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by mikufan4life


Tony Baker was enjoying his vacation in India. He had earned four glorious weeks of glorious Indian sunshine, thanks to his back breaking work on securing the Dartford contract. Tony worked for a transport company in Maidstone, Kent. His boss, John Carling, so grateful he granted Tony four weeks paid leave. Tony decided to take a trip to India. He always wanted to see the Taj Mahal.

On the third week of his trip, Tony wandered down one of the many crowded streets of Delhi. He came across an old man being beaten and robbed by four teenage thugs. Tony Sprung into action. Grabbing a piece of wood lying on the ground, he swung it at the teenagers, knocking one to the ground, another keeled over in pain. The other two fled. Tony helped the old man up. The old man spoke.

"Ashook thanks you for saving his miserable life," he said. As Tony helped him up, the old man then said to him. "Please allow me to reward you for your kindness." Tony tried to explain it was not necessary. However the old man was adamant. "I am indebted to you. Please accept this small token of my gratitude."

It was small hexagonal box and inside was what could only be described as a beautiful, hexagonal object, encrusted with tiny rubies. The rubies alone were worth a fortune.

"It will grant you your deepest desires. It has been in my family for over a thousand years."

Hearing this, Tony felt very guilty and said.

"I can't possibly take such a valuable heirloom."

"Please," said the old man. "I am the last of my line and I know fate brought you here to receive this gift. All you have to do is place it on your desk or table. When the light begins to flash, do not be alarmed all in the area will be under your control. Now place your hand on it."

Tony did so and a warm, slightly stinging sensation went through hi body.

The old man explained, "It is like a finger print. It will only obey you. When look at it, all you have to do is think of what you want or desire. Now I may die in peace."

Tony was cynical, however he did not want to offend the old man and graciously accepted it. As he walked, he was curious. He looked back to bid farewell, but the old man had disappeared.

Back at his hotel, Tony showered and breakfasted. The twenty something maid knocked at the door, explaining she had to do up the bed. To Tony, she was a beautiful sight. She was dressed traditionally. Her brown silky skin shone in the sunlight. Tony suddenly had a devious thought on how to test what the old man said to him. He opened the box and extracted the hex. He placed it on the table and looked at it.

Then the maid spoke. Oh, what a beautiful jewel." Instantly it began to flash coloured lights. "Where did you?" The maid stopped speaking and froze.

Tony was amazed. He could not believe it. "Undress," he said.

She did so without question. Removing her outer garment and placing it neatly on the chair. The same with her undergarment. She stood nude before him without any sense of shyness.

Tony looked his prey up and down. Her long slender, brown legs were complemented by her perfect tits. Her pussy was neatly shaven.

"Kneel down," he said.

She obeyed.

He unzipped his pants and extracted his cock. "Suck it," he said.

She began slowly. Holding her head, he rhythmically pushed her in and out with increasing speed. This continued until he climaxed and came all over her face.

He instructed her to get cleaned up and dress. She resumed her duties, unaware of what she had just done. Tony was ecstatic. The potential back home was enormous.

Tony arrived home on Saturday. He was not due in the office until Monday, so he visited his fifty five year old mother, Janet. Janet Baker had been widowed for three years. Her husband, Ben, died in a plane crash on his way home from a business trip to Italy. Tony was Janet's pride and joy. He had worked his way up the ladder in the transport company, becoming contracts manager. Mr. Carling, owner and managing director of Carling transport, valued Tony. He had said in no uncertain terms to Janet. This made her very proud of her twenty eight year old son. He was handsome and athletic, yet he was still single. This was a little concerning to her.

Janet herself, despite her age, was still very good looking. She was tall with large , perky, breasts and slim waist. She was still very attractive. She had dated once or twice but nothing serious. She was content to tend her garden and gossip with her neighbour, Angela.

Angela was slightly smaller than Janet. She was 100 pounds, with a slim waistline, ample breasts, complimented by long slender legs, making her appealing to Tony.

He often fantasised about fucking her. Angela was married to Paul Harris. He was a long distance driver for another transport company. Tony and himself often joked about this but never allowed it to interfere with their friendship.

Tony had never seen his mother in a sexual way. Oh, she was attractive. There was no doubt about it. Tony was so preoccupied by his fantasy of Angela, he had never given incest a thought. However there was another scenario he had never considered.

When Paul was away on drives, Angela often visited Janet. Tony had the devious thought ' What if there was a lesbian relationship?'. He would love to watch. He now had the mechanism to make it happen. Another advantage he discovered in the hex was the ability to stop time. He arrived at his Mom's at 1pm. Just in time for lunch. She had prepared his favourite; roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.

After lunch and clearing the dishes, they sat and chatted, catching up on the news. He explained to Janet the importance of the Dartford contract, which was a major feather in his cap. Just then Angela rang the door bell, which gave Tony just the chance he was hoping for.

After a brief welcome hug from Angela, Tony made the excuse he wanted to go down to the social club and see if any of his friends were there. He would, as he put it, "Let you girls get on with the gossip," and exited the front door. He slipped around the side and in through the back door. He remained hidden in the kitchen in a perfect spot to observe the women talking.

He took the hex from the box and placed it on the table. He began to stare at the hex, making his wish as he did so. The flash of multi coloured light began as usual and the women were mesmerised. Then Angela spoke in a very seductive, sexy tone. "Oh Janet, I have felt a longing for you that I never had for anyone, not even Paul, and it drives me crazy." With that she planted a deep passionate kiss on her lips. Janet responded just as passionately. "Angela, I've longed for this moment for so long," and returned her kiss with equal, loving fervour. Their kissing became more and more arousing and they began to explore each others necks.

Angela began to unbutton Janet's blouse but the older woman stopped her. "No, not here," she said and led Angela by the hand to her bedroom.

Tony was euphoric. He rushed to his car and retrieved his video camera. He then proceeded, discreetly, upstairs. The door was slightly ajar so Tony was able to see and film everything.

The two mature, beautiful women resumed their kissing and exploring. They constantly repeated "mmmmm."

Finally Angela began to unbutton Janet's blouse. She eased it off with great care, revealing to Angela and Tony, her very sexy black wonder bra. The sight of which made Tony hard. "My," said Angela, "you are full of surprises."

He had never seen his mother so undressed and it excited him. Janet unbuttoned Angela's shirt revealing a white lace bra.

Angela resumed kissing Janet, working her way down her flat stomach, gently feeling her wonderful breasts through the fabric of her bra. The excitement in Janet was obvious. Angela the proceeded to unsnap Janet's jeans and as Janet rose, slowly, but firmly eased them from her body, revealing a skimpy, matching thong. Tony was amazed. He had never imagined for one moment, that his mother wore such sexy underwear.

Now it was Angela's turn. She slowly eased Angela's woollen polo neck jumper over her head. Angela, in total surrender, simply raised her arms, to allow the deed. It revealed her plain white bra, barely concealing her assets. Janet, began kissing Angela working her way to her chest and momentarily halting. She gently eased her hand around Angela's back, unsnapping her bra, allowing her ample breasts to spring forth, much to Tony's delight.

Janet then turned her back to her prospective lover, with an obvious gesture. Angela responded by unsnapping the bra and releasing her friend's mouth watering tits. She then gestured to Janet to lay back as she proceeded to lick around Janet's breasts and then with gentle, loving suck her nipples. Janet released a moan of deep satisfaction. She, in turn, turned her lover on her back.

She proceeded to unsnap Angela's jeans and ease them and her plain white panties down her lower body. Her neatly trimmed black bush came into view. Janet then mounted her lover with a barrage of kisses, while Angela's hands stealthily reached the sides of Janet's thong and eased it down, dropping it to the floor.

Both naked women began to passionately kiss and then suck each others tits. As their pussies began to grind together and their breasts began to rub together, both women's love juices began to flow. As this happened they both simultaneously yelled "Yessss, oh please more," The sweat from the heat of their bodies was overwhelming.

They both finally climaxed in a euphoric pleasure that neither ever had before. They fell asleep in each others arms.

They both woke at 4 o' clock. When both women regained composure, they realised they were naked and had been wrapped in each others arms.

"Wow lover," said Angela. That was fantastic."

"We really did it," responded Janet.

Angela leaned towards her new lover and kissing her gently replied,

"We really did, any regrets."

"Absolutely none," responded Janet, with a smile of contentment.

Later, Tony could hear them in the shower together, moaning and giggling. Although they had been subdued by the hex, Tony had also implanted in their subconscious that when they awoke, they would be very aware of what had occurred. This, of course, changed their relationship for years to come.

Although he was prepared to leave Janet and Angela as lovers, Tony wanted to fulfil his own fantasy with Angela. Two weeks later he arrived at her home. Paul was again on the road. He told her his mom was not there and that he had forgotten his key. She invited him in. She was a tempting sight in her denim shorts and tight tee shirt. He opened his box. It emitted the light and again she was under his control. He also froze time. At his mental suggestion , she led him to the bedroom and gestured him to lie down. She then, like a slave girl, she proceeded to undress him leaving him only in his under shorts.

She then undressed, tee shirt, shorts, bra and panties and then descended upon him and began to kiss him passionately. Moving down his body to his hardened cock. She began to suck it, gently at first, then with increasing rhythm. He came in her mouth and all over her face, much to her delight.

"I have always wanted to sit on your cock," she said. With that she turned her nude ass to him and taking his huge cock inserted it into her ass and began to ride it, in a furious crescendo of lust. "Oh my God." she repeated over and over in a lust filled, excited tone.

Finally exhausted, they slept for an hour. Again at Tony's mental suggestion they showered and had sex in the shower. When they dressed, he left the house, erasing in her any memory of the previous events.

On Monday Tony arrived back at the office. He was given a hearty welcome by Mr. Carling. He set to work on the paperwork on the Dartford contract. When this was completed, he buzzed Helen, his secretary, that he wanted to dictate some letters. Helen was 22, of average height and about 100 pounds, with a slim figure and blonde shoulder length hair. She wore a red silk blouse with the top three buttons undone, exposing her ample cleavage.

As she sat, she crossed her slim legs, raising her short skirt enough to reveal the tops of her black stockings. Tony began the dictation and Helen began her shorthand. She did not see Tony open the box on his desk. The light began to flash and Helen froze. Tony, in his thoughts, also froze time.

"Helen, you will obey me."

"I will obey you," responded Helen meekly.

"Stand up and remove your blouse."

Standing up obediently, she unbuttoned removed her red blouse, revealing a red lace wonder bra. Her firm breasts were packed tightly inside.

"Now your skirt."

Again she complied, as she slowly pulled the zipped allowing the skirt to fall way, exposing her skimpy red thong.

"Turn around and undo your bra."

She did so, dropping the red garment to the floor.

"Turn to me," he commanded.

When she did, Tony could see the firmness of her tits, which made him very horny.

"Remove your thong."

This revealed a very bare, shaved pussy.

He led her to the couch in his private room, which was adjacent to his office. He laid her gently on her back and proceeded to undress.

He mounted Helen, kissing her and then sucking each of her tits. He drove his enormous, erected rod into the girl's pussy without thought. He pumped her at very rapid intervals and she moaned with ecstatic joy. Luckily for Tony, his office was soundproof for confidential meetings. He then turned her over on her front and this time drove his dick into her ass, while at the same squeezing her tits, much to Helen's unsought pleasure.

When he was spent, Tony instructed Helen to dress and resume her earlier position. He unfroze time and then closed the box. Helen never realised what had occurred, although later in the afternoon, she wondered why she was sore in her pussy and ass. She also wondered why her panties were so damp.

On Tuesday, Anne Perry, the financial director paid Tony a call. Neither liked each other. To Tony, Anne was a die hard feminist. Tony also suspected her of been a lesbian. Indeed, he was sure she was harassing some of the girls at the office, pressuring them for sex. It would be a pleasure to humiliate her. She resented the fact that Tony had risen so fast. She suspected favouritism. Tony resented her self righteous, outspoken remarks about him. She was here for one thing and that was to give him a hard time about his expenses which he accumulated getting the contract.

Her towering, intimidating frame, stood before him and before he had time to speak, she threw his expenses claim form on the desk and started demanding answers to certain items, such as a large drinks bill and dinner bill that came to five hundred pounds altogether.

Tony had had enough. He opened the box containing the hex and stared at it. The multi coloured lights again flashed and Anne froze. Again Tony froze time.

Anne stood there in her pinstripe suit. She was forty five but could easily pass for thirty. She had long black hair and full, firm breasts.

"Take off your clothes" said Tony.

She unbuttoned her jacket, placing it neatly over her chair. She then undid her blouse, pulling it from her slacks and laying it over the chair. Her black lace bra strained a it imprisoned her huge tits. She unzipped her slacks. Then stepping out of her flat heels, dropped her slacks to the floor and stepped out of them. Her long, long trim legs were covered in black thigh high stockings, which she rolled down with ease. Then putting her hands on the sides of her panties she slid them down, revealing her black hairy pussy. Tony intended to have fun here.

"On your knees."

She knelt obediently.

Taking his cock out he said, "Suck it."

She placed it firmly in her mouth and began to suck. She sucked slowly at first, then gradually building up speed culminating in an enormous eruption of cum that spilt onto her face and dripped down her naked body.

He then instructed her to lay on the couch and play with herself until she came.

She did so, first fondling her cum covered tits and then working on her pussy until her juices flowed, much to Tony's amusement.

Unknown to anyone Tony had secretly installed cameras in both his office and private room. He had the perfect film to humiliate Anne. He considered releasing it on the net or even "accidentally" sending it through the company website. He kept both options open.

He instructed Anne to use the shower in his private room and get cleaned up. He then unfroze time and she left his office a little confused.

Part of Tony's job was to deal with company reps, especially those trying to sell products not wanted by the company. On Thursday, Clare franks, a thirty one year old rep for Steel Pharmaceuticals dropped by. She always called every two to four weeks plugging business in first aid kits.

She was of medium height, with shoulder length red hair. She had long smooth, sexy legs and full, firm breasts. She clearly took advantage of her male clients by keeping the top three buttons of her blouse open, showing her ample cleavage. She also wore skirts to expose the maximum of her long legs. When she sat, she deliberately crossed her legs to expose the tops of her stockings.

Tony was no exception here. However, he had his own plans. Once again he opened the box and the strange lights flashed about and Clare was silenced. This time Tony placed a different idea in her mind. She was desperate for a sale and would do anything for one.

She moved towards Tony in a seductive, sexy manner.

"Oh Tony, it would be worth anything for me to make this sale," as she planted a sensuous kiss on his lips. She reached for her blouse and revealed her red lace bra, from which her breasts were clearly straining to escape. She slipped her skirt to the floor, then kneeling, she extracted his hardened cock and sucked with fire and venom.

The eruption of hot cum into her mouth excited her. She unsnapped her bra from the front, releasing her luscious melons. She proceeded to rub the cum all over her tits, making her moan with delight. She then turned her back and Tony inserted his huge cock into her ass and rode it in a ferocious, banging manner, leaving them both exhausted. When they had showered together and dressed, he unfroze time and agreed to by some items from her. Again the cameras recorded everything. In this case, she had seduced him for a sale.

The annual company function would be in a month's time. It would be a dress ball. Tony invited his mother, Janet, along. Tony had never had a proper girlfriend. He had dated a bit but he was so busy working that none of these relationships lasted beyond two dates. Janet wore a beautiful red gown that went all the way down to the ground. The top of the gown exposed her ample cleavage. They did dance with each other and Janet danced with the other men of the company, notably John Carling, while Tony danced with Mrs. Carling.

Because they both had been drinking, Tony had made reservations for them both in the hotel. Tonight though, seeing her in that wonderful gown, excited Tony. Well after one in the morning they retired to their respective rooms. Tony retrieved the hex and knocked at Janet's door. She opened it, still dressed.

"I forgot give you a good night kiss.", he said. "Oh Tony, that's sweet,", and she rose to kiss him. As she did the light flashed and she remained still. Tony implanted into her mind to invite him in.

He sat on her bed and stared at her. She began to slowly unzip her dress, dropping it to the ground. Tony was amazed at his mother's sexy underwear. Her black lace, Victoria's Secret bra complemented her curves. She also wore a matching black garter belt and panties. She removed her panties revealing a freshly shaven pussy.
Tony undressed and mounted his mother. In their love making, she moaned with great excitement and he entered her pussy and deposited his seed. She had not felt anything like it since his father. They slept naked together that night.

Tony arose early that morning and instructed his mother to forget what had happened. He entered his room and showered, pretending ignorance. When Janet woke she was confused. She was naked and full of cum. She showered, trying to recollect what happened, but couldn't. She knew she had made love to someone, but whom? She decided not to tell Tony.

They drove to Janet's home. Tony stayed the night. Again they slept together. This time, however he instructed her to shower and clean up and return to bed. That morning she never suspected anything.

Some days later, Tony was returning to his office when he saw Anne Perry raising hell with his secretary, Helen.

"What's this all about," demanded Tony.

"Woman talk," replied Anne., "Butt out."

This made Tony very angry.

"Get the fuck out of my office," said Tony. "Any yelling to be done here, I'll do it,".

"How dare you speak?"

Tony cut her off. "I dare because this is my office. Now get out and if you have something to say, say it to me not my staff."

Anne turned to him and said. We'll see what Mr. Carling has to say about this.

"Be my guest." responded Tony.

Tony entered his office and embarked on some paperwork. There was a knock on the door and Helen entered. She was clearly apprehensive.

"Are you Ok?" asked Tony.

"I'm sorry about what happened with Ms. Perry. I'm afraid she will cause you trouble if she goes to Mr. Carling,"

Tony smiled. "Don't let her bother you. I can handle her. What was it about anyway?"

Helen hesitated. Well, she stuttered, embarrassed, "It's a bit embarrassing,"

Tony spoke. She wasn't hazing you was she?"

Helen became red. "How did you know?" She almost started to cry.

"Lucky guess," he responded. He rose from his guess and, putting a comforting on her shoulder, said. "Go back to your desk. I think I can promise you it won't happen again."

Helen looked puzzled.

"How?" She asked.

"Trust me," he replied, with a plan of action already formulating in his mind. It was a plan that would humiliate that lesbian bitch and bring her crashing down with a bang. "Bang" being the operative word.

George Ellis, a friend from college days was getting married and asked Tony you be his best man. It was a golden opportunity. He would arrange the bachelor party and whether or not she liked it Anne Perry would be the entertainment for the night. He hired the small function room at a local hotel. Tony, George, George's brother, Ted and the bride's brother Phil would be there as well as several other friends of George.

On the day of the party, Tony marched unannounced into Anne's office. She was about to start yelling when Tony opened his box and the emitted its light silencing her. "Now you listen to me bitch," he said as he instructed her about tonight and what she should wear.

That afternoon, Tony entered the function room and strategically placed hidden video cameras to capture everything. That night, Tony, George, Ted and Phil were in the function room when George's friends arrived. There were fifteen of them all told, mostly work colleagues of George.

The party was in full swing with music, drink and laughter when there was a knock at the door. Tony got to his feet and said "Ah, the entertainment."

As he opened the door, Anne, the financial director, stood there in a very authentic looking WPC uniform, complete with service cap and cravat. Her black "service" skirt was just above her knees. Her appearance brought wolf whistles from all of them, especially the groom.

Tony flipped the button on the music player and sexy, slow music began to play. Anne began to dance. With her hand on her cap, she flung it at the groom with a lust filled smile and shaking her head, freeing her long dark hair in the process, much to the delight of her cheering audience. Swinging her hips, she slowly, teasingly, unbuttoned her blouse. Pulling it up from her skirt, she turned her back, looking back at the groom, with the same lusty smile, eased it down her back, then swinging round flung it at one of the cheering men, revealing a very sexy black lace bra, something she would never wear.

She again turned her back, slowly unzipping her skirt, then turning, dropped it to the floor, revealing a very sexy black garter belt, supporting stockings, and the skimpiest black thong, much to the delight of her male audience. Then whipping her thong off, she exposed her freshly shaven pussy. Again she turned her back and teasingly unsnapped her bra, turning round again clutching her bra, she once again flung it and Phil caught it and gave it a lusty smell.

She signalled to George to come to her. He did so and she knelt before him, naked, except for her stockings and garter belt. She unzipped his pants and took his hardened cock in her mouth and began to rhythmically suck, at the same time, she held Phil's and Ted's cocks, rubbing them with her hands. At the same time, Paul Carter, one of George's colleagues pushed his hardened rod deep into her ass.

Tony deliberately abstained and kept out of view, though he badly wanted to be part of it. On the film, Anne looked liked a real pro. She really looked like she was enjoying it. They all came, almost together. They exploded inside her and outside her. She was covered all over her body in cum. It was a great night's entertainment. Later that night, Anne returned home oblivious to what she had taken part in.

A few days later, Tony arrived at the office a little early. He placed a small rectangular parcel addressed to Helen on her desk.

When she opened it, she saw it was a disc. She played it on her computer. She put her hand to her mouth. "Oh my God, she exclaimed and at the same time she laughed.

Tony came out and asked "What's going on?" He then saw the film of a near naked Anne Perry, sucking half a dozen guys and apparently enjoying it. He Feigned shock. "Oh my God, I never would believe it," he said, with a smile in his heart.

Anne was coming along the corridor when Mr. Carling yelled out at her, "Perry, my office. Now!"

He too had received the disc. Mr. Carling was heard to tell her to pack her things and get out and not come back. She feebly tried to tell him she could explain everything, although she couldn't. She just could not remember. Mr. Carling summoned Tony and told him that he was making him financial director. It was an unexpected bonus.


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