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Friend Of The Family 2

by Shadow2000

Friend Of The Family 2

Stacy woke the next morning feeling light headed and refreshed. She had no idea what she’d done last night. She just couldn’t remember. She knew that Mom’s annoying best friend Vanessa had stayed over, so she just assumed that she’d retreated to her room out of the way like she always did. She rubbed the drowsy sleep out of her eyes and got out of bed, hoping that she wouldn’t see Vanessa.
She got herself ready and went downstairs for breakfast. She was dismayed to find Vanessa already sat there, wearing her usual patronising smug grin.

“Morning, little Stacy! Hope you slept well!”

Everything Vanessa said was just so patronising and annoying Stacy couldn’t deal with it. She grabbed a quick slice of toast hugged her Mom and left as quickly as she could. Stacy’s mood didn’t improve much over the day knowing that Vanessa would be there when she got back home. She made plans to be out with friends for the whole night so she wouldn’t have to be anywhere near.

The day wore on and eventually Stacy had to go home. She planned to get ready immediately and dash before even speaking to Vanessa. Her hopes didn’t last long as she went into the living room to find Vanessa on the couch.

“Well hello there, little Stacy!” She sang annoyingly. “Nice day?”

Stacy just grunted a response. Vanessa wasn’t giving up though.

“Your Mom’s still not back so it’s just you and me! A nice night in!”

Stacy again just grunted the response that she had plans and was going out.

“Awww but you look so tired, Stacy. Maybe you should relax a bit first?”

“I’m fine, thanks.” Stacy spat, making for the door.

“Oh but I insist!” Vanessa said.

She kicked off her slippers, revealing her socked feet. As soon as the smell hit Stacy she stopped moving for the door and just stood perfectly still, a vague dreamy look appearing on her face.

“That’s right, Stacy. Good little girl.” Vanessa crooned. “Let the soothing hypnotic aroma work its power on you.”

She pulled off her socks and moved to a kneeling position on the couch.

“Come here, Stacy. Lie down with your head in my lap.”

Stacy obeyed at once. She laid down in Vanessa’s lap, just staring straight up, a blank, dazed expression on her face. Vanessa took one of her socks and held it against Stacy’s nose. Immediately the girl started to obediently breathe in the aroma.

“Good girl, Stacy. Just breathe it in. Just inhale deeply. You feel so tired and weary, you just need to relax. You’re so tired and stressed from your day, you need to relax. Breathe in my foot aroma and let it relax you completely. All stress and tension from your day begins to melt away.”

Stacy’s eyes began to feel heavier as her body relaxed. A familiar wave of sleepiness washed over her. She took in deep breaths to smell Vanessa’s foot scent completely, and her body began to feel heavier and heavier.

“Good, breathe in deeper and deeper. My hypnotic foot aroma makes you feels so good, so relaxed, so sleepy, so drowsy. Sleeeeep. You need to relax after your stressful day, and if you inhale my foot stink and listen to my words you will. You love the feeling of drowsiness and sleepiness my feet give to you, it makes you feel so good. Just relax and sleep.”

Vanessa put one hand behind Stacy’s head and began to gently rock her head round in a circular motion. Vanessa could see Stacy’s eyes getting heavier and heavier.

“That feels so good, doesn’t it Stacy? Yes, I know it does. Just let the soothing relaxing feeling take hold of you. You cannot resist the feeling of sleepiness, and you don’t want to, because it feels so good. Just breathe in deep, that’s right, breathe in. You feel more and more tired as you inhale my foot scent. Each circle I move your head round takes you deeper and deeper. More and more sleepy. You struggle to keep your eyes open as you breathe in my foot aroma. It’s so hard, but you try to keep them open
so you can smell my feet and listen to me.”

Stacy’s eyes drooped heavily; she tried to keep them open. She obediently kept breathing in the scent of Vanessa’s socks. Her eyes got more and more tired and her body more and more weary.

“Sleep, Stacy. Sleeeep. Good. You feel more and more sleepy, more and more relaxed. Your stress and tension flows out of your body. Just keep listening to my words. Listening to me is so important to you. All you want is lie there and smell my feet and listen to me. All you want is to fall deeper and deeper under my power.”

Stacy moaned with pleasure as she continued to smell Vanessa’s socks, and was taken deeper by the rotation of her head. She loved the powerful sleepiness that was washing over her. She just wanted to surrender to it. Her eyes drooped even heavier as she listened to Vanessa’s words.

“You’re getting sleepier and drowsier now, Stacy. Sleepier and drowsier. You can’t resist the overwhelming desire to just give in to the smell of my feet and sleep. Just let the stink wash over you and overwhelm your senses. Good, that’s right, breathe deeper. You can barely keep your eyes open now. They are so tired, and you are so sleepy. When I touch your forehead your eyes will close and you will fall into a deep sleep. You are hopelessly intoxicated by the scent of my feet. You are already deep under my spell and as you smell my socks you fall deeper under my power.”

Keeping her sock pressed against Stacy’s nose, Vanessa lightly touched her forehead and watched her eyes slam shut. She kept on inhaling the scent of the sock obediently, a smile and dreamy look on her face. Vanessa rubbed the sock harder into her nose.

“Good girl, Stacy. All the stress and tension from your day has completely vanished from your body now. You feel so relaxed and tired, so deep under my hypnotic spell. You fall deeper every time you inhale my stinky feet. Now...get up and sit on the floor with your back to me.”

Stacy obeyed. She sat up and sat on the floor with her back to the couch. Vanessa could barely contain her excitement at seeing how deeply she had hypnotized the girl. How she obeyed every command instantly. It excited her so much. Vanessa lent forward and stuffed both of her socks into Stacy’s mouth. She could not resist, she willingly took them.

“Good, Stacy, that’s right. I want you to suck all the sweat out of my socks like a good little girl. Keep sucking on them until I tell you to stop. Good. You suck out all the sweat and as you do it takes you deeper and deeper under my spell. As you taste my socks and the essence of my feet you become my devoted slave more and more. Keep sucking them.”

Stacy began frantically and firmly sucking on Vanessa’s sock. To her it tasted so good, because it was Vanessa’s. She sucked up as much of the sweat as she was able and carried on sucking hard. While her slave carried out her orders Vanessa lifted her feet and put them one each on Stacy’s shoulders. Her feet were now right in front of Stacy’s face.

“You’re now going to be my footrest, Stacy. You will not move a muscle except for your mouth sucking the sweat out of my socks and you breathing in the aroma of my feet. Breathe it in deep and let it take you even deeper.”

Stacy began to take deep breaths to take in the hypnotic scent of Vanessa’s feet. Vanessa laid back on the couch and turned on the TV while her slave sucked her socks and inhaled the scent of her feet. She wafted her feet her round and round Stacy’s face to let the scent engulf her even more.

“That’s right, Stacy. Breathe in deep. Drown in the rancid hypnotic scent of my feet.”

And so for the next 2 hours Vanessa just lay there watching TV, while Stacy sucked her socks clean and inhaled the pungent scent of her feet, motionless and obedient. When the programme ended Vanessa took her feet away and pulled the socks out of Stacy’s mouth.

“Good work, little Stacy! You’ve sucked them totally clean! Now...I think I need a good foot mat to wipe my feet on. Your face will be perfect! Lie down, Stacy.”

Stacy did as she was commanded, still wearing the dazed and dreamy look on her face. She positioned herself with her legs away from Vanessa, so her face was right at her feet. Vanessa began to rub her feet all over Stacy’s face and nose. The slave immediately started to take deep breaths of her Mistress’ feet. Vanessa just loved feeling her take deep breaths and hearing the pleasurable moan she gave. Vanessa again just laid back and put on some more TV while Stacy obediently inhaled the scent of her feet.

After another hour Vanessa turned off the TV. She took her feet away from Stacy’s face, the girl stopped sniffing and the blank vague look appeared on her face again.

“On your knees in front of me, Stacy.”

Stacy sat up and knelt before Vanessa, who placed a hand under her chin and brought her right up to her eyes. She absolutely loved the blank, dreamy look her feet put onto Stacy’s face.

“Good girl, Stacy. What a deliciously obedient slave you are. Now, you’ve served me so well tonight, and I’m pleased with you. But it’s made you tired, Stacy. So tired. So very very sleepy.”

Vanessa felt a small rush of excitement as Stacy was unable to contain a deep yawn at her words. Her eyes drooped once more and Vanessa could see that the sleepiness was washing over her again.

“You are feeling so very sleepy, tired and drowsy now, Stacy. In a moment, when I snap my fingers, you will go upstairs to your bedroom, change climb into bed then fall into a deep deep sleep, from which you will not awaken until the morning. When you wake you will feel refreshed and energised. Again you will not remember any of what has happened here, just that you had a quiet night at home. Do you understand?”

Stacy nodded slightly as she yawned again. Vanessa snapped her fingers. Stacy rose and walked out of the room, the familiar blank expression on her face.


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