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Friend Of The Family 3

by Shadow2000

Friend Of The Family 3

When Stacy woke the next morning she was surprised to find that it was already 9.30. But she felt so cleansed and refreshed that she didn’t care. She wondered briefly why she hadn’t met her friends like she’d planned, but the thought vanished quickly. She could remember that she’d just spent a nice quiet night in the house. Her day must have got to her even more than she thought. But it can’t have been that bad because she couldn’t even remember being angry at Mom’s friend Vanessa being there.

Tonight was Vanessa’s last night stopping over so tomorrow she had something to look forward to. Tomorrow she would be free and wouldn’t have to endure Vanessa’s smug attitude any more. And the best thing was that as today their last today Vanessa and Stacy’s Mom would no doubt spend all day out making the most of it. This left Stacy free and able to do whatever she wanted, at home if she chose.

She changed quickly and made it downstairs. When she got into the kitchen she was happy to find that they had both already left. A note had been hurriedly written explaining that they would be out for most of the day. A huge smile on her face at this news, Stacy grabbed a drink, kicked back on the couch and put the TV on.

Stacy spent about 90 minutes watching TV then got bored. She decided to go and meet some of her friends before doing some of the work she needed to catch up on. Before she could do anything however the phone rang. Eager to go, Stacy quickly ran to the phone answered.


She was dismayed to be greeted with Vanessa’s voice.

“Hello, little Stacy! Hope you slept well!”

“What do you want, Vanessa? I’m just about to go out.” Stacy said, making sure her frustration was clear.

“Oh, you’re not going anywhere, Stacy.” Vanessa replied. “We’re not wasting any time now.”

“What does that mean?” Stacy groaned.

“It means that you are going to do as you’re told and smell my feet.”

On hearing those last three words Stacy’s eyes immediately lost all of their fire. Her free arm dropped limply to her side and a blank expression spread across her face. Vanessa waited for a few moments to let her trigger take full effect before speaking again.

“Can you hear me, Stacy? Just say ‘yes’ if you can.”

“Yes.” Stacy replied in a quiet monotone.

“Good. Very good. Now, Stacy, I’m going to give you a set of instructions which you listen to but not carry out until I put the phone down. Do you understand?”


“Excellent. When I hang up, you will put the phone down and walk upstairs into my bedroom. Once there you will take off all your clothing until you are completely naked. Then you will open my bag, which you can find on the bed. You will open it and you will take out a pair of my stinky socks. I got them so stinky so that I could easily entrance you and make you my hypnotic puppet. Isn’t that thoughtful of me, Stacy?”


Vanessa couldn’t contain her laughter and excitement.

“Say ‘thank you’ for it.”

“Thank you for making your socks so stinky so that they could entrance me and make me your hypnotic puppet.”

Vanessa laughed again, clearly enjoying Stacy’s blind hypnotic servitude to her.

“You will take out a pair of my stinky socks. Then you will put them in one hand and kneel on the floor. You will hold them right against your nose and breathe in deep. You will smell the hypnotic aroma, and as you do you will fall deeper and deeper under my spell. With your free hand you will rub your pussy over and over, increasing your pleasure. This will remain at a constant level and will not build to the point of orgasm. You will not be able to cum. You will remain deep in trance until I say otherwise. Do you understand?”


“Very good.”

Vanessa hung up. At once, Stacy put the phone down and walked upstairs towards Vanessa’s room, a distant and blank expression on her face. She opened the door to Vanessa’s room and walked inside. Standing in the middle of the room, she began to take her clothes off, just staring straight ahead, eyes vacant. Once naked, she walked over to the bag, opened it and pulled out the socks. Immediately she could smell the scent of Vanessa’s feet, and she got on her knees as ordered and eagerly began to inhale the scent. As her hand reached down towards her pussy she could hear Vanessa’s words echoing in her head. She placed her hand between her legs and began to rub her pussy softly. Pleasure built inside her with each motion of her hand, but it was contained. Stacy could not cum, nor did she want to as it would have gone against Vanessa’s words. With each sniff of Vanessa’s intoxicating foot aroma, she fell deeper into trance. She felt so good for being so obedient.

This continued for another six and a half hours. Stacy knelt there, completely motionless other than the motion of her hand and her deep breaths of Vanessa’s socks. Even when the she heard the sound of the front door opening, her actions did not change. She heard but was not aware; she had not been ordered to stop.

Footsteps could be heard coming up the stairs. They got closer until the door opened. Vanessa walked in, a broad smile on her face.

“Why hello, little Stacy! What a good girl you are! You obeyed me well. It’s just you and me again for a while before your Mom gets back. Stop now, that’s it.”

Stacy’s arms fell limply to her sides, the socks slipping out of her loose open hands. Vanessa quickly unloaded her bags and sat on the edge of the bed. She beckoned Stacy towards her.

“Crawl over to me, Stacy.”

Stacy obeyed in an instant. She placed her hands on the floor and crawled to Vanessa at the end of the bed. When there she remained motionless on her hands and knees, Vanessa placed a hand under her chin and brought her back to a kneeling position. As before Stacy’s eyes just stared blankly ahead, seeing but not registering. Vanessa slowly began to unzip her boots. As she took each one off and revealed her bare feet Stacy’s face became more and more dreamy, her eyes drooped.

“I’ve been walking around town all day, Stacy. My feet are so tired and stinky and sweaty. See?”
She slowly wafted a foot past Stacy’s face, and the girl followed it, breathing in as much of the aroma as she could.

“I’m going to lay here and relax for a little while Stacy and you are going to kneel there and breathe in my foot scent and fall deeper.”

Vanessa moved a bit further back onto the bed, pulled a book out of her bag and started reading. She continued to slowly sway one foot back and forth in front of Stacy’s face.

“Smell my feet, Stacy. Drown in the intoxicating aroma. Let it engulf you and invade your mind.”

She watched as Stacy’s head rocked back and forth with the motion of her foot, as she took in deep breaths of the aroma. For the next hour this continued. Vanessa occasionally touched her foot against Stacy’s nose briefly to hear the deep sniff and pleasurable moan it created. After the hour Vanessa closed her book.

“Watch my foot, Stacy. Keep breathing in the smell, but allow your eyes to follow my foot as it sways back and forth...back and forth...back and forth. It’s so interesting to watch, your eyes just don’t want to leave it. You follow it closely as it sways before your eyes. Following it so intently makes your eyes tired. It’s so much work and effort, they get heavier. You are feeling sleepy now, Stacy. Sleepy and drowsy.”

Stacy’s eyes drooped even more, her body began to relax and grow weary. Her upright position began to slack as she dropped deeper.

“Sleepy and drowsy. You feel so tired. Sleepy and tired. Your eyes are so heavy and are already near closing. You are just overwhelmed with sleepiness. When I snap my fingers your eyes will shut and you will fall even deeper. You body will be so weary and heavy that you will gently fall forward into my feet.”

Vanessa lifted her other foot up and began to sway them both in front of Stacy. The girl was so intoxicated that she could barely keep her eyes open to see them. Vanessa snapped her fingers and her eyes instantly snapped shut. She fell slowly forward, Vanessa spread her toes wide and let Stacy’s nose rest between them as she fell into her feet.

“Good girl, Stacy. Sleep. Deep sleep.”

Vanessa used her feet to push Stacy back into an upright position. Even in her deep slumber, Stacy still took deep breaths of Vanessa’s pungent foot scent. Vanessa positioned Stacy upright, then stood up and began to undress.

“Open your eyes, Stacy.”

Stacy’s eyes sprung open immediately.

“I need somewhere to put my dirty panties; and I don’t want to put them on the dressing table, so I’m going to have to use your head. You don’t mind that, do you, Stacy?”

Vanessa laughed at Stacy’s blank, emptiness and placed her panties over Stacy’s head, making sure to rub the crotch right into her nose. At that moment, Stacy’s Mom walked in. Her face immediately burst in rage and anger at the sight that greeted her.

“Vanessa! What the hell....?”

Her words were cut short. As soon as she entered the room, Vanessa sat on the bed with her feet outstretched. The aroma hit Stacy’s Mom almost immediately. The effect was instantaneous. Like a light switch her eyes lost all of their fire, just as her daughter’s had. Her arms fell loosely to her sides and a familiar distant expression appeared on her face.

“That’s better. Good. Strip.”

Stacy’s Mom obeyed at once. Once she was naked Vanessa pointed to the floor in front of her. Stacy’s Mom knelt and crawled over to her.

“Excellent. Now, Stacy, keep smelling my dirty panties. I’ve had such a tiring day, hypnotizing you my little puppets. Massage my feet.”

She stuck both her feet out and the mother and daughter obediently took one each and began to rub them softly and delicately. Vanessa moaned with sensual pleasure. The slaves just stared ahead while serving their Mistress. Vanessa enjoyed this for 30 minutes then took her feet away. She positioned herself on her hands and knees on the bed. She pointed at Stacy, and then her pussy. Then she pointed at Stacy’s Mom, then her ass. The slaves knew exactly what to do. Stacy positioned herself on the bed underneath Vanessa, and began to lovingly lick her pussy after Vanessa had removed her panties. Stacy’s Mom knelt at her ass, Vanessa forced her head in. Vanessa immediately began to moan with pleasure as her slaves did their work. Her body began to convulse, she was already near orgasm from the combined pleasure of her slaves. In a matter of minutes Vanessa reached an ultimate climax. She came long and hard, and then rolled over onto her back on the bed to recover. Stacy and her Mom remained motionless and blank. After she had recovered, Vanessa stood.

“Good slaves. You have pleased me. You may now have your reward; deep sleep. When I snap my fingers, you will both go to your bedrooms, climb into bed and fall into a deep sleep. You will awake in the morning energised and refreshed, with no memory of what has happened. You will simply remember that will all spent the night watching TV. When you wake you will not think anything of yourselves being naked.”

She raised her hand to snap her fingers, and then stopped, a sly smile on her face.

“On second thoughts, Stacy, you will remain here when I snap my fingers but your Mom will carry out the previous orders.”

She snapped her fingers, and Stacy’s Mom rose from the bed and left the room.

“Stacy, you will be taken still deeper under my spell. Kneel at the end of the bed.”

Stacy rose and obeyed at once.

“You will kneel there all night smelling my feet, and as you do you will fall deeper under my power. You will also rub your pussy all night, but as before you will not be able to cum or orgasm. As the pleasure builds you will fall deeper under my spell. Do you understand?”

Stacy nodded vacantly. Vanessa got into the bed, and began to rub her feet in Stacy’s face. The effect was immediate; Stacy’s hand reached down and began to rub her moist pussy softly.

Vanessa turned out the light.


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