaving the conductive mesh under the skull will allow for future
alterations without surgery. The potential for treatment of mental
illnesses and obsessions such as drug or alcohol addiction is

"Is the subject ready?"

"Good. Let's proceed."

"To start the demonstration we will apply external stimulation to the

After a short wait a green light came on.

"Good. We have that mapped. Now we apply external stimulation to the
subjects breasts."

When the light came on he continued. "Now while stimulating the
breasts we apply a signal to the area controlled by genital
stimulation. The result is that the subject now finds manual
stimulation of the breasts a sexually arousing experience."

"Now here is how I can influence behavior. The computer is suggesting
an embarrassing situation to the subconscious mind. It is plotted and
now the computer suggests a new experience."

He looked at some papers.

"Yes, this one is being seen bare-chested. While the allusion is in
the mind, the signal is sent to the embarrassment center of the brain.
The subject will now find the bare chest a source of embarrassment.
You can see how this can be used to substitute desired behavior
patterns for unwanted ones."

"To test the effectiveness of this process we will attempt to affect
other senses." The doctor pushed a button.

"What I have done is release into the subjects nostrils a vapor
containing an extract of the pheromone produced by a human female in
heat. Normally the conscious mind is unaware of the presence of it.
Ah yes, we have response."

The doctor pushed another button. "I have just released a vapor
containing the pheromones excreted by a sexually aroused male. I apply
the previous signal and, voila! I trust I do not have to draw you a

"I am doing nothing here to affect the subject's prior sexual urges.
Rather, you might say, we are expanding them. This machine can be
programmed to provide any number of effects and can be left to run
automatically. The response can be strengthened or weakened by
adjusting the signal strength. Hypnosis can further reinforce any
suggestions which may encounter resistance from the subconscious. The
machine will now finish the task. Any questions?"

There were none and the group left the room. The lights were turned
out leaving the blinking machines as the only source of illumination.

Inside the device, a picture of a naked giant breasted blonde, in a
suggestive pose, was displayed to Joe's unconscious mind. The computer
noted the strong response. A series of pictures of handsome and virile
young men were flashed at Joe's mind. Along with each one went the
feedback of the previously recorded signal.

Next a little cam whirled. Oxygen was routed to the tubes in Joe's
nostrils and he was influenced to breathe through his nose. A probe
was inserted into Joe's mouth while a low level signal was sent to his
pleasure center. Joe's subconscious recognized the shape as that of an
erect penis but the constant pleasure signal overrode it's objection.
The probe was pushed in and out, eventually reaching deep into Joe's

Previously recorded signals controlled Joe's responses. The gag reflex
was muted and his throat was compelled to produce a swallowing motion.
The pleasure signal increased in intensity. The computer then released
a measure of fluid which in consistency, taste, and temperature
duplicated that of semen. Some was swallowed, some overflowed his
mouth and ran over his face. Joe's body, craving salt due to his diet,
savored the fluid. Concurrently the machine pulsed the strongest
possible stimulation to Joe's pleasure centers.

The machine ran through it's program, scattering cues and responses
throughout Joe's mind. While Joe slept he became a new man. Only he
didn't know it.

10 Chapter

Joe came to in his bed. He was wearing a baby doll nightgown and
panties made of satin and lace. Recalling Dr. van Damme's threat to
turn him into a big boobed blonde, he stuck his hand under the elastic
of his panties.

"Yes sir, little buddies safe and sound," he thought. "So much for
that crazy doctor and her plan."

Joe's reverie was interrupted by the entrance of the most gorgeous babe
he had seen in awhile. Even in her starched nurses uniform, Joe could
make out the outline of her fantastic figure. Her long blonde hair was
pulled back into a pony tail. She was tall. About six feet of
everything that Joe desired in a woman. He could feel his cock stir in
it's satin confinement.

"Hi. I'm Monica. I'll be your nurse from now on. And you are Mr.

"Last time I looked. Where's the two thugs?"

"Oh they're around somewhere, I'm sure."

An attendant brought in dinner then left.

"I'll bet you're hungry Mr. Watson. You've been out for awhile."

"How long was I out? What happened to me?"

"I don't know Mr. Watson." Lied the pretty girl. "I just started on
your case. You'll have to ask Dr. van Damme. Here you go. Bon

Joe realized he was starving and dug in with a vengeance, wolfing down
salad, milk, rolls and butter, prime rib, mashed potatoes and gravy,
and finishing with apple pie ala mode. Joe's meal had tasted pretty
bland. He mentioned it to the attendant who told him he had been put
on a no-salt diet on Doctor's orders

Monica left with the tray. Joe marvelled at his new found ability to
put food away. It dawned on Joe that he was handling his long
fingernails with no trouble. In fact, he hardly noticed them anymore.

"Boy it's amazing what the human body can adapt to," he thought.
"There's got to be a way to get them off when I get out of here."

Joe hadn't examined the rest of his body and what a surprise was he in
for. His eyes widened as his arm brushed against his chest. Pulling
up his gown, he stared dumbfounded. What had been a case of swelling
nipples were now full-blown breasts. Not quite massive, but definitely

What had been swollen nipples were now elongated cones, projecting out
from abundant hemispheres of flesh. The aureoles around his nipples
had continued to expand and they and the nipples were now a dark pink,
almost brown.

Frightened, yet curious at the same time, Joe timidly brought his right
hand up and touched his left breast. He was rewarded with a strong
sensation of pleasure. He grasped the nipple between his index finger
and thumb. The pleasurable feeling increased as he increased the
pressure on the nipple. He watched in amazement as the nipple
responded to his touch. It enlarged and became rigid. As Joe rolled
the nipple between his fingers he felt his penis awaken.

Stopping for a minute, Joe padded to the door. Satisfied that the
hallway was empty, he went to the bathroom. Elated that his cock was
working again, Joe raised his gown, pulled down his panties, and then
sat on the toilet, fondling his breasts and stroking his cock, awash in

Joe's cock never did become totally erect, but finally spasmed and
discharged a watery impotent fluid. Joe wrote this off to it's long
inactivity, wiped himself off, replaced his attire, and flushed the

Proud of his performance, he returned to bed. Smugly thinking. "So
that doctor thinks she can turn me into a bimbo. Well we'll just see
about that!"

He hadn't noticed how his forearms brushed against his hips as he

In her office, Dr. van Damme turned away from the monitor. "So Dave,
is this all part of the plan?" She asked her director of behavior

"Yes Doctor. In fact, he is ahead of schedule."

"What's next Dave?'

"I understood doctor, that there were some more physical changes to be
concluded before we went on psychologically."

"My next stage is to get him dressing in feminine apparel."

"And how will you accomplish that?" Asked Dr. van Damme.

"During his session with Dr. Baxter's mind machine," he used staff
slang, " I had instilled in Joe, the psycho-sexual response of the
typical transvestite. You may be aware that these are men who feel
compelled to dress in women's clothing, and obtain great sexual
stimulation and pleasure from doing so. I masked this character trait,
so we need only hypnotize him, give him the release cue, and his first
experience in female finery will conclude his imprinting. After that,
I'd venture a guess that you couldn't keep him out of women's clothing.
Would you like me to do this now?"

"No Dave, not just yet. Let's allow Joe to reach his full development.
No sense wasting money on clothing now, that will no longer fit him
when his tits and ass stop growing."

11 Chapter

Joe finished another enormous breakfast. Many days had left him no
illusions as to where the food was going, but he felt no urge to diet.
His breasts were expanding mounds. Jokingly he mused, "If this keeps
up I may need a bra." Rejecting the notion as trivial, he gave it no
further thought. Everything would be corrected once he got out of this
madhouse. "Let them have their little fun. We'll see whose laughing
at the end."

Joe was now aware of the fact that he had to hold his arms out away
from his body as he walked. They couldn't hang straight down; his hips
got in the way. He also had to swing them in an unfamiliar manner, to
compensate for the oscillations of his tremendous buttocks as he
walked. He felt like his whole center of gravity had shifted. Without
his being aware of it, his gait had modified itself to counterbalance
his new distribution of mass.

Dr. van Damme and her chief plastic surgeon watched from her office as
Joe went about his morning toilet. "What are the changes you want done
to this one?" Inquired the surgeon.

"Just some minor detail work; the ears pinned back, the nose bobbed and
those little implants put in to give him those high sexy cheekbones. I
also want his eyes opened for more expression, and his lips made as
full as your skill allows."

"No problem there. I'm ready when you are."

"Good. In a couple of days then."

By now Joe had dried off, and Monica was giving him a rubdown on the

"You may find this interesting Doctor," said Dr. van Damme.

"What's that?"

"The subject is being applied an experimental medication that will make
us wealthy beyond our dreams. We have had great success retarding the
aging process using injections of fetal material, however, many people
objected on ethical grounds. The lab was able to extract the compound
that produced that result and was able to synthesize it. Applied in a
regimen of topical application it reverses the effect of aging on the

"I remember the millions that poured out for Retin-A which was of
dubious effectiveness," stated the surgeon.

"The money involved here will make that seem like a child's kiddy bank.
Take this subject for instance. For several months now his skin has
been replacing itself under the influence of female hormones. It now
has all the characteristics of female skin, but he is still thirty-one
years old. When his treatment is complete he will have the skin
texture of an eighteen year old girl."

"Mmmm. Interesting."

Joe relaxed and savored the tingling feeling that covered his body. It
was almost as if his skin was alive. He wondered if he would get a
chance to masturbate this morning. His cock and nipples stiffened in

Meanwhile ... Back in New York.

Joe Watson's son, Robert, confronted his newly appointed guardian,
Gloria Watson. "I don't care what the court says, my father wanted you
out of his life. Just because he never changed his will doesn't give
you the right to take over my life."

"Now Bob, that's no way to talk. It seems to me he didn't want you
cluttering up his life either. I understand that, except for your
support money and a birthday card once a year, you never saw or heard
from him. Let's put the past behind us and work through these hard
times together."

"Fuck you! Just wait till I get control of my money. I'll see to it
that you're finished in this town."

"Fine Bob. If that's how you want it ... "

12 Chapter

Joe awoke from a tortured dream, only to find his reality just as
severe. He couldn't open his eyes or move his lips. His throat
burned, his mouth was dry, and every part of his face ached. Just then
he felt the sting of a needle entering his arm, relief, and

Joe sipped his milkshake. That's all the nourishment he'd had for some
time now. He wore big braces on his teeth which prevented the intake
of more solid food. The pads had been removed from his eyes and lips.
He still couldn't speak.

Dr. van Damme, Monica, and several other people filed into his room.
One of the men went to work removing Joe's braces. "I've straightened,
capped, and evened his teeth up." Looking in Joe's mouth, he said
"They're flawless."

Dr. van Damme and another doctor looked at Joe's face critically, the
surgeon grabbing his head and turning it this way and that.

"Exquisite Doctor. Once again you've outdone yourself," said Dr. van

The surgeon acknowledged her compliment with a nod.

"So what do you have to say Joe?" asked Dr. van Damme.

Joe tried to tell her that he was fine but no matter what he did, no
sound came from his mouth.

"What's the matter Joe? Cat got your tongue?"

The crowd laughed.

By trying to hum Joe was finally able to produce a noise. It was a
high-pitched squeak.

"O.K., enough fooling around. What's wrong Joe, is that you've been
given a new larynx. Many people loose theirs to throat cancer very
year and an man made one that won't be noticed will allow thousands to
speak again and rejoin society. The only difficulty is that the
muscles that operate your new voice, function differently from your old
ones. Mrs. Johnson here will be your speech therapist and teach you
how to speak again."

The crowd departed and Joe was left alone for his first session with
Mrs. Johnson. As he tried to speak he noticed that, in addition to
his throat, his lips felt odd.

The following days reminded Joe of the movie "My Fair Lady". He felt
like Eliza Doolittle learning to speak. Not only that, but after
several weeks he spoke like her too! Not with a British accent, but in
a sweet soprano voice.

Two things about this latest development bothered Joe in particular.
First, he had to learn to operate new muscles to pronounce each word.
This was a long process and so far he had only the vocabulary of a
first grader, but Mrs. Johnson had told him that her sessions with him
were almost over. Secondly, he didn't like the enunciation patterns
that Mrs. Johnson had imparted to him; he now spoke in the slow
breathy drawl of a seductive young woman.

13 Chapter

One morning, Monica and another girl entered Joe's room. Joe was
wearing a pink satin chemise gown with spaghetti straps, trying to
ignore what was under it. His breasts had finally stopped growing, but
it was too late as far as Joe was concerned; the new appendages were

Joe didn't joke about needing a bra anymore. Now he wondered when he'd
be given one to take the considerable strain of supporting the
pendulous mammaries off of his pectoral muscles.

"Good morning Joe. This is Betsy. She's a cosmetologist and will be
working on you today."

Joe groaned inwardly. He'd suspected that this would happen sooner or
later. It seemed that every occurrence brought him closer to Dr. van
Damme's promised outcome.

Betsy fussed around Joe's face. He felt her applying make-up to his
lips, eyelids, and cheeks. When she was done, she took Joe's picture.
The process was repeated several times.

Betsy was talking with Dr. van Damme as Dave Weinstein, Monica, and a
strange man looked on.

"What color is his hair going to be," asked Betsy.

"Blonde." Replied Dr. van Damme. Thinking "As if we ever had a

"In that case, I'd recommend this style."

"That's too subdued. I had something a little more extreme in mind."

"That we can do." Said Betsy, getting some colored markers and making
changes to the close-up photographs of Joe's made up face. When she
was finished Dr. van Damme smiled and nodded her approval.

"What do you think?" She asked the strange man.

Looking at the pictures, he replied, "No problem. Child's play. I'll
go get my gear ready."

After he left, Dr. van Damme addressed Dave Weinstein. "While Joe is
under for this, I want you to remove the block on his transvestite

"Please get up and come with me Joe."

Joe had been expecting lunch, which was late. Instead here was Monica
telling him to come with her. Too apprehensive to complain, Joe swung
out of bed, slipped on his high heeled mules, and grabbed a robe which
matched his chemise.

Joe tried to remain self-possessed as he followed Monica down the hall,
but was not very successful. He knew he presented a spectacle; a bald
man with the figure of a centerfold. Walking in his high heels
produced a loud racket which resounded throughout the corridors. With
each step his large breasts bounced awkwardly, the nipples rubbing
against his satin gown, providing unwanted stimulation. He tried to
straighten up and not swing his hips so much. This made his breasts
even more prominent and walking more tedious.

They entered a room containing a bed and some unfamiliar gadgets.

"Strip and lie down on the bed."

Joe shed his robe and chemise. He felt uneasy, not being aware of his
implanted need to conceal his breasts.

The strange man entered and Joe experienced intense embarrassment and
instinctively covered his breasts with his arms. He was grateful when
Monica covered him with a sheet, over which she placed a plastic mat
for protection.

Monica produced a gas mask. Knowing the futility of resistance, Joe
breathed deeply. As his awareness ebbed Joe saw the man raise what
looked like a dentists drill and attach a bottle of red fluid to it.

"Wait a minute, that's a ... "

The tattooist turned on his needle and started to outline the
unconscious man's appealing lips. He thought to himself, "Real pretty,
this one's gonna be real pretty."

14 Chapter

It didn't take Joe's, now youthful, skin long to recover from being
dyed. While his face was still covered up, he was moved to a new room.
He saw it for the first time the morning Monica took off his bandages.
It was large, sunny, and finished in an extremely feminine decor. Joe
was delighted by his new room, although he didn't know why.

"No more breakfast in bed for you." Monica told him.

"This morning you get dressed and eat in the cafeteria with the rest of
us peasants. Now go and wash up, while I lay out your clothes."

Joe felt anticipation grow in him for some reason. "Hey, it's not such
a big deal, going out for breakfast," he told himself, mistaking it's

There was no mirror in the bathroom, so Joe couldn't observe the
remodeling that had been done to his face. However, as he washed, Joe
could perceive some changes by touch; his nose felt smaller, his lips
were fleshy and appeared to project out, over teeth that didn't seem to
meet just right. He wondered about the tattooing on his face.

"I think I read somewhere that they can be removed by lasers," he
thought to himself.

Then it occurred to Joe. "She's going to make me wear women's clothing

He was surprised that the notion didn't trouble him. In fact, he found
the idea slightly pleasing. His worries over what had been done to his
face faded, as he thought about how Monica would dress him.

Joe came out wearing only a robe. Monica handed him a pair of pink
satin and lace panties. Holding them up, Joe looked at them and
thought "these are going to be way too big for me." He pulled them up
his hairless legs and adjusted them around his hips. To his great
surprise, they were a perfect fit, except in the crotch where his cock
and balls were obvious by their outline. The panties delighted Joe.
He ran his hand over his ass, enjoying it's touch through the satin on
his soft skin.

"When I get out of here, I'm going to have some satin briefs made for
me," he decided.

Monica held up a matching bra. Joe stared at it, speculating on how
his breasts would look, supported in the sheer cups. Monica showed Joe
how to don the bra. She adjusted the straps so that his breasts were
supported, and at the same time, displayed to their best advantage. At
the same time, Monica was sure to follow Dave Weinstein's instructions
to caress Joe's breasts and cock whenever the opportunity presented
itself. "Wow, a D-cup, and it's a tight fit. He better give up those
candy bars." Monica thought to herself.

Joe marvelled at the sensation of his breasts in their delicate
confinement. He could view his nipples and aureoles clearly through
the lace cups. He found the sight thrilling and his cock stirred
inside his pretty panties.

Monica interrupted his thoughts."Sit down here Joe."

Motioning Joe to the chair, she held up a pair of what he recognized as

"Here Joe. You'll have to be very careful putting these on with those
dragon-lady nails of yours. They're ultra-sheer and it won't take much
to put runs in them. You pull the legs up like this, put your foot in;
the seam goes across your toes, pull it up to your thighs, then do the
other leg."

Joe followed her instructions.

"Good. Now position the crotch and pull the panty smoothly over your

Joe stood there amazed at the feel of his legs encased in the taupe
colored nylon.

"Man, I didn't know girls clothes could be such a turn on." Joe
thought, not realizing he was talking aloud.

"Oh yes Joe. They can be so thrilling."

Joe admired the way his legs glistened in the delicate hosiery,
delighting in the sensations he felt and the sound his legs made when
they brushed each other.

Monica produced a slip, made of the same pink satin


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