• Masturbate your orgasm away, Edging, JOI (Voice) — $20    

    A rerecording of my Masturbate your ability to cum away, Edging, JOI file with my own voice. Original description:

    This file will teach you a new way to masturbate that, after a while, will make it pretty much impossible for you to cum from any kind of sexual stimulation. It is based on the masturbation habits of people suffering from Delayed Ejaculation, combined with edging. Basically, every time you masturbate your will use a tighter grip, and a faster and harder stroke. And then edging. Death Grip Edging, if you will. This will condition your cock to only be able to cum from this kind of extreme stimulation. This, in combination with edging, will destroy your ability to cum, while making you more horny and easily aroused. You will become addicted to masturbating this way. Try at your own risk. 


    Orgasm Control
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