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by Raziken



Conner got home from school early today, throwing his backpack aside in his room. He was horny. As he normally is at his age of 16.

he clicks on his computer in his room and takes off his pants. He starts typing in google searches for various fetishes. One of his fetishes was to not know what was going to happen, and he ended up downloading a 20 minute sound file called “unknown hypnosis file”

he was very curious and he knew his parents wouldn’t be home until 8 pm. So he lays in his bed with some audio extension cords and plays the file.

He wakes up after 20 minutes he doesn’t remember and sees that the audio has finished on his computer. He walks over and closes it and his web page, the file was still on his desktop for now.

He stares blankly for a little bit and starts to drool. He blankly goes to the guest bedroom where his baby cousins had stayed last week. He was pretty skinny and small for his age, so he could fit in them still.

He slips into them after taking off his jeans and underwear, his thumb in his mouth as he felt more safe. Conner makes his way to his backpack and realizes he was sucking his thumb! He doesn’t do that normally! And why was he wearing a diaper?! He wobbles as his legs give out, his body shaking as he sits on his butt.

He crawls his way slowly to his pc and tries to use the mouse and keyboard but shakes himself back to reality as he realizes he was playing grownup and just flailing them. He panics and goes to his pen and rips out a paper, crumpling it. He manages to write the letter “H” and stresses his brain for the letter “E” and sucks his thumb on “L.”

he feels his bladder release on “P” and he smiles, but tries to fight it again, his bowels release and he begins to cry.

He rolls on the floor for a few hours, losing all control. His parents come home and are completely confused about what happened to their boy. He was stuck. And his only instruction he left was HELP.


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wow so short but so hot i wanna be him

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