• Bubble Induction    
    This is a new way of induction that focuses on those having trouble to go under. This file brings you under CONTROL and removes any resistance. I have tested this file with over 50 guys and it WORKS! Be careful, this file works by the first time listening to it.

    NOTE: this file has suggestions to remove free will when triggered, and to obey a master.

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    Length: 38:00
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    Only while under
    Lutz, Thank you! This is a nice, long, slow induction and one that I found very effective. I went very very deep the first time I listened to it. I particularly liked the fact that you spent a lot of time setting the trigger phrase, testing it, and using it - - very enjoyable. I hope you plan to post more files.
    Nice induction, but i think it should be mentioned that this file has suggestions to remove free will when triggered, and to obey a master, it doesn't mention this in the label.
    Amazing File! First time I listened to it, I blacked out!
    WOW! that file knocked me out by the first time, wanting more, waiting for more
    This is the best file ever!!
    Exactly what does this file do. Does it just make it easier for other files to work? Or do I play this right before another file?
    I listened to this file and just kind of forgot what happened, trying to figure out if it has amnesia triggers or not...
    I tried listening through it while awake to see what was in it... and I started dozing, even while drinking a glass of pop, wide awake. Amazing; can't wait to try it when I'm letting it work, instead of fighting it.
    Being a Master that wants a slave to listen to this because he doesnt go under easily I want to know if there is a script to this. Also is this meant to be used with self triggers or external triggers ? Being a Master that wants a slave to listen to this
    How come there are no comments for most of these entries?
    I was wondreing that my self. JJason. Do you think that they edit out any negitive commets?
    No clue...would have tought someone in the know would have commented by now.
    I can't speak for anyone else, but I know that the page added a blank comment from me when I clicked the file's name, above. I don't think there's anything insidious going on here; it's just a mistake.
    Hmmm, don't think I went deep, I did start to drift but I remembered it all... Maybe I just wanted an induction file that could be used alongside other files to help me go under for them, rather than one that set a trigger that made me a mindless puppet for whoever said the trigger. If you could do an alternative version lutz... One that just passes on control to the next file and is self triggerable...?
    what exactly is the effect of the induction ? is it possible to combine other files with it?
    listen for yourself in such a way you won't go under.
    Sorry about that, didn't realise hitting reload would repost the thing, just wanted to see if there'd been a reply. :)
    Great! This file worked better on me than any other file I've tried. Hope you make more Lutz!
    I dunno, I just listened to this file (for the first time) and I don't really feel anything. I remember it all, no black outs or anything. I realize that these things don't normally work the first time, but I was hoping, you know, after all the comments and all. It may just be me though, I never really "go under" in anyway that I hear described. I'll keep trying though. :)
    What an excellent induction! Very very relaxing. I think I was drifting off to sleep. Great voice. Absolutely loved this file! Thank you!
    Never in my life have i been so blacked out. I remember the induction and nothing more...just that i woke up. I felt like 5 minz passed, but over 30 minz had past. Very nice work. Thx you
    Are you making any other files? Your induction works beautifully. I'd love to see more files for women (born as women) on this site. Think you can help?
    maybe you could make a version that is meant for files.
    maybe you could make a version that is meant for files
    I would advise any listener to be very careful about revealing the trigger to a stranger or someone you didn't trust completely. This is the mindless obedience, complete control with amnesia I have been looking for. Thirty eight minutes seem like five. I don't feel like playing any other file.
    Extremely effective. Even those who have had trouble in the past go under with this one.
    I don't even remember what the trigger is! How do I know what to not tell people to use haha
    You've got ME controlled! How relaxing and deepening this is; I want more!
    I can't say this has seemed to work on me just yet. i'd have to try it, can you put yourself under with the trigger phrase?
    CATGIRL--to answer your question i have combined this file with others and it works extremely well. I use this one to take a sub deep--and then either use an existing trigger for another file or give the sub a desire to listen to a particular file. When the sub has listened to that file i use the trigger from this one to take the sub deep and then enhance the effect of the second file. Particularly effective in feminization. Fun stuff for all.
    Although is still didn't go into a trance, this file got me deeper than any other files before. It was very relaxing.
    I have tried it and it didn't work on me didn't go into trance!!
    partway through my body fought itself awake. turns out i had relaxed so far i forgot to breathe and my body's panic reaction brought me up just far enough to fix the problem. as soon as he started on the trigger words thou i fell right back down again with no effort. knew i was doing it but felt i needed to do it anyways. weird. is it normal to relax to that level? ive never been so relaxed i forgot to breathe before.. it was kinda weird.
    So I gave this to someone, had them listen to it. ..and I don't know what to say to her. What's the trigger? ._.
    Works thats all i can say
    Why is this listed as a curse under Remove a Curse?
    I agree with Sash (posted on o1-10-08) about the nature of this induction. I have yet to listen to this mp3 but I am apprehensive to do so. The fact that so many comments on this page contain nothing is further reason for pause. What I would like to know is more info from individuals who have listened to this program. Is it really as effective as advertised? Do you feel that your mind was taken over without your consent? Did you have a bad experience? If so this online community would like to know. HEY! This is a cutting edge field here and you have (if you have any decency or sense of life) to engage in this discussion.
    I listened to this a while ago and the obey suggestions and being able to be triggered by anyone really made me panic, I became conscious but was paralyzed until the file ended.
    Have listened about 40 times and nothing. :-( Darling
    beautiful. have never felt so entranced. scary how slow my heartbeat went. looked and was disappointed you hadnt done more files. would love the trigger to be tested
    trigger phrase is "hypnofun". And yes it works really really well. I asked my girlfriend to listen to it once and and I can hypnotise her when ever i want...
    not sure how well this worked...its kinda fuzzy. if anyone is interested in talking about it im on aim as lumerian3, and yahoo as lumerian1. would like to know how well things worked. sub here
    on the second time of using this, and after a little bit of wine, I remembered nothing untill just before the triger programming where my senses just jumped back to life suddenly... I then have a patchy memory about the trigger going in... Because of the first time I unsuccessfully listened to this file I know there is a part where the trigger is tested... I do not remember either of the two trigger tests at all, just remember being told to "wake up,,, WAKE UP".. suggestions about the trigger around the wake up command are non-linier at best.. I think I actually managed to trance properly for the first time.... Just wish there was someone who could try the trigger on me.. let me know if you can help with that. :)
    Well, I think I finally got myself to go under a second time. Waking up at the end and getting movement was really a bit hard. I had to start really small, curling fingers into hand and then out and so forth until I could all of them at once instead one by one. Which i had to concentrate a bit to do. I still remember the entire file so don't think i've "fully crossed over".....yet. but can't wait til I do. i kneel before Master Lutz in hopes of him making more english versions for us USA boys as i'm really interested in the "FORCE ME" he has. hehe, but then that's the boy in me. :) Please Master Lutz, give us more SIR!!!!
    Just a few quick questions before i listen to this, #1, How would i use the trigger phrase, from what i heard is "hypnofun" if when i use it i get into trance, #2 does this work if you have an extremely strong will? (a professional hypnotist had some troubles getting me under) #3 does this make other inductions better? or do i have to edit in the trigger or induction into the file? #4 does this make files more effective?
    This is a great induction. I listen to it and felt that i blacked out because i thought it was only 5 mins but 30 mins where gone. i'm curious if the trigger works the same way too for me. maybe someone likes to try it on me over im.
    I don't know what to say. I think this is one of the best files on this site, and I loved that track that played under the voice. You really don't need to make any other files, this is purrfect.
    Damn, this is good. I've used it a few times now, and I remember just enough of it to know that it's a well-constructed script. Even the accent helps- there's something very Bond-movie about it that only enhances the experience. Some very sneaky phrasing- "you can do whatever you want" in the bubble, sure, but by that point, at least if the suggestions are working, you have no thoughts, no will, and no awareness of anything other than the voice. The imagery is also excellent- about the only thing I'd do differently is go a little further into the puppet thing, play on that a little bit. That, and I always get a little distracted by "the angel of your elbows" instead of the angle. But I'm an English major. Your mileage may vary. Lutz, I'd love to see more English-language stuff from you- anything forthcoming?
    Aww man, I listened to it twice, nothing... it's like... I can feel myself going, going going... and then, there's like a wall right there and I don't go int oa full trance.
    Dind't work for me, it goes fine until im told to slow my hearbeat, when that happens my heart starts to beat like a drum that is being hit by a black metal drummer during practice and no matter what I try it just keep on going, making a trance completely impossible, it happens no matter what kind of induction ive tried so far, if this keeps up I might have to use some kind of drug witch sends you into the state just to go under so I can be hypnotized to be easely hypnotized... that didn't make much sence, anyway I really really want to go under so does anyone have another idea besides wasting 200-300$ on sutch a thing as a drug?
    I once had the same heartbeat problem (with inductions generally, not this file), but it went away when I focused on breathing properly. I was breathing shallowly in trance, which was making my heartbeat go up.
    You could try waiting until you're REALLY tired. I take sleeping pills, and I generally trance best right when those pills kick in. Your mileage may vary.
    I got nothing :/
    i listened to it for the first time today. it seemes to start very slowly and almost did literally put me to sleep, but the longer i listened, and it is a very long file, the more and more i enjoyed it. He has such a smooth and relaxing voice, so calming. while it may not have been the deepest trance i've ever experience it was very nice and i would love to have a chance to work with Lutz sometime.
    This is the first file I've ever used and the first time I've ever tried to go under -- and it worked. Thanks, Lutz!
    The background music made this -very- easy to focus on and lose yourself in. I dozed off sometime in the middle (by design? too sleepy? who knows), but woke up again as he kept going over the trigger. I wasn't as interested in the losing my will aspects, but my will was never so removed that I couldn't refuse anything - for instance, at one point you're directed to speak aloud and I didn't want to, so I didn't. May be just me, though. Did take a while to get moving full speed again, but no more so than a very very deep nap.
    It says its good for those who have trouble going under and while its the closest i think ive gotten i had a little trouble focusing. Maybe i just had too much on my mind, but its telling you thats what its supposed to fix so.... i dont know. it was okay but i really didn\'t get much from it
    Omg, this was my first time ever even trying an induction and i still can\'t remember when i stopped feeling my arms, legs, and well, everything, i simply floated and relaxed, taking in everything that Lutz was saying... I don\'t think I can forget that trigger no matter how hard I want to.. hope noone says that while i\'m at work or driving, lol.
    This is the best induction i\'ve ever had, i ran it in a loop 5 times and now i have no trouble getting into the trance, it feels wonderful... Lutz, thank\'s for the amazing induction file :)
    Post triggers here! HYPNO FUN Now strip naked and masturbate now!
    Neka, read the rules. Anyway, yeah, this worked great for me, I had posthypnotic amnesia, missing the 6 min deepener, half of this induction, and a quarter of the next file. I just remember suddenly aware that it as the body file, andI couldn\'t remember anything. Though I remember the trigger being installed before blacking out, so mayeb it was the deepener that blacked me? Also, Nekai, you\'re saying the trigger wrong, dude.
    Great file... dosn\'t work for me though :(
    Works pretty well… I\'ve been trying to find the right induction for me, this could be the one. As I\'m only experimenting with self-hypnosis, I have small trouble with the last part of the script. Changing the end, \"handing over to the next file\" would be so great. Might be addictive, to early to tell…
    This is the file that has gotten me the closest to a trance-like state so far. Around the middle or so I felt just incredibly tired and seemed to not care or pay attention to anthing. Unfortunatly, this only lasted for a short while. I\'ll listen to this some more I think - perhaps later I\'ll finally fall into my first trance during this induction.
    My most successful file. I cannot get enough of it. Being hypnotized is something I\'ve wanted for years and this file is the most gratifying experience I can imagine. Thank you Lutz and someday translate your other files in to english. Please!
    it works, really cool!
    only listened once but unlikely to listen again its 33 minutes and I\'m unable to stay comfortable that long, little thoughts creep in a few times every minute and while I\'m relaxed, I still notice small things like an itch or slightly uncomfortable headphones. still not got into a heavy trance like state as far as I can tell
    By saying the self trigger can we go under, just by saying that?
    Fantastic worked first time for me. ever thought of doing one to help an english speaker say german sounds and words easier?
    HogBear : for this, there is a file called \"Learn Languages\" by EMG I think.
    Didn\'t work, even after the 10th attempt. Everything was quiet, my muscles relaxed, I calmed myself down as much as possible, tried to focus/concentrate on an additional visual input, but I still can hear through it like through a normal music mp3. Any further questions, any suggestions?
    Gave this a try last night. On my first listen, I remember the first part of the file, but then my memory went blank. I don\'t think I fell asleep, as I must have been aware of his voice at some level, because the next thing I can remember was being suddenly forced back to awareness by the awakener at the end. It felt like I was being -pushed- back up out of trance - a powerful feeling quite unlike anything that I had experienced before.
    i heard the whole file, but afterward i went to the bubble test file. and the command he gave me i could not help but do, even though i was awake and aware, i still was compelled to do it. I had full memory, but still i did it. Not a bad file.
    I blacked out about halfway through the file and woke up when lutz stopped speaking. I had a brief feeling of lost time, and a brief fear that I had fallen asleep, but then I tried a trigger test and went right under. It was really fun. I\'ll definitely be listening to this one again.
    Wow, this actually works... I think. I can\'t tell if I fell asleep or if I became hypnotized. Either way, very relaxing.
    Thank you Lutz. Your voice gets through
    Wonderfull! it feels so good!\nIn the begining I was a little bit suspicious about listening to a file, but by the slow way is done I was out without realizing\nI can\'t stop listening to it now.ng for more...\nNow I\' looki\nThank you
    Listened to it for the first 10 minutes, started going deep, and then got a sudden sharp pain in the side of my head
    i hear and i obey\n
    Gotta post again
    Daaaamn. I\'m really hard to trance, but getting slowly better about it. This just puts your under so fast, I haven\'t tested the trigger, I just started listening last night, but Jesus. Deep trance the first time.
    Oh wow that has got to be the deepest I\'ve ever gone. I even blacked out a little in the middle. I feel so relaxed right now.
    It worked after just one listen. What a great file!
    this file is crazy efficient…
    Yeah this file works really well. I agree you got to be careful with it. This will make a novice to hypnosis a pro. Used it on someone and they were so deep that i was able to do just about anything with him like even gave him a separate mind and i could give him no memory of him, well only important stuff. In short he\'s okay and back to his normal self now that his curiosity for hypnosis was over. This file is a 10/10 Great, would recommend for people who want to have their mind under someone\'s control.
    This is the first (and only) file here to put me into deep trance. I usually have a very hard time with physical/mental relaxation. I\'ve got a hyperactive mind plus ADHD, but this one does it for me every time now! I\'m becoming more and more accustomed to the trigger as I repeat listening, and I also use pieces of it to induce me before other files. This is amazing, and you sir, are a gentleman and a scholar!\n\nOnly problem I have is both my heartbeat and my breathing are usually what throws me out of trance and lets my mind wander, and this file draws attention to both of those. It\'s easy enough to figure out how to overcome this, but I have to mentally stop myself from breathing and trust my body to take over for me. It\'s a bit scary and sometimes I forget and find myself breathing deeply all of a sudden, but still so worth it!
    This one is really good. I\'ve never NOT tranced while listening to this. If it weren\'t for the comments, I\'d have no idea what the actual trigger was. BTW..... Hypno-fun! Now wet your pants!
    Absolutely incredible file. For years I\'ve been immune to hypnosis but this file put me under on the first listen, and I don\'t even remember anything after the first few minutes. Wrote in more detail on the forums at http://www.warpmymind.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=80796
    Does this work on all files, or just Lutz\'s?
    would love to work with you
    great file was out first time keep wanting to listen again to
    Thought I fell asleep but actually worked fully when I tested it with your trigger test file. It opened by itself via iTunes, and before I had the chance to close it and open it in QuickPlayer instead, the trigger was said and I just blacked out. It's hard to forget the trigger word itself since I read it in the comments before listening, but even now, I can only faintly remember actually hearing it. Looking forward to listening more and more until the effect is deeply sown.
    Does this only work with men or will it work for women also?
    Sry for the multiple reposts. :-(
    didnt work
    I don't I listened it for 3 times still haven't feel anything can you suggest what should I do
    I didnt bkack out but have to obey. Its odd
    Didn't do anything for me, like other files. Found fluffy white cloud just smashed my mind open. LOL
    I hear and obey and I am an email slave fletcheralli2k@gmail.com
    If someone wants to test this my email is tjenatjena531@gmail.com
    Felt very good. Didn't feel like 38 minutes.
    Made an account just to say this file is amazing and I always go under so deep for it, even though I barely remember the file. :)
    If someone wants to test this my email is Larissahelfer@web.de
    I hear and obey willingsnakefood@gmail.com
    I hear and obey Larissahelfer@web.de
    This actually worked!
    Expand this comment for an easy and quick command using this trigger. . . . . . Hypnofun Hypnofun Hypnofun Make a comment here stating the last hypnosis file you listened to.
    *Sigh* I didn't realize that the comments would ignore my line breaks and squish the comment onto one line like that.
    I hear and obey Larissahelfer@web.de
    f someone wants to test this my email is Larissahelfer@web.de
    Does anyone have a trimmed file without the wake-up so I can keep a playlist going will under?
    I hear and obey Larameyer2009@web.de
    If someone wants to test this my email is Larameyer2009@web.de
    Please trigger me jsmithjypn0@gmail.com
    I hear and obey. The last file I listened to was this one.
    I hear and obey Larameyer2009@web.de please control me
    HYPNOFUN HYPNOFUN HYPNOFUN send an email to jordo622006@gmail.com stating your age and gender
    I hear and obey Larameyer2009@web.de feel free to control me
    I made an account because I listened to this for months on another site and this file has become a favorite listen-to when I am stressed or just want a break from being able to think. Sometimes I am able to remember parts of the file while I'm under, but most of the time it's just a blur. I'm pretty sure that's the file's doing, but whenever I try to remember what happens while I'm in my bubble it's static. My email is amberrtaylor00@gmail.com
    Drops me like a rock. Male 21 Email: hypnotoy41@hotmail.com
    HYPNOFUN HYPNOFUN HYPNOFUN send an email to jordo622006@gmail.com stating your age, gender and name
    Larameyer2009@web.de i hear and obey
    i hear and obey NaomiAdler14@web.de
    i hear and obey somnusaurelia@protonmail.com
    this is great, totally broke me. Blacked out and everything. My favorite file, listening to this over and over. If you don't want to be a slave don't listen, this will get rid of all resistance at all.
    i hear and obey JuliaMeyer1416@web.de
    HYPNOFUN HYPNOFUN HYPNOFUN send an email to jordo622006 saying “i hear and obey” followed by “(your name) is obedient”