• Boy-Crazy Bimbo — $15    

    The Boy-Crazy Bimbo is everyone’s best friend because she’s on her phone 24/7 texting and keeping up with her social media followers. She’s never paid for a drink at the bar and hunky guys line up to just be in her presence. She loves attention more than anything and has everyone she meets wrapped around her perfectly manicured finger. This bimbo craves the gossip she loves to share with her cute besties and never stops talking to them about her newest boy-toy and conquest. She sometimes goes by Kim Kardashian-West or Paris Hilton, but those are all just names for the same person. The same dumb, vapid bimbo that every girl wants to be and every man wants to be with.

    In my newest subliminal, I lead you through pleasurable and stimulating reminders to develop adorable lifelong habits and help you form the mannerisms of the simple celebrity idols that every good bimbo simply loves and adores. Learn to giggle and wink coyly, check out every hot guy around you, and master the art of emptying your cute, little head through your platinum blonde hair.

    Your days of overthinking and not being a completely adorable slut are over. Listen to Boy-Crazy Bimbo today and become the walking sex obssessed fuck toy you have always dreamed of being.


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