• Mommy Makes You Her Baby Forever (Curse)    
    (WARNING : This file causes permanent bladder incontinence, hyper-arousal when wetting your diapers or being regressed, a need to turn your bedroom into a nursery, and being owned by Mommy forever. Do not listen or download if you do not want those things to occur. This is permanent, and deletes subconscious memories, so be very careful.)

    Let Mommy into your brain, little one. Mommy is going to make you feel so good about yourself, and your baby brain.
    First, you must have listened to "Resist Diaper Addiction (Cure Or Curse)" before listening to this file, and I strongly recommend not listening if you were cured by that file.

    Now that only Mommy's good little babies are reading, it's time for the next step in your baby training, sweetie. Mommy is going back into your subconscious mind, and she is going to make everything just as she wants it to be. Mommy will remove your scary memories of potty training and giving up diapers from your subconscious, because it feels so much better to be a happy baby in diapers than losing your dependence on them. Also, Mommy will take you back to consciously long forgotten memories of being in your nursery, and she will show you how good and right it feels to be owned by Mommy, sleeping in a baby nursery, waking up in a wet diaper, with your baby things all around you, no matter where you look.

    For my very special e-mail babies, Mommy loves you lots, thank you for being such good little ones for me. Mommy is so proud of you obedient little ones!

    If you wish to become one of Mommy's very special e-mail babies, send me an e-mail at sweetdreamshypno@gmail.com and if you're good, Mommy will help you with any baby training you need. :)

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    Thank you Mommy Baby will star training promptly on Monday morning.
    Mommy I'm a helpless diaper wetting baby! Is it ok if I am a diaper messing baby too?
    Good little one, baby jennykins! you can be a messy baby if you like, Canada! Mommy is proud to hear that you're a helpless diaper wetting baby, it's so good for babies to wet helplessly, isn't it? :)
    Ooh! Mommy Baby could not wait till Monday. Baby has listened already baby is helpless and free. Baby loves Mommy.
    Good little baby! Permanent baby training is just what you have always needed, babykins. You must keep listening, and showing the other babies around here just how good it feels to submit to Mommy, how right it is for babies to be diapered all the time, and how amazing it can be to be a good little baby.
    Make one with bladder and bowel
    Otters, I will make many other files for my babies, but you should remember to say please.
    Baby is having trouble with email, no AOL but baby is happy to wet and be your baby. Baby will record her wet diaper and post it ia aoon as possible. Baby loves her Mommy.
    Aww, that's okay sweetie, keep giving control to your diapers and your Mommy, and you'll keep feeling better and better. :)
    will this actually work?
    will this actually work? because i want this to work
    apologies for the spammery it wasn't showing up
    That's okay silly! I won't say that it will definitely work for you, everyone's mind is different. It becomes much more effective if you have listened to 'Resist' for a week or so, as that sets up some important triggers. :)
    ah i see it's actually a trifle hard for me to hear the file between your voice and the music
    Thank you mummy for the wonderful file, baby loves warm wet diapers, calming pacifiers, and my plushies
    That's great. Keep listening, it will only become better and better for you! <3
    Thank you mummy, it was lovely to speak to you in email today, baby belongs in diapers, and belongs to mummy. Dazzer
    Baby loves her wet diapers.
    Mummy's curses helped this baby love to wet their nappies so much, I hope lots more good baby's ask mummy for help with being a good wet baby.
    That's right, little bear, you've been such a good baby, learning that you need your diapeys now, not once in a while. I think I saved your bed from becoming tinkled every day this week! I can't stop your nappies from getting wet at night though, you are just a helpless little baby now.
    Baby is being blocked from sending pics baby must Change her email account. Baby must stay in contact with Mommy. Baby wants Mommy's control.
    Silly AOL, make sure you get a new one soon, your morning diaper checks are building up!
    Baby is Brainwashed and wet again Mommy...
    I must turn my bedroom into a nursery. I bought pink fairy wall decals already, and will look for more plushies and a changing mat. I will want to be in my nursery all the time for you, Mommy.
    Aww, that's a good little sissy baby! I bet your fairies will make sure your magical curse becomes stronger and stronger. :) Such good babies of mine.
    I want a pretty pink paw patrol nursery maybe princess too not sure whatever mommy wants listened once so far want to go out in public and everyone to know what a sissy baby I am
    I was bad mommy I only listened to resist once before listening to this but I was so eager after listening to 2 of your files I couldn't help myself mow I'm owned by mommy furver and ever
    Not sure which file did this didn't watch impotence file but I was trying to Jack off in a diaper but in the diaper I couldn't get hard
    Can we get rid of the stupid text to speech files? What happened to putting the effort into recording your voice?