• Lucid Dreams    

    A lucid dream help file that will last your whole life. I really love EMG's and think lucid dreams should get more love, and I think it fits pretty well in the hypnosis community umbrella.

    Lets you control your dreams
    and features 2 deepeners! wow!

    Self Help
    Rating: ★★★★☆ (3)
    Length: 25:37
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    Don't know what this was trying to pull but there were a lot of other sounds and beeps during the video, very distracting and disturbing. Don't know what you were trying to accomplish here but it isn't appreciated. And no, this is not due to a bad mic, pretty sure there is intentional disrupting when the audio garbling and distortion and beeping is heard as well as a plethora of other sounds. This is not the case with some of your other files, maybe you could look into what happened here if you did not mean for this to be intentional.
    Wow I just checked for sound quality and am sure it's good enough, a full voice and interesting
    I concur with meltedmind, I didn't notice any odd sounds until just before the second countdown - it's as if there's an extra layer track that's got mic-drop noises, there's a police siren at one point etc. Not at the start.