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The Special Maid Outfit! (Day 1)

by Maid_Hazuki

The Special Maid Outfit! (Day 1)

I decided to hire a few maids to work for me. A man called two weeks after I posted the job description on my maid website. He said he wanted the job to earn some extra cash and he seemed desperate to get the job. So I allowed him to work for me as long as he would agree to were a special maid outfit. When he looked at it he said "This looks kinda small and girly. Do I have to wear this." I gave him a angry look and shouted "You will wear it if you want to keep this job!." After he finally got it on he began feeling quite strange. In 1 hour he was already starting to act girly but was just the start of the changes. After a few hours of work his breasts started pushing out slowly. He freaked out and tried to take off the outfit but it was stuck to him tightly like someone glued it to his skin. "You won't be able to remove it until you are fully female," I said. Finally he finished his work and went to sleep. The next morning his breasts were about a B cup size, his hair went all the way down to his shoulders, he had wider hips, and his penis was the size of a infants penis.

The story will continue to Day 2 next Sunday. It will be a 30 day story and each day gets released every Sunday so keep checking for more exciting details that will get any guy aroused.


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