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The Pleasure Place

by phaycke

The Pleasure Place

Chapter One: The Pleasure Place

I had no idea when I walked through the doors of the great
mansion what I would find inside. I knew, of course, that
this was one of the city's pleasure houses. But what the
pleasures might be I could not imagine. All I knew from the
owner, a new friend who had given me the invitation, was
that it was called, simply, The Pleasure Place. And that he
thought it might amuse me.

A startlingly-handsome young man behind the reception desk
dressed in what looked like a see-through blouse or blouson
- from what I could see of it above the desk - smiled at me
and asked how he might help me.

His welcome was warmer than I was used to, even at the best
hotels. It surprised me. Perhaps, I thought, this was a
pleasure house of the male persuasion. A hunk whorehouse. A
boy bordello. A tomcathouse. That was not what I was
looking for; although I should confess that the bronzed
blond had such a powerful sexual aura that it did kick
start a stirring below my waist.

A stunning blonde in incongruous black-rimmed glasses, low-
cut black silk cocktail dress and some sort of expensive
fur stoll came through the front door, beamed a whispered
'hi' at me, greeted the receptionist – "Hi, Jock" - and
clicked her way across the marble floor before disappearing
through some red and gold velvet curtains in the distance.
And left a cloud of Channel Number Five in her wake.

The scoreline moved to Guys 1: Dolls 1.

The young receptionist stepped out from behind the desk
and, approaching me, spoke with a deep, smoky, German
accent. "Hello and welcome. My name is Jochen. What sort of
pleasure would you be looking for today?"

To my astonishment I saw that the sheer blouson top
continued down over a highly-defined six-pack, a tiny g-
string, footballers' thighs and calves to nicely-formed
ankles. The g-string, black and diaphanous I couldn't help
noticing, was somewhat overcrowded.

Shyly I introduced myself and handed him the letter of
introduction from my friend. "Ah yes. Mister Nixon... The
Master told us to expect you. It's a pleasure to meet you.
Did The Master – Mister Masterson – tell you what The
Pleasure Place offers its patrons and guests?"

"No. Not a thing. He simply suggested I come along as his

"In a nutshell, at The Pleasure Place we have continuous
live entertainment on our intimate little stage. It's,
er... of an adult nature. Our special guests, like
yourself, take a private room, a Salon, and have the
company of one of our Hostettes during the performances.
Some, of course, prefer to be alone in their Salon and, um,
entertain themselves. It's the choice of the guest."

"How do I know who the company, as you call it might be? If
I wish to have company, do I choose my own... Hostette?"

"Of course. We can do that immediately. If you'd come with
me I'll show you to the Selection Room." Jochen gently took
my elbow for a moment and we walked towards the mysterious

"Salon?" I became more and more intrigued by The Pleasure

Jochen looked directly into my eyes and smiled slightly as
he explained. "It's a private bedroom overlooking the
auditorium. And a Hostette will be happy to be your
companion there should you wish. But the choice is yours."

"I wonder what made Mister Masterson – The Master as you
call him – think that The Pleasure Place would provide my
kind of entertainment," I mused aloud.

Jochen laughed. "I have no idea Mr. Nixon, but I have found
him to be very shrewd in that way. I expect you have struck
a special chord with him. And I hardly need to say that
should you decide that The Place doesn't offer what you
want you can leave and nobody need know you've even
visited." There was an electricity about Jochen whose vivid
blue eyes seemed to drill into me every time they caught my
attention. "Of one thing we are very sure. You will be
enchanted by the service you receive from whomever you
choose as a companion. They have a natural instinct to
be... helpful. The photographs displayed in our portfolio
will show you the Hostettes available today. Every one has
been trained to guarantee your pleasure."

Jochen showed me into a small room about the size of an
elevator car where a substantial buttoned-leather armchair
matching the cover of a large portfolio lying on a sort of
stunted lectern which stood beside it was the main piece of
furniture. Soft background music was playing quietly. When
I was seated Jochen wheeled the lectern in front of me and
opened the large volume to its title page. It read "The
Hostettes of The Pleasure Place welcome you."

"Please now make your choice. You will not be disturbed."
Jochen bowed slightly and asked, "May I get you a drink?"

I declined and he invited me to take my time over my
choice. Picking up a remote control lying on the lectern,
he pressed a button and opened some curtains and revealed a
floor-to-ceiling window facing me. Slowly, lights came on
beyond the window and I saw that there was a little stage.
Jochen explained that having chosen a Hostette from the
portfolio I could see my chosen companion in the flesh
before we met, I could bring her to the stage. Jochen
switched off the lighting and handed me the remote control.

"To call the Hostette you wish to see simply enter the
number beside her photograph in the portfolio followed by
the number indicating the style of clothing in which you
wish her to dress... a numbered selection is listed beside
the photograph. Your Hostette will turn on the lighting.
Should you wish to ask her a question, just ask it and she
will reply.

"Incidentally, the window is of one-way glass so you will
not be seen. Discretion at The Pleasure Place is legendary.
And if you have a question you would rather not ask the
Hostette, just press this white button. I shall come to you
and do my best to answer your question. When you have made
your choice, your chosen companion will take you to your
Salon. Now I shall close the doors and allow you to choose
your salon companion at your leisure."

I declined the drink that was once again offered and Jochen
smiled, bowing with very German and almost imperceptible
courtesy. As he turned to leave the room I saw that his g-
string had become even less adequate to the task I imagined
it was supposed to perform. I was surprised to discover
that this rather disturbing to my own underwear.

Chapter Two: The Selection and Beyond

I was getting a boner. It was pushing its way towards my
left knee and making quite an impression on the cut of my
pants. And I hadn't even opened the weighty volume in front
of me. It got worse – or as I preferred to think – better
as I turned the pages. Every girl in the book was more
gorgeous than the last.

As the music changed to something by Miles Davis, the
Lincoln Centre concert in 1965 if I wasn't mistaken, I made
my choice. I pressed the numbers on the remote to summon
the doll called Dani and relaxed, tapping lightly on the
arm of my chair in time more or less with Miles Davis.

At the end of one number I noticed that the lights on the
stage behind the window were slowly coming on and that they
were revealing the lady I had chosen. To say that as the
light increased so did my astonishment at the lady's beauty
would be an understatement. She was drop-dead gorgeous.
Even more so than the woman who had walked through the
vestibule. She was about five-six, mid-twenties, blonde and
exquisitely trim.

She smiled and whispered her greeting. "Hello. I'm Dani.
Pleased to meet you. Thank you for calling me."

For some reason I'd asked her to wear the country look, a
simple flowered silk dress, rather than something tarty,
which had been my first thought. Perhaps I was scared that
I wouldn't cope with the full-on seductress.

"Hello," I replied. "I'm Jon. Pleased to meet you, too."

"Hi, Jon," she whispered back, her full and gleaming lips
moving seductively. If she could do that just saying 'hi',
I thought, I can't imagine what more intimate conversation
would do to me. My cock was rock hard.

"Will you be my companion?" I asked stupidly.

After all that was what she did and why she was looking in
my direction. (I discovered later that there was a tiny
mark on the mirrored glass to indicate where she should
look to give the impression of being able to see the guest.
They thought of everything.)

"Of course. I shall come and get you. If you would like me

The lights dimmed and Dani fluttered her fingers to me as
she left the stage. I pressed the white button. Two minutes
later there was a discreet knock and the doors slid open.
Jochen entered with the delicious Dani.

"Mr. Nixon, may I introduce your chosen Hostette, Ms. Dani.
Ms. Dani, Mr. Nixon."

My eyes were riveted on Dani, one of the most enchanting
creatures I had ever seen. We nodded to one another, small
smiles at our lips.

"I shall leave you now. Enjoy your stay Mr. Nixon. I hope
we shall see you again. Auf wiedersehen Mr. Nixon, Ms.
Dani." Jochen made his courteous little bow and turned to

I noted that he had a raging hard-on and that it was
escaping the ridiculously tiny knicks under his dark
transparent pants. Dani and I moved closer to each other. I
bent forward to kiss her on the cheek. Dani kissed me back
and speaking in that seductively soft and smoky voice,
asked for the remote which I was still holding. I handed
her the device and watched as, holding it in her
immaculately manicured left hand she pressed a button with
the index finger of her right. Immediately, the curtains
quietly closed and the room began gently to rise. The room
was no bigger than an elevator because that is exactly what
it was. Dani placed the remote on the lectern and drifted
back to me.

"Nixon isn't your screen name is it?" she smiled.

"You've seen some of my movies?" I said, genuinely

"All of them, I think."

"I rather hoped that nobody would recognise me here. That's
why I moved here. I don't exactly advertise my 'business'

"Nor me mine," she laughed as the doors of the Selection
Room slid back to reveal that we had reached a carpeted and
softly-lit corridor that curved to its left.

Dani took my hand and led me down the corridor past two of
four doors, the third of which we entered. This was our
Salon. It was modestly sized, and contained a large bed,
sofa, table and chair and a widescreen television. It was
softly-lit. A door at the far end led, I imagined, to the

Locking the door to the corridor, Dani stepped forward and
put her lips to mine. We kissed passionately and I felt
Dani's hand stroking my neck and then grasping my hair as
our desire for each other rose. As we kissed, our tongues
playing with each other, Dani's leg pressed hard against my
stiffy. It was already leaking pre-cum. Skilfully and
deliberately, she rubbed her thigh against my prick. I
thought I was going to cum. At last, she broke the kiss and
stood back from me.

"I feel we're going to have a wonderful time together," she
said, lowering her carefully mascaraed lashes and looking
hard at the bulge in my pants. "I can't wait to have that
deep inside me," she added, nodding towards the bulging
object of her lust standing out between my left knee and my

"But the most wonderful thing about a new romance, even a
brief one, is that it is always full of surprises. One
never knows what comes next. I already know what will come
later, that much is obvious, but I'm ready for those l-o-v-
e-l-y surprises still waiting for us. I'm sure we'll
surprise each other. Now, Mister Jon, let me pour some

I smiled my approval. "That would be lovely. But what I
want most is an opportunity to take you all in. I mean let
me take a look at you. If you'll pardon my saying so, you
are such a doll. Please sit down and cross your legs."

Looking coy and thanking me for the compliment, Dani did as
I asked and sat on one of the gilt chairs near a floor-to-
ceiling window. Her heady perfume now filled the room and
added to the erotic ambience.

"You are quite a hunk yourself. As we know from your

Slowly she crossed her legs and I listened as the silk of a
stocking slid over the sheer fabric of the other. Frou-
frou, I think it's called. Below the hem of her dress,
which she carefully lifted, I saw a little of her stocking
tops. I noticed that her legs were as near to perfect as
it's possible to imagine. Her long blonde tresses fell over
her shoulders and from them I followed the line of her
slender neck down to the décolletage formed by the silk
dress, the top of which, plunging rather lower than that of
more modest country girls, revealed the fullness of her
firm and perfectly-shaped breasts. From the kiss I knew
that her skin was flawless. It felt as soft as the silk of
her dress.

Dani whispered, "You may see more in a moment if you wish,
but as much as I admire a well-dressed man, I really look
forward to seeing – in real life - what a well undressed
stud you are."

I laughed shyly. Even after years of screen work I still
felt embarrassed by compliments of that kind. Being vain, I
knew I was good-looking, but I had never really come to
terms with it.

"Come and find out for yourself," I replied, probably
blushing, and holding out my hands.

Dani stood and with tiny girly steps ran to me. Laughing,
she pushed off my jacket. She made me lift my arms so she
could take off my shirt. She unzipped my pants. She pushed
them down. My prick, which my silk briefs had long since
been unable to contain, sprang up and hit me in the gut.

"Mmmm," breathed Dani, giving my rigid cock two or three
slow strokes, crossing her legs and swivelling so that her
back was to me. "Nice. Unzip me please."

I did as I was asked. She shucked off the dress which
fluttered to the floor revealing a shapely back and perfect
bottom. Then slowly, legs still crossed like a showgirl,
she slowly and theatrically turned to let me see her
stunning 36-22-34 body. The perfect figure for me. She
cupped her upturned breasts and thumbed her nipples until
they were hard as my cock. I saw that, underneath the silky
dress she had stepped from, her breasts sat on a white
satin platform bra trimmed with lace, matching her
suspender belt and split-crotch panties.

She took my cock in hand again and pumped it sensuously,
the back of her hand stroking my stomach and down into my
bush. Now that we were both all but naked.

I spoke, perhaps a little impatiently. "I want to slide my
cock into your tight little pussy."

Dani put her lips close to mine and whispered, "Patience.
We haven't had our exciting little surprises yet. You're
not... quite... ready for me. But soon enough you'll be
inside me. And enjoying a pleasure you can't even imagine."

"But you can see I'm ready. Look at my cock. It's never
been more ready."

"Perhaps that's how it seems to you, my gorgeous hunk, but
Dani knows better, darling. Believe me, nothing will seem
good enough ever again after we've made love."

Saying which my adorable companion dropped to her knees and
took my weapon into her mouth. For the next fifteen minutes
Dani did with her tongue, her tonsils and her teeth what no
woman had ever done to me before.

She began slowly. First she stroked the throbbing head of
my prick along her palate. Back and forth she went. Then
taking it from her mouth she paused for a second or two
and, running a ruby finger nail behind the top of its rim.

She said, "Concentrate on here."

The sensation was almost too much to bear, but as she again
began to caress the pulsing member's crown with the roof of
her mouth I managed to do as she said and felt every nerve
ending in my body tingle. Over and over again. Soon after,
I felt her tongue on the underside of my prick and I
wondered how long I could hold off. This was exquisite

As this symphony of sensations went into its second
movement, Dani's hands began to knead my butt, pulling me
deeper and deeper into the intense rapture of her
miraculous mouth. I began to rock forward and back in time
with her own rhythms. Nothing would ever be good enough
after this. Her gleaming lips now joined her tongue, her
teeth and even, now and then, her throat in pleasuring me.
And then, a sensation I had never felt before.

I felt one of those perfectly-manicured ruby finger nails
touching my sphincter, first its outer rim and then the rim
itself. I tightened and Dani moved her finger away, only
lightly stroking the inner walls of my buns. In her mouth,
my cock, every inch of it from the glistening helmet to its
very root was shivering on the brink of explosion. But,
somehow, I didn't come.

And then I felt the finger enter me. Gently at first but
soon, as a second finger joined it, excitingly quicker and
more urgent. As it stroked my prostate my whole body began
to shake and I knew an ecstasy that made every encounter
I'd ever had before seem like nothing more than a prelude.
A prelude played by the youth section of an amateur brass

For perhaps a minute I disappeared into a fantasy world of
sex and... And... And... I exploded. For fully another
minute I sent a cannonade of white hot spunk into Dani's
mouth. Every shot was so powerful that I feared I would
injure the little angel kneeling below me. I saw lightning
with every bolt. I heard thunder in my head with every
spasm. I exploded with a fury I had never imagined possible
before. This could not be happening to me.

And then slowly the storm of semen began to pass and this
most wonderful episode came to its shuddering end. My cock,
just a little less rigid now, left the warmth of heaven and
I began to return to earth. Dani, my spunk oozing from both
corners of her mouth, licked it up and offered me her hands
to help her to her feet.

Reaching up to the back of my head, Dani brought my mouth
to hers and we shared my sperm in a long, hard kiss. Sated
as I was, the kiss was nevertheless beautiful. Particularly
since Dani was working the last of my semen from my cock.

"I see you enjoyed that," she laughed when at last we broke
from the kiss.

"Enjoyed is hardly the word. I wouldn't have believed such
ecstasy was possible. I know now what you mean by

"THAT wasn't the BIG surprise, my love." Dani grinned
cheekily. "That was just a tiny one. This is the first REAL

Chapter Three: The Big Surprise

Dani brought me a drink and kissed me on the forehead. What
a sweet thing she was proving to be. She'd slipped on a
silk robe which had been lying on the bed just beside where
she had demonstrated her extraordinary skills as a
seductress. Her nipples showed through it and I couldn't
resist fondling the left breast with my free hand.

"Be careful, don't forget I didn't cum yet. That's making
me even hornier." Then she excused herself and walked
behind me to the room's only interior door.

Turning, I watched as she opened it, looking back to me and
saying in her sultry voice, "Don't go away," she grinned.
"I'll only be a few minutes. I just need to tidy myself up.
Why don't you watch some TV? The football or something."

The door closed. I stood up and went to the picture window
to my left and saw that below us was what looked to be a
small theatre. The stage curtains were closed, but only
feet from our Salon which must have been above some of the
seats in the auditorium. I could see only the front row of
comfortable armchairs. Returning to my chair, I picked up
the remote on the occasional table beside it and clicked

As the screen lit up I saw that we were at a rugby football
match. Probably, from the advertising signs around the
stadium, in France. We watched as one team scored a try,
then we cut away to the crowd. As the camera zoomed in, two
pretty young fans decked out in team colours became the
centre of attention. They jumped up and down and waved
their arms and cheered as fans do. And then they hugged
each other before doing something I'd never seen at a
football match of any sort. The two girls kissed and the
camera went in to a big close-up of their kiss.

When the camera pulled back to a wider shot the hubbub died
down and the crowds were gone. The girls were in a bedroom.
They were still wearing their fans' hats and scarves. For a
moment or two. They began undressing each other. Both threw
off their woollen hats. Then one removed her coat as the
other watched. This was a lesbian porno flick.

I took a sip from my drink. I watched as if from the
lover's point of view as the heavy overcoat was opened...
to reveal that underneath it the girl was wearing nothing
more than a white silk chemise which made the most of her
generous breasts. I had always liked what silk can do to a
beautiful body. Nothing drapes so well as expensive silk
lingerie. I loved the way it slithered over this girl's
breasts when she moved, her nipples leaving little trails
in the soft and shiny fabric.

For a while, the girl teased her lover by softly squeezing
the beautiful breasts through the gleaming silk. Then her
hands slid down the silk and slowly began lifting the hem
of the dress. Imitating the gaze of the girl's lover, the
camera slowly moved its attention to the lifting hem. And
watched as some tiny matching panties began to come into
shot. They were not exactly large, these panties, and I
soon realised that they contained something different from
what I had been expecting.

Coiled inside was a big and stiffening... cock. Its owner
stroked it with her... his... left hand, encouraging its
now more rapid growth. Just as his/her cockhead pushed out
of the panties, my gasp was cut short.

"What are you watching?"

I looked back over my shoulder. Standing in the doorway,
Dani was wearing an identical white silk chemise to the one
I had been looking at on the TV. Dani looked gorgeous as
she let the chemise slip from her breasts. Hair freshly
brushed, high heels, sleek black sheer stockings, the tops
of which were just visible under the hem of the chemise.

What intrigued me most, however, was the ridge in the silk
just above the hem of the chemise. There was a ridge where
a ridge should not have been.

Dani was motionless, smiling seductively and leaning back
against the door jamb. I noticed that the ridge was moving.
It was getting closer and closer to the hem, soon no more
than an inch or so above it. As the ridge moved south, the
hem moved away and up from Dani's sheer-stockinged thighs.
I watched, fascinated, as this movement continued.

Without taking my eyes off Dani's lingerie, I pressed the
'off' button on the remote. There was silence in the room.
The chemise now slipped back and revealed little lacy
panties inside which I saw the shining head of a clearly
large and rapidly-hardening cock. Stunned but transfixed, I
watched as the beautiful panties were slowly lifted by the
stiffening prick. It was soon pointing arrogantly in my
direction. My mouth fell open and Dani laughed.

In her best little-girl voice she said, "This is all your
fault. You made my naughty, naughty clitty get all big and
hard and soon it will burst out of my tiny lickle panties.
You are a naughty, naughty boy and you dewibewately turned
me on vewy, vewy much and it won't stay tucked away any

She slipped a thumb in her mouth, sucked it and coyly
pouted as her cock sprang free of the panties. I felt
panicky. I felt shock. I felt foolish.

"It's the first of the surprises I promised you," she
purred, pushing herself away from the door jamb and walking
over to where I sat.

Oddly, when Dani came over and kissed me, the feeling of
foolishness left me. To my utter surprise, I couldn't
resist reaching out to the rigid member jutting
provocatively from the silk draped over it. As I caressed
the hot and heavy phallus, the silk of the chemise brushed
sensuously over the back of my hand.

"Oh, yes, my darling. Stroke me like that for the rest of
my life. Oh my God, oh my God, your touch is soooo sexy."

If you'd told me that morning that I'd be holding a cock as
big as my own – and getting a hard-on myself – by bedtime,
I'd have laughed in your face. Or punched you in the mouth.
But I'll tell you this: we are sometimes not in control of
what we do. I was under the spell of this woman with a
cock. She was every inch the woman. But with an extra eight
inches or so. This bone-hard plaything, I decided, was a
distinct bonus.

The kiss was a brief one but as Dani straightened up I
continued my ministrations. And as I stroked I examined my
new toy closely. I admired its shape, its heft, its
hardness, its heat. The muddled thought went through my
head that if, in the unlikely event that I'd ever suck on a
cock, this is the cock I'd want to suck on.

I ran my thumb over its satin-smooth head, coating it with
the first tear of precum on its little lips. I felt along
the top of the cliff that dropped to the taut upper skin of
the shaft. I grasped the shaft and wanked it slowly a few
times and watched as a tiny pearl of precum formed at its
mouth and then fell in a fine thread on to my other hand. I
was amazed when the hand came to my mouth and I found
myself licking it up. Curiosity, I suppose.

Moments later, I leaned forward and put my lips to its tip,
the stream of precum flowing on to my tongue. I felt
tremors as Dani stifled a laugh. I was about to wrap my
mouth around it when, much to my disappointment, Dani
pulled away.

"Forgive me," a voice way above me said. "I'm laughing from
relief. I thought you might punch me in the mouth. And call
me a faggot. And maybe even leave me dead on the floor. I
think I would have preferred the latter. I have never
enjoyed pleasuring a man more than I have you."

She pulled me to my feet and, no subtlety now, kissed me
hard on the mouth. Her cock touched mine and I manoeuvred
myself so I could take it between my thighs. She pistoned a
few strokes before breaking the kiss and pulling me to the
huge bed.

"I want to see you come," I said.

"Then please make me come. And the best way to do that
is... oh, just fuck me."

Chapter Four: The Ride

My eyes were still on Dani's cock as she lay beside me on
the bed unhurriedly stroking long strings of precum from
its tip. I had seen only a couple of erect penises other
than my own before and it struck me as odd that the first
that should have caught my undivided attention was on
someone I thought of as a woman.

There was nothing at all masculine about the legs of this
young sex goddess. Nor did her skin hint at masculinity.
What's more, she had the body of a woman and the silk
chemise in no way looked inappropriate. Yet partly-covered
by this sexy and exclusively feminine garment was jutting
an exclusively male appendage. It was about eight or nine
inches long from root to dripping tip. Just behind its head
it curved upwards. It was thick, a real fistful. Above all,
I thought it beautiful. I wondered what I would have
thought had its owner been a muscular male. I couldn't
imagine being here in that case.

I knelt between Dani's thighs which she opened wider to
welcome me, my own cock bobbing healthily in front of me,
and muttered foolishly, "I've never done this before.
You'll have to instruct me."

Dani took one of the fat satin pillows and, lifting
herself, placed it under her tush. She said nothing but her
eyes never left mine. She parted her buns and I was
embarrassed to see her pink boypussy. I didn't want to
think too much about what I was about to do, however much I
wanted to do it.

Dani reached out and picked up a tube that had been hidden
before she moved the pillow and handed it to me. She still
said nothing, wondering, perhaps, if I would know what to
do with it. It was lubricant and I squeezed some on to my
fingers and coated my cockhead, throwing aside the tube
when I was done. Cautiously, my eyes still locked on Dani's
I put my cockhead against the little pink opening I was
about to penetrate.

"How could this go in to that?" I wondered.

Dani pushed against my cock and, to my amazement I felt her
sphincter stretch to accommodate me. I pushed, too, and
millimetre by millimetre, I began to enter her. I felt the
tautness around my glans cease as the corona passed Dani's
tight little entrance.

"Oh yes," she sighed and reached up to pull my face closer
to hers. "Push," she said, her pleasure echoed in her
voice. "Oh, you feel so good. So good. So fucking good."
She let out a shrill little cry as I inched inside her,
knowing from the memory of her fingers inside me how good
this must have felt.

Her head flashed from left to right on the pillow in what I
hoped was ecstasy as my prick; almost a clone of Dani's
went deep inside her. We kissed as I began rocking gently
back and forth in time with her own slight movements. This
was pure heaven.

Dani's ring tightened and relaxed around my shaft; tight as
I pushed in and more relaxed as I pulled back. I began to
vary the length of my strokes, now short and slow, now long
and slightly faster. Dani squirmed under me and played with
her rigid nipples, her eyes closed and a little stream of
saliva running from her mouth.

"Oh, yes, Jon. Oh, yes, my darling man. Oh yes. Oh yes. Oh

I began some longer strokes with my cock deep to its root
inside her, then only its head inside. I was fucking her
faster now and every time my cockhead passed her prostate,
she let out a squeal of delight.

"Fuck me hard now darling. Fuck me really hard. Really,
really, really hard. This is the most delicious pleasure
I've ever had. Fuck me until you're nearly there, Jon. Then
let me watch you come. Spray me with your sperm."

Soaked by sweat, I continued to roger the young beauty
faster and faster like a runaway train. And suddenly, I was
on the brink. I could only keep going for a few seconds
more. But I wanted to make Dani come too.

One particularly brutal thrust did it. Dani screamed and
began shooting long strings of spunk over her stomach, her
breasts, her face and the bed. Two seconds later I pulled
out and for the second time that afternoon, began shooting
copious cum all over Dani. This added to her pleasure, it
seemed, as she furiously wanked the last of her semen on to
her gut.

"Oh my God, my God, my God, my God. I didn't want it to
end. I wanted to get higher and higher and higher on your
fucking. Come here, my beautiful man, come here."

Exhausted, I lowered myself on to her and as the last of
our sperm oozed from our softening cocks we joined in a
long and heartfelt kiss.

When we broke, Dani looked at me more affectionately than
any woman had ever done before. "Will you come home with me
tonight?" she asked simply before we both fell asleep in
each other's arms.


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