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The Mall

by bliizzard

The Mall

Today was going to be a great day. I’d been looking forward to it for weeks. I had taken a vacation day from work and had planned on getting some Christmas shopping done but mainly wanted to do some shopping for my feminine half, Donna. I love shopping and also get a big kick out of shocking people so I sometimes will dress in women’s clothing to go shopping. I don’t get dressed as a woman with all my makeup, wig, dress, etc. but will usually wear a decidedly feminine pair of slacks, blouse, shoes with a bit of a heel on them, and such. Today I also added some blood red nail polish and a bit too much perfume. I wanted to make sure I was noticed. Besides being a bit of an exhibitionist, I also enjoy a bit of humiliation and love to hear the comments and listen to the giggles of the women in the stores.

Today I chose some black silk slacks and a leopard print blouse ( I love leopard) with some black shoes that had about a two inch block heel. Underneath I had a black bra and panty set with breast enhancers which I had gotten from Victoria ‘s Secret plus black thigh high nylons. I was ready for the mall.

I threw on a jacket and grabbed my purse ( the slacks didn’t have pockets so I needed somewhere to put my keys and wallet ) and jumped in my car. I had picked out a mall about twenty minutes from my house which I knew had stores I liked to shop in and I was also pretty sure would be free of anyone I knew from work.

My first stop was at Macy’s. I needed a few items of makeup and there was a lady there in the cosmetic section who knew me from past visits and was always very helpful with makeup selection and tips. I liked dealing with her because she always seemed to get as big a kick out of helping me as I got from her tips and having all the ladies buying cosmetics staring at me. After talking to her for about twenty minutes and getting some new blush and eye shadow I was on my way again.

I decided to get my personal shopping out of the way before I started with my Christmas presents. I really wanted to find a hot dress to wear for New Year’s and they always had some really nice ones at Gantos so I decided to go there first. I never used to be able to find anything here that fit but since I had recently lost a lot of weight I can now find a lot of things here which delights me to no end.

I walked to the rear of the store where they keep the fancier dresses and started to look around while I waited for a sales lady to help. I really needed help today since I was not sure of my sizes anymore since my weight loss.

"Hi, Don", a voice behind me said. I froze for it was a voice I well knew and it was not a sales lady but Sue, my secretary from work. How was I going to get out this? I tried to hang the dress up so I could get my hands out of sight. Maybe she hadn’t noticed the nails yet. "Let me see those hands a minute" were the next words out of her mouth and I knew I was sunk. "That’s a really nice color. I’m sure everyone at work will think so, too. "

At this point I wanted to die. Surely Sue wouldn’t tell everyone at work. We always got along great and were pretty good friends. Now she was appraising the rest of my outfit and I heard her giggle. "Yes, they would really like to see you now at work." She was starting to get into my humiliation. " What do you think Tony (my warehouseman) would say right about now? You surely got on him last week about Bubba when he got arrested. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind paying you back for that right now. "

I didn’t know what to say. Maybe pleading would help. "Please don’t tell anyone about this", I whined. "You know if this comes out I’ll be ruined. We’ve always been friends. Surely you don’t want that."

"Well", she replied. "I really don’t know. I have always liked you and even thought it would be nice to go out sometime but this really changes things. This is one of the funniest things that has ever happened to me and it would be a shame not to share it.

"Please don’t say anything. I’ll do anything you want but please keep this a secret. I’d be a laughing stock if this gets out. I’ll have to quit my job and probably lose everything." I didn’t know what to say and I was close to tears.

"So, you’ll do anything I wish?" said Sue. She had a very frightening look on her face and I knew I wasn’t going to like whatever she had in mind. "I think the first thing we’ll do is to finish your shopping here. What were you doing here in the first place? And don’t tell me that you were shopping for your girlfriend. By the way. Does she know about this side of you?"

"I was looking for a dress to wear for New Year’s eve." I answered. "And yes, she knows about this and usually buys a lot of my clothes for me."

"Well, I guess we’ll have to get that dress for you and maybe a couple of other things as well." laughed Sue.

At this point a sales lady showed up and asked if she could be of assistance. She was a very attractive brunette about thirty years of age.

Sue was quick to accept. "Yes we definitely could use some help. We are looking for a nice sexy dress for a New Years party. Preferably red or black but let’s see what you have."

The sales lady looked at Sue who is a very tall woman at 6’ 1" but well proportioned and said, "I’m not sure we have anything that will fit you since our dresses only go up to a size fourteen but we can let you try on a few. Are you looking for a long dress or something shorter?"

"Oh, the dress isn’t for me." said Sue. "It’s for my friend here who likes to pretend he is a woman. I guess you didn’t see his nails and the cute outfit he is wearing."

Now the saleslady was looking very closely at me, surveying my entire appearance. After totally checking me out she started laughing hysterically. When she stopped laughing she told Sue, "I definitely think we can find something to fit him. He looks like he’s probably a size twelve or maybe fourteen at the most. Do you want something short or long?"

"I think something very short would be the way to go," answered Sue. "I think something very slutty would be very fitting. Do you have a place he could try things on. I think it might be fun to have a little fashion show."

The saleslady thought for a second and said " I think we might be able to do something but hold on a second."

I didn’t think it could get much worse but then the saleslady turned around and spotting another saleslady half way across the store yelled, "Hey Cindy. We’ve got a sissy here who wants to try on a dress. Is it ok if he uses the back dressing room?" There were about ten women in the store at the time and al of them and the rest of the staff were now staring directly at me.

Cindy came over laughing and said, "Sure, Julie. That will be fine. We can make sure everyone else uses the front dressing rooms." Cindy looked at the way I was dressed and said scornfully, "You really do look like a fag dressed like that. I guess you really aren’t much of a man but maybe we can make a woman of you."

I was so embarrassed that I was staring at the floor and when I did get enough courage to glance up I could see Sue, Julie, and about five customers standing there laughing at me. It was at this point that the tears started to flow. Although I had sometimes fantasized about Sue finding out about me and dominating me, I was definitely not enjoying this.

"So," said Cindy "Our little sissy is upset. Too fucking bad. You should have thought about the consequences before you came in here. Now you have to pay. Just stand here for a minute while we pick out a few things for you." She then walked over to another area of the store with Julie and Sue to look for dresses leaving me there by myself with a group of women staring at me in disbelief. After about five minutes they came back with an arm full of dresses for me to try on.

Cindy said to Sue and Julie, "Why don’t you two take the sissy back to try these on and I’ll stay here to make sure nobody else tries to use this dressing room."

I was then led into the dressing room and was promptly told to remove my clothes. When I got down to my lingerie there was more giggling and Sue said" That’s some very sexy lingerie. I bet you could really turn some men on with that. Is that what you wear to work? " When I didn’t answer right away she raised her voice a bit and asked again. "Is that what you wear to work? This time I answered that although I never wore a bra and nylons to work I did usually wear panties. She snickered and said " Well, you’ll continue to wear the panties but I’ll have to think about adding the bra."

While this was taking place, Julie had been further studying me and was starting to laugh again. "I was just looking at your panties, sissy, and I’ve noticed that there isn’t much of a bulge there. I wonder whether you’ve got it tucked back or if it’s that small it doesn’t make a bulge." She then walked over and pulled my panties down. When she did both she and Sue started howling with laughter. Although I’ve never been that large in the first place, my fear must have made my cock shrink up even more. When I looked down I was mortified to see that it was almost invisible. With all the laughter, Cindy came in to see what was going on . What she saw made her, too break up.

After coming up for air Sue told me, "I really am glad I never decided to go out with you. With that little thing you could have never satisfied me. I think my six year old nephew has a bigger cock than that. I guess now I know why you want to be a woman. You’re definitely not much of a man."

After she had made similar remarks about my cock, Cindy said she was going back out to guard the dressing room but said she expected to see me in each of the dresses.

I was made to try on each of the dresses while Sue and Julie made humiliating comments and appraised how I looked in each one. The worst part was that with each dress that I tried on I was forced to go out in the store to show Cindy. It seemed that each time I went out there was a bigger audience to view my humiliation. One time when I came out, Cindy was up near the front of the store and when she saw me, called for me to come to her so she could check me out. I had to pass through a group of giggling women who were making all sorts of humiliating comments to reach Cindy. She was very near the front of the store and I was terrified that I would be seen from the mall. I guess I had a little luck left because I managed to avoid having anyone from outside the store see me.

Sue, Cindy, and Julie got together to decide which dress they liked best. They were having a tough time deciding between two of them. It was then decided that I would purchase an extremely short and very sexy red dress but would put a deposit down on a black one and come back at another time to pick it up so Cindy and Julie could have some more fun with me. I was also instructed to give both Julie and Cindy my name and phone number as they both had some plans for me and would be calling me. Sue also gave them my phone number for work which they could call in case I decided not to come when they called. There was also one of the customers who asked for my number and I was ordered to give it to her, also.

I made the purchase and Sue and I left the store. Sue had shown a side of her that I had never seen before in the four years we had worked together and I was afraid of what else she had in mind for me but I was greatly relieved at being able to leave the store and figured we were done shopping and could go somewhere private and talk. At least that is what I thought until her next comment.

"Fredericks of Hollywood is a couple of stores up. They have some beautiful wigs. Maybe we can find one to match the dress." This was definitely going to be the worst day of may life.

Sue had a big smile on her face as she led me through the mall toward Fredericks. "I’m sure glad Jim (our boss) asked me to switch vacation days." said Sue. "I bet you never expected to see me here today, did you? I think our relationship is really going to change from now on."

Luckily when we entered Fredericks there were no other customers. The saleslady was very quick to approach us and ask if we needed any help. Sue was quick to tell her that I needed a wig. The saleslady gave me an amused look and asked what style and color I preferred. I looked questioningly at Sue and stated that I was not sure.

Sue told her, "I think a long, frizzy, platinum blonde would be perfect for her. I think she should find out for herself whether blondes have more fun." I had often teased Sue when she had dyed her hair blonde and now it looked like it would haunt me.

Shaking her head in disbelief and laughing, the saleslady told us to follow her to the back of the store where they kept the wigs. She brought out several styles which I was told to try on. The bad news was that Fredericks is a very small store and we were not in the dressing room so I was plainly visible from the mall. As I was modeling the wigs I could see people stop outside the door and stare in at me. I only hoped no one else I knew would see me.

Sue decided on a style that was very curly and came down just past my shoulders. I made the purchase and we left the store. This stop had been quick and relatively painless although I did notice several people in the mall staring at me with amused looks on their faces when we left. What else was in store for me?

"Can we please leave now, " I pleaded as we walked through the mall. "I don’t think I can handle anymore right now."

"Oh I think you can, sissy." replied Sue. "But it doesn’t matter anyway. You agreed to do anything and I’m just starting to have fun. I can’t believe what a rush I’m feeling right now. But don’t worry too much. I only have a couple of more places to go. First of all you need to get some new lingerie to match your dress. You need a strapless bra to go with the dress since it only has spaghetti straps. Plus I think I prefer that you wear a garter belt and hose instead of thigh highs. And while we’re at it you may as well get some matching panties. I like the lingerie at Victoria’s Secret more than Fredericks so I think that will be our next stop. "

Sue then grabbed my arm and proceeded to lead me through the mall to Victoria’s Secret which was at the other end of the mall. Here I wasn’t quite so lucky as there were a number of ladies in the store shopping when we arrived. We had just started looking around when the saleslady arrived to inquire whether we needed any help.

"My friend here needs a new bra to go with her new dress." replied Sue. This seemed to startle the sales lady probably due more to Sue referring to me in a feminine form than the fact we were looking for lingerie for me. I’m sure she is quite used to men buying things for themselves. "And while you are at it why don’t we get her some matching panties, a garter belt, and some hose to match. She’s got a hot New Year’s date to get dressed for."

"Let me see the dress," answered the sales lady whose name tag said her name was Debbie. Debbie took the dress from me and took it out of the bag to inspect it. "This dress is definitely very sexy but it’s probably a little too slutty for my taste. But I’m sure we can find some things to match it. You know, you’re extremely lucky to have a girl friend who is so understanding and will help you shop. Very few of the men who shop here are that lucky."

At this Sue started laughing. "Oh, we aren’t dating. We only work together and I didn’t plan on helping her shop. I just caught the little sissy shopping for herself and decided to have a little fun. By the way, did you notice the cute outfit she has on and the painted nails?"

Now Debbie as well as several of the ladies shopping who were within earshot of the conversation were starting to appraise my outfit. While Debbie was still trying to act professionally I could hear the giggles and comments coming from all around me. One lady who had come up beside us and was looking me over very carefully asked her friend what kind of man would dress in this manner.

Upon hearing this Sue turned to the lady and in a voice loud enough for everyone to hear said, "She’s not really much of a man. In fact I think she has the smallest cock I have ever seen. I wouldn’t even call it a cock."

This brought gales of laughter from everyone and once again I could feel my eyes begin to tear up with shame. All I wanted was to find a hole to crawl into and hide.

Debbie who now was laughing with everyone else said, "Is that a fact? I’d very much like to see that. "

It was obvious that Debbie now knew who was in charge because she asked Sue if it was alright if she had a look to see for herself. Several other ladies chimed in that they would like to see for themselves, also.

"That would be fine with me," replied Sue. "If you have someplace we can go we can have the little sissy show anyone who is interested her little cock and let them judge for themselves." At this several of the ladies stated that this was a great idea.

"Let me find some things for her to try on and we can go back to the rear dressing room." said Debbie. "Why don’t you wait outside the dressing room and I’ll be right back."

By the time Debbie got back with several bras, panties, and garter belts quite a crowd had gathered. It had not taken long for word to get around the store and it seemed like everyone was there waiting for a show. Sue and I followed Debbie into the dressing room where I was ordered to strip. When I attempted to close the door, Sue screamed at me to leave it open so everyone could see.

Everyone was giggling by the time I was down to my bra and panties but the laughter erupted as soon as I removed the panties. I was so scared that by cock had again shrunken up to almost nothing. Sue was quick to jump on this. "Didn’t I tell you that she had the smallest cock I had ever seen? Has anyone here ever seen a smaller one?"

"I have," snickered one of the ladies in the hall. "But it was on a newborn baby." This brought roars of laughter from everyone in the dressing area. Everyone that is except me. I was in tears.

I was forced to model several different sets of lingerie while my audience voiced their opinions of which were their favorites. The crowd kept getting bigger as people in the mall noticed the commotion in the back of the store and came in to investigate. By the time I was done there must have been at least twenty five people watching me. Sue then stated to everyone that if they wished to have me come and serve them in any way that they should leave their name and number with her and she would contact them later. She got several takers. With the help of the crowd Sue selected several items. To go with the dress she selected a strapless black bra with matching bikini panties, garter belt, and seamed nylons. She also selected several different sets in pink which she told me she wanted me to wear from now on when at work. She would be checking she informed me.

I made the purchases and left the store to much cheering from the other customers. I hoped that my ordeal was finally over. Sue told me that since it was lunchtime and she was hungry that we would go to the food court to get something to eat. At least that couldn’t be too embarrassing and maybe I could talk her into ending my ordeal.

As we neared the food court I heard someone call out, "Hey Sue, over here." The voice was very familiar.

Sue turned to me and laughed, "Oh, I forgot to tell you that I was supposed to meet Terri for lunch. I’m sure she’ll be delighted to help us with our shopping." Terri had worked with us until her position was discontinued about a year ago but her husband was still one of my customers. I could only hope that she would keep quiet about everything and that her husband would not find out about it.

As we neared the table where Terri was sitting I noticed that she was looking at me with an amused grin on her face. She always was pretty observant and I could tell she had noticed something odd. "Well, I sure didn’t expect to see you today, Don." she said. "And what the hell are you wearing. You look like a little fairy. Let me see your hands a second."

Upon inspecting my hands and seeing my painted nails Terri burst out laughing. "I always thought you weren’t very macho but I never would have expected this." she said. "What’s the story? Is this some kind of joke?"

"I found the little sissy shopping for her New Year’s dress." explained Sue. "So I decided to help her out a little. So far we’ve been to Gantos, Fredericks, and Victoria’s Secret. It has been a lot of fun hasn’t it, Donna? Maybe if she’s in the mood Terri will help us."

I could tell by the smile on Terri’s face that she would only be delighted to do just that and with her imagination I could be in a lot of trouble. "I think that would be a lot of fun." she said. "And here I thought this was just going to be an ordinary day of shopping. I have a couple of ideas which I’m sure you both will enjoy."

We all got something to eat although I wasn’t very hungry at this point and just picked at my food. Through lunch Sue filled Terri in on the details of our previous stops which Terri found to be quite amusing. After we finished I was told to sit at the table while Sue and Terri went to the ladies room. They were gone a long time and when they came out laughing I knew they been discussing what other adventures we could get into.

When Sue and Terri reached the table I was told that we were all going to the nail salon to have our nails done. When I protested that my nails were already done they informed me that I was to have some acrylic tips put on to make my nails a little longer and more feminine.

"But how can I wear them to work?" I whined. "They’ll be too noticeable.

"Don’t worry." said Sue. "We’ll have them put on with an adhesive that will be easy to remove. You can take them off before you go back to work on Monday." At this Terri was laughing but at the time I didn’t realize why.

When we reached the nail salon Sue and Terri went ahead of me and talked to the technician. They explained everything they wanted done to me and then went to get their manicures. The nail technician called me over and told me to sit at her table while she got the necessary items. When she came back she had a big grin on her face and immediately began working on my nails. First she gave me a manicure and then started sanding down the surface of the nails. This she said was so that the acrylic nails would adhere better.

"But I’m only supposed to get tips and not full nails." I protested. "And they are supposed to be put on with an adhesive that makes them easy to remove. What happens to the finish when you remove the nails if you sand the finish off the surface?’

At this the nail lady laughed. "There has been a little change of plan." she said. "Your friends decided you should get a complete set of nails. But don’t worry about the finish. I know what I’m doing." Don’t worry. That’s easy for her to say. But at least I figured I could remove the nails later.

The process of fitting and gluing the nails in place took about a half hour by which time Sue and Terri were done getting their manicures. They then came over to watch while my treatment was completed and made sure that all the other customers knew what was going on. They picked out a very bright, slutty, red polish to coat my nails and was then ordered to remove my shoes and hose so that my toe nails could be painted a similar color.

After everything was dry I was told to pay for all three of us and to give a generous tip to the lady who had done my nails. I had a hard time getting the money out of my purse since I was not used to the length of the nails but finally managed and we were on our way. The next stop I was told was the shoe store.

Although it was embarrassing at least the stop at the shoe store wasn’t too bad and did go fairly quickly. Sue and Terri were not too quiet about informing the clerk and the other customers in the store what we there for. This caused a few laughs from everyone but fortunately there were only a few other people in the store. It also worked out well that the second pair I tried on fit perfectly and both Sue and Terri thought they were perfect. They were red pumps (fuck me pumps as the saleslady joked to Sue and Terri ) with about 4" gold metal tipped heels. Everyone thought they were very hot. The worst part was having to try them on and walking around the store in them. While I am used to heels and had no trouble walking in them the store was not very private and I was plainly visible to everyone passing by. I received plenty of hoots and whistles but nothing compared to what I had already been through.

"Don’t worry, Donna." Sue told me as we left the shoe store. "We’re almost finished with your outfit." I couldn’t think of anything that could possibly be left to complete the outfit and neither Sue nor Terri would give me a clue as we walked through the mall.

We had gone about a third of the way through the mall when Terri announced that we were at our destination. I looked up at the sign which read Merle Norman. We were at a store specializing in makeovers. They couldn’t expect me to do this. How could I possibly leave the store with makeup on?

We entered the store and Terri approached the lady at the counter and asked if it was possible to get a makeover.

"Sure." said the lady. "We’re not busy at all right now. Which of you two ladies is it for?"

"Oh, it’s not for either of us." replied Terri. "It’s for our little sissy friend here. We’ve decided she needs a new look, something extremely slutty."

The sales lady was stunned for a second but quickly recovered. "We don’t usually do any men here." she said. "But I’m sure we can come up with something that will please you. Jessica is our best. Let’s go talk to her and you can explain exactly what you want done. I was told to wait at the counter while everyone went over to talk to Jessica. As I watched Sue and Terri tell her what they wanted Jessica stared at me and started to giggle. Sue and Terri said a few more things to which she smiled and nodded. They then waved for me to come over and was told to take a seat in Jessica’s chair.

"So, you are supposed to look like a slut." snickered Jessica. "It’s going to take a lot of work but when I’m done with you all the guys will be waiting in line for you. The first thing we have to do though is thin those eyebrows out a little to make them a little more feminine."

I almost jumped out of the chair when she said this. "You can’t pluck my eyebrows." I cried. "I’ll never be able to hide that. They’ll never grow back by Monday."

"Don’t worry." replied Jessica. "I’m only going to trim them up a little. You’ll hardly be able to notice." Why was it that everyone was telling me not to worry and that was all I could do?

Despite my protests Jessica started plucking my eyebrows which was extremely painful. I was growing concerned as it was taking longer than I thought was necessary. Since I was facing away from the mirror and was not allowed to look I could not see what was going on. Jessica kept assuring me that she was not removing too much and after what seemed like an eternity she was finally satisfied.

While Jessica had been busy with my eyebrows, Sue and Terri had wandered out into the mall and I had noticed that they had been talking to a guy in his mid twenties. They had talked for a while but after about fifteen minutes he left and they came back in to watch. When they sat down Sue said something about the guy being her cousin so I didn’t think too much of it.

Jessica was now doing my makeup and the results were getting mostly positive responses from both Terri and Sue although every once in a while they told her to make something look a little sluttier. When she was just about done she asked Terri if she had a preference as to what color lipstick she should apply.

"Well, I think maybe something in a cocksucker red would be very nice." snickered Terri.

"Yeah, that probably would be very appropriate." laughed Sue.

I figured this was just a joke but by now I should have known better. I was also more than a little worried about how I was going to get out of the mall like this. When I expressed this concern to Sue and Terri they said they had this problem taken care of. I was then ordered to follow them and Jessica to the storage room and told to strip. I wasn’t sure what was going on but knew better than to disobey so I immediately began taking off my clothes. While I was doing this, Sue and Terri were unpacking some of today’s purchases. I was them told to put on my new lingerie followed by my dress and heels. Jessica brought out my new wig which she put on my head and combed out.

I was then led over to a mirror to get my first look at myself. What I saw both thrilled and dismayed me. I was at first thrilled because in all my years of cross dressing I had never dreamed I could look this good. However, what was really upsetting were my eyebrows. Despite her promise to just trim them a little, Jessica had plucked them into very thin high arches. There was no way I could ever hide them. Sue and Terri loved the look and couldn’t begin to praise Jessica’s work enough. By now I was totally broken. It couldn’t get any worse. At least now I looked almost like a real woman so I wasn’t that concerned about going out into the mall.

When we left the shop, Terri looked at her watch and told Sue that it was too early to leave the mall so maybe we could do some more shopping. While I wasn’t exactly thrilled about wandering around the mall dressed like this I also wasn’t about to argue. Besides, maybe this would be the last thing they put me through and they would let me go home afterwards.

We did a little browsing in a few stores until Terri again looked at her watch. "It’s 4:30." she said. "I think we’d better get going."

We started to go toward the entrance to the mall to leave which I found to be a great relief. However, it occurred to me that I had come in from the other end of the mall.

"Don’t worry." said Sue. "Terri is going to drive us to our cars in her van."

So, I was going to be allowed to leave. I was starting to feel better already. As we neared Terri’s van I noticed someone standing in front of it and as we got close I recognized him as Sue’s "cousin" from the mall. I was now starting to get a little worried again.

When we reached the van he gave Terri a package and Sue asked him how he had made out.

With a grin he said "Great!" and nodded to the car next to us. Inside were four other men.

Terri opened the side door and I was ordered to get inside and to sit on the floor. Sue got in the front passenger seat and turned it around to face the back of the van. Then her cousin and the four men from the car next to us got in the back followed by Terri who then closed the door.

"Well, Sissy. It’s now time to test out the cocksucker red lipstick." laughed Terri. I looked to Sue for help but could see that none was coming.

"Who wants to go first?" asked Sue.

Everyone wanted to be first so they drew straws and Sue’s cousin won. I was told to kneel in front of him and to pull down his pants. I was mortified but I did as I was told. When I did I uncovered a semi hard cock which was already about seven inches. I was ordered to start sucking.

As I put my lips around the head of his cock a light came on and I heard a little whirling noise. I looked up to see Terri with a video camera taking pictures of me. "This will make a great home movie for my next party." she laughed. Upon seeing the camera I started to back away but was stopped by Terri’s next sentence. "If you know what’s good for you, you’ll get back to work on that cock. And you better show some enthusiasm. I want some good pictures and if I don’t get them you can bet I’ll show this movie to everyone at work."

I didn’t have much choice so I again started sucking on the cock. After a few minutes Sue’s cousin really started to get into it and started fucking my mouth with relish. Since I had never done this before I was having trouble controlling my gag reflex but soon got this under control. Everyone in the van was cheering us on and after about ten minutes I felt him tense up. The next thing I knew he was shooting a tremendous load into my mouth. He must have been storing that load up for a month. It was such a huge amount that some managed to dribble out of my mouth and start to run down my chin. Upon orders from Sue I had to swallow the cum and lick my lips while smiling at the camera to show how much I enjoyed it.

The next guy up announced that he would rather have a little bit of my ass if that was ok.

"Sure." replied Sue. "As long as you have a condom. I’d love to see the little whore get an ass full of cum but I do have protect her health. Unless you have a condom, you’ll have to be content with a blow job."

I was starting to get scared at this suggestion since my experience to this point had consisted of a few small dildos and I didn’t think I could handle his cock. I started to feel better when he dejectedly admitted that he had forgotten to bring one. This was short lived however when his buddy chimed in, "I guess I’m the only one who came prepared." He then pulled out a pack of condoms and a bottle of lube which he handed to his friend.

Since the second guy was too soft to put the condom on, I was first forced to suck on his cock to get him hard after which I had to put the condom on his cock. He then went around behind me and pushed me down on all fours while he spread my legs. I then felt him put some of the lube in my hole. Thank God for small favors. After putting in a liberal amount of the lube I felt him start to enter my ass. I was very tense and this was causing me a tremendous amount of pain. Fortunately he was trying to be a little gentle. After he had fully entered me he stopped and let me catch my breath before he started moving in and out. After a little while I started to relax a bit and the pain eased up a bit. I hated to admit it but I was starting to enjoy the sensation.

Terri was quick to notice that my cock had started to get hard though and yelled, "Look, the little faggot is enjoying herself. Her little cock is getting hard and look at the way she’s humping back on that cock. By the way. There’s an open hole up front for the next person in line."

The next man jumped at the invitation and I soon had his cock in my mouth as well as the one pumping my ass. It didn’t take too long until my mouth was again filled with cum. "I think that was the best blow job I’ve ever had." he said. "This bitch is a natural."

Meanwhile the third guy was taking his place in front of me at the same time as the second man was finally climaxing in my ass. He left his cock in me for a few minutes while he got a close up of the action in front of him. After about ten minutes I was again swallowing a huge load of cum.

The last man then came up to take his turn. He must have gotten extremely turned on watching the action because he came almost immediately. I had actually done five men. A couple of them wanted a second turn but Sue mercifully put an end to things. They all left after getting instructions to call her later about the party next Saturday.

When they had left Sue turned back to me and said, " I guess you’ve had a pretty rough day. I do think we all learned a little more about you today, though."

"Why did you have to put me through all this?" I asked. "I’ve never done anything to you to deserve this."

"Actually," replied Sue. "I just wanted to see how far you would go. In fact if you had put up more than a token resistance at any point I would have stopped it. I didn’t plan to go this far but more we did the more I enjoyed it. Now I’m not so sure you didn’t enjoy it almost as much as I did."

"Do you mean that I can end this now and you won’t tell anyone at work?" I asked.

"Oh no." laughed Sue. "It’s way too late for that now. Today was way too much fun for me to want to stop now. Besides, you’ve got a party to serve next week and I’ve got a list her of about a dozen ladies who want your services. I might even be able to make some money off of this."

I was then driven by Terri to my car. Before I got out Sue reminded me to wear my pink lingerie to work and that she would be checking. She also informed me that she would be coming by my house to pick out an outfit for the party.

I got out of the van and Sue and Terri drove off while Terri blew the horn which caused everyone in the area to look in my direction. As I was opening my door a lady walked up and started to get in the car next to me. She stared at me for a second and laughed, "You really ought to wash the cum off your chin."

I got in my car and started home. I needed a bath and I had a lot of thinking to do.


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