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I Didn't Choose The Jock Life

by AshleyJoshG

I Didn't Choose The Jock Life

It was a usual June day in Texas with a slight chance of rain when 22-year old Aaron Hendricks was abducted by college jocks. Aaron was a pretty average guy and didn't stand out at all among other guys. He is about 5'7", blue eyes and mousey brown hair. His body hair and facial hair were always turnoffs and he had planned to get rid of it. He liked the wear pretty loose clothing since it was comfortable. He didn't understand why, who or what had grabbed him. He struggled to get free but it was a strong force holding him. The jocks placed the chloroform cloth on him and he proceeded to fall in a heap to the floor in his dorm, completely passed out. A black jeep pulled up and the jocks loaded his body into it and they drove off. 

Aaron woke up several hours later, lying on a table and naked. He blushed but then immediately yelled for help but it never came. He sighed and heard a noise walking up behind him. He grinned and identified himself as Jake, the vice president of the college jocks group. Without wasting any time or letting me get a look at him, he got to work on me. He proceeded to spray me with some orange chemical. It started to burn my skin and I was starting to tear up. After spraying him for a few minutes all over his body with the chemical, Jake proceeded to wipe a darker substance all over Aaron. He told me he finished and turned off the light that was in my eyes so I could see what he had done. My body was hairless, from top to bottom, except for my head. My skin turned into a modest tan. Jake told me both were permanent and that I could go even tanner if I wanted. He advised against it though since he didn't find the Oompa Loompa look appealing in any way.

Jake took out a box with an outfit inside. He told me it was for later after the initiation. He was hooking me up to various I.V. tubes and placed a pair of goggles over my eyes, it was showing spirals and some pictures of muscular guys and had captions. I wasn't sure what was going on but the drugs made me feel like I was floating in the air. I don't remember what happened next and the next few hours were a blur to me. Jake unshackled me from the table and instructed me that I had undergone the initiation. I stared and nodded blankly as if still in a trance some kind. He instructed me that I was injected with both cum and testosterone from both him and his brothers. I was to call them "bro" from now on, which as Jake said, would be one of about a hundred words I know. Jake smiles and hands me the box with the outfit in it. Still a long way to go or so he said, I could only look puzzled at him. Jake took out his cellphone and was telling the other bros that things were going smoothly. 

I went to the bathroom with the box to stare at my body, it wasn't muscular or anything. It was tan and hairless. I opened the box to find a black Under Armour sleeveless shirt and black Under Armour shorts. It had black Under Armour boxer briefs as well, which I quickly put on. I proceeded to pull the black Under Armour shirt over my head, it was a little loose but for some reason, I wanted it tighter on my body. I proceeded to put on the shorts next and they fit just fine. I slowly began to notice they were all items from Under Armour and were black. I shrugged it off. I looked great and that's all that mattered. I looked in the box to find, you guessed it, a black hat from Under Armour. I decided not to wear it for now. I sat down on the bench and pulled out the shoes and socks. They had the same company emblem on them. I grinned staring at myself in the mirror. I took the hat and empty box with me as I opened the bathroom door to leave. I opened the door to find Jake staring at me and smiling approvingly.

He told me I was looking good as he stared at the hat in my hand but needed a few more touch ups before he could introduce me to the bros. I grinned and nodded dumbly at his approval. It was the first time I had ever seen Jake. He looked just like me but more muscular and short hair. He was about 5'9", had black hair and brown eyes. He explained to me that my clothing would be essentially the same for the rest of my college days, I think he said life under his voice, but went on to say that the bros aren't strict about the clothing as long as it is a sports label and works for the body, as in shows off the muscles. Jake explained to me that my dorm room had been redone to fit my interests and hobbies. He handed me a key to the gym, which as a bro, I will have unlimited 24/7 access to. He smiled and told me I would be there a lot. Everyone is always there on the weekdays. As for classes, the bros have nerds to do their work for them and they get good enough grades as a result to skip finals. I was relieved that I didn't need to worry about that. I don't know how I could do things like math or science anymore. 

Jake told me to sit down in the chair, so I did as he asked and sat. I faced a mirror. I was wondering what he was doing or going to do. I saw him take clippers out from the drawer. I already figured what was about to come. I was going to get a haircut like Jake's. He finished and finished before I even realized it. I was really spacing out lately. I looked at myself in the mirror and like my body was moving all by itself, I posed in the mirrors. Jake clapped and told me that it was going to get better and I was going to get better. I grinned dumbly and clapped along with him. Jake said he had one last thing to do before he could go present me to the rest of our bros. He took the hat from my hand and placed it on my head. He turned it backward and everything went black. 

It wasn't for a few hours until I regained conscious that my bros were forming the unbreakable bond. Jake had told me I had sucked all seven of their dicks, including Jake's dick. The circle was now complete and I was now a bro. I felt my intelligence and mind slip into a deep state of hibernation as he placed the black Under Armour hat backwards on my head. Jake told me that the hat is a trigger to silence my old self so I can't think. I nodded dumbly at what he was telling me. He told me eventually I would not need it but probably not for another year but he told me some of them love the hat so they keep it on all the time. I nodded and grinned dumbly. I couldn't think or say anything so I just grinned and nodded. 

A few months later...
It's a warm August morning and all the new college students are coming to their first classes of the year. The college jocks look at new bait to target and change. Aaron, wearing his usual jock uniform, up to XXL now thanks to all the working out of the past few months and his backwards cap got to pick this year. The freshman guy's name was Matt and he was apparently a homosexual since he had an effeminate boy clinging on him named Joshua. The college jocks smile and Jake waves at pretty average Matt and effeminate Joshua. 


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