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Sierra The Pony

by gtstars

Sierra The Pony

Chapter 1. “What I’ve become?” My name is Sierra 19 years old a beautiful long black hair with a petite body and beautiful legs. I was born and raised in Mexico a family of 4 children, I was the 3rd child young and smart enough to leave home at 16 teen. I started my career working in, Chipotle Mexican Grill a restaurant here in Mexico for the past three years.  I saved up enough money to move to the United States where I could start a new life for myself in Arlen Texas. Since I was a little girl, ponies were my favorite thing, I loved them but not enough to become one. The theme Pony girl was unexplored or known by me.  However one day while I was doing a TV promotion for a suntanning commercial. Wearing a blue swimming suit well spreading lotion on my arms and bare legs this guy came over to me and asked me if I wanted to earn more money in promotional clothing and since I wasn’t getting anywhere here I decided to say yes to his proposition. He gave me his card with his phone number and musical CD.  The CD has a gold label on it with  the following title, Relaxing rain music for relieving stress, a (sample) CD. Playing the CD while she slept she had the most peaceful dream! After having  the good night sleep I called him the next day to schedule a meeting and he asked me to meet him at his house and told me to come alone.  A few hours later I arrived at his Mansion and I was received by his redhead Maid at the front door. She was wearing a short skirt which is a black maid’s uniform. I didn’t think much of her uniform at the time as she escorted me to the same guy that I meet the other day. He seemed so trusting over the phone I couldn’t help but feel comfortable around him now. "You can call me Mark," he said smiling warmly at me. I was asked if I ever did model in Exotic clothing before?  I said no but I asked him what he was referring when he said Exotic clothing. He explained to me in detail about Exotic clothing and the types of clothes selections I’d be ask to model. He answered, do you know what a Pony girl is? I shook my head no and he started to brief me in. Putting on his charm, “It’s a beautiful girl who plays the part of a pony.” He smiles looking down at her. "What do you mean by play?" "You will be asked to dress as a Pony girl with an outfit during photo shoots.” Pause in the tone of his voice. “You will have to wear a leather harness on your body, boots as hooves will be placed on your feet, a bit gag in your mouth.” He explained too me. "But it’s just a costume, right?” "Right sure it is. All you have to do its sign this contract and be here tomorrow.” "But how much money are we talking about?" She grins thinking. "$100.00 an hour and you could start with 8 to 10 hours a day and you can start out by modeling our exotic clothes line.” Holding my pink pen in the palm of my small hand, I signed the contract but like anyone else I didn’t read the little letters in the contract. I felt content doing this, and I didn’t know why, but Mark seem so trusting just now, I couldn’t say no to the guy she smiles. Everything seem so right! The signing of the contract Mark explained that he wants all his models to come too work refreshed and relaxed. He wanted to setup a High Class MP3 Performance Stereo in my bedroom this  evening.
That night two charming guys came over and they connected the special MP3 Stereo next to my bed for me. The Stereo was like nothing I’ve seen before, as one of the guys explained it had a built in wireless remote Internet connection so they could broadcast their stress reduction music without having me to lift a finger. I was told it would help me relax my mind so I wouldn’t be as nervous around the camera. I thanked them as they left my apartment after setting up the stereo for me.  As I went to bed that night the gentle  music started playing and invading my dreams! Read rest of my story free at Dream Girls


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