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    This hypnosis mp3 makes you a submissive gay slave.  Extremely explicit.

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    Length: 31:49
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    Amazingly effective, especially given how difficult it can be for me to trance. The wording and phrasing are refreshingly different than most other files I’ve listened to. It focuses on a much more positive re-enforcement D/s interaction than most other files. It’s hard to put the effect into words, but imagine combining the feeling of being with the handsome leading man of a rom-com with the adoration that a little brother would feel towards a big brother that he idolizes, then add in a healthy dose of the heart-stopping testosterone rush of finding yourself being hit on by hottest guy you’ve ever met. This file seems like it was distilled from all of that. A hot adventure for a cold, wet San Diego night.
    Thank you!!
    Sweet holy fuck. I’ve never wanted to drop down and serve an Mans cock as much as after listening to this. Amazing file I’d do anything I was ordered to after listening to this.