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    Full title: Past life sissy 2 silent and masked subliminals: Useless clitty and balls. This file contains the silent subliminal as well as the masked subliminal version of Past Life Sissy 2. With these subliminals, you will be able to program your mind for 8 to 12 hours a day with all the suggestions that are contained within the original Past Life Sissy 2 file, so that you find your penis being transformed as effectively as possible, into a tiny, flaccid, limp, clitty that is totally useless and flops around aimlessly when a man fucks you. Also, after listening to this file you may notice that your balls stop producing sperm and start shrinking more and more, because they have been rendered useless. ATTENTION: If you are thinking of having children some time in the future, please don't listen to this file, because the sperm production inside your little balls may stop permanently. Some of the themes that you are going to subconsciously encounter in this file are: Limp, tiny, useless clitty, halting of sperm production, squirting sissy juice instead of male sperm, impotence, dicklette and ball shrinkage, embarrassment and blushing when looking at women or men, inability to get it up for a woman, giving up trying to have sex with women, realizing that your true nature is to have sex with men, spreading your legs for men to fuck you, men coming on various parts of your body and inside your ass and mouth, decision to be impotent in your present life, unconsciously reviewing a past life as a sissy spirit, and others, all tied in a way that makes sense.<BR><BR> You will probably start seeing past life experiences of being a dickless sissy cum slut in your dreams, while being transformed inside and out in your waking life. <BR><BR> There are two versions of the subliminals. On the mp3 link you are going to find the silent version, and on the body link, you are going to find the masked waterfall one. Listen to the version that you prefer at least once a day. The recommended duration is 8 hours per day in total, and no more than 12, which probably makes the silent ones more practical for this purpose, since you can have it playing in the background on repeat, while doing other things at the same time. Play the silent subliminals at a normal volume. You can use the masked version to find out a comfortable volume level and then play the silent ones, without changing the volume. When playing the silent subliminals, you may hear a barely audible crackling sound. This is normal. It is preferable that you don't use headphones for the silent subliminals, since high volumes of those might damage the ears. You can listen to the masked version whenever you want, but a good time to listen to is right before you fall asleep. Listen every day for at least one month, preferably more, and notice the changes. I will be happy to read your comments describing your experiences. Thank you for listening, NinaTemptress.

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    Hello Nina, I am very much enjoying your work. Hope there's more in the offing soon! Thank you.
    Thank you for your nice comment :)