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degradation of Jack

by blinkdude

degradation of Jack

I wrote this story a few years ago and have just found it on my harddrive. So thought i would post it on here, enjoy:)

He was just your average boy; he went to school, studied and dabbled a little in hypnosis. He was a graduate from university in English with a minor in Music Technology. Jack had spent three long years at university, had made a few friends, and spent a lot of time working to save money for when he moved to another city. He would do the odd gig with some hypnosis against his mates…a dare or something and raise a little cash, but he never would confess to being any good. He could make someone touch there nose, or fall asleep mid conversation. Once or twice he helped people combat stress or stop them smoking, but never anything major; it was a hobby. When he had finished graduating and saying his long goodbyes to people he had moved.

Jacks parents didn’t really agree with him going to university, and hadn’t given him any support whilst he was there. In fact they had spent more time on holiday then asking how he was doing, so as far as Jack was concerned, moving to another town rather then his home town was a good move.

The first thing Jack did after moving to this new town was find the local electronics store, food shop, and most of all the nearest music shop. Although Jack had a passion for English, over the three years he had studied music technology he had grown more into the music world and had started to record some of his own songs. He already owned an electronic drum set and electric guitar and bass, but strings broke and the wiring was always needed, so he needed fast access to the music shops to get what he needed to continue recording.

Jack walked out of the town centre towards his new flat, it was in walking distance after all, and his phone rang.

“Hey Jack, how’s it going buddy?” His mate Ryan from university had asked

“Not to bad man, just walked around the town centre, find where shops are and grab a bite to eat. When you popping for a visit?”

“Well, you know what its like. Just graduated, big party for the summer, I’ll try to pop round in a few weeks when everything is sorted”

“Yeah sounds great man. Got a sofa bed which you and your girlfriend can crash on”

“Sweet…anyway phone just to tell you about…” the conversation continued for a good ten minutes, Ryan talked about his embarrassing mum and dad at the graduation ceremony and Jack spoke about the new town.

Whilst Jack was talking he hadn’t noticed that he had taken a wrong turning, so when he turned his phone off he looked around trying to find something he recognised; a tree or a house, but nothing came to his memory so he turned and walked back. As Jack was walking back he started to hear sweet music from down a side alley. As he walked down he could see the front of a music shop. Guitars were hanging in the window and the bright neon sign was flashing saying open.

Jack opened the door to the sound of a bell above his head and walked in. The shop looked like a big open room, along one wall there were guitars, all dusty and old looking. Most had strings hanging off and dangling. Along the other side was brightly coloured swirls and incense burning, making the room smell sickly sweet. In the corner were some bean bags with a girl sitting with her head tipped back. She looked completely out of her head and had a blissful smile on her face as she hummed lightly to the music. Jack listened carefully to the music and it sounded somewhat familiar though he couldn’t put his finger where he knew the music from. Jack ignored it and started to look at the old guitars…seeing if there was anything valuable.

“Can I help you?” a voice from right behind Jack made him jump, and as he turned he saw a man looking at him intensely. The man had blood shot eyes, dark and very soul searching. They bore down into Jacks eyes. He had long hair and wore black jeans and a leather Jacket.

“Umm…I was just having a look” Jack replied trying to move his eyes away from the man in front of him.

“Well hurry up because we are closing up for the day” The man turned round and walked to the girl to check on her. He whispered something in her ear and Jack noticed from the corner of his eye that she seemed a little more alert and in the room. The girl lifted her head up to look at Jack, and her smile had more joy then previous. Her eyes focused on Jack who made him feel more uncomfortable then welcome so Jack just left and went home.

After an uneventful evening and some unpacking of boxes, Jack settled down on his laptop to do some more research on music to improve his technological side of things. He played his drums and guitar a little bit, recording some tracks for a song he was doing when he decided that he had enough. His fingers had started to hurt and he felt like a hot drink and just a sit down. As his kettle boiled he reflected a little on what he had done that day and what he needed to do tomorrow. This was when he remembered that old music shop and the tune that he had recognised. Jack went straight to his laptop and looked at his music collection to see where the tune came from. He looked through all his music collection only finding the tune in his hypnosis collection. He found the song…a submissive pleasurable subliminal. Jack checked the artist and decided to look him up online.

Jack was shocked to see the first link that came up when he typed in the artist. The picture was the man he had seen in the shop, and the list of videos and files he had on his site was all submissive and pleasure. You could order CD’s to brain wash your girlfriend, make them serve you…this is when Jacks mind went back to the girl that was in the room that looked more alert when he whispered in her ear.
Jack knew he shouldn’t meddle in the affairs of other people but something about it seemed wrong. He saved the link to his favourites and opted to go to bed. Jack wanted to forget about the shop really, fighting a fellow hypnotist wasn’t a good thing. The rumours he had heard on forums was that it always ended in a battle which the loser would forget all his skills and Jack was only an amateur and no match to this guy from the shop.

Jack chose to go to bed, maybe do a little more research on the man, but as for the girl, there was nothing Jack was willing to do about it. Jack slept at night with troubled dreams.
In his dreams he was stuck in the shop, forced to listen to the music over and over again, the girl kept walking to him, but never seemed to get closer. He tried to leave the shop but eventually decided to turn round and run to the girl. Just as he got to the girl she screamed to him….”SAVE ME!!!”

Jack woke up sweating. He got out and went for a shower then went straight onto his laptop to look up this guy. His name was mesmero. It sounded like a completely made up name to Jack, but if anything happened he wanted to be able to fight him off. He downloaded some tunes to his mp3. Some white noise and some clearing sound just to keep his mind clear and away from any suggestions. Then he got dressed and went out.

It was bright outside, but early in the morning. He almost ran to the alleyway where the shop was. He had one clear directive…to save that girl that had haunted his dream that night.

On approaching the alley, he crept slowly up. He pushed the door open slightly and held the bell to stop it from ringing. He crept in and slowly walked to the girl still sitting on the bean bag in the corner. He put the head phones into her ears and played the clearing noise and white noise and picked her up. He heard a door open from behind the counter and panicked. Jack picked the girl up and ran to the door, slamming it open and running out.

Jack kept running and running, not looking back. As he approached his flat he slowed to a walk. He looked around, making sure he wasn’t being followed, and looked at the girl. She was out cold and looked a little pale. Jack double checked that no one was around and then went into his flat. He laid the girl on the sofa and closed all the curtains. She slept peacefully and he left her to it. He went into his room and switch on his laptop. He checked mesmero’s website again, only he found the site had been closed down and he was no longer online. Confused, Jack lay back on his bed. He was tired from the run, and although it was only morning still Jack closed his eyes and slept.

When he woke up, he saw the girl standing in front of him.
“Are you the person who saved me?” She asked

“umm..Yeah I guess that would be me. My names Jack, what’s yours?”

“I’m Emma. I have been trapped in that place for two years, and you have come and rescued me.”

“Its nothing really. Surprisingly it was quite easy” And it had been from what Jack remembered.

“Well thank you so much.” Emma looked at the floor awkwardly

“Is there something wrong?”

“Well I have nowhere to stay. I don’t even know where I am, for two years I have been in complete bliss, my head filled with air that I remember nothing. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate you saving me, I hated having no choice of what I was doing.”

“Look, you can stay here. I would enjoy the company, and it would be unwise to send you out how you are. You look weak and need to build up some strength before you go out. You can stay here as long as you need” Jack got up from his bed and walked into the lounge.

“What do we do now?” Emma asked, following him into the room.

“Well I need to unpack the rest of my things, then we can order some take out. If your hungry now there is some bread in the bread bin. I don’t start work until next Monday, so I have three days to get you settled. If you want, we can go get some things for you before anything else?”

“What kind of things?” Emma ask, looking at Jack confused

“Well toiletries, a change of clothes, maybe a few. That white dress you got on needs a good clean…if not a trip to the bin.”

Emma smiled at the generosity “You really don’t have to.”

“It’s no trouble. I have a fair amount of money saved up and I can spare you some for bits and pieces.”

With that they walked into town, making sure not to walk the wrong way past the music shop. As they walked, Emma slipped her hand into Jacks. Jack didn’t mind. She was a beautiful girl, with hair down to her shoulders. She could do with a good scrub but she looked pretty. Jack figured that she was scared to enter the world and held her hand firmly for reassurance.
As they approached the town centre Jack turned to Emma.

“I have a big fear with going into women’s clothing shops, its more a childish don’t really want to. So Ill give you some money to go shopping for some clothes whilst I just wait outside if that’s ok?”
Emma’s face lit up at the thought of being able to shop for some clothes on her own.

“That would be amazing. I get a bit embarrassed shopping with someone looking over my shoulder, just wait outside for me.”

With that Emma ran into the shop. Jack stood outside for what seemed like a good hour. Emma eventually walked out with lots of bags.

”Wow you managed to get a lot for how much I gave you”

“Yeah and I still have enough to get some toiletries”

They walked to the local chemist and split of inside the shop. Jack had to by some shower gel and shaving foam and Emma went to buy a toothbrush and other items. They met at the cash point and paid for there items. Emma had bought a few items of make up which Jack didn’t mind. They walked home with all the bags and got to the flat. They put all the bags down in the flat and Jack tried to take a peek into some of the clothes Emma had bought. She slapped his hand away.

“tut tut Jack. If you want to see the clothes then just ask. Someone would think you would want them for yourself”

Jack laughed and went to the bathroom to put his toiletries away.
They ordered a pizza before starting on emptying the boxes. After a few hours it started to get dark.

“I’m going to jump in the shower quickly, then I’ll run you a bath if you would like” Jack said to Emma.

“That would be lovely” she beamed back.

Whilst in the shower Jack felt like he heard someone come into the bathroom, “Emma” he called out, but no answer came. He finished his shower and started running the bath. Jack walked to his bedroom in his towel.

“The bath is running for you Emma”

“Thank you Jack”

The rest of the night was uneventful and when it was late Jack announced he was going to bed. He pulled out the Sofa bed for Emma and made her bed. She relaxed well and Jack went into his room falling into a deep sleep.

He dreamt long dreams that were weird. Emma pictured in all his dreams, and he felt so attracted to her.
The next morning he woke up with damp boxers on. It wasn’t sweat but looked like a mixture of pre cum and cum. He hadn’t had a wet dream since he was 13. He took his boxers off and went for another shower. When he got out of the shower Emma was standing there in front of him.

“What is this?” She said, holding his dirty boxers.

“Had a very sweaty night” Jack shrugged it off and went to walk out of the bathroom but Emma grabbed his shoulder and spun him round.

“It looks like cum. Have you had a wet dream?” She smiled at him.
Jack looked back and a bit confused laughed when she broke into laughter.

“If you continue waking up wet we’ll have to put you into diapers” Emma laughed to Jack.

“Yeah…I don’t think that’s ever going to happen. Its mainly girls that have accidents” Jack pointed down to Emma’s crotch that was damp.

“I spilled a drink of water down myself and came in here to wipe it up” She laughed with Jack and let him go out to get dressed.

The day was very uneventful, Emma spent the day trying to remember all that had happened and how she had ended up where she was, and jack spent the day emptying boxes and putting the remainder of his stuff away. He spent an hour or two on the computer doing some music as he had fallen behind having not done anything the day before and Emma spent the day watching some TV.
At night they watched a film and both retired to bed. Jack again slept with long dreams involving Emma. In his dreams he was wearing Emma panties and her bra whilst making love to her.

He woke up the next morning thinking about Emma’s lacy panties and bra. It took a while before he realised that he was damp again. He went into the bathroom and had a shower. When he got out of the bathroom he walked through to his room and noticed one of Emma’s bags that hadn’t been put away. He looked inside and saw the exact same lacy panties and bra set he dreamt about. Jack instantly became hard and looking to see if Emma was awake or not reached in to just touch the panties. As soon as he touched them though, his hand refused to let them go, and he took them into his room and decided to just slip them on quickly. To his surprise he found they fit perfectly. He picked up the bra and went to put that on, It hugged his body perfectly again. He thought it strange that it should fit so perfectly when Emma had a smaller body and frame then him and she had bought them for herself.
Jack didn’t have much chance to follow that train of thought as he heard Emma stir in the other room. Jack struggled to get the bra off so quickly put on a t-shirt and jeans over the bra and panties he had on.

“Morning you. Any more messy nights?” Emma sat there and looked at him.

“No ma’am just another normal nights sleep. How did you sleep?” Jack suddenly felt confused as to why he had called her Ma’am but hoped she missed that.

“Well I slept fine. I’m just going to jump into the bath and we can go into town for something to eat. Would you mind just sorting out my bed please?”

Jack stood up, feeling the panties rise into his butt, and went to sort out Emma’s bed. Jack was surprised that he didn’t try to take the bra and panties off, but Emma had asked him to do her bed, and after all, he was a gentleman.

Emma got out of the bath just as he finished and before he knew it they were walking into the town centre. They had some breakfast and walked back. Jack saw that his shoelace was untied so bent down to tie it.

“Jack…are you wearing panties?”

Jack shot back to standing up, pulling his t-shirt down. “I er…”
“Its alright Jack. I won’t judge. You have been so good to me the past couple of days. We can discuss if when we get back.”

Absolutely stunned by being caught out Jack stayed quiet the rest of the journey home. When they got into the flat, Jack went into his room to change out of the panties and bra. As he took of his t-shirt Emma walked in on him.

“Jack are you wearing a bra as well?”
Jack turned to look at her and could only nod.

“Do you want to talk about it?”
Jack shook his head.
”Ok well when you want to talk about it we can. Would you mind keeping the panties on though? Its quite attractive”

Jack kept the panties on taking off the bra and went into the lounge.
The rest of the day was uneventful, and with Jack working the next morning, he took an early night.

His dreams were unusual again. He was wearing the bra but instead of the panties he had on a pink pull up. He felt how snug it was and felt very at rest and peaceful. Emma was there again, telling him what a good girl he was, and how much he enjoyed his pull up. When Jack woke up, his boxers were soaked again in cum. He was getting fed up of this. He jumped in the shower and got ready for work. He didn’t even pay attention to the fact he had put a bra on, and when he had his shirt and everything on, he went into the lounge and left a note with some money for Emma on the table. She looked just like an angel lying on the sofa bed. Jack knew that he was developing feelings for Emma, and wondered whether she would like to go out for a drink that evening. To celebrate starting a new job, and to new friends.
Jack left and went to work. He worked in a library teaching English to foreigners as a second language. He had a good day at work, getting to know the new class he would be teaching and letting them know a bit about him.

That evening he got back home and Emma was waiting for him.

“I found another pair of your boxers that are wet. Would you mind explaining why you keep waking up with messy boxers? The truth”

Jack tried to just ignore it but what came out of his mouth was something completely different to what he wanted to say.

“The past couple of nights I have been dreaming about you which has caused me to wake up having a wet dream. I have dreamt about holding you, then about wearing your bra and panties which is why I did and then about wearing a bra and pull up” Jack felt his face go bright red.

“Ok, well thank you for the truth” Jack felt he had done good.

“I was thinking we should go out for a drink later and maybe a meal” Jack said trying to change the subject

“That sounds lovely Jack, I’ll just get dressed”

Jack went and got changed, completely ignoring the bra he had on. He picked up some panties he found in his drawer and put them on. Not giving any of it a second thought. When Jack got dressed he walked into the lounge to see Emma in a red skinny dress, her pert boobs revealing lots of cleavage. Jack couldn’t say a word and was mesmerised by her cleavage.

“Jack listen to me, I want you to behave when we go out. No making a mess otherwise I’ll think you need these pull ups you dreamt about” Emma laughed whilst Jack just nodded his head completely enthralled by Emma. Emma grinned and took Jacks hand and they went for a drink.

The night was uneventful. Emma would occasionally brush her hand over Jacks shoulder, or touch his hand, which sent sparks of electricity through Jacks body. When they got up to leave, Jack could feel a damp spot where his crotch was. He knew all that touching and being able to see Emma’s boobs had made him cum loads. He tried to hide the damp patch and they managed to get back to the flat. As soon as the door to the flat closed Emma jumped Jack planting a kiss right on his lips. Soon they were in a passionate embrace, kissing and cuddling and they took it straight into the bedroom.

She kissed him more and more, working her tongue around his mouth. She worked her hands to take his top off. Once she ripped it off she stopped and looked at him.

“Jack are you wearing a bra?” Jack looked down at his chest to see a purple lacy bra on his chest.

“I don’t know where that came from…I had no idea I put it on.”

“Is there something that you want to tell me?”

“There is nothing I need to say. I’ll just take it off, sorry”

“Would you mind explaining if you enjoy wearing it?”

“I do enjoy wearing it. It feels naturally”

Emma started to kiss him again and reached to his jeans.

“OMG JACK you have messed again…have you no control over yourself?”

Jack suddenly felt very young and childish for what had happened. He got up and went in to the bathroom. Emma just smiled.

Jack got changed and decided that it was time for bed; he had embarrassed himself enough for the day. When he walked back into the bedroom, Emma was lying in bed waiting for him.

“I think that we should call it a night tonight. We should talk about this tomorrow.”

“I’ll go sleep in the other room shall I?” Jack asked

“Would you mind sleeping with me tonight and holding me?”

Jack jumped into bed and held Emma as he drifted off into a deep sleep. Emma smiled to herself, and slowly crept out of bed to start that nights session.

The next morning Jack woke up before Emma and went to check his computer. He figured he would have a shower after he had checked his emails. He clicked on the link and browsed through the mountain of stupid spam. Why was it no matter how much he tried to keep his email secret, he would end up with at least 20 spam emails everyday? He went through, deleting them one by one into the trash can. He then clicked on the trash can to remove the emails completely. As he scrolled down the emails to check everything was there he notice one entitled DANGER.

Jack was going to shrug it off when he noticed something familiar about the email address. He clicked on the email and read what it had to say.

“ Dear the person who saved my life,
That girl you “rescued” from the shop is nothing but danger. She somehow managed to capture me when I was younger and then planted this trap to move on to her next victim. GET AWAY FROM HER AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE!!!
I know what I write might sound stupid as she seems such a nice person, but she will change you. She starts with small things and then progresses on to bigger things. I can’t remember most of the things I had done till she brought it up, but I found myself always confused and embarrassed. She has a way of getting into your head and once she is done with you, you will find yourself a tool in her trap to get her next victim.
Heed my warning and try to get away from her.

Jack was slightly confused. Some of what the email had said made sense. He had started to do stranger things that he would only realise when Emma mentioned something. Jack saved the email in his folder and turned his computer off. He could here Emma stirring in the next room. He walked quickly into the shower, turning it on and taking of his clothes before getting inside. He washed quickly and jumped out wrapping a towel around his waist and walking into the bedroom.
Emma wasn’t in bed, so Jack proceeded to dry himself then get dressed.


Jack felt his body go rigid. He couldn’t move no matter how hard he tried to move his body. He tried to turn his head but not even that would move. Jack started to get frightened and he could feel sweat form on top of his head. Emma walked heavily round to stand in front of him.

“I see I have to cut the surprise early for you. I noticed you read that email that I tried to delete. You see if you had just not read it and ignored it then it wouldn’t have mattered and by the time you find yourself in my grasp you would be thoroughly enjoying it…as it stands; now you will just have to learn to love it quickly. It takes a lot of the fun out of making you think you’re losing your mind, but now I can see your expressions as you endure the embarrassment and humiliation I’m going to put you through.”

Jack started to really sweat and was scared. He tried to really move his body but no matter what he did he couldn’t move any part of his body. He stood there looking at Emma scared at what she was saying.

“I suppose I can let you know what’s going to happen to you. Firstly your going to realise how much you enjoy wearing woman’s clothing…that’s mostly there as you already started to wear bras and panties without even realising it. Today I was moving on to a nice summery dress which is behind you on the back of the door…you’ll be wearing that in a moment…first we need to get you the proper protection. You see the second part was to force you to lose control of your bladder and bowels. It was suppose to start with a few accidents here and there. Tonight I was going to have you wear a pull up to bed and make you realise how much you love wearing diapers, but I have to speed it up. So now you will be losing the privilege of progressing through pull ups through to full diapers, and moving to nice thick flowery diapers. JACK OBEY COMMANDS”

Jack felt his body move into a upright position of attention. Arms by his side, head facing forward, and to his embarrassment, the towel now round his ankles as it fell from his grasp. His eyes showed his fear as his face started to take on its own control and he couldn’t move it.

“Jack, would you mind walking over to the bottom drawer and removing a pink diaper from the bottom along with some ruffle plastic pants from the next drawer up and powder from the top of the unit. After you have everything I want you to lie down on the bed and proceed to lay the diaper under you, powder yourself and then put on the plastic pants. Obey command”

Jack felt his body jerkily move over to the chest of drawers as it followed the commands Emma had stated. As this happened Emma carried on talking.

“You are probably wondering why it is that you can’t move and I seem to have control over your body? Well since the first time you walked into the shop, which by the way would be the trap, there was subliminal messages in the music. You thought you were in there for only a few minutes when the reality is you were in there for at least three hours, just listening over and over at suggestions. Eventually when you came to rescue me and brought me to your flat I just had to plant a few discreet speakers and play the same suggestions over and over all day. Then at night time when you are sleeping, with a little help from some sedative, I install some more commands…but don’t worry, you will still have more being installed into you whilst you carry on with your training.”

Jack had just finished pulling the plastic pants up over his fresh diaper and stood up to attention in front of Emma as she finished. He could feel his cock push up against the padding of the diaper, it didn’t seem right that he was turned on by it.

“Right Jack, now its time to put on your dress, so would you mind walking and putting the dress on over your diaper, then I can show you how much you will enjoy it”

Jack walked over to the dress without control and slipped the flowery dress over his head. It slipped down over his shoulders and just below the diaper. He imagined if he bent down then it would ride up over the diaper around his butt. He stood to attention again and could see in the corner of his eyes the padding that filled out the chest area making it look like he had two voluptuous breasts.

“Don’t worry about the padding where your breasts will be. Soon you will grow two double g boobs and be the talk of the town…Oh yeah, just so you know, this town belongs to me. I was the one that offered you the job here and it’s not quite what you expect. You see the one problem with the people I have here is their sexual desires. It’s just the one thing that hypnosis can never control. So I lured you here to be my first experiment. Don’t worry, you will enjoy every moment of being a little diaper princess the whole town can play with. And all you have to do is thank mesmero. I know what your thinking. How did he manage to get away? Well the truth is, he didn’t”

It was true. When Jack had been told about how the whole town had been hypnotised he had wondered how he could be free like that mesmero fella.

“Mesmero is still around, I thought I would have a little bit of fun with him, so I instilled into his memory that he can’t escape. Every time he walks down a street to escape he finds himself turning round and running right back the same way without even realising it. It is rather funny and it gives people here something to laugh about. Now before I forget about you, lets try something new I’ve been trying with you. NIPPLE TICKLE”

Jack suddenly found his nipples getting erect and his arousal beginning to increase as it felt like two lips sucking on his nipples. The pleasure was great and Jack felt his cock grow a little more in the diaper.

“I see you like that. Ok lets try it in combination with this one. BOTTOM FULL”
Jack’s eyes grew wide as he felt something move up into his butt, slowly vibrating and stimulating his prostate.


Jack felt he had control over his body again, but could do little but fall to his knees in pleasure. He moved his hands to rub himself…

“NO HANDS”…but Jack’s hands couldn’t find where he needed to rub. Jack continued to search furiously but it just seemed to make no contact to anywhere.

Emma slowly walked round and stood directly in front of Jack and lifted his face to look into her eyes.
“I know how scared you must be Jack, but take some comfort in knowing that you aren’t the first man I have had the pleasure of doing this too, and by no means will you be the last. You see I have always hated the way men treat women, and this is how I take pleasure for that thought. I will abuse you, and then if I find you pleasurable enough, I will finish the regiment and you will be enjoying your new life. Of course we will have to leave this horrible dank flat.”

Jacks eyes started to tear. He tried to speak but could only utter a whimper.

“JACK STAND AND FOLLOW” Jack stood instantly to attention and followed Emma as she walked outside and down to his car. He got into the back seat and Emma got into the front.

“JACK SLEEP” Jack felt his eyes get heavy, and he quickly drifted into a deep sleep.
He just heard the car start up and slowly start to make a move as he blacked out listening to the music again. Jack dreamed.

Jack was almost unrecognisable. He had massive swelling boobs, long hair in pigtails, and a thick diaper around his Waist. He was wearing a corset which strapped under is diaper and he could feel the thick cold steel of a padlock on the back. He could feel the vibrations of a plug in his ass, and his cock was rock solid. He was kneeling down with 10 naked men in front of him and Emma with a whip. She said something unfamiliar to Jack, but he understood what she meant and he crawled like a baby to the first man, and puckered his lips up and slowly took his massive cock in his mouth.
Jack could feel himself enjoying it, and smiling whilst he was doing it but couldn’t think why. He knew the man he was servicing was enjoying himself and soon Jack felt a great sense of pride a he swallowed all the cum this glorious man had to offer.
Next Jack suddenly found a man in front of him and a man behind. The butt plug had been removed and diaper pulled aside. He could feel himself being filled by one mans cock and lovingly sucking on another. He just felt so at peace, and so turned on. He wanted nothing more then to please these men. He knew he couldn’t orgasm until all ten had been satisfied.

Jack woke up in a small cage. He could feel a vibration in his ass and a soaking wet diaper pressing on his hard cock. He looked down at the bulging diaper and the pink dress he was wearing. He also noticed how smooth his skin was and how hard his nipples were. He thought for a second he could see two small bumps on his chest but passed it off when he heard a door opening.

“I see you are awake now Jack? You have been out for quite some time. I have decided to keep you and as a result you are going to help me to maintain this lovely house that i have grown to love. Did you enjoy your sweet dreams? Your going to be a very special one Jack, You just wait”
Jack wanted nothing more than to get out of there, but his legs were like jelly and something about the way Emma had talked about his dream made him suddenly cum in his diaper. His brain was confused; wanting to both stay and run away. But reasoning told him he couldn’t run in a diaper so it would just be better to stay till he had a better chance.
But what better chance do you need then a door wide open.
Maybe he wanted to stay?


Great Story - wetpantyboy

I really love the way she took total control over Jack and how his life changed completely into a regressed cock sucking and diaper wetting Sissy Baby. I love the story because I always dream of such a treatment on myself

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