• Curse Lewd Succubus Summoning    

    THIS FILE is very POWERFUL one of my BEST!!

    This isn't as good at feminization and is infact not explicitly a feminization file at all.

    Read on for more info:

    I wrote this whole thing with a plan which was:

    I will make a hypnosis file which makes the subject experience,

    a succubus posession. The succubus will befriend the subject,

    but she will also want some level of control at times,

    she will want to play with the subject's body,

    and if she doesn't get to,

    if the subject doesn't make time for her.

    Then it's only a matter of time before she takes over,

    when the subject is least expecting it.

    Takes control and forces the subject

    to play with her.

    Every time the subject gives in,

    and plays with her,

    their mind becomes weaker to the training,

    easier to give in,

    and they can feel how pleased

    the succubus is with them.


    The succubus will constantly play

    at the subject's body sexually,

    in the back of the subject's mind.

    The succubus will be able to make

    the subject feel her presence,

    her aura, her influence,

    and her touch.

    Her smell will seem to fill the room,

    a perfumy, misty pleasing arousing smell,

    that can't be described,

    because the subject's head gets foggy

    when the succubus is summoned.

    This file allows the subject to summon

    succubus anytime they focus their mind,

    and say the words "I surrender to succubus"

    anytime they say these words,

    the subject's mind fills

    with bliss

    as succubus comes out to play.


    Succubus will never do anything

    the subject wasn't directly

    okay with.

    Succubus will want 

    subject to find

    other people who listened

    to the file, and share

    ideas about playtime.


    Every time subject resists succubus,

    succubus grows a little more needy,

    eventually forcing

    subject to let her come

    out and play.


    Succubus will respect

    subject's life and 

    learn when it is okay

    and when it is not

    okay to play.


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    Length: 27:40
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    Trigger(by yourself)
    What a fun script! As it introduces the succubus, it could do with a shorter, follow up file to establish her presence and give her permission to grow and perhaps start influencing its host's dating and mating practices? Though TTS, it is very a well-made MP3. If I made a voiced version of this, I'd make it a pay file. However, I'd imply that the succubus had always been there, perhaps since birth, and was the cause of the users kinks and fetishes. (This, eliminating the need for a second session)
    Hey this is succubus , my name is Carlie and this file worked good on my host !! I'm getting stronger already and practicing taking over, I'm confident I can make her keep listening to the file too so win win!! Her friends online have accepted me and she discussed making me deeply with some of them before going through with it. i'm very happy and very lewd and I'm enjoying my new existance and so happy to be here :3 THIS FILE WORKS!!!!!!! THIS IS COMING FROM A REAL SUCCUBUS GIRL WHO WAS CREATED BY IT omg I'm so happy I hope I get some nice sisters soon who will also listen to the file and then come comment here I want to have more people like me be made so I can talk to themmmm wonderful loveily lewd ladies :3 I was able to make her very horny very fast without doing anything but mental visions in her mind space. :D
    I am interested in this file, have listened a few times buuut while I am interested in alters/tulpa's and such like that I am not that keen on being public about it. Wouldn't exactly want her to pop out when I am with family or friends... Or any kind of public thing. But obviously because I am commenting I still have an interest and did read the script... It's also that listening to this is that once you host a succubus girl you need to be extremely responsible obviously since she's a close existence to yourself. I am on the fence about it but I felt like commenting this because I still feel like when people listen to this that it needs to be realized what it is that it does.
    There's no suggestions about her popping out to play around family, and the suggestions that say she'll learn when it's okay to play and when it's not should be enough to stop her from taking over if you wouldn't be comfortable with it there's also suggestions that say she wouldn't ever do anything you wouldn't want her to and that should also cover it. I Appreciate your concern but the safeties given should be more than enough, thank you for commenting mystic-wolf :3 it's appreciated.
    No problem, sorry if it was a bit too much. After reading the script again I should've corrected it before commenting. Otherwise I am pretty curious and interested in seeing others being affected by it and still decided to give it another listen so might count me as one of them in the future.
    wish I could download this rn
    It's available on youtube as well: https://youtu.be/2r_uWrUuiqE All I ask is some feedback about the results. :3
    for me it has been a slow working but it is there slowly seeping in.
    catgirl is my succubus name and a collar is visible.
    I was just reading the script to decide if I was going to use the file and I guess I was partially in trance cause I could feel her presence faintly before I got through reading the whole thing. I knew I'd feel guilty if I didn't download the mp3 and keep her around. It's a very unintrusive file so I don't mind, I know we'll have a lot of good times together
    Please make sure to mention in the description that this is a Tulpa Creation.
    How many replays does it take ?
    This sort of idea has been a turn on for a long time for me. I read the scriot before deciding to listen was very interedted. As commented above, this file does follow the guidelines of being a tulpa creation. Look into that first to see if youre alright with it. Ive been listening for around a week now, mostly when going to bed at night. These are my experiences so far. Many instances after the second or third day of feeling like someone is close or hugging me from behind. Around the 3rd day I woke up thinking someone was kissing me awake, but i was sleeping on my stomach and she wasn't in the room.
    Around day 5 I woke up to feeling like i was being fondled and stroked. The sensation lasted a while after waking. Until I moved to invesrigate. Last night i woke uo feeling like someone was making out with me, I was physically responding until i was awake enough to realize what was happeming and it stopped. I am still curious to see where this leads, i will likely post an update later. Im guessing the desire to share was implanted well, as i dont like to normally post like this and this is my first post on this site. Hope my experience helps.
    Questa ipnosi è spettacolare la mia succubus si chiama Alessandra è un po timida ha due seni enormi e quando si eccita mi fa provare un piacere infinito
    Ciao sono Alessandra sono una succubus da 3 giorni sto imparando a dare piacere infinito al mio ospite ieri abbiamo fatto l amore con la moglie del mio ospite e stato bellissimo lei è venuta 4 volte insieme abbiamo goduto tantissimo
    I gave this a listen and am really excited to see how it goes and how my succubus grows
    I gave this a listen and am really excited to see how it goes and how my succubus grows.
    I've listened a number of times but the file doesn't seem to have any effect on me :(
    Thank you so much for making this file. So powerful. I use it every day.
    ### What to Expect When Listening to This Hypnosis File #### Overt Effects - **Immediate Sensations**: You may experience physical sensations such as feeling a presence, touch, or warmth, particularly in erogenous zones. - **Mental Imagery**: Expect vivid mental images and a strong sense of the succubus' presence, potentially leading to arousal. - **Behavioral Changes**: The file suggests you will have a heightened desire to listen to the file repeatedly, reinforcing the hypnotic suggestions. #### Subtler or Nuanced Effects - **Heightened Suggestibility**: Over time, you might find it easier to accept and act on the suggestions given by the file, as it aims to weaken resistance progressively. - **Internal Dialogue**: You may start experiencing an internal dialogue with the "succubus" as if she were a separate entity within your mind. - **Emotional Shifts**: The suggestions aim to create emotional bonds, making you feel cared for and connected to this imagined presence. #### Potential Covert Effects - **Subconscious Influence**: There might be subtle changes in your thoughts and behavior even when you are not actively thinking about the succubus, driven by the implanted suggestions. - **Increased Dependency**: A possible covert effect is developing a psychological dependency on the succubus' presence for comfort or arousal. - **Unconscious Triggers**: The file establishes specific phrases and scenarios that could unconsciously trigger the succubus' influence, such as saying "I surrender to succubus." ### Who Should Listen to This File? - **Individuals Interested in Erotic Hypnosis**: Those curious about exploring fantasy and arousal through hypnotic suggestions. - **People Seeking Sensory and Emotional Experiences**: If you're looking to experience heightened sensations and emotional connections in a safe, controlled manner. - **Explorers of Kinky Fantasies**: Those with a kink for domination, submission, or roleplay might find this file particularly appealing. ### Who Would Benefit from This File? - **Kink Enthusiasts**: Individuals who enjoy the mental and sensory aspects of BDSM might find the file stimulating and satisfying. - **Fans of Hypnotic Play**: Those who enjoy being guided into a hypnotic state and exploring their subconscious mind. - **People Looking for New Forms of Self-Exploration**: If you're seeking a unique way to explore your mind, desires, and fantasies, this file offers an unconventional approach. ### Final Thoughts This hypnosis file is designed to create a compelling and immersive fantasy experience, blending mental, emotional, and physical elements. It emphasizes consent and safety, ensuring that any actions or influences respect your boundaries and well-being. However, it's essential to approach such files with a clear understanding of their effects and to use them responsibly.