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    The dumb trophy wife has always had a hard time trying to figure out who she is. Fortunately she doesn't need to think too hard about it because she's always had people around her to tell her exactly what to do!
    From an early age she has been taken care of and complemented to the point that she gets cute little headaches whenever she tries to focus too hard on any particular thought. She intuitively knows that she loves being beautiful and letting her lovers make all the hard decisions for her. She knows that focussing on being pretty and making her body as fuckably adorable as possible is much more fun than being smart and ugly anyways.
    As a trophy wife, she is always obsessed with her appearance and her body. When she's not working out naked in front of the window for all the neighbors to lust after, she's busy getting her strong, rich, lovers to buy her the prettiest, most delicate, dresses she can possibly find. She knows that corsets and high heels perfectly compliment her appearance like the blonde bimbo wives in her favorite romance movies, and she tries every day to wear them for her lovers.
    The type of sissy that idolizes the "Dumb Trophy Wife" is also the same kind of sissy that wishes to become every dumb blonde bimbo they see on the streets or in their favorite afternoon soap operas. Listen to this recording every day to push yourself even closer to finding a tall sexy stranger to take care of the adorable little sissy wife you'll find yourself quickly becoming.

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