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A fury-tale for squirrels (this is not your Mother goose tale)

by EMG

A fury-tale for squirrels (this is not your Mother goose tale)

i have been intrigued with the furries after seeing an episode of CSI once.. and have the following to report..this is not scienc fiction, but psychological fact .(so to speak). THe mind is that of an amazing tool. Believing is seeing, not the other way around. For some there is great resistance to being hypnotized. i have heard it said before that you cannot be hypnotized if you dont want to be.. so first of all.. want to be... rule #1.. as far as rule number two.. be hypnotized in the manner you want. select the catagory. (thats why this site is here).

So to start.. i have always been fond of squirrels and their attributes, their playful nature. it was oddly enough that a friend gave me the nickname squirrel . it stuck,because of how much i talk , and "chitter" like a squirrel.. so it only seemed natural that EMG"s Furry transformation was for me to be.. you guessed it.. a squirrel. ok i know this sounds crazy, i was skeptical myself, but i tried it. when it came to choosing an animal... i chose a squirrel, .i really didnt think it would work, but after listening once with an open mind it did.. i think alot of it has to do with believing before seeing.. and hearing but not listening.. in other words.. dont conciously concentrate.. i had listened to a few of emg's other trance items and was comfortable with the method. i also put on a visualization on my media player and watched that with eyes half open. .. this is how it started.. at first nothing.. then i repeated the trigger phrase a few times like a mantra..i was at work. for giggle i started it.. then.. i started feeling it. (this is only two days ago btw). it started off with what felt like something pressed against my back at the base of my spine.. what i would call a ghost feeling. Alot of people who have lost limbs get the ghost feeling of the limb still there. it felt like it was pushing my jeans back above where my buttocks are. like something was sticking out of the back of my jeans.. i was mystified/horrified as well as intrigued . i felt back to make sure there was nothing there.. of course there was no real tail there, but felt like it a bit.. the nerve sensation was phenominal. later on as i was playing around with the trigger phrase i started getting a throb/twitch going internally towards that spot on my back. it wasnt constant but rather random.. later on in the night i felt like i had squirrel ears, my normal ears didnt feel like the were there.. its very hard to explain the feeling other than a physical awareness of those parts. i figured i would lay in bed without clothes and it would all go away..WRONG.. it was awesome, i was getting excited. so now i have a tail and ears.. great.....hah i almost was wondering if anyone can see them...every time i walked, and my hips swayed or climbed/decended stairs. ..i could feel that spot at the back of my spine feel like it swayed with the movement. and sitting in a chair with my back against the back of the chair feels like i am pressing my tail against it (i feel something between me and back of chair). So today i was at work again.. figured i would play mentally again ( my job is boring so i have alot of free mental time)... tail.. check. ears.. check...all of a sudden my toes feel cramped.. closer together.. almost a feeling of being glued.. i could flex them, but not far.. and the shoes seemed uncomfortable.. i was aware of the pads of my feet at heel and balls of foot.. I got paws now.. (feet only).... even toenails seemed pointier.. Tails..ears.. paws... then towards the end of the night after saying the trigger phrase over and over countless times the bridge of my nose felt like someone was pushing on it.. it felt higher..as i sit here writing this my nose started twitching on its own uncontrollably the nostrils flexing by themselves...and my cheeks were suddenly aware. They felt different, almost as if there was fur almost like a breeze rustling your hair. feels. perhaps it was my whiskers?.

Mind you, physically touching any area that your body becomes aware of, nullifies it, at least so far for me it does. These are all internal feelings of areas. so to speak.it IS very hard to explain it. the awareness/feeling. they feel like they are there (if you dont touch it) haha if i could only physically reach back and feel the tail and my ears, etc... and see them in the mirror. I find though, being a squirrel you get an itchy nose alot.....

. all this in only two days of saying trigger phrase and listening to the track once.. now that i have my ears , tail, paws, nose...oh yeah and it seems like senses are heightened. sense of smell, hearing etc..i definately hope there is more to come in this furry transformation.. i feel like dancing.. like i have been freed from some cage. alot happier.. weird how something like this can make a person feel different.. was i a squirrel in reincarnated past life perhaps? so many questions, so little answers.. ha ha i even catch my self unconciously picking up the traits here and there. i was even trying to see at work who was a furry and who wasnt.. a few i had a hard time imagining as a furry, some were easy.. (i used the version that allowed you to see others as furries).

i had tried the Cowgirl Anthro one after revertting to normal. with that one my face actually felt like it was extending and my nostrils separating. the awarenes increased.. i prefer the squirrel though :)

So, for those who want to try it.. do it. dont get discouraged/upset.. focus conciously on something else like a visual spiral half eyes half awake/asleep.. allow yourself and believe .. then say thetrigger phrase alot.. believe when you say it.. . this squirrel did. now if EMG would be nice enough make a squirrel curse for me ;) i would be eternally grateful..make it permanent.. :) i dont ever want to lose these sensations .. it almost feels like i have achieved a higher sensation of life.. i wonder if this is what shapeshifting is about.. the sensations and feelings..

This is an actual report-to-date of my personal furry experience.. may have more to say as the Furry-tale continues .. Good luck to all who wish to be a furry!


Re: A fury-tale for squirrels (this is not your Mother goose tale) - qv

Wow, awesome story! I'm glad you've found such success, always wonderful to hear.

Though, particularly wonderful to me for the effect it's had.

I likes teh furry folks :3

Re: A fury-tale for squirrels (this is not your Mother goose tale) - mystic-wolf

Interesting to know how you got your results.

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