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    It's time to stop thinking about locking up your dick and finally do it, slaveboy!  This file will take you from chastity-curious to locking up your penis forever and giving the keys to a superior male. 

    NOTE: Framed for submissive gay men, used the word "faggot" -- Looking for a less extreme solution? Try Hypnotic Chastity instead.

    Orgasm Control
    Rating: ★★★★★ (9)
    Length: 42:24
    Downloads: 2034
    Very good!
    Got me over my fears and my cock locked up!
    Superb. Your voice is truly hypnotic and very sexy. I have already ordered two cages and am very much looking forward to them arriving. YOu are truly a gifted 'tist. Thank you for this an other files of yours that I am listening to.
    I love the process of how you do this, never had hypnosis this effective, your suave voice in tandem with the binaurals broke down my resistance, and after a week of listening each night, im proud to say im in chastity right now, horny, and satisfied to be this way forever more, i sleep in the chastity now, and i couldnt do that before, but now that it feels natural, i could get used to it, not that i have a choice here ;)
    Amazing audio! Fitted perfect to me!
    Hi Pity it is limited to a steel chastity only. I like my black plastik cage. Would love to listen to an edited version ;))) Also would be nice to have a dog-slave session from you ;))
    Does the video have a subliminal audio track?
    This file is amazing and has taken my chastity to a whole new level. Absolutely must try for chastity fags
    Been listening to this file for 2 months now, whilst being locked throughout. Now don't want to be let out. Guess it's working well :-)
    Only listening to this occasionally now, but still locked, not cum so far this year and very happy like this :-)
    I had my doubts at first. I'm a newbie on the hypno fetish, and I'm still learning to trance, and yet, I still bought this file, and I don't regret it. I've been listening to it over two weeks, 1 or 2 times at day, it's so addictive. Master JackDrago's voice is so sexy, I love hearing him everyday. I'm currently locked on a CB6K chastity device, I was 1 week on the cage before I started listening the file, now, after 1 month of chastity, and two weeks listening non-stop the file, I feel more calm, and relaxed, when I wear the cage. Yesterday, when I was playing with an anal toy (I'm practicing anal orgasms), I had to take out the cage because one of my testicles slipped away from the cock's ring of the cage. So there I was, with a porn clip playing, an anal toy blasting in my ass... and the dick was totally limp, no erection at all despite all this and I started to feel anxious, awkward... I ended everything and returned to the cage, just to have the damn dick starting to (uselessly) stir in the cage, and trying to get hard. So... here I am, with an entire chastity month, and somehow the file changed how I feel inside and outside the cage, I can't wait to see what's gonna happen after I listen to this file over the next months. Because, yeah, I'm planning to extend my chastity period, and I don't have a set date. So do I recommend it? fucking yeah, even if you don't own a steel chastity device, like me. I'm addicted to master JackDrago's voice, telling me how my little and impotent nub is just an useless part that must be locked for now on. My journey to be a total bottom and a long term chastity sub is just beginning. But a word of warning: Master Drago does not joke when it says it's extreme, and it's aimed to submissive gay males, like me. The file works as advertised, or at least worked for me. So here I am, locked and loving it. Thank you sir.