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Coffee Date

by Jeshi

Coffee Date

It was a simple message. Subject line: "Coffee." Body: "Hey, I read that you're looking for something to do, I'm in the area, why don't we meet up? We could get coffee if you're like. Looking forward to meeting you! -Greg." They met on an internet forum, it wasn't anything weird, just a general forum. It was one of the oldest internet forums, from back when being a forum was enough of a purpose on its own. It had kept up a community and gained a certain reputation for quality posting. They'd met in the thread about gay personal issues. Nate had posted in the thread wondering if anyone knew of good clubs or bars in his area, and Greg had seen the post. It's not like they were strangers, they'd been reading each other's posts for a few years, they knew plenty about each other. They had stuff in common too. So after a day of working out the details they agreed to meet at a coffee shop in the busy city square. They both knew the first rule of meeting people from the internet was to do it in public, that way nobody could try anything sneaky.

"I'm wearing a vest, sorry," said the txt. Nate got it on the train. "I'm wearing green," he replied. This way, they would know who is who. It took Nate some time to find the coffee shop. There were more side streets than he saw on the map, which resulted in wrong turns. Eventually he found the place and he spotted Greg immediately. Greg was certainly wearing a vest, but the rest of the outfit was pretty plain. When Nate looked at him, Greg raised his eyebrows, and so the date began.

The reason Greg was wearing a vest was because he'd just gotten back from work. He was a stage hypnotist, you see. An apprentice, at least. The vest was part of his normally very formal and fancy outfit, but he didn't want to dress that way to the date. He didn't have time to change properly either though, and he couldn't just show up in a white shirt and black pants or he would have nothing recognizable. So he settled on keeping the vest.

Nate's green shirt was at the top of the drawer. He hadn't even thought about being recognizable. He just thought they were trading what they were wearing because they could. It's not that Nate was stupid, he was just very laid back and spacey. The way he saw it, when they got to the coffee shop, they'd both be looking for the other person who was looking for someone and then ask each other if they were who they were looking for. That wasn't confusing at all to Nate.

Greg was a very friendly guy. So was Nate, but Greg was really friendly. Throughout the conversation, Greg often patted Nate's shoulder in a friendly way, and he was very funny and interesting. Nate found it was easy to just let Greg dominate the conversation, he liked listening anyway. At one point, Greg complimented Nate's avatar from the forums.

"This is what dating has come to in the 21st century, 'aint it? Hahahaha!" said Greg. Oh, it was a date. Nate hadn't really thought about that, he was fine with either option, he just hadn't thought about it. It didn't occur to him. It was officially a date then, since Greg said it was. Nate's style of socializing was often to pretend he knew what was going on, then to be happy with whatever fills in the hole in his knowledge. Is it a date? Does Greg want it to be? Are they planning to go back to Greg's hotel room? Does Greg want to? Before he really thought about it, Nate was walking next to Greg down the street, picking up on body language to know when to turn.

Greg hadn't used any inductions. It wasn't magic either. He kept mentioning certain things, and kept emphasizing certain words, and kept touching Nate in different places at different times. It wouldn't have taken much to get to Nate anyway. Even if it was some random other guy, Nate probably would have agreed to go back to the hotel room.

It was a small hotel, very friendly atmosphere. Greg knew the names of the person working the check-in desk and another one of the guests reading in the lobby. He chatted with them while they waited for the elevator. Greg, was on the fifth floor. There weren't many rooms per floor. The door dinged and they entered the elevator, it was just the two of them.

"Elevators can be boring, they could you to sleep if they were any more boring. Something I do to pass the time in elevators is watch the floor numbers as we move up or downwards. Do you do that? Sometimes I get bored of just watching, and try to see if I can play games with the numbers before they change. Like, how about, saying the opposite number of the floor we're on before we change floors. So on the first floor we say five and then two is our and three is still three, and as we move up, or rather down since we're going backwards, we can feel relieved that three is still three, we don't have to think at all to figure that one out. And then four is two, and five is one." the elevator slowed to a stop. "Oh, here's our floor."

They didn't have much walking to do to get from the elevator to Greg's hotel room. It was a very small room, almost entirely the bed. There was a bathroom though. Greg suggested that Nate take a shower, because he could if he wanted to. Nate took a shower. He was thinking about how nice the shower was. He got out of the shower, dried off, put his clothes back on, and left the bathroom.

Greg was lying down on the bed, on his back, his white shirt was unbuttoned, oh, his vest was off too. His legs were spread not very wide but not closed either. Suddenly something dawned on Nate. Oh. Were they planning to have sex or something? Was that part of the plan? He started to get a bit nervous. He was fine not knowing if it was a date or not, or if they were supposed to stay in the coffee shop or not, but to not realize if they were just planning to have casual sex or not? Nate wanted to think he wasn't that dense.

Greg sat up.

"Oh! I'm sorry, are you not comfortable with this? We don't have to do this if you don't want to. I thought you were hearing and understanding my subtext." Nate thought for a moment that Greg had phrased that sentence awfully strange. Who talks like that? Nate didn't like awkward situations though, or imposing.

"Oh, no, it's fine. I just wasn't sure. I'm not against it. I just wasn't thinking about it. Now I have to think about it." said Nate. "You can just stay like that. I'll think."

"Oh, yeah, I understand fine. When you don't think, it's fun and all, but I understand. You know, it will probably be easier for you to decide, if you sit on the bed, and relax. I know some relaxation techniques that can help. Wanna come sit on the bed and relax with me?" said Greg. Nate didn't see why not. He sat down on the bed, then he laid down. Then he was lead through some breathing exercises.

Nate wasn't wearing his shirt. It was the hot summer and Greg doesn't really like the cold that much, so he turned the air conditioning off to keep it from getting cold. But because there was no air conditioning on in the room, that meant it was really hot, so Nate took his shirt off to cool down. Boy though, it sure was cold with all that air conditioning on. It would be nice if there was something he could do to warm up.

A human body generates a lot of heat. The internal temperate of a human body is ninety-eight point six degrees Fahrenheit. When you put two bodies together, the temperature will increase, of course. Heat will transfer between them. It was a hot eighty five degrees outside, and a chilly seventy degrees inside. Ninety eight point six degrees would be good for warming up from this chilly cold. So Nate pressed himself against Greg, who held him tight.

It felt really nice, being in Greg's arms. They were large, and very strong. Nate could feel Greg's heartbeat, his breath, his heat. It felt great, he was very grateful to Greg for calming him down like that. Greg had been very useful all day. He came up with the idea of trading outfit details in advance so they could find each other. He picked a great coffee shop. He suggested they go to his cozy hotel room. He even thought of the date in the first place, which was a great idea. Wasn't there something else planned for after the date?

Nate wanted to be useful. He didn't like to impose but he loved to help out. He felt something between Greg and Nate's bodies. No, wait, it wasn't between them, it was part of Greg's body, sticking out. Oh, of course, Greg was horny. Gosh, it would be great is Nate could help him out with that. That would be a great way to be helpful, a great way to show his gratitude to Greg.

Nate slid down the bed, down Greg's body. He undid Greg's pants button, he undid Greg's zipper, he was helping remove the clothes you see. He couldn't help Greg out if there was clothes in the way, and why make Greg do all that himself? That cock was straining against the fabric, probably not too comfortable. Off came the pants, off came the boxer briefs, and there it was. It looked great, it looked delicious. It sure made Nate thirsty. He licked his lips. Wasn't there something else planned for after the date?

Nate opened his mouth wide, and in the cock went. The head felt so soft, a wonderful texture. It tasted really good, what a great taste. Nate slid his tongue up Greg's cock and tickled the bit just under the head. He sucked, and sucked. He used his hands to help stroke the cock. He really wanted to get Greg off, he really wanted to give Greg a good time. Greg gave helpful advice while Nate sucked his cock. He even put an encouraging hand on the back of Nate's head.

Greg must have had way too much fucking stamina (both too much-fucking stamina, and too much fucking-stamina). It seemed like an hour passed and Nate was getting really exhausted. Greg kept moaning and moaning but he wouldn't cum! Nate was getting so tired, he was having trouble keep Greg' s cock in his mouth. The cock would slide out, and then bounce and rub itself all over Nate's face. It felt good, but it was also frustrating! He wanted that cock in his mouth so the cum would get in his mouth! Nate collapsed on the bed, too exhausted, that damn cock just wouldn't cum. The clock confirmed that an hour had passed, well, Nate's vision was too blurry with exhaustion to read the clock, so he just had Greg read it and he believed what Greg said. Greg stroked himself for a bit, then gave Nate permission to start sucking again. Finally! Cum! Nate swallowed every last bit, then collapsed again with his head in Greg's crotch. He was so tired, he just passed out right there. Cock right next to his face.

Greg was proud of his achievements. He managed to get time to slow down for Nate so much, that he believed he'd been sucking for an hour. He even felt the physical exhaustion as if he'd been doing it that long. Greg stroked his fingers through Nate's hair. He had to remember Nate for the next time he was in the area on tour. He whispered sweet words and memories for Nate to take with him. Nate would both never forget the amazing night he had with Greg, yet also forget huge portions of the amazing night he had with Greg. He could remember the pleasure, but forget the relaxation. Remember the fun but forget the forgetfulness. Remember that it all went according to plan. Forget how exhausted he was.

Nate's arm, neck, and jaw were sore for four days. He both remembered with great pleasure how it happened, and simultaneously remembered the perfect excuse to tell people. It's not lying if you believe it. Nate made a point to go on coffee dates with strangers from the internet more often.


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