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Night Swimming

by LucianCarter

Night Swimming

Night Swimming
By Lucian Carter
Copyright 2012

He had promised himself he wouldn’t do it.

But then “Night Swimming” had come on the radio and he had headed straight to her bedroom where he knew she would be waiting.

Quickly, he removed his clothes.

He lay back on the bed.

Within moments he felt her soft hands on his chest.

Her lips against his neck.

She was so warm, so soft.

“Get hard for me baby.” She whispered in his ear and, as always, he instantly did.

He felt her weight on his chest as she climbed on top of him.

He was overwhelmed once again by how much he loved her even though he knew this was wrong. Her long red hair, her perky breasts and her neatly trimmed private hair.

Her hands roamed over his chest as she straddled his waist, completely naked.

“Are you my good boy?” she asked in her most sultry voice.


“Yes what?”

“Yes mistress.”

“Does my good boy want pleasure?”

“Yes mistress.”

“Will my good boy do anything for pleasure?”

“Yes mistress.”

“Then beg me. Beg me to let you fuck me.”

“Please mistress. Please let me fuck you.”

“You want your unworthy cock in my perfect hole?”

“Please mistress, I know I am unworthy. Please take pity on your poor slave.”

“Well… I guess, since you asked so nicely.”

The sex was as mind-blowing as it had been every time before that. Her control over him, her orders, her controlling when he could finally orgasm, made that inevitable.

When he finally climaxed, after she had three times, she whispered “Sleep for me, slave.” He was out like a light.

He awoke an hour later, alone. Tears filled his eyes as he looked at her picture on the bed stand. It had been two years since the accident. Two years since she had left him alone with nothing but the post-hypnotic suggestion she had planted for when she was not around. He knew he should move on. He knew she was gone and he should find someone new, should move on with his life. But every time he heard R.E.M. he came back to her. He knew it was a fantasy; but sometimes a fantasy was all you had.


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