• Sissy Sparkle - Part 3 (Original BGM) — $30   , ,  

    I'm proud to present the never-before-released original BGM version of Sissy Sparkle 3!

    Featuring all-new subliminal layers and the classic background music - this file is very explicit and just perfect for silly bimbos who love to dress up pretty and **sparkle** for all the guys.

    Read the description on the new BGM version for more details and do enjoy sweetie :) 



    Rating: ★★★★★ (1)
    Length: 49:48
    Downloads: 36
    This is by far the best sparkle file in my opinion. I"m surprised it only has 9 downloads as of 08/24. It is very sparkly and has no overt mention of BBC, just in case anyone was wondering; for those who are not into "interracial" and/or who wish to stick with non-specific aka "race-neutral" content.
    Actually I commented on the wrong one. I have the new BGM version of this which I think is just wonderful. I love it so much! :)