• Your Personal Way To Become a Slave - Introduction    
    This file does not do any trance work or hypnosis. It is simply a file to explains the concept of the Your Personal Way To Become a Slave series so you can judge whether you like the idea or not.

    The idea is to help you become a slave by addressing those roadblocks that prevent you from doing so. Some files will apply to you, and some will not. Some files you will want to listen to first, and others later. From this series of files you can build your personal way to become a slave.
    It is advisable to listen to the Deep Trance files first to increase the speed of learning . Also, the files Accepting Your Desires, Changes and Yourself and Suggestibility will help you to improve the effect.  Below you will find the links to those free files.

    You can always contact me by sending a message here or to kaos.ocntrl@gmail.com and I will always reply to you.

    Be aware that I am NOT looking for slaves. The only intention I have is to help you become one but I have no desire to be a Master. That said, I will always listen to your questions and provide advice where I can to help you become a true slave.

    Deep Trance (extended version)
    Deep Trance (no intro)
    Deep Trance (Trigger Deepening)
    Accepting your desires, changes and your self
    suggestibility induction

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    So excited to hear these files!
    Excellent file. I listened it several times and it has remained in my mind. I am ready be obey slave.