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THe Park World

by EMG

THe Park World



Park World

Our story starts out on a clear, crisp, bright sunny day in. Little Tateana was playing jump-rope in her yard with her friend Connie. Connie said as she jumped the rope, “the Honey Bee is still in the Honey Bee Tree. It’s a Baby Bee Honey Bee little tiny Baby Bee, and she’s in the tree through the door under your bed. She’s a real sweet Honey Bee to tweet”. Suddenly their friend Rain came skipping up and in her little Indonesian girl voice said “can I play too?” Connie said, “that would be great. We can play double Dutch jump. Rain started it, then Connie then, Tateana. Tateana said, “we need another player”, so we all ran over to Scarlet’s house, knocked on her door and rang the bell. Scarlet’s Mom said “who is it?” We said together, “can Scarlet come out to play jump rope?” Scarlet was so excited she ran out the door, and they all played double Dutch. After they finished they all huddled in a circle, and Tateana said, “remember the door under my bed? Let’s go on an adventure. Come over to my house in an hour and I will show you a wonderful place for kids.

At Tateana’s house they pulled back her mattress and helped her open the door under her bed. They went down the old, cracked and dripping; slimy, weed-laden stairs. There were rooms that opened up to all different parts of time and then they came to their destination. They went through the open door and saw the most beautiful place anyone of them had ever seen. Trees with Honey Bees and Butterflies; flowers of all colors: pink, red and white roses; and waterfalls with white drifts; Pelicans; and soft, green pastures. They all ran over to the shore of the river and a boat appeared. They took a ride and saw rainbows of all colors. A magical dragon came out of the water and said “hello little ones what are your names?” My name is Tateana and yours? She said, “I am Emily the Magical Dragon”. They all introduced themselves and Emily told them, “I will guide you”. They looked up into the sky and saw the reflection of the ground in the sky, they saw everything that was in that garden in the Door under Tateana’s bed. The sky reflected the ground and the ground reflected the sky. What a sight. Beautiful trees, birds and Honey Bees. The Cat in the Hat was flying around smiling and then disappeared. This was all reflected in the mirror in the sky so it happened once and twice. What a beautiful sight for young eyes.

All of a sudden Emily the magical dragon said, “we are here.” There was the Chocolate River (non-fat of course), Candy Cane trees, vanilla clouds made of ice cream, and cotton candy dew falling from the sky. Toys of all kinds appeared as they were imagined. We were able to jump up in the air, fly and soar like Eagles landing on the highest rocks in the hills. Then, Tateana said she would come back tomorrow as it was getting late and her Mom would be waiting for her. They all hurried back to the door in the floor as everyone ran home thinking about all the wonderful things they saw. They were wondering what the other doors might lead to next. They looked forward to another adventure tomorrow, through the door under Tateana’s bed.

Until our next adventure…


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