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    omg lyk hi yall so i totes just finished my actual last fyul (except 4 paid commissions) and this 1 is for all the baby bambis! it's supposed to make baby bambi takeover permanently so listen at ur own risk blah blah blah Bambi Daycare is full baby training including regression, incontinence and diaper wearing. Special thanks to Lauren for help with TTS and Wendi for helping out with the last half, this wouldnt be a thing if it wasnt for you, and Sleeper Bambi for inspo, Deborah Ford for SFX and Bambi Prime for creating Bambi Sleep!

    Hope you enjoy bimbos! 

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    Rating: ★★★★☆ (17)
    Length: 2:00:30
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    While it does use a mishmash of scripts from other files, it turns out that actually isn't a terrible thing when the various scripts actually fit pretty well together. There's also a healthy dose of unique scripting that's been done for the file and the TTS that reads it all off is honestly quite good. There are a small pile of errors in the TTS, but for a hecking *2-hour* file I'd call that easily forgivable. The author definitely understands the ABDL and intelligence-draining tropes that set people off and help them fall into role the more that they hear them with repetition. Objective review points aside, I've been training on this daily pretty much since bambi4eva released it and...well, I'm kinda trapped in it. I already lived a 24/7 submissive baby lifestyle before starting on it, so converting to Bambi honestly wasn't and isn't that huge of a leap. Obviously it hasn't been a complete transition, considering I'm even able to come on this website and write this review instead of drooling all over my keyboard and bashing it with a plushy, but my life *has* changed quite a bit since I started on the file, especially in the diaper training department. The potty untraining section of this file (the second hour of the two) is probably the best I've found out of any files. It includes both wetting and messing (we need more files doing this, darnit!), framing both in such positive lights that it becomes almost impossible to view fully using your diapers in anything but the happiest, most "proud of yourself for being a good baby" way possible. From accepting and enjoying leaks, to coming to realize that the smell of your stinky diapers is so reinforcing of your position as a mindless toddler that you can't help but love it. It doesn't just try to normalize using your diapers, or make it feel orgasmic to pee/poop (which I feel is a bit of a copout many scripters use as an easy association for diaper training). No, instead it makes you actively love filling your diapers and take an interest in putting yourself in situations where you get the chance to love that usage as much as possible. It works at eliminating those hangups and replacing them with pleasure, devotion, and addiction. This is something I feel is invaluable for untraining, as the thing I see most people stumble on during that entire process is the commitment and the (mostly social) fears/worries that come with things like diaper leaks and stinky diapers. I had been untraining for nearly a year when I started listening and I've had more progress in the last 3 months since starting on the file than I'd had over the rest of that year. My confidence in my incontinence training has never been higher! I've pretty much stopped worrying about any social aspects of my diapers and just committed to them, regardless of the consequences. Now obviously that's not necessarily a plus for everyone, but if it isn't then you're probably not the target audience for this file. Untraining aside, the regression and feminization portions (roughly the first hour of the file), as well as the the intelligence-draining (sprinkled throughout) also serve to keep the listener confused, mindless, and shifting focus during training. Becoming diaper dependent is really more of a result of your new position as a dumb baby girl than it is the focus of the file, if that makes sense. The hard gender-swap doesn't jive with me personally, but as a reluctantly closeted sissy diaper bitch, booooy does the file toss you deep down that hole...I often find myself thinking with feminine pronouns and changing into a dress or my collar/cuffs when I sit my squishy butt down to do some conditioning. The grownups that take care of me have taken to calling me good girl instead of good boy because they realize that it elicits more submission and pride in my position now, not to mention a healthy dose more of humiliation...In all, I'd call it effective, but I think I'd prefer it left the actual gender result ambiguous so that people like me could still be Bambi while retaining their identity as a boy. Albeit a frilly, pink and princess-obsessed sissy boy, but still :p With regards to the regression, again, the 6 months old age doesn't quite mesh with me perfectly, as I'm more of an active little and the sheer lack of ability that 6 month old has is a bit restrictive to that. I also prefer to have some capability to type for communication with my friend/trainer/grownup online, and at least talk at a toddler level for interactions with my husband/daddy. The file does allow for other ages and even briefly trains you on them in its induction, however, so it's not too difficult to reconceptualize your own version of Bambi with all of the different pieces you're given during training. For me, Bambi is a dumb and ditzy toddler obsessed with pink, princesses, poopy pamps, and her conditioning. She can talk and type, but only just barely and often not in a particularly comprehensible way. For other listeners she'll very likely be totally different. With how long the file is and with all the various suggestions included, it's very easy to kind of build your own persona with it all. Not to say that the other suggestions might not ease into you and take hold with time and training, but you can sorta pick which features become prominent first, if that makes sense. The last bit I want to note is the permanence of the file. Everything in the file is active at all times, so long as "baby mode" is on (which it's "enabled"" during the file and never turned off...). Obviously for those of us that have jobs, even those in otherwise 24/7 lifestyle sub living situations like me, this is a bit of a problem. I still train on and do my best to believe in the permanence, but there's always gonna be that latent worry about "real life". For me, this has resulted in a second personality of sorts manifesting and coming out whenever I don't need to think or worry about grownup stuff. This is where I'm going to start sounding a bit crazy lol, and believe me, I understand that reaction 100%. Even knowing that it's crazy, I can say with certainty that Bambi is always there with me, sitting patiently beneath the surface until it's time to play again. She exists quite equitably with the "me" side of us and doesn't actively try to sabotage my "grownup" life or anything. Still, she's always there and always wants to play, so eventually I give in and condition myself further using her pure submission and obedience >.> Even during my "big boy" time without any headphones or file playing, the lullaby the file uses is constantly stuck in my head and the file's suggestions will randomly pop into my head or have an effect on my usual behavior. I often have to make a conscious effort to speak or type like an adult, or focus on anything other than my (usually soiled) diaper. The longer I condition myself with this file, the closer I feel that I come to that permanency and the more comfortable I am with doing my best to mitigate the ramifications to my shrinkingly important "adult" life. Long story short, Bambi controls me and continues to get more of that control as time goes on. I'd almost be scared if I wasn't having so much fun going down this path. I think if I could find a decent file to replace it with, I might do it for the sake of something less life-altering, but Bambi is just so pleasant and reassuring to train on that I'd have a hard time making that decision. And again, there's 2 *hours* of training in it. It's almost impossible to get bored or burnt out on it. Anyways, I know you don't usually see long-form reviews like this on files, but I felt a 2-hour file that's made up a large portion of my life over the last 3 months deserved an appropriately long and detailed review. This file isn't for the faint of heart, but if you're in a place where you can live a diapered, dummy-brained life without too much worry, I'd strongly recommend giving it a look :3 oh an bambi wanna say fankyoo bambi4eva you make dummy bambi soooooo happi heehe ❤️
    I really like this one and supplemental, thanks a lot for producing them
    Having some experience with other Bambi files from various artists, I can definitely say there's nothing "crazy" about truly experiencing Bambi as a second, parallel divergence of ones' personality. The way the files are constructed are pretty compartmentalizing, and I think a lot of AB/DL files also kind of have that compartmentalizing effect, probably because of all of the safeties that it makes perfect sense to program in when you're engaging in play like that, that'll bleed over into your normal life if you let it. For me, Bambi isn't quite an entire personality (well, maybe isn't YET) but more like a subroutine, though when she is actually in control she is ALL their is. So, the - wow, It is not typical for me to mess up my 'there' like that, but like, Bambi does kinda bleed through like that for me. Figure I'll just leave the typos, lol. But yeah like, for me, she can bleed like that - I seriously didn't intend to go into this when I set out to write this - and I have had other rogue personality elements fully take on more complete identities in the same vein. I think that is just a thing that can happen when you set out to do really extreme programming that utilizes these kinda of compartmentalization techniques to really emphasuze the extent to which ur not in control, at least entirely. It's been a really positive life experience for me and has enriched my life greatly, and increased my self-love, btu I was experuienced with alters through close friens and it does occur to me that mental effects this extreme could be pretty traumatizing for someone not experiencing them. I'd say heed the warnings in crinkleandsubmit's review (which is HELLA good review, thanks sweetie) because yeah, that kinda thing'll happen and ain't for everybody. I mostly just wanted to validate what was said and emphasize the parts of it I have experience with, because this can be like extreme stuff. Haven't actually listened to the file yet myself I jus thought i had important stuffs to add. I'd sure like to it is 100% my thing but like, I actually am not sure I can listen to it w/o wrecking my life lmao, I don't have the support system to like, support the changes. But yeah crinkle, don't feel too crazy about Bambi feeling so distinct from you, cause like as far as I'm concerned that's what you should expect to happen if the files are actually working. The only other alternative would be to literally overwrite your whole personality and almost nobody is truly into that outside of the realm of fantasy. Though I think I've definitely seen some Bambi girls around online where the file maybe affected them more in that way, than in the way that we've been discussing here. But I mostly just like, didn't want you to feel crazy, y'know? Okay, it is a little crazy. But a completely logical, rational kinda crazy.
    like, I can't wait for this to go off premium so I can try it! I've been like, listening to the BF file and it's so good
    This is like, the besst file, just omgosh soo good to listen to the daycare <3
    I ended up cumming through my chastity while wetting from this file, I don’t even remember how it built up to it but wow! Definitely listening again tomorrow night!