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Haxsaw on the Bay Again. Continuation.

by Haxsaw

Haxsaw on the Bay Again. Continuation.

The little lady was slumped over. She was one of the three girls over for the night. Haxsaw watched while behind them all, subliminal music played. The little lady stirred some. She really wanted to get up and leave the room yet the command, that command!
"You are my sex doll. Obey my commands!"
The little lady was remembering. The last time Haxsaw called her his sex doll she felt, really felt such pleasure. OMG! She really wanted to feel again. Her tummy was getting tighter as she felt him brush against her arm.
It was at his rented cabin on the ocean bay once more. Each time she recalled the good times they had there. She and her friends were always happy to be invited back. Now everything felt so warm and funny, this wonderful summer night. Were her friends still around? She felt shame and pleasure as her shorts came off. A moment later or was it five minutes? After so much time she was on her hands and knees.
As she remained in place, the former housekeeper was also reliving sensations not remembered. When Haxsaw snapped his finger she was on her knees. Haxsaw undid his pants. Unable to control herself the former housekeeper said, "I am a cock sucker." At that her mouth dropped open. Haxsaw had his way with her.
He went on until coming, fully. The former housekeeper swallowed well. Under hypnosis she never gagged.
Of course, without this and the special music neither she nor the little lady were sexual acting, period. All were but the best of friends at Haxsaw's place on the bay. He would always envision her swallowing a load. He could always fantasize the little lady bent over. Now he was living it. The third lady was standing in place, frozen. She was in her undergarments and eyes open. Seeing her in her underwear, powerless, created an erotic sensation upon him.
Haxsaw snapped his fingers and the former housekeeper was seated at the couch again. She was soon in tranced sleep. Haxsaw went to the little lady bent over. He oiled his cock well. He got on the floor and entered her from behind. He went into her tight, sweet puss' as she remained on her knees. His powerful arms went over her shoulders. She screamed. Haxsaw pumped and thrashed several times until he was satisfied. He snapped his fingers, telling her she did well. He next ordered her to pull up her pants. The little lady was sat on the couch besides the former housekeeper. She was also placed in deep sleep.
Haxsaw kissed the lady in her underwear several times. He eventually ordered she dress again. In time, she was sleeping with the other two, on the couch. All along the music played. Outside it was already dark.
"Once I count to three and snap my fingers you will remember nothing, save for having slept on my couch. You will all be eager to visit me again. What you all feel is love. What you all feel is fun. What you each feel you want keep private. What you want you cannot remember why."
Haxsaw counted, snapping his fingers. He offered them soda pop he had ready. It was next he offered to show a special movie with them. The girls giggled and agreed. One girl commented.
"I really am not remembering everything yet I always feel so safe with you." The other two girls nodded. Haxsaw grinned.
"I try my best to be of service to you."

There would be many more weekends to come.


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