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tim is finally brought out of his hypnotic trance to find he has been completely

by sam80547

tim is finally brought out of his hypnotic trance to find he has been completely

Being bound and stretched taunt in spread eagle fashion to the four corner posts of the brass bed made Tim's joints ache. All he could do was endure the pain. The nipple clamps Sherry had placed on his breasts didn't feel too bad at first, but now they hurt like hell. Tears pooled in his eyes. He couldn't help whimpering now and then from the pain. He would never get used to his feminized voice he now had. It seemed like days since Sherry had bound and gagged him to the bed, while the cocktail party raged on in full swing downstairs. No one knew he lay helplessly bound mere yards away, behind the closed bedchamber door.

Damn Janice for doing this to him. She hadn't cuffed him to the brass bed, but her actions resulted in his current predicament. One day he was a totally happy male, the next, a pretty, bubbly, buxom, blonde, female. It didn't actually take one day. It took more than a year, but under hypnosis, not cognizant of reality, it felt like one day. After losing his job, unknowingly because of Janice, he went to work for her as a secretary. Her service trained Transsexuals to pass as natural females. She had asked him to sit in on one of the hypno therapy sessions to become acquainted with the procedures and had been unwittingly hypnotized. Janice's plan, from the start, had been to turn him completely into a female. A fitting punishment, she thought, for him wanting 'a change' and to see other women.

During the past year and a half Tim thought he had been living as a male. He was so wrong! The truth stunned him. Janice had hypnotized him into believing he was living as Tim, his normal, male self. In reality he was living as a Transvestite, soon to be Transsexual. He had even scheduled his own breast implants, plastic surgery, and SRU (Sexual Reassignment Surgery) without realizing it. For over a year he had been living as a perky, blonde female named Tina, happily chewing gum and clicking around in three inch heels and panty hose. Disgusting! How could he not know? He had noticed men paid more attention to him than usual and women tended to ignore him, but thought nothing of it. Janice had only brought him out of his hypnotic state so she could gloat over his horror and watch his expression when he realized what he had unwittingly transformed himself into.

One minute he was at a cocktail part with Janice and everything was normal, the next, he was living a man's worst nightmare. He was standing in the middle of a small group of beautiful women in cocktail dresses, wearing his usual business suit and wingtips, telling a joke. Suddenly he felt naked and was afraid to move. Looking down, he realized why. The suit and wingtips were gone! Instead, he found himself perched on five inch, black patent pumps. The shoe's ankle straps were buckled snugly around his ankles. His black dress, if there was enough material there to call it a dress, was short. Very short. Above mid thigh. Most of it was sheer black nylon except for the black, embroidered, floral pattern that barely covered his privates. He could tell it was backless because Janice was standing next to him with her hand on his bare back. He wasn't wearing any lingerie underneath the dress and the sheer material hid nothing. His body looked totally feminine. A drop dead, ride all night, rock your world, curves to kill for feminine.

To torment him even more, while at the party, Janice modified his hypnotic state so that the Tina part of Tim's personality had full control over his physical, feminine, body. The Tim part could not control his body. He was a slave to Tina, the pretty, blonde side of his personality, helplessly going along for the ride. During the party, beautiful Tina found herself swept off to an upstairs bedchamber for a bit of intimate lovemaking with the handsome host and owner of the estate, Julio. Tina had unknowingly made love to a very jealous and psychotic Latino woman's man. Which is how Tim ended up gagged and tied spread eagle to the brass bed, by Sherry, Julio's psychotic girlfriend. Tina had passed out on the bed when she climaxed with Julio, only to awake and find herself gagged and tied to the brass bed posts. Sherry sat at her side, grinning. Sherry told Tim that Julio was called away on unexpected, emergency business and would be gone a few weeks.

Sherry smiled when she told Tim how Julio was into BD/SM and torture. He had a vast collection of toys the basement. She said he frequently used them on her. Sherry fondled Tim's breasts as him how she was going to use Tim as a captive playmate. She was going give Tim a taste of the equipment for making love to her man. Sherry calmly left the bedchamber and went back downstairs to the party, promising to return when it was over. All Tim could do was lay there, gagged and bound helplessly to the bed, awaiting her return. There was no use in struggling. His ankles and wrists were raw from that. The penis gag made all but breathing impossible.

After what seemed like hours, the bedchamber door swung open. Sherry had returned, pushing a wheel chair. She looped a wide leather belt, with D rings at it's sides, around Tim's waist and locked it in place. One at a time, she unhooked his wrists from the straps binding him to the bedposts and reattached them to the rings on the belt. Then she unhooked Tim's ankles from the bedposts and locked the ankle cuffs together. Tim was loose from the bed, but still securely bound. Sherry slid her off the bed and into the wheelchair.

"Now we're going to have some fun" she whispered into Tim's ear.


"What dear? You don't want to play? You didn't mind playing with Julio. Besides, you really don't have a choice, do you?"

Tim was rolled into an elevator at the end of the hall where they descended to the basement. A rush of cool air caressed her fairly naked body as the door opened, revealing a large, dimly lit dungeon.

"Mmmfffxxph! Ooommmpphhh!" he tried to scream.

"Getting scared?" smirked Sherry. "You should be. I can't tell you the times I've been left down here, alone, attached to one of these diabolical implements, screaming to be released. I can assure you, no one will come."

Tim's eyes were wide with fear. His mind reeled from the visions of how each device could be used to inflict pain. This crazy bitch couldn't be serious! She wasn't really going to go through with this, was she?

His answer came quickly as Sherry wheeled him over to a pole mounted to the floor, it was a little less than waist high, and could be adjusted up or down.

"This is called the Mannequin Stand. You can imagine why, can't you. Once you are positioned over the pole and it's end inserted into your vagina, with your ankles locked to the base, you have no choice but to stand there like... that's right, a Mannequin."

She laughed heartily at her own joke as she lowered the pole and then stood Tim up over it. Tim had seen basic torture devices before. He had heard how men were tortured in the old days. Now he was going to learn, first hand as a female, how women were tortured. He told himself she was just trying to scare him. Sherry cuffed his ankles, one by one, to each side of the stand's base. Now he really was getting scared. Tim struggled, but it was useless. Sherry put some lubricant on the head of the pole and slowly raised it up beneath Tim's dress. He squirmed when it pressed against the lips of his vagina, but couldn't dislodge it. He didn't want that thing stuck up inside of him, but then he couldn't stop her either.

"I'm not a woman!" he screamed.

Sherry pressed the cold metal head of the pole up harder and it slid up inside of him, filling him with its coldness. She pushed it up as far as it could go and then some, lifting him onto his toes. The pain was excruciating when he tried to stand flat on his feet. Now he stood, like many women had in years past, impaled by the device. It was impossible for him to move. To someone watching, he would indeed look like a store Mannequin, standing astride the pole which stuck up under his dress to hold him up. Sherry stood up in front of him, a big grin on her face, and took off his penis gag.

"Seems you have the right equipment to me honey."

The she grabbed his head with both hands and pulled his lips to hers.

"Feels good to be bound like that, doesn't it, bitch? I've stood there for hours like that. Don't even try to get loose. Lord knows, I have. It's futile. You know, I've never tortured a woman before. But, I think I'm going to enjoy this" she said, crushing their mouths together in a vicious kiss, again.

"I'm not a woman!" Tim spat again, twisting his head away.

There was that sickening feminine voice of his. He sounded like a whimpering school girl.

"Really?" laughed Sherry, stepping back to view his slender body, "You have me fooled, honey. Even I couldn't wear that dress as good as you do. I'd say you definitely had everyone fooled at the party too. I'm sure you fooled Julio. Especially after he took you like a hoar. Tell me. Have you ever heard of Count De Sade?" she asked, pushing Tim's head away. "No? Well I'll tell you then. He invented Sadism, which, by the way, you are about to experience. He tortured his women, sometimes almost to death, then pleasured them sexually afterwards. He felt, only then could a woman fully experience the pleasure of sex." She smiled, stating flatly, "You be the judge."

"I'm not a woman, I tell you!" he yelled in vain.

She took a black riding crop from where it hung on the wall and flexed it between her hands. An evil glint shone in her eyes as she smiled. She swung it. It made a whooshing sound as it passed through the air. Tim struggled to free himself even though he knew there was no escaping the Mannequin stand. Sherry swung the crop again. A stinging fire raced across Tim's back. He bit back the scream that was in his throat. Sherry was pleased. She smiled, swinging the crop across Tim's back again, except harder.

"Scream you bitch! I want to hear you scream like the whore you are!"

She swung the crop across Tim's back again and again, until he wailed, just like a bitch. Sometimes, she hit him so hard, the crop split the material of his dress. Tears poured down his face and his body convulsed with every blow. Tim realized, with the first several blows, he had regained control of his body. The severity of the pain broke the hypnotic trance, but the way he was secured it did him no good. Even if he was loose, his weak, feminine body could not overcome Sherry's toned muscles. Then the whipping stopped. Tim was exhausted. Sherry gave him another rough, full French kiss before retrieving a bondage hood from the wall. It only had eye openings. She pulled it snugly over his head, leaving the locking collar open. In his position there was no need to lock it.

"I'll leave you to contemplate what I am going to do to you with some of these other devices, slut, before we continue. I have a friend, I'm going to call, who would enjoy this. She is even crueler than I am. I heard she turned her ex-boyfriend into a woman! I'd get some rest if I were you. It is going to be a long, long, long week."

She laughed, almost hysterically, knowing there was no way for Tim to get any rest in his position. My God, thought Tim, could she be talking about Janice? She had to be. Sherry didn't know the woman she was torturing, was actually her friend's ex-boyfriend. She thought she was torturing another woman. She was sick! He had to get away.

Tim's cramping leg muscles were cramping badly from fighting to remain standing on his tip toes. He was losing the battle. Slowly. Very slowly, he was lowering himself onto the pole of the Mannequin stand. The pain inside him increased. Then the elevator door opened and a woman stepped outs wearing a leather Dominatrix outfit and a mask to obscure her face.

It was Janice! He would have known that body and walk anywhere. She didn't know the woman being tortured and shackled to the Mannequin stand was Tim. The hood he wore hid his identity. She sauntered over in the high and mighty, Dominatrix style, high heeled boots clicking on the floor. She grabbed Tim roughly by the chin.

"Well, well. What do we have here. Sherry told me you've been a bad little girl. A very bad little girl. You should know better than to screw someone else's man. My ex-boyfriend was supposed to do that, but it looks like you beat him to it. So far, you've only had a taste of your punishment. You realize, you probably won't be leaving here alive, don't you?" She thought for a moment, he lips forming an evil smile "I want to introduce you to someone. Her name is Jane."

Janice unhooked Tim's wrists from the belt around his waist, then lowered the pole from his vagina and unlocked his ankles. He almost collapsed from exhaustion, but Janice man handled him towards something that looked like a standing, metal woman, split in half down the sides and hinged. It had been specially modified to accommodate the female form. Once inside, the fit would be very snug, allowing no movement. A rounded metal tube extended up inside, between the legs where a captive's vagina would be. Its purpose was obvious. Tim resisted, but was pushed forward.

"You're going to love, Jane" she giggled that irritating, bitter giggle of hers.

So far, being a woman was not fun. His feminine parts were being used to inflict pain. As he was pushed towards open metal body he could see spikes strategically place around its insides. They were not meant to impale, but with time and pressure, slowly pierce the skin. Any struggle would only speed the process. Two spikes were placed inside the molded recesses of the breasts. Several were at the soles of the feet where the victim would stand. Another two were at the temples. Then there were the gas jets, strategically placed to apply heat to the iron form. The occupant could literally be cooked alive.

Janice tried to push Tim inside. He knew there would be no escape from the abomination. This was something out of a horror movie. How could a woman do this to another woman, or anybody, for that matter. He freaked out, whirling around and lashing out with his arm. The cuff on his wrist caught Janice across the face and spun her around. She stumbled falling against a kneeling bench with built in stocks for the neck and wrists. The blow had momentarily disoriented Janice. Think, think! What to do? Tim's mind raced. Sherry would return soon. Overcoming her would be impossible. She was too strong for him and he definitely couldn't fight both women at the same time. They would easily overpower him. He wasn't a man anymore, just another weak female. A desperate plan formed in his mind. He quickly traded outfits with Janice. Her's was snug on him, but it fit. He placed Janice face down over the opening of the stocks and slammed the bar down, locking her in place. She came around just as he finished. She screamed and struggled violently. Tim looked around, grabbed the discarded penis gag, and shoved it roughly into her mouth, buckling it around her head.

She still didn't know who he was. "There bitch! How do you like it?" he spat, pulling the hood from his head, "Hard to swallow when your mouth is full of cock, isn't it?" Her eyes bugged wide with fear when she recognized him. Now it was his turn to smile.

"We're going to trade places now, Janice. I'll be you, the Dominatrix, and you be me, the helpless maiden." Tim pulled off Janice's Dominatrix hood and replaced it with his bondage hood, making sure her hair was tucked inside. The lock on the collar snapped shut with a chilling metallic click. He dawned the Dominatrix hood, again making sure his blonde hair was concealed. With Janice wearing his outfit and he hers, they would easily be mistaken for each other. Their sizes were close enough. The lock on Janice's hood ensured it would not be removed. He could even imitate her voice close enough. Tim picked up the riding crop Sherry had used on him, slapping the palm of his now, leather gloved hand.

"Are you into BD/SM, Janice? I hope so, because you're into it now. You're going to love it."

He swung a wicked blow across her back, splitting the thin black material of his dress she now wore, just as it split when Sherry beat him. She screamed, but nothing more than a muffled sound came from inside Janice's hood. The release of anger felt good. He swatted her several more times. He could tell she was crying. Now she knew what it felt like, to be beaten mercilessly by another woman. Tim had lost control, and track of time. The elevator door slid open and Sherry stepped out. She frightened him. He never dreamed, as a man, that a woman could ever frighten him. But, now he was just another female, frail and pretty. The thought made him ill. He never dreamed how vulnerable a woman was, until he became one. Now he knew.

"How is our little slut doing?" she asked striding across the room leading a large German Shepard dog by a leash.

Tim steeled his nerves, mustering up his best 'Janice' imitation. He swatted Janice across the rear. She withered in pain.

"Better than the bitch should be."

"Well I've got a present for her." grinned Sherry, kneeling down in front of Janice, "Since you act like a bitch, I thought you should be made love to like a bitch." She pulled the dog in front of Janice to see. "Say hello to your new boyfriend, bitch!"

Janice went wild screaming and trying to get loose, but obviously couldn't. Tim knew Janice was trying to tell Sherry who she was, but the gag and hood prevented her. Sherry led the dog around behind Janice and lifted her torn dress up around her waist. Janice squirmed and yelled some more. Her struggling excited Sherry.

The dog sniffed Janice's rear, then mounted her. She screamed and wiggled some more. The dog couldn't put his penis in, so Sherry helped. She reached down, took his cock in her hand and placed it against Janice's vagina. The dog thrust like the animal he was and filled Janice in an instant. Tim could tell Janice was begging for them to stop, but Sherry was enjoying it far too much. She had a wild look in her eyes. He couldn't believe any woman would punish another by such a disgusting act. Women were to vicious for him. It was mere luck that he wasn't in Janice's place, now being pumped by the animal. He thrust wildly in and out for a few minutes and whined when he came. Janice only sobbed. Sperm ran onto the floor. Satisfied, Sherry knelt back down in front of Janice. Tim didn't see where she got the key for the bondage hood from. Before he could stop her, she had it unlocked and off of Janice's head. Her mouth dropped open in surprise when she saw who it was inside. Janice had tears streaming from her eyes.

Sherry jumped up and glared at Tim. Rushing over to him, she tore the Dominatrix hood off. He tried to run, but the high heeled, Dominatrix boots made him stumble to the ground. Sherry let out a roar and he felt himself lifted by the hair off the floor. She drug him over to the Iron Lady and roughly tried to push him inside. He fought with all his feminine strength, grabbing a hold of her arm and swinging her around, against the front half of the device. Tim punched her as hard as he could in the kidney. It took the breath out of her. He rammed her in the back with his shoulder, pressing her face forward into depression of the front half of the Iron Lady, at the same time lifting her up and onto the metal vaginal tube. He punched her in the kidney again and she slid down onto it, impaling herself where she stood. He quickly pulled a leather strap across her back and securely fastened her in place. Sweat rolled down his brow as he grasped the two halves and pulled them together. Sherry screamed.

"No! Please, no!"

Then the Iron Lady clonked closed around her. Sherry kept screaming from inside the Iron Lady, but Tim ignored her. Janice sobbed while the dog licked her privates clean. Tim slid to the floor, gasping for breath.

"I am woman" he said to himself, laughing at the irony of the statement.

Sitting there, he noticed the gas valve for the Iron Lady. He switched it on and lit it with a flint striker laying near the Lady's feet for that purpose.

"Payback is a bitch isn't it, ladies?" he asked, not expecting an answer, "No pun intended Janice, although I guess you really are a bitch, now. Someone will come along and release both of you, sooner or later. Frankly, I hope it is later." He turned the gas off under the Iron Lady when he felt it was sufficiently hot and uncomfortable inside of it. He could tell it was by Janice's moaning.

Tim took the elevator upstairs to Sherry's bedchamber where he took a quick shower. He selected a smart skirt suit, panty set, and hose from her wardrobe. There was no going back to his old, male self so he might as well get used to being a female. A squirt of Musk and a little makeup finished the picture. He had to admit, he look great as a woman. He filled the suit out nicely. His nylon clad legs said, 'Love me.' While rooting through Sherry's dresser drawers he found several bundles of five hundred dollar bills, enough to live on for some time to come. He threw a few outfits and lingerie into a large suitcase he found in the closet. Tim found his evening clutch, with Tina's driver's license and credit cards, where he had dropped it during his romp with Julio the night before. Sherry's car keys were on a small table in the foyer. He made a mental note to stop thinking of himself as Tim. He was Tina now. Now and forever. His driver's license said so. The sound of the closing front door echoed through the big, empty foyer.


Re: tim is finally brought out of his hypnotic trance to find he has been completely - Rimmey

I absolutely love your story it has so many of my own fetishes in it. Feminizing, bondage, humiliation, degradation, beastiality.....etc. please write more

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