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The Puppet Chapters 1-2

by OwlGold

The Puppet Chapters 1-2

Chapter 1 - Curtain Rises

A covert government organization had been experimenting with mind enhancement using drugs since the Second World War. Initially their brief was to find a way of enhancing an adults intelligence but, purely by accident, they discovered a drug which gave the human mind the ability to alter the mental and even physical state of others. With practice, this modern "magic" allowed people to rapidly
change their physical appearance and the physical appearance and even personality of others.

Most people gained at least limited ability while under the influence of the drug but some showed significant ability and a small number actually retained the ability after the drug wore off. The scientists
were trying to identify the reason for individual differences but had already noted that high pressure or emotionally charged situations heightened an individuals abilities.

With so little known about the phenomena and so much at stake, volunteers willing to place themselves in the hands of other imaginations were understandably rare. That was where we had come in. In equally secluded places, we were taken against our will.

Chapter 2 - The Players

Coming round I found myself lying on a bed in what appeared to be a rather luxurious hotel room. I rolled out of bed and examined my surroundings. The bedroom was big, had a large wardrobe and two ensuite bathrooms. Through an archway I could see a lounge.

Movement caught my eye and I realised I wasn't alone, there was a woman in the other side of the bed! Waking she saw me, screamed and leapt out of bed. Wrapping the blanket around herself, she backed into
a corner. She was blonde, attractive and a little over weight (she was naked so it was easy to see). I realized that I was as naked as she was and I quickly sat on the bed to hide my manhood from her.

She must have noticed I was as alarmed and confused as she was and she seemed to calm down. We cautiously introduced ourselves (her name was Maria) and established that we both knew nothing of where we were or why we were here. The one thing we did know was that clothing was the top priority. A search of the wardrobe and drawers showed our captors were very single minded, all the clothing was distinctly sexy. For men, tight fitting trousers, shorts and T-shirts. For woman, blouses, skirts and dresses made of either leather, silk or satin and shoes with four inch stiletto heels. I selected shorts, sneakers and an almost see though white T-shirt and Maria chose a fitted black leather skirt, which finished just above the knees, a purple satin blouse and black patent pumps. Overall Maria's clothing was glossy and quite sexy, but I found myself wishing she filled the outfit better. I also missed the finishing touches of jewelry and makeup.

An examination of our room showed it was actually a large prison cell, there were no windows and the door was hinged and locked from the outside. With little other choice, we settled down on opposite couches
and talked to pass the time. Initially the conversation was dominated by our abduction and what its purpose might be. However after a couple of hours, we started to relax and started to talk about ourselves. About this time what we took for a door bell rang and we discovered meals inside the door. Although suspicious of the food we were both starving and since our captors obviously wanted us alive for now, we ate. As time passed a warmth started to develop between us and eventually the conversation became quite intimate.

The intimacy and sexy clothing was having its effect and I was getting quite horny. For some time I had been fantasizing how Maria would look with some subtle enhancements. Longer hair, fine delicate features, a slim but very curvy figure, even jewelry and makeup. Eventually my libido got the better of me and I made noises about needing the toilet. "Good idea" was Maria's response and we both went. Choosing which ensuite to use was easy, the collection of makeup, jewelry and bidet made it obvious which was Maria's. Once alone I set to on my real aim of relieving my frustration while I fantasized about making love to the sultry woman I imagined Maria could be.

Feeling far more relaxed, I checked myself in the mirror and was puzzled by subtle changes in my appearance. My hair was darker, I had substantially more chest hair and my muscles were bigger and rippled noticeably when I moved.

I was relaxing on the couch, still thinking about the stranger in the bathroom mirror, when Maria returned. I was stunned by her appearance. She had changed at least as much as I had and, now that I thought about it, she had been changing subtly while we had been talking. Her curly hair reached the bottom of her shoulder blades and she had a distinctly pretty face and a playmate figure. She sat down next to me this time and I asked her if she had noticed the changes. The response was a sexily spoken "Yes. Why? Don't you
approve?". Her acceptance made me look closer and I realized she now wore ear rings and makeup, including bright scarlet lipstick. A glance at the hand playing with her hair revealed rings on her fingers and
several silver bracelets. I felt a familiar and growing hardness in my pants.

I found myself leaning over and kissing and caressing her gently. I have always loved the soft smooth feel of a woman's skin especially when it is under a thin layer of leather or satin. I ran my hands up her leather clad thighs and over her satin blouse finishing with the ultimate feminine softness, her ample breasts in their satin
prison. Her large hard nipples felt wonderful under my fingers. She was sliding her fingers up and down the now obvious bulge in my shorts. Continuing to talk as we caressed each other the conversation gradually dwindled as passion took over and before long all pretense was gone. All to soon we were rolling round on the bed naked.

As we drifted into satisfied sleep, Maria asked if I had ever wondered what sex was like for a woman, I mumbled "Yeah curious but I'd have to be a lesbian".


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